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March 01, 2011


Danube of Thought

When I hear the term "social justice" I reach for my revolver.

Why aren't those who use it satisfied with merely calling for "justice," which would seem to serve quite nicely in every circumstance? The reason is that, with the addition of their little curlicue, they mean something quite different from plain old justice. They mean "gimme gimme gimme, I am here seeking rent and you owe it to me."

Rob Crawford

When I hear the term "social justice" I reach for my revolver.

The old line about putting "social" in front of something giving you the exact opposite comes to mind.

"social justice" == injustice

"social studies" == ignorance

"social security" == poverty

Rob Crawford

I did leave off one warning sign, didn't I?

"Next thing you know, they'll be applying laws differently based on the race of the accus..."



A little humor re fleebaggers from Philadelphia Inquirer (LUN) "Help for lawmakers on the lam"


I see, JiB. well, My remark was a bit snotty in any event.
DoT, Once again I'm with you. How crazy is Seattle? Why would any sane person choose to live there?


--How about that 3M CEO saying Canada and Mexico are better for business than America?
Maybe he and Joe the Fake Plumber can make up the 2012 Tea Party presidential ticket.
Why are identity conservatives so vocal about how much they hate America?--

Kind of funny that an identity idiot is more offended that a businessman speaks an inconvenient truth than the fact that Mexico, MEXICO, is now perceived as a more business friendly place than the US.

Jack is Back!

Why do progressive democrats hate their staffers so much? Maybe those staffers need a union to protect their rights. LUN

Mark Folkestad

Only Alito remained sane in the Supreme Court's decision on the Westboro Baptist animals. Anyone want to chip in on a bounty on the Westboro nuts?

Jack is Back!

Is the worm turning? LUN

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)


I think it was the right decision, altho I haven't read it. If it goes the other way the next thing you know, any time there is a tea party we get sued for annoying someone.

Free speech is free speech even if you are an ass.

Mark Folkestad

Jane, I respect you, but Alito was spot on, saying that the deliberate targeting of the mourning families went beyond a general protest. Seriously, someone will harm the Phelps family, and I don't think that there will be any extensive investigation. I would not soil myself by striking out at the nuts, but if I were a juror in the trial of one of their assailants, jury nullification would be on my mind. I would certainly vote to convict on a charge of littering (dumping bodies).

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)


I don't equate disagreement with disrespect. I prefer the Alito outcome in this case too, (and I still haven't read it) but I am a huge fan of free speech and a bit worried about it, particularly with this president.


This problem is already solved, the traditional way, where the solution to obnoxious speech is more speech. Or revving motorcycle engines, anyway.

(Did I tell everybody that I sang at the Illinois Patriot Guard convention last summer? They had skydivers who jumped while carrying large flags. Very cool.)

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