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March 17, 2011



This post, with the Times link, raises some concerns, if Obama had credibility on the issue, rhetorical point, he could defer, sadly
he doesn't,


Sara (Pal2Pal)

I was wondering why they can't use liquid nitrogen to instantly cool the rods in the spent rod pools down. They seem to be the problem, rather than the core of the reactor itself.



Sara (Pal2Pal)

The House on Thursday voted to end federal funding to National Public Radio 228-192.


I'm fearful that it is too little too late for Libyan rebels. Obama and the UN dither and a nation is lost.

Captain Hate

Well we know they didn't order the Lockerbie bombing; although at the time they may have approved of it. Are the rebels the ones that chanted Bush's name for support or am I getting them confused with somebody else? If that is true I'm obviously positively disposed toward them; but who knows who they really are other than people that don't like Moammar.

Danube of Thought

I've been reading about Obama's "falling poll numbers" regularly for about a year now. I wish it were true. Raz has dropped a bit lately, but the March 13-16 numbers for Gallup, CNN and ABC are 50, 50 and 51. His RCP average today is 49.7.

Rob Crawford

Sara, liquid nitrogen is cold, but it doesn't take much heat to boil it.

LUN is a Wikipedia page about heat capacity, with a table of the heat capacity of different substances. Basically, the higher the heat capacity, the more energy required to raise the temperature. The only things in the table with higher heat capacity than water are ammonia and paraffin. Both are flammable.

They don't have the heat capacity of liquid nitrogen, but steam beats gaseous nitrogen.


Well as with everything else,Captain, it's a coalition, of former military, regularly apolitical people concerned with corruption
and Islamists, as was pointed out earlier, Muammar's Gadarfa clan and Magrahi (sic) are nowhere near the preponderance of forces

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Thanks Rob. I'm learning so much these lasts few days. I love it.


They seem to gaming the poll, DoT, it runs against what the trend has been with Rasmussen


O/T quite a lot - but I giggle every time I go to instapundit and see that Court upholds right to bear pitchforks!!

It always makes me think of Clarice and one of her many money making enterprises. :)


I'm fearful that it is too little too late for Libyan rebels.

Yes, in other action, the UN today voted to send in support for South Vietnam in their battle against the North Vietnamese.

Melinda Romanoff


The cold of the liquid nitrogen meeting the heat of the uranium would force the dense liquid to not only boil, but to immediately expand to its gaseous state.

That would, in simpler, terms be called an explosion.

Heat can only be dissipated slooowly. It's a form of kinetic energy, that is to say, motion and like brakes, the heat takes a while be shared with it's neighbors. Water is very good at this, other wise we'd be cooking with something else.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

For our country fans, Ferlin Huskey, 85, has died.

Ray Gun

"For now Sarkozy leads the West, it's a strange

Hey Frenchy, there is this terrorist named Gaddafi, who may be an even bigger problem in the future, would you have a problem with US flying over your country to bomb him?


Haven't read the thread but just arrived in Narita (New Tokyo Intn'l Airport), and since they tell us on arrival at the Narita Hotel that rolling blackouts may occur, here are some quick observations.

Narita is about 50 miles North East of Tokyo, and 145 miles from the reactor coordinates that I typed into my nav-box. Local time is 09:20 AM, a beautiful clear crisp day, temp 26 F. Was easily able to see Mt Fugi at plus a hundred miles away, so visibility unrestricted. Very strong turbulence and strong Jet Stream winds at altitude. At 33,000 feet winds were blowing due east at 125 Kts. At ground level it was only 5 knots wind and one of the least windy days on deck that I've seen here in a long while. No visible snow.

While inbound and still at altitude I was able to access NSJ on a special Notam Link, which gave us various ATC information concerning the reactor flyover zone. Was able to dial up the frequency being used by the Helo folks there and listen to some of their serious dialog. A forecast for a radioactive cloud was included in the NSJ Notam broadcast, assigning Lat/Long's of the area of the cloud. No height or drift direction was assigned. Always before, when accessing NSJ for info, it would simply give info for the North Sector Japan of things of aviation consequence (ie) info on turbulence reported at altitude by a specific aircraft type at a specific level, or recent incidence of a volcano plume, with drift direction, plume height etc. That sort of stuff. Usually it is just a few lines long, or if nothing is happening, it simply says no current reports. Today was a huge report twice as long as your arm, and I still haven't had the time to completely go through the thing. We simply plotted the forecast cloud, then quit as we had to deal with descent and landing etc.

On arrival our Ramp agent apologized for the ramp transport vehicle being so cold but she said that due to the need to save gas she left it off and not idling. The Airport sections that we walked thru were virtually empty, with most lights off to reduce power usage as well. During the taxi drive to the Hotel passed a long line of at least 20 vehicles, all with engines off, but all in a queue on the side of the road to get gas when a station opened. Very orderly.

Our Ramp girls were keeping a stiff upper lip about the situation and thankful for our expressed concerns. My favorite had had major structural damage to her old house by the quake but said she was still able to live in it for the moment. Another Ramp gal asked me specifically to please be my happy outgoing self as she said they really appreciated that and said that if I was too bummed it would bum them out as well and they wanted and needed to be cheered up, so I've been given my mission and am complying.

Yugi, another Ramp friend was working this morning. He used to play JV ball at the University of Kansas until he blew his knee out. Father of a new born son, he was serious and less lighthearted than normal. Per Miko's advice I bought up the NCAA Playoff's, but he said he hadn't had time to pay attention lately. He was bummed when I told him Roy William's TarHeel's got clobbered by Marko's Duke bunch in the ACC Tourney finale, but could tell he was glad hearing about it. (For non B-Ball types, UNC's coach William's used to coach Kansas back when he was going there, so that's what that's about.)

Arrival at the hotel the place was deserted. Didn't see a single guest on arrival. Lobby TV's were finally off CNN, and instead on local news. Were advised of rolling blackouts and an intended 4 hour blackout scheduled from noon to 4. Naturally they gave us the top floor rooms (Ay Yi Yi!) but before coming up I stopped at the Lobby Sundry Store and bought a couple cups of heat-em-up Ramen Noodles as a precaution. Others had obviously had this idea before me and edible varieties were already cleaned out, so I got the last couple Curry Noodle Cups.

In the room was hit with messages to call a local company Rep and get a brief. We are advised to not go off solo but to instead go in pairs, and if possible check in at a minimum every 3 hours. Overall it seems well organized and am told some of the local places downtown are open, so we are intending to walk downtown this afternoon. I am interested in seeing if some of the Narita Temples suffered any damage or if they survived in tact. The Temple Complex dates from about 940 AD, but the oldest big structure still standing is only from about 1700.

FWIW, The town of Narita is in Chiba Prefecture, not on the coast but somewhat near the coast (About 12 miles inland as the crow flies). A Ramp girl told us the Tsunami did not hit Narita, but that it did devastate at least one small coastal village in northern Chiba, so tho' things look okay from here, the locals all seem to have either family or friends who were clobbered by this catastrophe. When I asked my Ramp gal what to say that to folks she suggested something that phonetically sounds like Ganbatte'. She said it meant something like "Try Your Best" and was said to encourage folks on and to try to cheer them up.

Anyhow, that's about it. Have felt only 1 very small tremor yet, just a few seconds long, but they told us at check-in to be aware because they had already had a decent sized one today and expected more, so I've got my jean's and sweatshirt and shoes laid out for quick grabbing dashing down the stairs if necessary. Sorry to ramble on so long.



Yes, I saw that, too, cc and I feel I got into the pikes and pitchforks just in time.

Rick Ballard


Who is holding the anthrax joker and why is now not the right time to play it? I think Iran is holding it but I can't think of why they wouldn't play it and point at Libya. Daffy might be holding it and if so, now would be the time to play it.

When you corner a rat, you better kill it quickly.

Danube of Thought

Extremely happy to see this:

WASHINGTON, March 17 (Reuters Legal) - The American unit of French catering giant Sodexo SA on Thursday filed a civil racketeering lawsuit accusing the Service Employees International Union of engaging in illegal tactics in its efforts to unionize workers.

The company levied numerous charges accusing the union of threats concerning employees and company property, engaging in illegal tactics to steer business away from Sodexo and attempting to publicly tarnish its reputation.

The lawsuit is the latest twist in a fight over a bid by SEIU to represent some of the 80,000 of Sodexo's hourly employees who are not union members, a multi-year effort by the union. Some 18,000 hourly employees are union members.

"We work constructively with unions every day but the SEIU has crossed the line by breaking the law," Robert Stern, general counsel for Sodexo USA, said in a statement. "We will not tolerate the SEIU's tactics any longer."

The company filed the lawsuit in federal court in Alexandria, Virginia, and asked for an injunction against SEIU, as well as unspecified monetary damages.

I should think some actions of this kind are overdue in Wisconsin and Michigan.


Thanks for the update, daddy. Kisses to Tokyo.

Rob Crawford

Lord, DoT, we must be in Bizarro World. A French company taking on a union?!

Captain Hate

He was bummed when I told him Roy William's TarHeel's got clobbered by Marko's Duke bunch in the ACC Tourney finale, but could tell he was glad hearing about it.

I'm really heartened that Roy is so well regarded by the Rock/Chalk fans because he is such a good guy that I just can't hate the Holes like I used to; and has reciprocated the favor by openly cheering with the Jayhawk faithful with Kansas gear after his team's been eliminated (earning the slings and arrows of some of the more witless idiots wearing pussy blue). With Kansas getting the excellent Bill Self, the moves were win/wins for both sides. Three championships between them. And counting.


Daddy - so interesting to hear a first hand report. Rather sad, too. Ditto what MayBee said.

I am not a Red Cross donor, prefer some of the others mentioned here and Salvation Army. However, buying supplies for the office early this morning at the grocery store, I noticed huge signs at every register asking for donations for Japan via the Red Cross. So I made a small donation (held back some for another S.A. donation). The haunting voice on the radio last night asking for money instead of prayers has been dogging me.


Ganbatte' back!


I think this is the phrase you're looking for, daddy:


hit and run

Another Ramp gal asked me specifically to please be my happy outgoing self as she said they really appreciated that

Carry yourself with the poise and confidence of a seasoned athlete.

Captain Hate

I strongly approve of CBS bringing Sir Charles and Kenny Smith into the studio for commentary with Greg Anderson and a combo of Greg Gumbel/Ernie Johnson. They've obviously done their homework and I think this offers them a chance to freshen up a somewhat stuffy NCAA setting.

Danube of Thought

Yeah--I like all five of those guys.



Terrific word pictures you present. I feel like I am there experiencing the situation with you.

What do you fly, MD11, Airbus?

From January of 70 to August of 72 I lived about 30 miles west of Tokyo, military dependent. Experienced many earthquakes but nothing like what these folks are going through.

Danube of Thought

Brazen, out-and-out, unchecked union lawlessness in Wisconsin:

"LA CROSSE, Wis. (WTAQ) - Wisconsin Senate Republican Dan Kapanke has called off public meetings in his La Crosse area district, after his property was vandalized and had death threats.

"His chief of staff Rose Smyrski tells the La Crosse Tribune that Kapanke’s car window was broken in Madison. And nails were scattered in the driveway of his house on La Crosse’s French Island."

H/t Robert

Greg Anthony.


Oh, golly. Sara kept posting here these past few days that Shep was being mature in his reporting from Japan.

Just watched Greta. She was being the hysterical fear mongerer and Shep had to keep tamping her down.

Up is down. Down is up. I just don't know what to think any more.

Captain Hate

Yes Greg Anthony is correct; can't believe I missed that


And Bayh is really turning out to be solidly
blanc mange, not that was really a surprise.



Stay safe.

This world is serious.

Well, I can believe that I missed it, and that R didn't. I've not read a sports columnist since Ring Lardner that I like as well as you, Cap'n HaHa.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

centracal: I was thinking out of body experience re: Shep. I'm not going to jump to any conclusions, but maybe our little Shep is growing up. Bears watching to see if this is an anomaly or a real change.


After you open the link, look on the top right of the screen and click the “debunk” video. It is worth it.

Weather Channel founder debunks So. Cal. Radiation threat

Captain Hate

Geez thanks Kim but I'm pretty sure I'm undeserving of such rich praise **blush**

Without hyperbole, I've usually got nothing...

Just water is probably the best thing for the job. Water can soak up a lot of heat.
They are mixing boric acid with the water (yes, the stuff you put down to kill cockroaches). Boron absorbs neutrons, and so reduces the amount available for fission.
Agent J. (formally known as "J"..

Thanks Daddy for the wonderful picture of what is going on, got more from that post then all the news that I have seen all day..

I'm serious.

Nope, marvelous insight, humour, wordsmithing, passion. Hey, I've read the best and you are up there.


Thanks for the news and impressions,daddy. Between your air and land account, and DoT's informative email from sea,we are covered.

Melinda Romanoff


I'm so far removed from this stuff now I'm almost afraid to add.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

OT, but seems like a bombshell announcement at WebMD:

Failing Hearts Healed With Stem Cells
Bone Marrow Cells Repair Decade-Old Heart Attack Damage

If it works on heart scar tissue, maybe there is hope for retinal scarring, which I have from a histoplasmosis infection 40 years ago.


I'm serious also. Your comment was so well written and so appreciated.
Many thanks.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

What a testament to you Daddy that they would look forward to your arrival to provide some lightheartedness to help them stay positive with so much death and destruction plus hardship surrounding them. I think we all look forward to your posts, no matter the subject. I think you must be a very special person.


Hi Sara,

Thank you so much for your and for everybody else's comments, but it really is simple and a no-brainer.

The humorous but very true comment we always use is that "this job is so easy why make it difficult ?" That is so very, very true.

All anyone has to do is be respectful and fun and appreciative of our lucky position in this business, and of the folks we deal with, and to simply treat them with the respect we would like to be treated with. The rest is cake. It's that simple.

Don't tell anybody, but many times on the deck when the ramp folks are onboard doing their jobs, that I'll step into aircraft toilet, and for some unexplained personal reason, while doing my business, I'll scream at the very top of my lungs the following tune:

"Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, Hey Babyyy, I wanna' Know--oh--oh--oh--oh if you'll be my gal. " Then modulate it up 1 freq' if I'm not finished washing the hands yet.

Then I step out of the terlet as if nothing has happened whatever, but you can see they are all laughing like heck, and that's all it takes to create good will among men. Just something as stupid as that. Sounds absolutely moronic, but even Hindu's in Delhi will now walk up and say to me "Hey, Hey Baby", and you just laugh and you're in like Flynn. Other's mileage may vary:)

Hi Moody Blu---MD-11. Heard earlier tonight they are evacuating the dependents from Atsugi, but not the Active Duty folks. They may have changed in the last few hours due to potential positive comments locally on the Reactor problem.

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