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March 23, 2011


Captain Hate

So we're supposed to forget that Lockerbie ever happened?


Dam straight Mr. Hate.

Get your mind right!

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

There will be a lot more lockerbies if he stays. If he takes down my plane to France in April, I want you guys to make sure the world knows this was all Obama's fault.




You betcha,Jane!

I read at Insty's a ink to a NYT article which says the work of our troops--like DoT's maggie--has impressed the Japanese, feeled them with gratitude and perhaps patched up a rough spot between our two countries. The Japanese, at least those in the devastated part, see some value to continuing to allow US bases there.


This morning's top Drudge links

BIDEN FLASHBACK: 'If he gives authorization to war... without Congressional approval, I will make it my business to impeach him!'
Germans pull forces out of NATO ; Libyan coalition falls apart...
Obama seeks to break impasse...
Allies in disarray...
French PM: 'We are not at war'...
Costs, mission unclear...
British Navy running short of Tomahawk missiles...
Camp Lejeune Marines To Libya...


I find myself beside myself about this.

My friends who are liberal are still full-on locked on Booooooosh and how much smarter-er Obama is. At which point I ask for some examples of what they declare to be self-evident.

They simply repeat the self-evidentiary nature of Obama's Brilliance.

~ sigh ~

It's time for Republicans and - well - us to co-opt a Lefty meme:

any chance Tom M. could organize a "We're Sorry" effort with pictures of the 49.5% voters who voted for competence?


Rob Crawford

the Euros are fighting to stave off a wave of illegal immigration from Africa

I got no problem with that.


For those interested - Barack has adopted the "Bartlet Doctrine - Lite" from "West Wing"

Jed Bartlet

“We're for freedom of speech everywhere. We're for freedom to worship everywhere. We're for freedom to learn, for everybody.

And because in our time, you can build a bomb in your country and bring it to my country, what goes on in your country is very much my business. And so we are for freedom from tyranny, everywhere, whether in the guise of political oppression, Toby, or economic slavery, Josh, or religious fanaticism, C.J.

That most fundamental idea cannot be met with merely our support. It has to be met with our strength.

Diplomatically, economically, materially..... No country has ever had a doctrine of intervention when only humanitarian interests were at stake.

That streak's gonna end Sunday at noon.”


To his credit - Jed Bartlet announced this policy during a (fictional) State of the Union address rather than while kicking a soccer ball around with a couple of kids.


Captain Hate

They simply repeat the self-evidentiary nature of Obama's Brilliance.

The evidence is that he's borderline retarded and a liar; and they hold him to no standard higher than that.

Rick Ballard

I wonder if Erdogan is proud of having his very own BOzo puppet spouting the words Erdogan required in order to have Turkey's veto on NATO action lifted? Will he tire of his BOzo toy as quickly as did Soros?

This is just more evidence of why Malia and Sasha won't play checkers with daddy. What's the point?


You know this is a point at which even Syme would find embarassing;



RIP Elizabeth Taylor. (I thought she was older than 79.)


I guess Yeargh has been skiing in Libya at some point;


Captain Hate

Yeah cc; I thought she was at least in her mid 80s.

Captain Hate

Yeargh must be really self-medicating to come up with that garbage.

Danube of Thought

Edward Markey says we're fighting for oil. Works for me.


Lots of good stuff at Instapundit this morning. This one I think understates the risks for Democrats:

MICHAEL KINSLEY: Obama’s Libya Policy: How Did This Happen? Plus this: “If Qadhafi is still in power a year from now, even if he is obeying the ‘no fly’ rules, it will be regarded world-wide as more evidence of America’s decline as a great power and regarded in America as evidence that Democrats in general and Obama and Hillary Clinton in particular are not ready to play foreign policy with the big children.”

Actually, I think the lesson will be simpler and more clear. Republicans win the wars they start, Democrats lose them.


Capt. Ed has a good post up today:

The empty-office presidency

He points out that Obama has actually cancelled important, long planned trips before, but that was to push through Obamacare and because of the Gulf Oil Spill. Those were important to Obama, but sending US servicemembers into harms way is no big deal, so he can head to Rio and party on!


This reminds me of the head on Time in the movie "The Right Stuff" saying ...

He can be 'Gus' [Grissom]


--“ President Obama indicated on Tuesday that Muammar Qadhafi may still have an opportunity to “change his approach” and put in place “significant reforms” in the Libyan government.”--

I get it. It is a simple formula.

Qadhafi = Business owner

U.S. Military = Union thugs

Maybe Obama will be better at this than we think.


DoT, I think it is a war for oil for France. Remember all the obstacles the French put in the way of going to war in Iraq. Turned out France was a huge trading partner of Saddam. Forget the food they had "oil for weapons". They even helped build the Nuke reactor in Iraq. Now, they have an itchy trigger finger and they want to run the conflict outside of NATO. Suspicious to say the least.


I think Obama has lived in such a liberal bubble that he thought the UN approving this would really be enough.

It's all so distressing. I think this action could very well (have been?) worth while. To watch the US President dance around explaining his plan and trying so hard not to lead is just bizarre.


--They simply repeat the self-evidentiary nature of Obama's Brilliance.--

Well, if that's the best answer they've got I guess, to paraphrase MarkO, they're just not that smart.


No, TK, those were circumstances due to France's Arabist turn since De Gaulle which had some exceptions, re the Alpha Strike on
Hezbollah targets, but was typical, re Chevenement, Mitterand's defense minister, and later interior minister,former head of
the Franco-Iraqi society,


Republicans win the wars they start, Democrats lose them.

It's worse than that. Dems also work to prevent Republicans from winning the ones they start.



Our foreign policy in the Middle East is increasingly becoming a paraphrasing of lyrics from The Clash.

"Should I stay or should I go now?
Should I stay or should I go now?
If I go there will be trouble
An’ if I stay it will be double
So come on and let me know!"

Or maybe something from Rock the Casbah?


It's hard to live in this country when it is leaderless.The entire world is watching this game of hot potato and laughing at us for having elected such a dunce.


Obama and Clinton both voted to defund the troops when President Bush was in power. My husband says Repubs have to come in and clean up the mess the dems make when they start wars they can't finish. Examples: Korean War, Vietnam War.Obama just doesn't want his fingerprints on this Libya mess that he created.Letting Gaddafi stay is just his way of predicting the failure of this mission. Just like his troops out of Afghanistan on July 2011 is setting that escapade up for failure.


"If Qadhafi is still in power a year from now, even if he is obeying the ‘no fly’ rules, it will be regarded world-wide as more evidence of America’s decline as a great power."

I thought Obama's goal is America's decline as a great power. He seems to be making great progress.


Obama's actions are more than bizzare, MayBee--I think they are pitiful and make me so very sad for the US.

GS Patton

You elected a man who wears women’s panties and who married a male replica of a female- bad idea at best. You elected him because you are afraid of men who know how to climb up on the wall and defend you by killing the enemies attacking your cities. You are afraid of men like me who know how to drive tanks and shoot cannons and rockets from planes in order to destroy the warmaking powers of the enemies who want to kill you.
So you elected somebody who embodies your fear. But what do you know now? You NEED someone who can kill your enemies because this pantywaist schoolboy that you elected merely a reflection of your fear. And your enemies can see it. So they still want to kill you. Worse even, they know they might be able to get away with killing a lot of you before you see the errors of your ways.
Good luck. You are the same asshats who had me taken out for fear I would be elected President. Strange fruit.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

I hope you really are back, Georgie. You always believed in reincarnation. We really need you now.

GS Patton

Am. And i am a Tea Partier. ROFLMAO


Looking on the bright side, this can't possibly become a habit.

If Obama started a war with somebody every time he took a vacation, he'd be the bloodthirstiest monster in the history of the world.


Heehee, bgates!

Frau Atomkraft

" ... the Euros are fighting to stave off a wave of illegal immigration from Africa."

Then there are the Germans who at least know where their heating oil and gasoline come from, and it's not from inside their borders.

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