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April 23, 2011



Yes, things could have been different. We could've elected John McCain--Ohmigod!

John McCain: Making Obama Look Presidential, Since 2008

Here's hoping for a better GOPer candidate in 2012--and I won't even care if the better candidate was born in the Canal Zone.

Captain Hate

If a tree falls over behind the NYT firewall, does it make a sound? If Ed Schultz would get murdered by the MSNBC camera crew, would it be the an unsolvable crime?

Captain Hate

would it be the an unsolvable crime?

An Army of Rainmen

"paranoid, racist, delusional, or delusional racist paranoids."

The triple-combo probably would fail the test for the average 'birther. Delusional seems the most generally applicable, with 'racist' losing by a nose. Paranoia, as a feature and benefit gives some the cover of psychological disability.

Most have no excuse, except willful ignorance.


the whole birther thing now reminds me of the scene in "Where the Buffalo Roam" when Bill Murray's "attack" word for his rottweiler is "Nixon".

Except it is the Left who keep on bringing it up. None of them think it odd that the paper trail that every one of us has is absent with "The Invisible Man". For someone so magnetic and popular and brilliant to have no paper trail is inconceivable, as Vizzini would have said....The guy doesn't even have a 4H membership card that anyone has seen. He is the ultimate product of the motor voter mentality.

"The Birthers are CRAAAAZZZZEEE" Lindsey Graham

"Except it is the Left who keep on bringing it up"

You're accidentally correct in one sense; it is a gift 'cudgel' and we can beat the enablers with impunity, all the way to 2012, with help from y'all.


I dont care Obama is awesome. Cue Cleo for 2nd verse.

BB Key

I was glad to see that Politico placed the origins of the issue of Obama's birthplace with the Hillary Clinton campaign .


CRAAAAZZZZEEE Cleo, you must envy those who are accidentally correct. That beats your track record.

Birtherism started with Hillary Clinton.

Not quite the talking point

Main Content Not quite the talking point - Ben Smith: Not quite the talking point February 26, 2008 Categories: · Hillary Clinton Not quite the talking point Stephanie Tubbs Jones, a Clinton surrogate, says on MSNBC, "I have no shame, or no problem, with people looking at Barack Obama in his native clothing -- in the clothing of his country."

This, er, overstates the Clinton campaign line that there was no smear involved because there's nothing wrong with the photo. Though if you want to be generous, you could say she meant his ancestral, rather than native, country. (If you're really splitting hairs, it was apparently more Somali than Kenyan clothing.)

But in any case, it's another incident where -- judging from early blog and email reaction -- the dynamic of offense and outrage has, so far, very much favored Obama. I'm not sure that will work with a less liberal general election audience, but even the GOP leadership seems to think it's likely to.

Here is the Clinton “surrogate” talking about Obama’s Native country no less than twice.

The left has always started this topic, always.


Lindsey Graham

Let's get that name right. Per Ann Barnhardt, it's Lindsay You Jackass Barnhardt.


Er, Lindsay You Jackass *Graham*.

Sorry, Ann!


I'd better watch it. Ann might come over and deliver a smackdown for confusing her name with Graham!

An Army of Rainmen

"issue of Obama's birthplace with the Hillary Clinton campaign"

Well, if key persons around Obama were prescient enough to foresee his Presidential opportunity, manufacturing this historic conspiracy, it is not far-fetched to say hillary had some premonitions about how easily baited Wing-Nut nation would be.

(racist, delusional, or paranoid; anything helps to Promote the General Welfare)

Danube of Thought

Birthers v. Cleo.

Start without me.

An Army of Rainmen

"Birthers v. Cleo.

Start without me"

You're not a 'birfer', Effluent of Thought?

Charlie (Colorado)

I can only imagine your surprise.

No, actually you're about to get a thread full of expressions of that surprise.

that's what we're counting on, anyway, in the committee to re-elect the president

I lost my job, my savings, my house, my dog, and my wife. I am a lifelong Republican. But since I heard Donald Trump question the President's birth certificate, I am putting all that aside and voting Democrat for the first time in 2012.

Charlie (Colorado)

By the way, Cleo, good to see you again. Is this a work-release program or do they figure the meds are really working this time?


Is there no notion so extreme to the left, that the Times will not at least contemplate,
I mean that is Grand Mal stupidity

63% say leave SS and Medicare Alone


Is this really you? I normally can anticipate some verve and originality in your expressions. The 'meds' default seems beneath you. But, there's always end-stage fetal alcohol syndrome to consider.


Here's another example, facts have little to do with whatever the media template is:

An Army of Rainmen

"But since I heard Donald Trump question the President's birth certificate, I am putting all that aside and voting Democrat for the first time in 2012."

"Obama Republicans"

An Army of Rainmen

Fred Thompson !

Bwaaaaaaaaa !!!


More properly, *Life-long* Obama Republicans.


Oh and since polling never has anything to do with who was sampled and how the question was asked, seems like the CBS poll of yesterday being more current trumps the rediculous poll that the idiot left wants to wave around. Shame that is the case, they were doing so well too, well except for the 2010 elections, and the election in Wisconsin and before that Massachusetts Senate and Virgina and New Jersey Governors.


I public has a "right" to know, to see the long form birth certificate of their God President


But, there's always end-stage fetal alcohol syndrome to consider.

As my early Easter present to y'all, I'm dropping bread crumbs that lead back to my halfway house of insanity.

An Army of Rainmen

"lead back to my halfway house of insanity."

Chaco? Are you there?

hit and run

Florida update: mrs hit and run's dad fell down half a flight of tiled stairs this morning. He's 74 but in relatively good health. When we all converged on him,his eyes started rolling in the back of his head and it seemed he was about to lose consciousness,slumped up against the wall, his head having left a four inch wide dent in the wall.

We got him flat on his back with towels under his head. EMS arrived in about 10 minutes,and by that time he was talking and was coherent.

mrs hit and run's mom was a mess. She can't take the stairs due to her recent back surgery,so all she could do was watch from the balcony.

The ambulance arrived another 15 minutes later,they loaded him in a chair,got him on the elevator and took him to the hospital on the mainland.

mrs hit and run's sister and husband drove mom to the hospital and we stayed behind to finish packing and claening up since it is check out day.

We got to the hospital a couple hours later. After the MRI and x-rays and whatnot,it appears he only suffered a concussion.

So scary. We're all so relieved right now.

If nothing else,he left his mark on that house. Literally.

And since they missed their flight . . .best part is,we're staying another day or two!

What some people won't do for an extra day at the beach.

Any way,now we're off to have some oysters.

Greetings from Appalachicola.


I'm a bit loath to mention it, but this might interest TK.


NYT's: ".."If you were a birther, would you trust your neighbor who spends his evenings on the Internet and watching Fox News, or the Times? All of us have heard of forged official documents, from under-aged college students’ faked id’s to illegal aliens’ stolen social security numbers. Why not Obama’s birth certificate?.."

And this bit of wisdom: "..The birther controversy is further evidence of the uphill road that even the best qualified African Americans have always had to traverse.."

Progs are so steeped in their own latent racism and persistent delusions of superiority over their fellow humans, they don't even recognize that projection is their most exercised basic instinct. And down deep inside they really believe that 'minority' folks can never really measure up and it's their job to 'protect' them from that truth.

Frau Osterhase

Right you are, Neo, and there is serious precedent. To quote the Chicago Mob: "The public has the right to know."


Oh, my hit. So scary. Glad everything is ok and oysters are available.


I believed Obama when he said Ayers was just a guy in his neighborhood. Anybody who didn't was racist.

Rebel Yell

"projection is their most exercised basic instinct"

Yeah. Them racissts are all democrats. They like the darkies bcause they got some dark in there some wheres.

Birds of a feather.

Cecil Turner

Anything to change the subject from the economy. (And the fact that doing nothing would be exponentially better than Democrat policies.)


Them racissts are all democrats.

A good many of them, anyway.


I believed Obama when he said in 2004 that he went to Trinity every week

Do you still attend Trinity?
Yep. Every week. 11 oclock service.
Ever been there? Good service.
I actually wrote a book called Dreams from My Father, it’s kind of a meditation on race. There’s a whole chapter on the church in that, and my first visits to Trinity.

And I believed him when he said in 2008 that by 2003 he had stopped going to Trinity for months at a time:

As young marrieds, Barack and Michelle (who also didn't go to church regularly as a child) went to church fairly often—two or three times a month. But after their first child, Malia, was born, they found making the effort more difficult. "I don't know if you've had the experience of taking young, squirming children to church, but it's not easy," he says. "Trinity was always packed, and so you had to get there early. And if you went to the morning service, you were looking at—it just was difficult. So that would cut back on our involvement."

After he began his run for the U.S. Senate, he says, the family sometimes didn't go to Trinity for months at a time.

And anyone who doesn't believe both of those things is a racist.


From PD’s link:

”If in fact Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., the President's putative father, was -- as the narrative has always run -- a Kenyan Brit, then how could any such bona fide document not reveal that Jr. inherited both dual citizenship and a dual loyalty?”

From Obama’s campaign website:

”When Barack Obama Jr. was born on Aug. 4, 1961, in Honolulu, Kenya was a British colony, still part of the United Kingdom's dwindling empire. As a Kenyan native, Barack Obama Sr. was a British subject whose citizenship status was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948. That same act governed the status of Obama Sr.'s children. Since Sen. Obama has neither renounced his U.S. citizenship nor sworn an oath of allegiance to Kenya, his Kenyan citizenship automatically expired on Aug. 4, 1982”

He already admitted he was born a dual citizen; the cert is unnecessary. But I am glad more people are catching on to the dual allegiance problem.

An Army of Rainmen

"Anything to change the subject from the economy"

Maguire brought the birther thing up.

Are you a birther, Cecil?


Smooches, bgates and hit. Sorry about the scare but glad everything's now okay.


"I don't know if you've had the experience of taking young, squirming children to church, but it's not easy"

Surely no one in human history has ever experienced that before. Thank you for warning us in advance, Mr. President. We'll be sure to be on the lookout should any of us have kids and take them to church.


Hit so your father in law has a pretty good reason for any incoherence and otherwise goofy behavior, he hit his head. So what do you think Cleo's excuse will be? LOL


Here's another AP article on a list of births in Hawaii between 1960 & 1964.
It doesn't change anything. Americans still don't know what is in his birth records file...a long form BC from a hospital, affidavits,... We don't know.
The Health Dept. listing is worthless, just like the automatically generated newspaper articles for knowing WHERE Obama was born.
"In 1961, the two newspapers shared the same address and facility for their publishing operations which means they received only one copy of the same vital records information from the Department of Health." ...
“The birth announcements were printed from unconfirmed information provided to the Newspapers by the Department of Health who received the information from Obama's grandparents, not a hospital,"

the AP article even says "It says, "Mr. and Mrs. Barack H. Obama, 6085 Kalanianaole Hwy., son, Aug. 4." The address belonged to the parents of Ann Dunham, Obama's mother."


I believe that Obama had no idea that Tony Rezko was purchasing the worhtless property next door to his new home for full price while Obama got a bargain. Anybody who does not believe that is racist.

An Army of Rainmen

"Anybody who does not believe that is racist."

Does your husband let you out of the house?

Did you pay $300,000 less because of connections or clout, or anything Rezko did?

No. Nothing at all related to the purchase of my house involved Rezko. . . . The adjoining lot had already gotten an offer for the list price, which was 600-something-thousand. So the seller already had that in hand. The problem was they needed to sell the house. They were moving, and, so, this was to some degree a fire sale situation for them. They had gotten a new job. They were moving to Maryland. And so they needed to sell the house. That's the reason, as is true in any real estate market, if somebody needs to sell then you've got a little more leverage over them.

So there was no involvement with Rezko in the purchase of the house. . . .

Q: How did it happen that Tony just so bought the lot next to your home?

What happened was . . . Rezko's been a longtime developer in Kenwood. He's got property all across the Kenwood area. When the house came on the market, I asked a number of people about the house because I've never bought a house. I'd owned a condo. And I called a number of friends -- four or five friends -- who either had homes in Kenwood or were familiar with development in Kenwood. Rezko was one of those people. It turned out that the person who had renovated the house which I was interested in purchasing had worked with Rezko in the past, so that was the connection. He [Rezko] ended up looking at the property and became interested in it. But as I said it was negotiated entirely separately. It wasn't something that we were coordinating in any sort of fashion.

If you don't believe that, you are racist.


I don't care. Obama is awesome. And you're a racist.


I can top that. I believe Obama did not know Rezko was the sleaziest man in Cook County which is saying a mouthful, and would never have knowing associated with him if he knew it.

Danube of Thought

So...who's gonna tell Jeter he's finished?



OMG I can't believe that actually have a web page for this


Reality is slowing settling in some quarters,



So...who's gonna tell Jeter he's finished?

Jetes is batting .219.. Kevin Youklis is batting .214.


So...who's gonna tell Jeter he's finished?

A-Rod? Cammy Diaz?

Anyone who says that is racist.


I believe Michelle and Barack are truly accomplished lawyers who made it into and through Columbia, Princeton and Harvard law school on the strength of their intellectual brainpower. If you don't believe that you are a racist.


OK, you win clarice, unless bgates can top that.

Army of Davids

Memos must have gone out for racist smears on Tea Party type folks this weekend.

After a couple months we're back at it.


Yet back in the day, the Times did not assemble a panel to question the sanity of the 9/11 Truthers.

Ben Smith at Politico mentions that according to a 2006 poll done by the U. of Ohio and Scripts Howard, when asked,

"How likely is it that people in the federal government either assisted in the 9/11 attacks or took no action to stop the attacks because they wanted the United States to go to war in the Middle East?"

22.6% of Democrats said it was "very likely." Another 28.2% called it "somewhat likely."

Lest that be dismissed as an outlier, an Aug. 2007 Zogby poll of likely voters found that 36.3% of Democrats believed "certain elements in the US government knew the attacks were coming but consciously let them proceed for various political, military and economic motives," while 6.3 % believed "certain US government elements actively planned or assisted some aspects of the attacks." A May 2007 Rasmussen found: "Democrats in America are evenly divided on the question of whether George W. Bush knew about the 9/11 terrorist attacks in advance. Thirty-five percent (35%) of Democrats believe he did know, 39% say he did not know, and 26% are not sure."

Danube of Thought

Kevin Youkilis is 32 and hit .307 last year. Derek Jeter is 37 and hit .270.


"Mr. and Mrs. Barack H. Obama, 6085 Kalanianaole Hwy., son, Aug. 4." The address belonged to the parents of Ann Dunham, Obama's mother."

And this proves it

Jack is Back!


You over on St. George? Pretty nice, isn't it.

Sorry to hear about your dad. Trouble with these head injuries is they can come back to screw you up from time to time. Make sure he sees his GP when he gets back home.

So, anyone who votes and/or pays taxes has no business in questioning the bona fides of anyone who is running for POTUS but by God they applaud the massive army of dirt diggers that go garbage diving for the VP candidate. For every thousand people who know about Palin including friends of her in college we have yet to find anyone who knows BHO from Occidental (except my wife's HS room-mate) or Columbia, including the editor of the paper he wrote that sophmoric article on anti-militarism. Good thing he didn't follow through on his interest in joining the army or someone else would have had to write that article.

If MAD magazine wasn't a comic book I would swear that he was a character made up by Harvey Kutzman and launched on us as a practical joke that got out of hand. Even National Lampoon can't seem to parody him since they don't deal in reality but satire.


For some reason I am not interested in this Birther controversy at all, and am sick to death of hearing about it over and over again,because I think we need to focus on other isues in order to defeat this President and his agenda.

That said, if we're going to keep flogging this dead horse, can I make a slight suggestion to the topic to liven up the discusion.

It looks like our Anchorage illegal alien Police Officer is making national news now, since the story is now being linked by Drudge. Anchorage patrolman of 6 years is a Mexican national, federal officials say.

No one to my knowledge in the MSM has mentioned that if a Mexican National can easily pass through the necessary screening process and Lie Detector tests to become an Officer of the Law, somebody who refuses to release his original Birth Certificate couldn't possibly do the same.

One wonders which screening process to determine one's birth particulars would be more intensive; Barack Obama's or the Mexican Policeman. It obviously ought to be Barack Obama's, but I'd bet the Policeman's records got much more intensive scrutiny.

Anyhow, point is that if the responsible media watchdogs and Birther's want to keep pursuing this Birth Certificate business, at least now they have something they can point to to examine fully and find out how the perp fooled the system, and then relate it to how little we actually know about Obama's origins. That would be a sensible tact to take in my view to get to the bottom of this issue, so naturally no-one in the media will ever bring it up, but at least I'd welcome it here at JOM as a change of pace.

FWIW, The illegal alien Policeman was apparently caught because he applied for a Passport. If he had not done that then they wouldn't ever have uncovered this. That paperwork investigation is what tripped him up, and is why he is currently being charged with Passport Fraud.

For the Lawyers among us, what other charges should this guy be expected to face in future besides simply this Passport Fraud deal?


or the routine and flexible lying by the Obama campaign about the Ayers-Obama connection.

That is a huge point for me. Stanley Kurtz did such a good job looking up all the info on Obama working with Ayers & the MFM didn't care.
It is the same with Obama's entire official narrative. Why can't even one reporter ask Obama some questions?...let Obama elaborate on his story & give some names? Why can't he fill in some of the questions?
The MFM doesn't even attempt to answer questions...they just mock Americans that want to know. Rocco's link is good.


Any of you guys have an recently hired Policemen that speak Arabic?

Was just wondering, since ICE (the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Department) has said that they've lost track of 10 illegal Libyan aliens that they arrested and then released in the United States since 2009. DHS Can’t Account for 10 Libyan Men It Caught and Released Inside U.S.

Hopefully tho' they are on the side of the Al Qaeda backed Rebel faction, so maybe they're actually good guys.


The BC is merely a symptom. It's the secrecy that's beginning to look like the psychosis.

There are certain personal things that should remain private as everyone knows (broken love affairs, etc.) but this president has gone out of his way and allegedly spent millions of dollars to keep his past life under lock and key. Fewer people are buying into the campaign rhetoric and biography Barry and his handlers promoted to get him elected. His actions continue to breathtakingly belie his words, on a daily basis.

Americans have every right to know pertinent historical information about their president, especially his associations, family ties and educational record. Hobbies and interests add color, but understanding who and what helped shape the person millions of people entrusted to the nation's highest place of honor, requires volumes of research material to be made public.

Citizens shouldn't be put in the position of scouring for facts about their president's bona fides and history. There's no doubt we've been scammed, but just how seriously have we been scammed---that's the information that's missing.


Exactly OldTimer.


This would all make sense if he was adopted, and really can't access the original birth certificate (BC) without a court order, since it's sealed. (Sara's theory.) Since Fukino certifies that the certificate of live birth (COLB) shows he was born in Hawaii, and that Barack Obama Sr. was his father, it stands to reason that he might have been adopted by BHO Sr., whose name doesn't appear on the original BC. Embarrassing, no doubt, but easily useable to bludgeon the privacy-invading birthers to great advantage.

I'm staying away from this. All other theories involve Fukino lying, which I haven't seen any reason to believe. She says he was born in Hawaii, and we already know who his mother was.

Danube of Thought

The 70 million Americans who voted for this weird man did so in the full knowledge that they knew very little about him. Although there are no doubt more than a few who now believe it was a mistake to do so, most of them seem content to remain ignorant.


I think the anti nationalists got confused when the first thing O did was schedule a trip to Indonesia to assert his nationality as he did in Kenya.So.if we accept the Hawaiian you werent here but where under the two year native law,then hes not just bi national,but tri national.Its the 21st century and its not like he and VP are just there to give away foreign aid cash.


Haven't seen it so well put by anyone anywhere Old Timer.
The man ordering hundreds of thousands of troops hither and yon, spending trillions every year and dealing with our enemies is known almost solely by the self serving tales in a manufactured autobiography and a small crowd of largely scurrilous and disreputable acquaintances and known associates in Chicago.
Has any such situation come close in 220 years of presidents, including in the days of horse and buggies and the Pony Express when information was far more scarce and difficult to come by?


Extraneus, to be rigorous, in the Fukino's statement that Obama was born in Hawaii, she never claimed to be relying on his birth certificate, only on "the original vital records maintained on file by the Hawai‘i State Department of Health." There's a publicly accessible record called a "birth index" which lists Obama's name. I think it's reasonably likely that that's the basis for Fukino's statement, though she intentionally left the impression she was referring to the BC. Not that I doubt his birth certificate says he was born in Hawaii. I just wonder if it might say he was born at home, based only on the word of his grandparents. That's certainly more consistent with a "half typed and half handwritten" birth certificate.

As far as I'm aware, Fukino has issued two official statements about Obama's birth records, and gave some sort of interview to an unnamed NBC reporter. I don't believe she ever said Obama Sr. was the father. It's very difficult to know what she told the reporter, since Isakoff's article consists almost entirely of paraphrases instead of quotations. If Fukimo made a clear statement about something, why didn't Isakoff quote her directly?


I just be happy if they made people show ID when voting.....but I guess that makes me a racist....

And anyone who doesn't believe Obama is "The One" and is going to usher in the new Aquarian era of peace, love, and understanding is a racist too....

I wonder how the morons at the Nobel committee are feeling about that prize now.


... in the Fukino's statement ...


I wonder how the morons at the Nobel committee are feeling about that prize now.

If their intention was to "stick it to the man," or "speak truth to power," or some such rot, I doubt they have any regrets.


I just wonder if it might say he was born at home, based only on the word of his grandparents.

That's what I think MJW. Here is a Freeper link that tells the 3 different types of birth certifications available in 1961 Hawaii.

"b. In 1961, if a person was born in Hawaii but not attended by a physician or mid wife, then, up to the first birthday of the child, an adult could, upon testimony, file a “Delayed Certificate..."

Jack Ryan

There are certain personal things that should remain private as everyone knows (broken love affairs, etc.)

That's what I said.


The Pegster's column is unusually trite this week, so it deserves a 'Nuking from Orbit:


Rob Crawford

She says he was born in Hawaii, and we already know who his mother was.

That last point is not a given. At least, that's the lesson many on the left would have us take from their obsession with Palin's uterus.


to be rigorous, in the Fukino's statement that Obama was born in Hawaii, she never claimed to be relying on his birth certificate, only on "the original vital records maintained on file by the Hawai‘i State Department of Health."

My bad, MJW. I thought she said she'd seen the "birth certificate on file." Has anyone referred to the BC itself? Besides that lier Abercrombie, I mean.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Hobbies and interests add color, but understanding who and what helped shape the person millions of people entrusted to the nation's highest place of honor, requires volumes of research material to be made public.

I heard all I needed to hear about this man when he wrote that he'd sit around with his friends and butt his cigarettes out on the carpet. Not only did he do this, several years later, he was still proud of it enough to write about it in a book as some kind of socialist symbol protest against who knows, or somesuch idiocy. Classless.


My bad, MJW. I thought she said she'd seen the "birth certificate on file." Has anyone referred to the BC itself? Besides that lier Abercrombie, I mean.

You're hardly alone in thinking that, and I assume it was Fukino's intention. She did mention the BC in her first statement:

I as Director of Health for the State of Hawai‘i, along with the Registrar of Vital Statistics who has statutory authority to oversee and maintain these type of vital records, have personally seen and verified that the Hawai‘i State Department of Health has Sen. Obama’s original birth certificate on record in accordance with state policies and procedures.
I find the wording to be quite odd. She didn't see and verify the birth certificate, she only saw and verified that it was on record. Like the second statement, it seems to say more than it actually does.


Not that long ago, one could not hope to sit on the Supreme Court having smoked weed, or to become the Secretary of Treasury having failed to pay taxes or, more to the point, become President having admitted to snorting coke.


Yeah MarkO....and these days one of the news reporters cheerleading this administration is a former State Attorney General/Governor that was caught frequenting a high price prostitution ring. These are great times!


Here is a long comment from an article on the BC that I copied a few days ago (I think the 20th on Abercrombie). It is pretty pessimistic but sadly, I agree with it -

"Louisiana Patriot
Give it up folks. The battles have been lost, you need to just go with the flow, because we are not seriously willing to fight for this country. Democrats have been stealing elections and moving this country to a leftist totalitarian dictatorship for decades. Democrats are where they want to be and their irreversible policies are written in stone. Just look at nationalized leftist social security, nationailized leftist education, nationalized leftist environmental policy, nationalized leftist land grabs, nationalized welfare, nationalized leftist medicare, and now nationalized leftist healthcare.

Obama is just a pawn in the long range plan of a single world wide leftist totalitarian goverment and nothing you say or do will change this. He will be reelected again with the help of the bought and paid for leftist press. He will be reelectd again with the help of the bought and paid for 50% electorate who pay no taxes. He will be reelected again with the help of the bought and paid for huge corporate conglomerates like General Electric. Do you actually think he will ever release a real birth certificate or his college documents or his passport records or his work records? The data within the documents makes it impossible for him or any of his leftist comrades to release these papers and they never will.

Everyone reading this knows the only real solution but none of us, including I, are willing to really do what is necessary and we all know it. The 50% of us who consider ourselves to be American patriots are to comfortable with our standard of living to do the unthinkable. Our founding fathers did what was needed but the leftist agenda hadn't been implemented yet. Now that half the country is dependent on leftist policies, the other half can not and will not do what is necessary. Even our so-called conservative leaders have realized that there is nothing they can do which is why they do nothing and simply join with the leftists. The debt ceiling will be raised again, spending will not be cut, taxes will be raised, economically harmful environmental policies will not be changed, more land will be taken, the military will be decimated, more leftist judges will be making law. more youth will be spoon fed leftist propoganda, more illegals will be naturalized, religion will be further attacked, freedom will further deteriorated, speech will be further silenced and the great United States Constitution that the left has been attacking since its inception will become meaningless. The leftists will seize more control while we sit back and wish we had done something. This is the historical way leftists have planned the complete taking of control; slow, progressive change. Sound familiar. We will not do what is necessary so sit back and soak it in."


To my previous comment, let me add that even though I objected to what seems to be misleading wording in Fukimo's official statements, I gave her the benefit of the doubt on their lack of substance. I assumed Hawaiian law prevented her from commenting on the contents of any individual's birth certificate. If, however, Isakoff's article can be believed, she feels free to say considerably more about Obama's BC to an anonymous NBC reporter. Though, as I mentioned before, I don't dismiss the possibility that Isakoff's paraphrases distort carefully worded statements by Fukimo.


At least, that's the lesson many on the left would have us take from their obsession with Palin's uterus.

Interesting point. According to the lefty Trig Truthers we are supposed to believe that Obama's released COLB is gospel to the letter, but we are supposed to *not* believe that Trig Palin's birth certificate is gospel to the letter.


Here's a story in tomorrow's edition of Nairobi Kenya's Daily Nation newspaper on Obama presumed father:

Obama Senior celebrated life fully but died miserable


An interesting sentence from the UK Mail paper on our illegal alien Police Officer:

"Officials said it's too soon to gauge implications of the case, such as any fallout over Mora-Lopez's court testimony in past criminal trials."

Sounds like potential full employment for tons of Defense Lawyers.


Andrew Sullivan was constantly pushing the Trig birth issue, yet somehow he still makes it on MSNBC and ABC.


It is a great victory for the Right that the left wants to fight about Obamas background.

They know they can't win on their arguments for higher gas prices (Obama supports) higher energy prices (OBama supports), sell your SUV/truck and by a Pruis for you contruction company (Obama supports), higher taxes in a slow economy (Obama supports), fighting a third war in the Middle East (OBama started it), spend the Nation into bankruptcy (OBama supports) by borrowing 10 times more then any previous President (Obama did it).

Not to mention the constant inability to make a decision, the off-teleprompter stupid staements, etc. etc and you can see why the leftist media only want to discuss OBamas family history.

If the economy was doing well, incomes were going up and OBama had brought peace to the world, the left would be wanting to talk Birther issues.

Every day the left brings us birthers, is another day you kow Conservatives have won all the real issues.

Just like when arguing with a liberal and they start with the racist, sexist, homophobe name calling you know you won the argument and they have no further ability to srgue beyond what they hear on MSNBC.

Jack is Back!

From the Nairobi news story about Obama, Sr.:

"He disagreed with proposals to nationalise state corporations, as well as the manner in which the government planned to conduct trade, both locally and internationally. "

Now does this prove that apples do fall farther from the tree then we have known?

Zelig Pasen (Happy Easter)!

Writing in a 1965 scholarly paper, Obama's late father slammed the administration of then-President Jomo Kenyatta for moving the Third World country away from socialism toward capitalism. He chafed at the idea of relying on private investors — who earn "dividends" on their venture capital — to develop the country's fledgling economy.

"What is more important is to find means by which we can redistribute our economic gains to the benefit of all," said the senior Obama, a Harvard-educated economist. "This is the government's obligation."

Like Father, Like Son

"Theoretically," he wrote, "there is nothing that can stop the government from taxing 100% of income so long as the people get benefits from the government commensurate with their income which is taxed." --Barack Obama Sr
Danube of Thought

Minus 16 at Raz today.


If there is enough reason to discard Obama based on what he has/has not done in office, why dwell on arcane economic crap from the past.


Don't worry, Janet, sounds like that Freeper never heard of the Tea Party.

Anyway, NY Times are spurting out their water pistols prematurely before the big guns arrive:

Jerome Corsi's Where's the Birth Certificate Hits No. 1 on Amazon Before it's even Released - May 17th.


Tampered evidence.

Where was Obama born? Probably in an unwed mothers home. In the State of Washington.

So EVERYTHING we've seen, like Profiles in Courage. Was manufactured by someone NOT Obama.

Is his name "Obama?" Really?

What if the original birth certificate has been found, and, in 3 weeks we will see what Corsi publishes?

Chief Justice Roberts made ONE MISTAKE when giving the Oath of Office to Obama. And, he had to do it, again.

Would using the "Soetoro" name have been better? What about AKA "Barry Dunham?"

Adoption records used to be kept under lock and key. Doesn't mean they weren't kept. They were. But the kids had no access to them.

Maybe, there have been changes to the "access data?" Most of the moms are dead. The kids have grown old.

And, Hollywood has been famous for changing names. Did you know John Wayne's first name was Marion?

Marilyn Monroe's was Norma Jean.

Brando was Brando.

But who knows about Obama? As an infant he didn't look anything like his mother!


``more to the point, become President having admitted to snorting coke.''

Indeed, did we ever find out whether Bush snorted coke? Apparently, the mainstream media -- every single member -- decided that it was not important enough to bother even asking about, let alone demanding an answer. (An assessment I agree with, but which destroys the wingnut idea that the press goes easy on Obama relative to Bush.)
Recall that Bush was asked on one occasion whether he used coke and he directly declined to answer, repeating only that he was qualified under the law to run for president. Again, that's fair enough in my book. Since Bush was a spoiled rich kid in the '70s, I'd be inclined to think that snorting coke would be very natural and nothing of any concern whatsoever, especially given the obvious evidence that he never got addicted or had a problem with it.
But if we follow birther logic, doesn't the public have a "right" to know whether Bush snorted coke? Shouldn't Bush, at the very least, have to answer the question?
What I find most entertaining about birtherism is the completeness with which it exposes how feeble birthers feel in the face of liberals and liberalism. As the premier avatar of liberalism in America, you'd think identity conservatives would be happy warriors attacking Obama's ideology and the horse it rode in on. But no, in blog after blog, identity conservatives instead dwell on Obama's personality, credentials and even, the minutest imaginable details about his school and hospital paperwork.
We have a president who, by the right's assessment, is catastrophically liberal. Yet his liberalism is the very last thing they have anything to say about. It's not liberalism they want to to battle with, it's Obama's very identity: where he was born. What grades he got in school. Who he palled around with in high school.
This obsession with Obama's identity, rather than his ideology, says it all about how the wingnut mind works. And gawd is that funny...


Bush was such a disaster, the very last thing Americans could be concerned about was whether he was a cokehead as well as an alcoholic and/or whether he hung around with fraternity fascists in college or somesuch...

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