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April 20, 2011



henry, I think it as only 1.5 million votes cast.
Last week Prosser offered to go along with a recount of Waukesha only if that's what she wanted.

Rob Crawford

"Is it not in democrat's DNA to lose gracefully?"

US history from 1861-1865 says it is not. They didn't even wait for Lincoln's inauguration.


From Iowahawk,

You don't have to be a morbidly obese Hobbit with a $200k GU degree to write Trig jokes for Wonkette, but it helps http://flic.kr/p/7bkvxq

Melinda Romanoff


Those were copperheads, if I recall correctly.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

What is the legal theory that allows her to get a hand recount instead of the recount mandated and governed by WI statute? (Not that not having one would stop her). If Judge Sumi is representative of the quality of the Dane County Court bench, I suppose no legal theory is necessary.

The big problem that I see is an opinion by a Dane County judge is likely to be upheld by an evenly divided Supreme Court because Prosser will have to recuse.

I hope I'm wrong.

Rob Crawford

Copperhead Democrats, Melinda.

If you don't like that example, there are hundreds from all over Reconstruction-era South. A Republican would win an election and run a good risk of being lynched.

Rob Crawford

""I suppose no legal theory is necessary."

Democrats pass laws; they see no reason to obey them.



Did you see where Wisconsin also announced this week that its university system will not cooperate in the US News/NCTQ review of curricula etc at its colleges of education?

Georgia is also not cooperating in the national review and Kentucky also fighting. All have been growing their public university systems with multimillion dollar grants that stipulate advocacy for what will be taught and how in their state's K-12 schools.

Just a few more ways that the public sector remains both obtuse in public perception and determined to trade on their monopolies.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

Agreed, Rob.


Tom Collins,
interesting thing about the comparison between the '62 Mets and the current Red Sox. The '62 Mets played in a ballfield built in 1912. The current Sox play in a ballfield built in 1911.

Melinda Romanoff


I speak more suthin than you might imagine. My family hails from the New River Valley, from a long trail.


I think Kloppy wants a hand recount because some duplicate ballots had to be produced when they ran out of ballots at some polling places. The fact that Klop could not answer reporters' questions is very telling.The bigger puppeteers are calling the shots. if she or the unions had to finance a recount they would be singing a different tune, Prosser is probably going to win by more votes now.


Clarice, yes 1.5 million (that's what I get for listening to TV news).

RSE, I hadn't heard that. Then again UW did push through a law requiring the history of the labor movement for a high school diploma.


Speaking of the '62 Mets I attended 2 games that year. My record was 1-1.

Frau Stimmvieh

Kloppers? Klopperites?

I kinda like the Kloppenburgers which puts them in with the Illuminati and other attention-getter labels! I do hope the Frankenstormers don't get to open this just because they *want* to.

Old Lurker

OK, LUN helps explain just how deep is the mess we are in.



Sara (Pal2Pal)

Senators in New Hampshire vote to "Live Free"

New Hampshire may become the 23rd Right To Work state. Today the Senate passed the Right To Work bill (16-8) that will soon head to Governor John Lynch for his signature. Lynch has publicly promised his Big Labor benefactors that he will ignore the overwhelming support for the Right To Work Bill that passed both houses with a veto-proof margin.


Attitudes matter and there are several times in that article that I kept wanting the writer to use a more accurate way of describing like "many Americans now believe wealth is created by DC" or there is a perception . . .

I read McCloskey's Bourgeois Dignity about a month ago where she argues that the huge factor change in wealth created per person was more the result of changing how commerce was viewed.

I have been remembering how most of the college grads of even great and expensive schools in the last few years are determined to work for nonprofits as if growing the economy and making products cost less was a bad thing.

Somehow we have got to get our young people to appreciate how the economic pie really works.

Melinda Romanoff


You've got mail. (from earlier)


Name on Mars = marsparticipate.jpl.nasa.gov/msl/participate/sendyourname/


RSE, two nieces went straight to Teach for America from college. Apparently it is very competitive to get into.

Rick Ballard


That piece didn't go far enough. Today feels a bit like when Volcker pushed the rates through the roof in order to choke inflation but in reverse. The transmission is locked in overdrive, the brakes are gone, the throttle is stuck wide open and Mad Ben sez "Here, hold my beer, I wanna try somethin' new."

Confidence and trust continue to follow housing prices into the toilet and BOzo's talking to himself while rolling those ball bearings around in one hand while scratching his butt with the other.

I don't think we're going to remember these as 'the good ole days'.


Well I just voted for David Prosser
Same as my daddy and his daddy before

You hardly ever saw SEIU down here
They only come to town about twice a year

They'd buy a hundred votes, start to picket, walk in a line
Everybody knew that they wasted time

Now the loosing broad wanted Prosser real bad
She wanted to count the 7000 vote lead he had

It's the same everytime, but I've been told
She’ll never come back from KlopperHead Road

KlopperHead Road

Jim Ryan

Here, hold my beer

I wonder if it's a coincidence that the records show that those are the most common last words.


I thought the most common last words were the responses to the quesion:

Does this make my butt look bigger?


This guy at Mediaite is quite good in dealing with Wonkette's revolting Trig bashing, partly because he has two special needs kids of his own.
Included is this memorable paragraph:

Hey, that’s really funny, calling Trig a gentleman scholar because he has Down Syndrome. And the speculation that Todd Palin may have raped his daughter? Pure comedy gold. You know what will be even funnier? The first time Jack Stuef runs into Todd Palin. That one practically writes its own punchline.


Update at Ignatz's Mediate link -

"Update: Wonkette’s editor responds later in the post, but also, a reader hilariously bought the domain name JackStuef.com, which now redirects to the National Down Syndrome Society donation page. Lemons into lemonade."

Old Lurker

The thing about that LUN is that it fits nicely into Clarice s goal of finding ways to tell the story with dead simple facts. Knowing that ALL of the taxes paid by taxpaying households is recycled in redistributions to other households is downright poetic.

Rob Crawford

You know what will be even funnier? The first time Jack Stuef runs into Todd Palin.

In a just world, Stuef would be spending too much of his life recovering from tar burns and getting rail splinters removed from sensitive places to ever worry about that.

Rob Crawford

Something to keep in mind about Wonkette -- the site was started by a nobody who got notoriety by talking about her willingness to let numerous men penetrate her anus. She left, and the brand has been taken over entirely by males.

Think about the type of person willingly puts on that mantle.



a friend was at the next COP over from COP Restrepo during that tour of duty. he said it was as bad as bad gets. Firefights every day, IED's and they were way, way out on the edge of things, which is not a good thing for a couple of SGT's, 26 enlisted, and 3 or four ANA's/ANP's who were usually high.

What those documentarians did was nothing short of valor. The film is a classic. There's another one out there as well called, I believe, "the Boys of Company B" about a unit in Iraq in '06. same concept. A 1 year embed with a lot of pre and post deployment interviews.

May they rest in peace. They knew what they were getting into and thought it important enough to give their lives if necessary, just like the kids who go out there every day.

To add insult to injury, SSG Giunta was honored at a Lakers game earlier this season by everyone except a certain superstar.

On another note, a new blog piece is up. "Bankrupt America". I saw a graffiti take of on Bank of America over the weekend and thought it fit. LUN


You know even when Wonkette was first out and a big thing--remember promoting that gal who did a tell all on sex on the Hill--I never considered it at all amusing or interesting. The original owner got lots of links because her husband I believe worked at the NYT or something and then after the Hill deal she sold it.

In my mind it was always worthless. Now, with luck it will be a liability to anyone ever connected with it. Well, it will if there's any justice or decency left .

Rob Crawford

And on the news that the government gives "Americans" more money than it steals in taxes -- it will stop. Either it stops softly, in a controlled manner, or it stops suddenly, when everything grinds to a halt.


As I read it, the most outrageous thing about the Wonkette post was not what it said about Trig (which was truly awful) but the line "either way, Todd did it."

Accusing Todd Palin of incest goes way further than making fun of Trig for being "retarded," in my book anyway.

Rob Crawford

Sadly, clarice, like with "Journolist", those involved will have long and rich careers in the press.

Rob Crawford

Well, Porch, we have to understand that those people are just speculating based on their own life experiences.


That was the premise of a NY Times story conference sketch on SNL, the weekend she announced, there's actually a whole 'den of scum and villainy' which I wish I had never heard of.


Streuf has no big supporters--he's not a SNL star--he's a turd. He should be crushed-- to encourage the others as we say.

Rob Crawford

Yes, he should be crushed.

But you'll notice Sullivan managed to skate on drug charges.


Suliven is finito..I think he's working only because he's so ill people feel sorry for him at this point. He's a joke.


One really feels a Conan vibe,'Crush your enemies' with much of what passes for the left's amoral sputterings:



Well, here's a bit of sherbet on the WH support for eco-radicals:

Captain Hate

I never found Wonkette even close to funny; when the original achieved her initial notoriety I checked out the blog and thought it was pretty embarrassing. Kind of like Andrew Dice Clay; when people told me he was really un-PC I thought I might like him. But when I heard his stuff it was really dumb and got old almost immediately; which pretty much sums up his career path.

Rob Crawford

Suliven is finito..I think he's working only because he's so ill people feel sorry for him at this point. He's a joke.

Are his assistants hired out of pity?

Didn't one of the Frum wannabe's -- can't recall his name, but one of those "true conservatives" who hold positions indistinguishable from Barney Frank's -- show up as one of Sullivan's assistants? Someone's pumping money into his "operation", and it's not out of pity.


That's Conor Friedersdorf, like the evil side
of Kramerica,


I think the notion of four assistants to crank out that drivel is not believable.

Rob Crawford

At least one -- possibly two -- have been identified, clarice.

The proper term for it is "sinecure": a position requiring little or no work but giving the holder status or financial benefit.

Captain Hate

Lol @ Kramerica, narc. That Kos post is typically deranged against their perceived antagonists. Ever notice they never vent their diseased spleens against Newt, T-Paw or the Huckster? I didn't think Rush was being particularly prescient when he said "they always tell you who they're afraid of"; but it's stood the test of time. Plus those idiots must be the worst poker players in the world.

Btw, per Tammy: Notice all the Repukes jumping to Palin's defense?

Rob Crawford

Btw, per Tammy: Notice all the Repukes jumping to Palin's defense?

No. Are there any?


What I find so interesting about Trump's bloviations, is that he is clearing the way for Palin. For two years we were told that Plain couldn't be a serious candiate for one reason or another, and particularly because she did a "reality" TV show. Now the press can't get enough of Trump, who is not nearly as serious of a candidate as Palin is.

Captain Hate

Nope, Rob; classy bunch, no? I'll say this about the commiecrats: They may be immoral America-weakening scum, but they will defend each other against attacks.

Rob Crawford

Now the press can't get enough of Trump, who is not nearly as serious of a candidate as Palin is.

The press is pumping Trump up because:

1) they want their god to run against a clown

2) they can't report the real news, because it shows that their god is a clown

3) it lets them attack Republicans in general as clowns

4) the press is corrupt, in the sense of being riddled with rot

5) the press is lazy, and Trump's PR people are feeding them this story


"UW did push through a law requiring the history of the labor movement for a high school diploma."

Thought it pretty much par for the course when yesterday I heard on a local Bay area News Broadcast that ..."a California Bill would make the state the first to require the teaching of gay history in public schools."

"The California Senate approved the landmark measure last week, but it needs to clear the Democrat-controlled Assembly and Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk....The legislation now under consideration in California would add lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people to the lengthy list of social and ethnic groups that schools must include in social studies lessons."

And somehow they still blame Howard Jarvis for California's failed School Systems.

Captain Hate

Btw TK, great lyrics to an outstanding song (although a drug addict survivor like Earle would probably be down with a case of the Klop). When SE recorded that song with the Dukes I gave him a less than 1% chance of not being found all blue with a spike in his arm. Funny how he parlayed his real life survivor experience into a role in "The Wire"; the first time I saw him leading a rehab class I instantly said to Mrs Hate "That's Steve Earle (plus about a hundred pounds and minus a lot of hair)".

Captain Hate

until new Athletic Hideki Matsui smacked a 2 run double in the 8th that put the game out of reach.

I didn't know Godzirra was on the As; he used to scare the hell out of me when he was with the Brinks Bombers and I couldn't boo him because he was a classy guy. Kind of like Dimaggio only with it being real and not made up.


Steve Earle, ugh. What a phony. He's the male Lucinda, Cap'n. ;)

Captain Hate

I knew I could shake out a response with that comment, Porch. Yeah, Steve's son has had abuse problems so it's not like it even skips a generation. I did see Steve's sister Stacie perform at least a decade ago; she wasn't nearly as musically talented but she was lucid and cute (in a diminutive housewife wearing a sundress kind of way; by that I mean perky without having any obvious work done and very unlikely to break out some slutty grind dance) and about the cube root of Steve's weight.

Dave (in MA)
"a California Bill would make the state the first to require the teaching of gay history in public schools."
Those who cannot learn from gay history are doomed to repeat it.

Meanwhile, Harvard Magazine has a feature article on Sullivan entitled "World's Best Blogger?" At least there's a question mark at the end. LUN if you can stand it.


by that I mean perky without having any obvious work done and very unlikely to break out some slutty grind dance


I saw Justin Townes Earle open for the Pogues in 2009. He wasn't that bad, though a bit mannered.


Wow I'm really behind on the threads. Catching up...


In re: the Education Department scandal. There was a "big short" of publicly traded for-profit education companies (Mel might be able to speak to that better) that went in the money big time right before the department's report leaked. It would take a willful suspension of disbelief that folks working at Ed didn't tip off the funds involved. Not sure of CREW's interest in the matter however. I also wouldn't be surprised to find out that funds have an "expert network" of government employees and have trading strategies based on the information. An FDA employee was recently arrested and I think (though I'm not sure) that an investigation is ongoing into a government leak of TARP data that clobbered a half dozen insurance companies.


Ireland gets a lot of oil from Libya too. I figured that it had more to do with the assets that LIA held and an attempt to build an "oil-for-food" lite so the UN could rake off a few precentage points of Libyan oil sales (though Libya's oil company is also sueing to prevent the rebels for selling seized oil). Not sure and find the whole situation oddly disturbing. FWIW.


college grads of even great and expensive schools in the last few years are determined to work for nonprofits

They could work on the fund side so they can rub elbows with Wall Street, the fundraising side so they can go to parties, write grants for their friends, and get student loan debt forgiven. What's not to like.


The proper level of contempt:



Thanks CH.

--"Those who cannot learn from gay history are doomed to repeat it."--

Gays always find out in the end.

What did one gay sperm say to the other gay sperm?



Thanks for the article.

“In normal times the household sector gives about eight percentage points more of its income in taxes than it receives in direct transfers,” the Times quotes J.P. Morgan economist Michael Feroli as saying, adding that a return to normalcy, or this eight-percentage-point spread, is equal to about $1.2 trillion in income.

Hummm, then why have I been seeing commercials and an endless parade of analysts saying we are in the middle of a strong recovery?


How the hell do we find an egg in all this s##t ?!?



Steve C.-

From way up the thread. I'm doubtful that the Europeans could put together a force that could dislodge Daffy. Mostly I think they are going to run out of time-they can't afford the mission, the rebels don't seem to be doing all that well, and all Daffy has to do is get on the phone to some of his retired retainers from the IRA, ETA, or PFLP and let them cook off some bombs in Frankfurt, Paris, and London to test how motivated our European partners are.

I also meant to ask but are you the author of "Skeptical Optimist? If you are I really enjoyed your work.



Good grief.

Captain Hate

Thanks narc, after Wonkette and Flathead Friedman getting beclowned at AoS, I needed a hat trick of contempt with Sully. Speaking of contempt, did anybody do it as well as Gibbon:

Many tyrants have reigned, undoubtedly more criminal than Nicephorus, but none perhaps have more deeply incurred the universal abhorrence of their people. His character was stained with the three odious vices of hypocrisy, ingratitude, and avarice: his want of virtue was not redeemed by any superior talents, nor his want of talents, by any pleasing qualifications. Unskilful and unfortunate in war, Nicephorus was vanquished by the Saracens, and slain by the Bulgarians; and the advantage of his death overbalanced, in the public opinion, the destruction of a Roman army. His son and heir Stauracius escaped from the field with a mortal wound: yet six months of an expiring life was sufficient to refute his indecent, though popular declaration, that he would in all things avoid the example of his father.


narciso, is that Sullivan thing parody? It's hilarious.


No, sadly, Porch it's serious as a heart attack, and the writer seems afflicted with
a mild case of Trig skepticism, what the frack
is wrong with these people


I loved the part about the beagles, the velvet curtain, and the "blog cave."

That guy should get some sort of award for best parody that isn't parody. It reads like an Iowahawk post.


require the teaching of gay history

pre-history: Siberian gays walk across the land bridge to Alaska, loudly wondering where they can find that Bering Straight they've heard so much about

1500s: first contact between Spaniards and gay Indians ends badly when the Indians think the Spanish ceceo is intended to mock them

(For the first successful contact between the Spanish and gay Indians, see next semester's Gay Latino/a-Native American History, or catch the movie La Montaña Cuya Espalda se Rompió a Través del Coito Anal Frecuentes on the Independent Film Channel.)

1840s: gay "'niners" flock to California after hearing garbled stories about hundreds of men living up in the hills and trying to obtain what they desire most in deep, dark tunnels

1850s: California chooses its mascot, the bear

1939: release of "The Wizard of Oz", starring Judy Garland

1990s: Ellen kisses that chick on that show

Year 0 - present: most gay people do most of the same things other people do, trying for the most part to not let too many people know they're gay so they don't get beaten up or imprisoned, until lately when most of them at least in California don't have to worry about that stuff any more, so a few of them decide what they really need to do is fracture a splintered polity by becoming a vocal Balkanizing political pressure group

Sara (Pal2Pal)


Huggies, Papa Johns, Vanguard and now Holland America are all pulling their ads from Wonkett.

Danube of Thought

Been absent. Twelve for lobster dinner here tonight. Lobsters arrived from Maine this morning, alive and feisty. Twelve of them at about 2.5 lbs. each. The cold Sancerre flowed generously. Many toasts among very old frends.

We do this every six months. I recommend it. Highly.

Danube of Thought

Well, I have it on good authority what those guys do to each other in the sack. Whatever it is, it sure as hell isn't gay.

Probly too late for them to come up with another handle...


Perhaps the failure of the California School System isn't that it teaches nothing, but that it teaches too much.

The link above about the new California Law requiring mandatory teaching of Gay History in Public schools says the following:

"California law already requires schools to teach about women, African Americans, Mexican Americans, entrepreneurs, Asian Americans, European Americans, American Indians and labor."

Well if you now toss in mandated courses on Lesbians, Gays, Bi-Sexuals and Transgendereds, why there's hardly room for anything else on the syllabus.

"The Legislature over the years also has prescribed specific lessons about the Irish potato famine and the Holocaust, among other topics."

And then you toss in Earth Day, and MLKing Day, and Cinco De Mayo Day, and Green Day Day, and Paris Hilton Day, and if I'm a second grader right about then frankly I'd rather be in Philadelphia.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Perhaps the failure of the California School System isn't that it teaches nothing, but that it teaches too much.

Having put two kids thru Calif. schools, I can tell you they are worse than can be imagined.

When my son was going from 8th to 9th, going from middle school to the high school, they sent home his proposed schedule for his freshman year. No math, no history, no science, but there was basket weaving and folk dance.

I blew a gasket and I was treated like an unfit Mom because I wanted my child in actual academic classes, not some "we are the world" bs.


Speaking of obscenities...

Researchers in England have found that swearing like a sailor can help you relieve pain!

"To test the theory, student volunteers placed their hands in a bucket of ice cold water" while saying stuff like "You dirty rotten Son of a Bitch!!!".

They then repeated the exercise but, instead of swearing, they now used a harmless phrase: (ie) "Lot of weather we've been having lately Guv'nor?"

Conclusion---the "You dirty rotten SOB's" could stand the cold 4 times longer than the Polyanna's, indicating that those of us who cuss like sailors do so not as a result of uncouth breeding, but as a consequence of Natural Selection! Who the hell would have thunk it?

Anyhow, this conclusion is a tad disquieting, as always previously I had blamed "society" for my boorish behavior: "It's not my fault Ma, Society made me do it!")

But on the plus side now I can just blame Charles Darwin:)

Happy cursing JOMers!


Speaking of things that make you curse, in another language, I pick Spanish, JiB, Flemish, are the President's remarks at the Facebook 'travesty of two mockeries of a sham' more strawmen were hung, than during the Spartacus rebellion, Of course, the point that he has tried 'to fundamentally transform this country,' that he is on his way to having'electricity prices naturally skyrocket' that other people should 'take away the choice' of medical care, ie; the death panel, that is not addressed


Rich hit on precisely what I had been thinking about from OL's article-we still are not yet feeling the results begun by Bush in 2007 and then solidified in the Healthcare bill that you do not have to pay much of the list price for college as long as you either work for govt or in the nonprofit sector.

That will have such a generational warping effect because the payback is limited to a relatively small percentage of income (10% IIRC) and that's after some exemption of $30,000 for core living expenses. Pay that for 10 years and the rest is forgiven. The more you borrowed, the more that is forgiven.

That will help bring college costs under control. Let's hire more administrators!

One of the scariest aspects of what I have been working on is that much of the lit about the universities and the huge changes in their curricula to the critical studies in all areas is from the mid-1990s. The authors are describing in horror the transformations they have seen since the late 1970s and 1980s. I keep thinking: "It's now been 15 years. How much worse?"

Much. Anybody else see the Bowdoin Golf story this week?


Here is the essay from the Claremont Review of Books.

This has received a good bit of press this week and the consensus is that Bowdoin is not an outlier except perhaps in the blatant arrogance of its Pres.

Jack is Back!


Tried to google Bowdoin Golf and all I got were press releases from 2008 or ads for a sleeve of Bowdoin golf balls from the bookstore. Now considering that it is Maine, it is possible that the Bowdoin golf team has not been able to play a round since 2008 since the snow from 2009 has yet to melt.


Thanks for linking that Bowdoin story, rse. As a conservative alumna of a liberal school who does fundraising for that school (but would sometimes like to tell them to go to hell since they all voted for Obama), I can certainly relate.


You can find this, but it leads back to rse's link:



The Solution to the Gaddafi Problem:

Step 1: NATO implements an immediate cease-fire and cessation of all No-Fly Zone enforcement and assistance to rebel forces.

Step 2: When Gaddafi comes out in the open to celebrate in a public parade or speech, hit him with a couple of Tomahawks or Hellfire-tipped Predators, regardlesss of the "collateral damage" that may occur around him.

Qaddafi (and hopefully, a few sons) dead.

Qaddafi problem solved.


Alternately we can send the GIGN team that rounded up Gbagbo, nor that 'I would trust
either of them,' as far as I could throw them;

One shouldn't be surprised that filth like that underwritten at Wonkette, not too mention the Daily Dish, the Huffington Post, is so lavishly so,


This is what I was referring to earlier:


Captain Hate

Klingenstein is much too polite to that lying turd who is so used to filtering reality to accommodate his exalted "diversity" that he probably really remembered the golf incident in the way he described it. Leon Botstein is probably too old and tired to address the rot at the core of higher education in this country (and maybe Bard has given in to it for all I know) but 20 years ago he was able give scathing critiques of some colleges and universities that had badly lost their way. Whether Barry Mills wants to admit it or not, Antioch is the template for Bowdoin.

Captain Hate

able to give


DoT, As if the lobsters weren't enough luxury--there was the Sancerre..Heaven!!


My Latin is kind of rusty, but I think I could answer most of the questions on this



I admit I'm not a connoiseur as all of you, but those lobster, sound enticing, don't think I've ever had a Sancerre

Captain Hate

I've been using Facebook less and less. Seeing Barry immersed in their dweebfest where, per Laura Ingraham, any discussions of free speech per software in China were off the table, just confirms what a puss he is about venturing into non mom-jeans territory.

Time has only shown what a load of lies his 2004 convention speech was and his 2008 garbage about being a uniter. Steadman Shabbaz is less guarded in revealing the mindset of both of them. He needs to be hammered on that continually. Trump and Palin understand that.


Personally, I'd love to see Chris Christie mop the floor with Obama in a debate.

Captain Hate

narc, Sancerre comes from the Loire Valley, which is dotted with nice little caves adjacent to the river where you can buy world class quality juice for next to nothing (or at least you could in the early 90s). The soil there gives it a "flinty" flavor (not in the Kramer way) that makes it unique. If I lived there my liver would probably need to be stored in one of the huge chateaus that are found there.


Sancerre is particularly fabulous with seafood.


Lobsters and Sancerre, sounds divine.


Great link rse. The attitudes described seem true for most educated leftists...
I had to block an old college friend from my Facebook page because he hated me (or some evil conservative stereotype that he had constructed) when he found out I went to Tea Parties. These bits from the link describe him perfectly.

"he was describing what he imagines conservatives like me say."

"They reflected his anger, not mine."

"...this ‘Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin moment' in our history.""

Anyway, very sad...

Jack is Back!

After reading the Claremont article let me say from a perspective of politics and golf that Mills is a lying SOB. How do I know this?

1. All Liberals lie and make up stuff as they go along. Its in their DNA, hair cream and toothpaste.

2. No repectable golfer (and I assume a conservative ivy leaguer to fit that category 99.99% of the time) would ever move a muscle much less speak when one of his foursome was playing his shot.

But then the dead give-away for lying is his so-called "only solution I can think of" to hire more conservative professors so the faculty senate can beat the shit out them and humble them into leftist submission based on the fact they cover their hearts when the national anthem is being sung. Hiring more "conservatives" is not the answer just like bringing in more revenue thru taxes is not the answer to the debt and deficit situation. It is the resultant actions - the inaccurate and agenda based teaching just like the "spending more than we receive" admission.

In both, the reality is counter to the liberal perception of both education and government. To them those institutions are there for them to optimize to their benefit not for the benefit of the student's learning or the country's future. Nope, you cannot separate the leftist mind from idealism anymore than you can separate the pocupine from its quills. Both are inherent in their phsyiogomy and psyche.

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