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May 08, 2011



Audi A8


I have a Marine gunny acquaintance who told me that he has been at the side of many men who were dying of their battle wounds. He said they always ask for their mother.

It is also said, the losing a mother is mourned more deeply that losing husband, wife or any other family member except a child.


What does a stutterer call an "Audi 8"?

Henny C

It is also said that losing a mother-in-law is mourned slightly less than losing a pet goldfish.


The new Obama Mothers Day drink:

Two shots and a splash of water!


Nothing against Mothers but it appears now Osama Bin Laden had spent the last five years inside that house with two wives, eleven children and NO internet or cable.

Are we sure HE didn't call the special forces???

Har car.

Ro ro ro ronan.

Melinda Romanoff

I give you the Mother's Day Edition of Clarice's Pieces.


Happy Mother's Day! I have no idea what the family has in store for me but somehow I think I'll be cooking and cleaning just as much today as any other Sunday. But that's okay. ;)

Melinda Romanoff

Clarice's efforts are worth your time, as always.

Also, and lastly, Trojan Lies, a long, but excellent piece that lays bare the morally hollow shell that is "political necessity".

Simply outstanding.

Jack is Back!


Are there any stats or analytics that show how many of the "people no longer looking for work" retirement or near retirement age and just decided to hang it up and start collecting their IRA or FICA benefits?

Also, how much of the Greek play is a bluff for more restraint by the Euro Zone commishners in allowing more flex on their budget???


Happy Mother's Day, moms!

I blame Girard.

I wonder if Stanley Ann's mother read 'Dust'.

Are you Mother for the day? @ the Oak Leaf.

There's 'Dewey or Don't We', there's 'Caney or Cain't He?', and there's 'Sedan and Shut Up.

Sorry, Mom.

er, Red Oak.

Melinda Romanoff


I'm not sure of the first part, as for the second, I think all the stops are being pulled out to try and get more out of the pipes. They, and Argentina, are the most frequent defaulters, historically, so i don't see how they're going to dodge the restructuring.

And with that, the German bank Basel II capitalization levels are violated, not even addressing the Basel III levels.

To quote Van Morrison: "Oh, Domino."

Cecil Turner

He said they always ask for their mother.

Sounds like a quote from "Flags of our Fathers" where Bradley made much of that point.


Thanks, Mel. One dreadful typo missed the editor's eyes and I'm trying to get his attention.. I DO know about it.

I'll see your bluff and call for my shots.

That's an easy choice, JiB, for boomer, late bloomers, still with dependents. And yes, Greeks and Germans are tugging the rope.


Happy Mother's Day!

(Shouldn't it be Mothers' Day?)



it could very well be except Gunny wasn't big on reading, and I've not read that book either

Cecil Turner

I DO know about it.

I missed it on first reading, and it's not like nobody else was doing it. Overall very nice.


Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms out there.

Captain Hate

It is also said, the losing a mother is mourned more deeply that losing husband, wife or any other family member except a child.

Not to rain on any Mother's Day parade, and happy day to all JOMmoms, but that's not true with me. If unfairly forced to choose one, I miss my father the most.


Thanks, Cecil...

Captain Hate

I have no idea what the family has in store for me but somehow I think I'll be cooking and cleaning just as much today as any other Sunday.

I'm as far from a sensitive new-age guy as you can get, but on Mother's day I do the cooking and dishwashing.


My grand daughter's first plan was to burn breakfast with her dad but I think they settled on washing her mom's car for her.


lol, Clarice!



Losing either is sorrowful. In my own experience, the rule holds true. I lost my mom three years ago and I'm still not over it, and am starting to wonder if I'll ever be. The worst part is remembering how I hurt her in so many ways, being thoughtless.


Im betting the drunks and barmaids who hate cars are females who claim their offspring for benefits.Once you quit the crack the rest is easy.We re praying for you.

Captain Hate

Ack, sorry to hear that Chubby. I do my best to admonish my buds that have a falling out with their parents to make things right, even if it involves sucking up a minor point of pride, because when they're gone they might really hate themselves for not doing more.


--Nothing against Mothers but it appears now Osama Bin Laden had spent the last five years inside that house with two wives, eleven children and NO internet or cable.

Are we sure HE didn't call the special forces???--

That is very funny.
Did you write for Rodney Dangerfield, Pops?

hit and run

princess hit and run had a "campout" last night for girl scouts. Scare quotes because it was at a Methodist campground,but they slept in a lodge. Kids these days. So soft.

Anyway,it wasn't the best weekend with Mother's Day and all,but it was all they had. So the plan was for the girls to do a project for their mom last night -- and then the moms would come pick them up and the girls would make them brunch.

Which gave me the perfect amount of time to get all the dishes done.

And thow a bunch of carp into closets to make it look like I really cleaned up.


The worst part is remembering how I hurt her in so many ways, being thoughtless.

Chubby, I am a mother. And I can guarantee you there is nothing your mother would want more than for you to forgive yourself. The best gift you can give your mother is to be happy in life.


Ditto, what MayBee said, Chubby!

Hey - did anyone see this video from Italian tv of Obama slipping a piece of paper to Air Force General, and the General doing the same to Obama.

Don't bother with the still shots, they show nothing - but the video is very clear about the exchange.



Over at Instapundit they are talking about The History Of The Martini. So happy M Day.



((I do my best to admonish my buds that have a falling out with their parents to make things right, even if it involves sucking up a minor point of pride, because when they're gone they might really hate themselves for not doing more.))

By telling your friends that you are doing them a very, very great favor. "Minor point of pride" hits the nail on the head.

Captain Hate

Listen to MayBee and cc, Chubby; your mother would be sadder about you feeling bad than anything you did to her.


Maybee, cc, Cap

Thank you, thanks for reminding me. She herself told me that many times and I know it's true.

I cannot get over that video of the fishy-looking handshake.


"One dreadful typo missed the editor's eyes"

It wasn't an obituary that was supposed to read "beloved Aunt", was it?


Cool Martini link Daddy! I chuckled over this line, because I could just hear DoT saying the same thing:

Winston Churchill, who liked his martinis as dry as dust, said the way to get it right was to look at the vermouth bottle while pouring the gin.

Hey, Chubby - a mother's love is a truly "till death us do part" thing. As a mom of 4, grandmother of 10, great grandma of 1, trust me on this!
Which is not to say, I wouldn't want to bop 'em up side the head now and again - spoken, metaphorically, of course. ha.


cc, :)

the video is being explained as an exchange of "command coins" whatever those are

Danube of Thought

Minus 8 at Raz today, 51 overall.


Command coins - I looked them up on Bing. Interesting.

Can you just imagine what Obama's coin must look like? snort!


Obama makes his first trip to Ground Zero as President.

the rose toss was in 2008 with McCain.

Ralph L

A real mother would leave a thread open--the whole blog could unravel.


A very funny Tweet:

@iowahawkblog David Burge
A Mother's Day salute to Tammi Jo, the woman who bore what the authorities have insisted are my children.

Ralph L

would NOT


Well we almost didn't make it on time today whatwith the anarchists in the street going one way and theright wing going the other way. The block in front of Angelina's was closed off. We slipped thru a few riot squads, and then navigated the entire tuillerie gardens and then came back before we spotted Elliott. We were only 5 minutes late because we started 2 hours early.

Elliott took us to Angelina's, perhaps the number 1 chocolater in the world. I temporarily forgot my allergy, so lunch was spectacular.

We are staying close by so we got rid of our stuff and went for a beer. It was a wonderful time and you can't get much better compny in Paris than Elliott and Caro. i really recommend it.

JM Hanes

In a conversation about regrets over things said and done or left undone, my mother once told me she wanted us to know that if she were ever in a plane about to crash, she hoped she'd have time to write "I love you" on a cocktail napkin. I've found that more comforting than I expected.


"I have no idea what the family has in store for me but somehow I think I'll be cooking and cleaning....."

When I finally worked up the courage to tell my husband what I really wanted for Mother's Day, he started taking our young kids to a huge outdoor zoo for the day. My parenting style obviously differed from my mom's!


First, let me wish all of the mothers the best for their day. We and our families wouldn't be here without you.

they're called either command or challenge coins, chubby, because if you don't have yours in a bar, you buy....very popular in the military these days. And the presidential one is very nice. They're given for jobs especially well done or re-enlistment or to commemorate events or service.

and DoT, you have inspired me to find the bar they recommend in Hong Kong when there next. The one in London sounds divine. Well, actually they all sound good. It was Harry's in Paris where Hemingway hung out.


the proper term for what occurred between the president and the general is called "being coined".


Big time jealous, Jane.

And I suppose bringing in Angelina's chocolates lets you off the hook for Kinder-egg smuggling duties for Amy's daughters. Elliott's big fun isn't he. Get well soon.

Frau Muttertag

My German mother-in-law was so wonderful, I always threatened to "go home" to *her* if domestic issues developed. I tried to give the same acceptance, affection and respect to my daughter-in-law who would have celebrated her fifty-third birthday tomorrow.


Happy Mother's Day to all the JOM moms. Great Pieces, Clarice, as always.

JM Hanes

Me oh my, Clarice! Quoted in the same Pieces with TM, Iowahawk, Anderson, and Hitchens -- that's a whole lot of icing on my Mother's Day cake. :-)

thousand-year evolution

It's going to be a long slog into democracy as the 'spring' needs some fresh water.


Egypt's military rulers have detained 190 people in connection with the clashes between Muslims and Christians in Cairo in which at least 12 people were killed and more than 230 wounded.

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces ordered "the transfer of all those arrested in connection with (Saturday's) events, and they number 190, to the Supreme Military Court, as a deterrent to all those who think of toying with the potential of this nation."

The council, which has ruled Egypt since a popular uprising toppled president Hosni Mubarak, also said it would "set up a committee to assess the damage from the clashes" and restore property.

In a statement on Sunday, it also called on "all communities in Egypt, the youth of the revolution, the national forces and Islamic and Christian scholars to stand like a wall against any attempt by the forces of evil and darkness to tear the national fabric."

Egypt's cabinet also said on Sunday in an emergency meeting that it will use an "iron hand" to protect national security.

The government has said it will step up security at religious sites and activate laws dealing with terrorism, to give police more power to prevent interfaith clashes. The rules also enable stricter punishments for vandalising houses of worship.

Egypt's prime minister had called Sunday's meeting to discuss the sectarian violence, a day after witnesses said a mob of conservative Muslims marched on a Coptic church in the northwestern neighbourhood of Imbaba.

The march began over an apparent relationship between a Coptic Christian woman and a Muslim man, amid reports that the woman was being held inside against her will and prevented from converting to Islam.

The verbal clash on Saturday soon developed into a full-fledged conf


It was a wonderful time and you can't get much better compny in Paris than Elliott and Caro...and Jane.

I'm big time jealous too! Sounds like you got to feeling better.


My only wish as a mom is to be as great as my mom. It'll never happen. But that's okay, as long as I try, right?

Thanks to all the dads and kids, because we wouldn't be moms without them. :)

JMH, I am with you. If only someone would *offer* to give me some time off!

thousand-year evolution

Mahmoud may be resigning? Independent confirmation?


thousand-year evolution

Ah, it's the 'sorcery' story I ignored a couple of days ago.

Something, of some sort seems to be happening.

"Close allies of Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, have been accused of using supernatural powers to further his policies amid an increasingly bitter power struggle between him and the country's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Several people said to be close to the president and his chief of staff, Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei, have been arrested in recent days and charged with being "magicians" and invoking djinns (spirits).

Ayandeh, an Iranian news website, described one of the arrested men, Abbas Ghaffari, as "a man with special skills in metaphysics and connections with the unknown worlds".

The arrests come amid a growing rift between Ahmadinejad and Khamenei which has prompted several MPs to call for the president to be impeached."



I feel as if I haven't given the day justice Janet and Daddy. I'd still be out there if I wasn't still sick. It was lovely.


OT, but not really, reading a wonderful book written by a psychiatrist, The Delusions of Everyday Life by Leonard Shengold.
Classical Freudian who makes some very perceptive literary references.
I had a terrific mother, and I miss her terribly, even eighteen years after losing her. You really don't appreciate your blessings until you lose them.


Well, I don't offer to do the cooking on Mother's Day, because that would not be any treat.

Instead, we're taking a little drive to Janesville where I will take my sweetie to A&W. Then we'll head to the Dunkin' Donuts for coffee.

Do we know how to live high on the hog.



This is an open thread


Happy mother's day, all, OT, what do you do when you've downloaded Itunes, but you can't find it on your laptop, even when you connect your nano.


Yum, I love A&W and Dunkin Donuts. Sounds fab to me.


Chubby, don't feel so bad, here's one I wish I could do over. Years ago my wife, my sister and a few friends decided to go away for a Mother's Day weekend. Well I wasn't too happy about being left alone with my three children...for a whole weekend! So I started teasing my wife telling her that on Sunday morning, her three children would awaken early and rush to her bed to wish their Mom a Happy Mothers Day, only to find their Mom's bed empty. On Sunday morning my M-i-L picked up my children and took them to my wife's church. Wouldn't you know a photographer took a picture of my wife's Grandmother Christina, my M-i-L Shirley Christina, My wife Lauren Christina (missing) and my daughter Christina and published it in our local paper with the caption, "A Mother's Day Off." I cut it out and taped it to the fridge door so she'd be sure to see it when she returned. Boy I was a miserable person in my drinking years. Now I realize how lucky I am to have her!

Happy Mother's Day to all our JOM Mom's

Paks and PushPins

Lawrence Wright suggests that maybe our relationship with Pakistan was a screw-up from the start.

It’s the end of the Second World War, and the United States is deciding what to do about two immense, poor, densely populated countries in Asia. America chooses one of the countries, becoming its benefactor. Over the decades, it pours billions of dollars into that country’s economy, training and equipping its military and its intelligence services. The stated goal is to create a reliable ally with strong institutions and a modern, vigorous democracy. The other country, meanwhile, is spurned because it forges alliances with America’s enemies.

The country not chosen was India, which “tilted” toward the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Pakistan became America’s protégé, firmly supporting its fight to contain Communism. The benefits that Pakistan accrued from this relationship were quickly apparent: in the nineteen-sixties, its economy was an exemplar. India, by contrast, was a byword for basket case. Fifty years then went by. What was the result of this social experiment?

India has become the state that we tried to create in Pakistan.

The US created an enemy in the Soviet Union and spent trillions on developing a hugely obese defense establishment that now, virtually, owns the US. Pakistan, in turn, spends a lot of our money on arming itself against its own favorite enemy: India. Where does that leave the US-Pakistan relationship? What about those billions we send to our “ally”?

After the September 11th attacks, Pakistan abruptly became America’s key ally in the “war on terror.” Under President George W. Bush, the U.S. gave billions of dollars to Pakistan, most of it in unrestricted funds, to combat terrorism. Pervez Musharraf, who served as President between 1999 and 2008, now admits that during his tenure he diverted many of those billions to arm Pakistan against its hobgoblin enemy, India. “Whoever wishes to be angry, let them be angry—why should we bother?” Musharraf said in an interview on the Pakistani television channel Express News. “We have to maintain our security.” Since Musharraf left office, there has been little indication that U.S. aid—$4.5 billion in 2010, one of the largest amounts ever given to a foreign country—is being more properly spent.

The main beneficiary of U.S. money, the Pakistani military, has never won a war, but, according to “Military Inc.,” by Ayesha Siddiqa, it has done very well in its investments: hotels, real estate, shopping malls. Such entrepreneurship, however corrupt, fills a gap, as Pakistan’s economy is now almost entirely dependent on American taxpayers.

Funny how that happens. In at least two major Middle Eastern and Central Asian powers — Iran and Pakistan — the military have built their own overbearing corporate and political power. In Pakistan, at least, that power came (and continues to come) from American taxpayers even as we suffer economically from our own bloated military, the “military-industrial complex” that governs America.

Go figure. We debate about “permanent war.” When are we going to debate “permanent stupidity”?


A & W rootbeer..mmm mmm good.

Frau, I try to do the same thing as your m-i-l. I do love my d-i-l with all my heart. It's also true that she's likely to select my last living accommodations so I feel it's a shrewd move.

jmh, you certainly deserve to be in that company. In fact, I view the column as the weekly best of JOM..everyone here's thoughts and insights inform my take on things.

Frau Muttertag

For Sophia Loren and my fellow JOM Virgos - our May newspaper blackout horoscope via Insty is:

"publicly misbehave"



great Piece, clarice.....almost a novella...did Obama do something important last week? He's going to dislocate his elbow like Rajon Rondo from patting himself on the back so hard.

Rick Ballard

Happy Mother's Day

"Are there any stats or analytics that show how many of the "people no longer looking for work" retirement or near retirement age and just decided to hang it up and start collecting their IRA or FICA benefits?"

Not re IRA, AFAICT. The numbers re early SS retirement can be found in the Annual Statistical Supplement. The percentage of those retiring at 62 (per birth cohort year) was the same in 2009 as in 1999. The absolute number increased by 1,034,000 (53%). The BLS projection of higher number of those eligible for SS remaining in the workforce is not being borne out. That's the primary cause for the drop in the workforce participation rate.


Thanks, Jimmy and matt. I steal only from the best..JOM

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

It has been 58 years since I gave my mom the first Mother's Day present that I picked out "my own self". Even though It was a new paring knife, she told me she loved me and gave me a kiss. She died on my twentieth wedding anniversary in 1987 at age 73 and I still miss her. She was only 1 and 1/2 years older than I am now.

Happy Mom's day to JOM moms and grandmoms.

My first drink was a martini. Mikey liked it. My brother and I have always said one martini's not enough, two's too many and three's not enough.

Clarice -- Great Pieces. I hope there will be many more flags on the oval office wall


Thanks.Jim. I sill have one of the first Mother's Day cards my son sent me. It's in Spanish so it's much more flowery than it would be in English. I have somehow misplaced an even earlier Spanish language tribute which compared mother's to the sun--saying the stars and moon throw off a lot o light in the evening sky but only the sun gives us the needed warmth.

I take it in Latin lands Freud had minimal influence on mama love.


(So many typos above, I;m not going to bother..consider it your Sunday puzzle)

Astounded in PA


Maguire actually commented in 'Universe' Go see it yourself.



Thanks, matt.


It's like ee cummings, if you have the talent, you can make your own rules, the released tapes suggest why Bin Laden became so befuddled in the end, he was watching too much dreck.



UBL watching UBL video +
Downfall audio +


Good point, narciso. Probably The View, Rosie,Andrea and 60 Minutes.





Thanks, Ext, I'll try that. That point also applies to the CIA analysts that though Osama was endorsing Bush in that 2004 tape,


Sometimes this has to be stated straight out,his memoirs ought to be very interesting



Far and away the best book by a psychiatrist is Self-Delight in a Harsh World: James Paul Gustafson.

Army of Davids

Herman Cain... continuing to carry political water for libertarians and conservatives.


I had a lovely time with Jane and Caro this afternoon. After the afternoon's entertainment on the Rue Rivoli—which, not surprisingly featured innumerable violations of the new law disallowing the covering of one's face in a public place—Caro led us to a delightful cafe in lovely square in the Marais district. During the course of the afternoon I probably consumed enough chocolate to last me several days, however that hardly seemed a barrier to leaving with two bags full of chocolate concoctions.

I very much look forward to our next meeting. At present, the food coma beckons.


"Happy Mother's Day" to all the beautiful mothers (and others) here :)

In church today, letters to "Mom" were read by a 6 yr old, 16 yr.,25 yr and @ 60 yr. old. Different stages of time, all revolving around one's love of their Mother.
Good lessons in all..

Jane--Green with envy, I am..hello to Elliott n caro..

clarice..great pieces..you can be a fly on my wall, anytime :)

hit and run

Yay Jane and Caro and Elliott!

In Paris no less!

[insert 'small world...wouldn't want to paint it' reference here]

My secret fantasy? Someday to meet up with Matt, ManTran and Daddy in some remote outpost in Mongolia.

But if I have to go to Paris to meet Elliott . . . I will.

Caro . . . well,I feel like we get so close when we're in Idaho,maybe next year I'll take a day and head down her way.


Very interesting, (Via Instapundit):

Rift in Iranian Leadership Spreads to the Streets of Tehran

According to reports from Iran, serious clashes between the rank and file supporters of the Ayatollah Khamenei and the supporters of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad erupted on Saturday, with many protesters severely injured with clubs and machetes.

And Happy Mothers' Day to all the JOM moms!


Billy Collins' poem, "The Lanyard" is fitting to link to on Mothers' Day. LUN


It is lovely, peter. Thanks.

It reminds me how different culturally Spanish and American culture is. My son went to a bi lingual (really bi lingual) school from the time he was three. His Spanish language texts were generally from Madrid or Buenos Aires. The contrast between those first primers and the English language ones was always startling.
Every Spanish language book began with a madonna an child and the words in Spanish "I love my mother." The second picture was the same with the caption,"My mama loves me". The third and four pictures were of the child and his father and the caption, "I love my papa" and "My papa loves me."
The books would go on to baby animals, music, guitars, butterflies..

The English language books, by contrast, were of things and doing things--fire trucks and hammers, for example.

Someone asked teachers at another English language only school why there were no pictures of parents and children and was told so many came from single parent homes it would make the children sad or they couldn't relate.

Jack is Back!


The first time I went to Paris with enough money to really enjoy it, I asked George Lang, one day when I was having dinner at Cafe des Artise where I should go. His recommendation is still true to this day and my wife, a Belgian who knows food and wine agrees. Our number one is Au Trou Gascon. Its at 40 Rue Taine in the 12th Arr. Then there is Le Chardenoux in the 11th Arr. at No. 1 Rue Jules Verne.

These are bistros not haute cuisine which we both abhor since we are into palate not wallet. LUN is for Le Chardenoux just to give you a feel for the place.

When it comes to restaurants and the art of eating no one beats George Lang. Even Patricia Wells.

hit and run

OK. It's done.

After mrs hit and run's dad had his near calamitous fall at the end of spring break,I ended up paying for a bunch of stuff I wasn't prepared for. I have to admit,I got tapped out and couldn't swing a proper Mother's Day gift for mrs hit and run.

But by golly I cleaned the carp out of the kitchen today!

But I really didn't have anything else. She understood. I mean,she is a saint afterall.


Our anniversary is next weekend -- so I successfully convinced her to delay a Mother's Day gift so I could combine the two (payday's Friday!).

Just made the arrangements...Now we're headed to the beach next weekend with the most awesomest neighbors evah! K and M . . . we love you for letting us share your beach house! Dinner at Provision is on me. I'll sing karaoke if you so desire.

Don't tell mrs hit and run . . . she's getting a gift cert to a local day spa. Good for multiple whatever-it-is-women-get-at-such-places.

I don't ask. She doesn't tell.

I trust none of you will tell me either. Please.

Jack is Back!


Is that OBX?

hit and run

Not OBX. It's Holden Beach. Southwest of Wilmington,not that far from the SC border. But well out of the way of Myrtle Beach.


Hit, I think you are most dear, and I'd be astonished if Claire doesn't know that.


JiB, that looks delicious.
D.C. residents are lucky, we have been the site of a number of new and wonderful bistros lately.

hit and run

Better Provision Company site.

I can't tell you how much the setting at that restaurant just instantly relaxes you to beach time worry-less-ness.

I'll ask mrs hit and run to iPhone me singing karaoke and playing the guitar...

Whether you see it or not is an entirely different matter.

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