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May 21, 2011



since we didn't get raptured, we'll just have to cook our way to heaven.


(Another) Barbara

Thanks for the dough recipe, Clarice. I like that the ratio of yeast to flour is on the scant side -- makes for a much tastier crust (or bread). What was the temp when you put in the dough? All the way to 750? Were the toppings already on, or did you add them a couple of minutes later?

Was there a little bit of char on the edges of the crust? Now that would be total Rapture! My empty shoes and sensible undergarments would be found on Pops' neighbor's lawn.


A bit of char on the outside--a very stretchable dough and I made it quite thin, AB. As this was our first attempt we learned something. You cannot get it to 700 with the plate setter in --that's the indirect hear gizmo. What you need to do is get the heat fired up to 700 and then put in the plate setter topped with an upside down cake pan (a riser) and then the baking stone..that lifts the pizza higher into the dome and protects the bottom from brning.

We baked ours at 550 and it took a bit longer but was great. here's a video which (too late) showed the BEST way to do it.


About the toppings..I put on a bit of tomato sauce and 1 1/2 balls of buffalo mozzarella shredded. And quickly tossed it into the cooker. When I took the pizza out I put some fresh basil on top.


Think I beat Sara to this headline:

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels will not run for president


ust starting the thread.

Re: the end of the world.

In college I had a course in Millenarianism, studying various groups that thought the end of the world was at hand. It was fascinating.

There was a look at some of the early Christian groups and early Gnostic bunches, @ 50-300 AD, of which I recall one group thinking that the only way to get Salvation was to free yourself completely from imprisonment in matter, so their credo was to satiate every imaginable physical desire, afterwhich having done that, the end of the world would arrive. They were apparently a pretty popular congregation for a while.

There were also a few groups mentioned around the year 1000 AD. The calendar had sort of been instituted a few centuries before, ushering in dating from the supposed time of Jesus's death, so the Millennium year 1000 was full of bugaboo's about the impending end of the world.

I also recall the class had a big focus on the churches of the Last Days during the 3rd(?) Great Revival in America. I vaguely recall that it was some initial branch of what eventually became either the Jehovah's Witnesses or the Adventists, that in about 1830 had liquidated all their belongings and followed their head preacher out into some cornfield in New York, and all waited around in some field in white robes like Linus waiting for the Great Pumpkin. When it didn't happen, the stunned head guy went back and checked his numbers and said he saw his mistake and he'd give it another shot the following year, and that when that didn't happen he was crushed and demoralized, and some splinter bunch then regrouped and became something like the Witness's or The Adventist's etc. Sorry I'm not precise, but I took the course about 35 years ago.

Anyhow, I thought the world already ended in 1973 when Comet Kehotec showed up and fizzled, so I'm not too concerned about it since it already ended back in college.


I take it all back.

Channel 74 is having a 24 hour Lady Gaga-thon.

It is the end of the World.


More evidence The End "Was" Nigh.


Thanks Matt & Charlie, I have some relatives who lived in Germany too but they lived on an Air Force base I think. In Wiesbaden IIRC. They loved it also but I was just wondering whether our standing in the world has really changed that much since then. Although I'm not sure, I think I have roots in Lindau. My grandmother used to tell me that when she was an orphan on PEI, the kids used to tease her and tell her the fishing boats were the Germans coming to take her back to Germany.



It is really mean and insensitive of you to proclaim President Obama is a Muslim.

Obama has clearly stated, and convincingly to many, that he is a Christian.

Jack is Back!

Clarice's Pieces are up in LUN.

Also, good comments.


Sincere thanks everyone for your inputs on Germany. An interesting problem to have no?, and I realize how lucky I am to have it.

FWIW Momma was Active Duty and also worked for a French Company, so she has had plenty of experience living in Spain and France and bopping around parts of Italy and Greece and Germany already. She's been PO'ed at the Company because they said way back in the early 1990's "Next year we'll have a base in Paris...and then next year, and then maybe the next year, and then maybe next year, etc", so she's somewhat hated their guts since they led her on for going on 2 decades now, and is angry they didn't come thru when we could have just stuck the kids in the local French schools starting in grade school. Oh well.

Earlier I misspoke. One daughter does want to go but the other daughter wants to stay here forever. As for economics, it'd require downsizing to a much smaller plane and paycheck, but now I'd be barhopping mid-size Euro-Med cities stretching from about Tel Aviv to Dublin. Yikes! So obviously we've got to have a long close look at taxes and economics and all this stuff, but thankfully after 20 years the Company has given us all 16 days to figure it out and make our decision:) The nice thing though is that once this new base opens, chances are it'll continue to have openings in the future as it expands and folks transfer around the system, so I don't have to actually decide immediately, and hopefully they can be the Guinea Pigs and figure out how to make it work. And I do have to congratulate the company for finally saying "Screw dealing with the French, lets do Germany".

Anyhow my current sense is that I'll probably stay put until the kids go to College and then I'll let Momma tell me where she wants to live for my last 5 years in this business, and the kids can then spend their summers wherever the heck that is.

Sincerely, thank you all for your excellent advice and responses, and thank goodness Momma doesn't read JOM.

AB, She very graciously took back the Kindle, and the boxes of Chocolate Covered Macadamia nuts from Japan helped.


Great Pieces Clarice,

My prediction is that if the world doesn't end whenever it's supposed to end today, that come Monday morning we'll be hearing a repetition of your latest Piece from some big sources.

Great job and Megaditto's!

Jack is Back!


I was an ex-pat for over 20 of my 35 year professional life and I have three nuggets of expierence to share with you:

1. You need to understand how your company handles YOUR foreign income (and other) tax liability and how that effects your US tax liability.
For example, do they gross up your total compensation and have you file using your own local tax accountant or do they cut you a local check for in country expenses like housing, education, autos, etc including local taxes then cut you a US dollar check for contract salary plus bonus that goes to your US bank account? You really need to get a handle on this even if you have to find a good accountant that understands these issues and how to manage for YOUR. advantage.

2. I take it, Alaska is your US domicile. Make sure that is how you register all papers so you don't end up with some other states (i.e.where your company is HQed) income tax liability.

3. Expect the worse be pleasantly surprised:)

Rick Ballard


You're in my prayers - may each day be brighter for you.




bgates, life can go on and get better. It did for me and hope it does for you.


H&R at 8:22 - thank yoooouuu! I'm having so much fun dancing a Hawaiian hula to the rhythm of your Strauss waltz :)

economic collapse

Have faith in the future but it wouldn't hurt to prepare for real disasters like an economic collapse


Thanks JiB,

Your item number 1 above is a real sticking point for me at the moment, and a major reason I'm not gung ho on jumping into this.

Manuel Transmission


If you are still checking this thread, our mutual freight dog friend, Jonesy, did a short tour out of Paris IIRC, near the end of his career. I think they were over there something like 9-12 mo. Not sure if the kids went.

I could get him to contact you, if you thought it would help.


I'm trying to figure out how the Palestinians claim any right to the City of David.

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