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May 18, 2011



Interesting, Porch.

hit and run

I hope that formatting wasn't too screwed up. On the blackberry and there just aint no preview.


Sarah Palin really hammered Newt over the back-tracking on "right-wing social engineering."

"It sounded pretty clear to me that Newt Gingrich's position -- because he articulated this -- was that Paul Ryan's plan would be social engineering, and he didn't like it.
JM Hanes

Sheesh! If anybody was under the illusion that they still have functioning editors at the AP, that notion won't survive the first two paragraphs of their story on Obama's unprecedented recalibration speech at the State Department today. It takes a special kind of talent to struggle with the definition of "is" and "was" in the course of a mere four sentences. No wonder nobody claimed the byline! The whole thing probably started out in the past tense, till somebody suddenly realized it was going to come out before the Prez even got TOTUS hooked up. Can anybody remember which reporter that embarrassing practice was named for, back in the day?


How can Obama promise billions to Egypt without congressional approval?


You'd think they'd have an app for that, JM.


Lewis Lapham, the former editor of Harpers who covered the 2004 GOP convention, before it happened. I figured the Delorean was in the shop, because the flux capacitor was busted.

Danube of Thought

Minus 10 at Raz today.


Strongly Disapprove at the lowest level since the overall index crossed over in mid-09. What accounts for that?


People, have the 'attention span, 'of a ferrit on double expresso' Gallup has been much more accurate, in tracking the fall off
and collapse of the brief surge.

Rick Ballard

"What accounts for that?"

Killing Bin Laden. I understand that BOzo has ordered divers down to find the body so he can shoot him again.

Veronique de Rugy offers a very good precis regarding failure of pseudo-Keynesian modeling. Read it and weep BOzo - you backed the wrong academic horses and it's going to cost you re-election.


Here is the link to centralcal's potato vase report.

from the article - “The first lady is remarkable in her sense of style,” Dowling adds, “and you can tell by the way she dresses.”

and a comment at the link - "Well, yes, her style of dress is "remarkable," but that word can be taken in a number of ways. Many of the remarks that people have made about her choice of clothing express amusement or incredulity or embarrassment for our country's image."

LOL! It was someone from Calif. centralcal...ya'll should get together for some laughs.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

I suspect that 60% in France doesn't mean quite the same thing as it does here. Their "ruling class" is an avowedly, even proudly, elitist product of the French educational system, and it functions like an American good old boys club on steroids.

What are you doing up at this hour JMH?

While in Frnace, I got the strong notion that DSK was a shoe-in for the next election. The country has become quite squishy.


Another item from the Redneck Beauty Salon gift shop.

Perfect for that masseur or new age nut in your life! Nothing shows you care like flatbed truck earrings.


--"What accounts for that?"--

The shirt certificate idea.

TC and Glasater, A very Happy Birthday to both of you!


I like the Pennzoil ones better. Do you have a link for those?


Good morning everyone and Happy birthday to glasatar and TC.

Porch-I am tickled by the Tshirt you posted. Tells me how angry Perry's refusal to go along with Race to the Top and Common Core national standards is. Second largest textbook state in the country still thinks school at some level is about transmitting cultural knowledge.

Dana Center and a certain prof I will call UT are among the national dissemination points for bad ed ideas. There's a famous video of UT explaining how to lie to parents about what is really going on.

Kim & Rick- I am headed into some seminal New Left/post Soviet work to learn more of what they claim their intentions are. Will report back from the darkness. By the way I always by these books used. Not only does it save money, I refuse to participate in making radical socialism lucrative.

Humor will be greatly appreciated over the next few days.


Hahaha...here ya go Extraneus. They also come in Schlitz beer cans!

Here's the tag line - "Be the first in Coolville to be wearing these earrings!"


Thomas Collins

Thank you all for the Happy Birthdays. Do you all know what the Taurus slogan is? It's the following:


H&R, thank you for that Buchholz masterpiece for my birthday. My youngest child has a college graduation coming up, so if you have time, how about a Stanley Cup for the Bruins as a graduation present? :-))


Smart Calif. commenter, Janet!


Happy birthday, Thomas Collins!!!

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

Can I ask a stupid question? Bambi is about to pledge a $1b in aid to Egypt and Tunisia. Does that require congressional approval?


Happy birthday, glasater!


happy birthday, Glasater and Tom Collins.


In a most ominous sign, former GOP members of the so-called "Gang of 14," who narrowly averted a judicial crisis back in 2005 that nearly shut down the Senate, are lining up against Liu, as well.

The somewhat undefined threshold developed by the bipartisan group back then stated that a nominee should be filibustered only under "extraordinary circumstances."

"The nomination of Mr. Goodwin Liu does rise to a level of 'extraordinary circumstances,' and therefore McCain will seek to filibuster the nomination," read a statement by the office of former Gang member John McCain.

Al Asad

Keynesian? That's a pretty big word for you, Marmalard?

"Also, the Zandi and Phillips models are based on the Keynesian view that government spending produces recovery. According to that theory, $1 in government spending produces substantially more than $1 in growth, a phenomenon known as the “multiplier effect.” The Goldman Sachs study assumes a multiplier greater than three—i.e., more than $3 in additional GDP for each dollar of government spending. But a review of the empirical literature reveals that in most cases a dollar in government spending produces less than a dollar in economic growth. And these findings often don’t even take into account the impact of paying for that government dollar via increased taxes.

The Harvard economists Robert Barro and Charles Redlick estimate that the multiplier for stimulus spending is between 0.4 and 0.7. In another study, the Stanford economists John Taylor and John Cogan concluded that the stimulus package couldn’t have had a multiplier much greater than zero. Even the multipliers used by Christina Romer, the former chairwoman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, and Jared Bernstein, economic adviser to Vice President Joseph Biden, in their January 2009 paper “The Job Impact of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan,” ranged from 1.05 to 1.55 for the output effect of government purchases. More recently, the Dartmouth economists James Feyrer and Bruce Sacerdote, who supported the stimulus, acknowledged that it didn’t boost the economy nearly as much as the administration models claimed it would."

I know it's a difficult concept, but 'a negative times a negative equals a positive'.

Frau Gesetzbuch

From WSJ about Goodwin Liu about to become another crime against the 9th Circuit:

This confirmation battle should be framed by the fact that Liu raced to launch a shoddy attack against the nomination of John Roberts to the Supreme Court and, testifying at Samuel Alito’s confirmation hearing, demagogically smeared Alito. As Miguel Estrada has said of Liu, “The one thing that ought to be reasonably clear … is that someone who personally contributed to the sorry state of the confirmation process, by jumping in the mud pit with both feet and flinging the mud with both hands, is not well positioned to demand that standards be elevated solely for his benefit."

Miguel Estrada - oh, what might have been. Selecting judges by "life story" is a sorry state of affairs, but Estrada,Janice Rogers Brown and James Rogan
(not to forget Clarence Thomas) beat anything the Dems can find or fabricate.

hit and run

Four day work week on thursday!

Mark Folkestad

Glasater, may this be a very happy birthday, and may you be a little less humble about your photography in the future. I got a kick out of your one subject making a comment on her photo, nearly a year after you posted it, this morning.

Thomas Collins, try to celebrate your birthday with not too many of your namesake drinks, so that you wake up tomorrow with pleasant memories and no hangover.


rse, one reason the radicals have been so successful in the education field is that the average ed student (undergrad, grad, Ph.D., you name it) is not very intelligent, esp. relative to the other academic disciplines, and neither are the faculty. So if you're smart, hard working, and determined to implement your carpy and dangerous ideas, it's reasonably easy to do. Hence the success of Bill Ayers who is nobody's fool.


This is awkward, but not all that surprising;



STOCKHOLM — The notorious Cold War terrorist Carlos the Jackal is hailing Osama bin Laden as “a martyr,” saying he earned himself a place in history through his terrorism deeds.

In an interview with Swedish Television the Venezuelan terrorist says the former al-Qaida leader will still be remembered in 100 years’ time because “of what he has done, the example he gave.”

He says “nobody” will remember President Barack Obama.

Jack is Back!

I know it's a difficult concept, but 'a negative times a negative equals a positive'.

Your right, of course. I could make a fortune buying you and Cleo for what your worth and then selling you for what you think your worth.


Iowahawk got a hold of BH Levy's first draft:



I know this is a perfunctory statement, but does he really think we are this stupid:



This administration had been giving money to Egypt, to Pakistan, had increased aid to Libya- including to Qaddafi's sons personal charities, and had called Asad a reformer. They can't even figure out if Pakistan is an ally or an enemy, and we are all seeing what our money is getting us there.

Tell me why we are supposed to trust their judgment regarding aid to Egypt now?


Narciso's link has this tidbit:

Miss Davis claims that month, she sent him a Brazilian-born prostitute who reported that "he was rough", said Miss Davis, adding: "She told me not to send any new girls to him."

That might explain his shift to more coercive methods.


Happy Birthday to TC and glasater. Thanks for coming through on my prediction that May 7th wasn't the only JOM double. I'll not comment on the gift that came at the expense of my Tigers.


Happy geburtstagen, TC and glasater!

My post on Goodwin Liu way back when. LUN.


Surely The Lyin's 11:10AM had to be a sock puppet job, right?


Gorgeous day in Shanghai today---blue skies, perfect spring temp for short sleeves, and wonderful for sitting outdoors at corner cafe's people watching.

Here in Asia you find that so many of the workers in the bars/restaurants are from the Philippine's. They speak English which is a big plus for business. Most of the folks I meet in that regard started out as members of a traveling Filipino Pop/Rock band, (doing American copy tunes) and then as their gig's collapsed, they wound up working as expat barmaids and waitresses in whatever country they went defunct in. Well a favorite Filipino barmaid (former singer) pouring beer now at The Jet Lag Club in Narita, Japan revealed the other day that she desperately wants an acoustic guitar, so my mission today in Shanghai was to find a cheap but decently playable steel string acoustic, and carry it to Japan.

Shanghai has everything. Went for a long walk down to JinLing Lu (Music Street).
It's blocks of music stores making all brands of instruments; from piano's to saxophones, and including the traditional ancient Chinese instruments. Almost all the name brands have factories here (Yamaha, Gibson, etc) but it is amazing that for about 18 dollars you can actually get a playable steel-string acoustic. I don't know if it's done by slave labor or just done by super cheap labor, but if you go through the racks and just keep trying different guitars (each of which is just a tiny bit different than it's neighbor) eventually you find one that works.

Today I got about a $45 Blast Acoustic with cutaway, looking pretty much like the much more expensive one pictured in this link.

Will be running it over to Narita in about 2 hours, as its's just turning midnight here and I'm just about to get alerted to get up and go to work. I've been flailing away at it these last few hours "(I got blister's on my fingers!") and am having fun haphazardly fiddling with blues and old jazz tunes. I'm optimistic, and think she'll like it.

What a fun day I had in Shanghai. Good morning over there.

Mark Folkestad

Keep your check-in reports coming, Daddy. You add a lot to our little community.

BB Key

Jugears late again . He thinks it is cool . I think it is rude >


Thank you all for your kind birthday wishes--so very kind. It seems I've read that more babies are born in May than any other month.

In my case when I was old enough to understand such things I always wondered how I was conceived and figured that that particular September must have been pretty cold 'cause Mom didn't let Dad get "close" very often:)

Captain Hate

Jugears late again . He thinks it is cool . I think it is rude

Clinton was infamous for doing that as well; not only is it rude but it's the product of a disorganized mind. I'm convinced that Slick inadvertently torpedoed Muffer's presidential run by this "cool" behavior. People don't like to have their time wasted by others.

Danube of Thought

Surely The Lyin's 11:10AM had to be a sock puppet job, right?

I doubt it. The fool just doesn't grasp the meaning of what he pasted. (Note that it's lifted from the May 10 Reason magazine, the libertarian journal.)

BB Key

He blew it by being late....I will let Rush tell me what jugears has to say


"Strongly Disapprove at the lowest level since the overall index crossed over in mid-09. What accounts for that?"



Also, kids will be learning the First Lady succeeded in getting french fries banned from school cafeterias..Tha should force his numbers down even further.

Danube of Thought

Happy birthday Malcolm X and Andre the Giant.


((Clinton was infamous for doing that as well; not only is it rude but it's the product of a disorganized mind.))

it is also the height of arrogance and self-centeredness. The message is: my self is more important than all your selves put together. it shows no respect or consideration for others whatsoever.

P.S. Cap, do you do web design? If so, do you have any idea how much it costs (ballpark) to put up an online store with shopping cart, secure checkout etc?


Just imagine how lovely this vase would be if it only had some potatoes glued to it....

It's a shame we all can't be as creative as the FLOTUS. :(


Thanks Mark, and Happy B'day TC and Glasater.

Glasater, could you please post a link to your photo of the Barn with Star I've heard so much about lately. Thanks.

And TC, If your last is the Deadhorser, any word on what's next? I still think Shanghai is the most interesting town over here for a young expat to visit for a bit, especially if they can wrangle getting a paid gig. Don't know if she still has wild oats to get out but this is a fave wild oats hangout. I really do love the town and it seems generally very safe.

Off to work. Bye.

Rick Ballard

I vote for sock puppet on the All Asshat post. The Lyin said she doesn't post during her "working" hours. I'm sure that "working" meant functional and indicates the periods when the relative effectiveness of current dosage levels is at maximum. I suppose it might be her though - she may have hit the point of completely diminished return wrt dosage.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

n my case when I was old enough to understand such things I always wondered how I was conceived and figured that that particular September must have been pretty cold 'cause Mom didn't let Dad get "close" very often:)

A very happy birthday, Glasater.

I counted back from my birthday and landed smack dab on my Mother's birthday, so I figure they went out to celebrate, probably got drunk, and came home and had some fun. It was wartime with lots of drinking and dancing back then to block out what was happening in Europe and the Pacific. Anyway, when I asked my Mother if she remembered what she did on her birthday that year, she turned about 18 different shades of red. I was taking enormous delight at her obvious discomfort. I think it is the one and only time I ever saw the woman squirm. :)

And a happy birthday to you too, TC.

I hope you both get the royal treatment today, you deserve it.

Danube of Thought

Anybody heard anything on the bail hearing?


Is it just me or is this speech dull as dishwater?


((Redneck Beauty Salon))

seriously, you could have an online store and sell all kinds of redneck gift items. Grab the domain name NOW


Someone took the hit, like the 'Bothan spies,'
to give us this information



Evidently Facebook takes down pictures after a certain period of time 'cause I couldn't find the link for you, daddy, there. So here is the "Star Barn" picture.
Star Barn_Waitsburg WA

Don't think the barn was built in 1859 but the valley where it resides was settled in that time frame.


Did Barry really say Israel would have to accept the 1967 borders?


And thank you Hit for all you do plus giving me the proper pixel dimensions so a photo does not get cropped:)

Captain Hate

Cap, do you do web design?

Sorry but no, Chubby. My guess is what you're talking about isn't very expensive although spare no expense on security.


Hey Chubby, I thought I'd posted this earlier, but maybe it got eaten by typepad.

Web Hosting Company CrystalTech Launches Free Shopping Cart Solution

I've never tried the cart, but I use the company for other stuff and they're excellent.


(I just noticed that the CrystalTech piece I linked is 7 yrs old, so let's just say: Check out CrystalTech. Their sales/customer service people are very responsive, and they probably have what you need to get set up quickly.)


Newt getting ready to grovel on Rush.

Danube of Thought

Hitch nails the DSK thing.


TM answered my 2:02 with a new thread.


Newt just rambling, filibustering, contradicting himself. Sheesh.


Thanks, Cap. I'm not sure I can afford as much on security as Sony :)

Ext. I am grateful for that resource, it is exactly what I'm looking for.

((Looking for CrystalTech.com?
CrystalTech.com is now the Web Services home of The Small Business Authority. Learn More about the branding change.))


Chubby, you can have Redneck Beauty Salon! I'll help ya locate merchandise (or I'll make ya some with my hot glue gun, a vase, & a few potatoes).


((Chubby, you can have Redneck Beauty Salon!))

oh sure, Janet, you say that now, but when I move to Beverly Hills a la Beverly Hillbillies on the profits, I suppose you'll hire a JOM lawyer and slap a lawsuit on me :)

karen millen sale

"He was my North, my South, my East and West, My working week and my Sunday rest, My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song; I thought that love would last forever: I was wrong"

Molon Lobe

Perhaps Mr. Macguire could point out the flaws in Mr. Stein's argument.

The article seems reasoned and well argued. If anyone has drenched themselves with gasoline I believe it is obvious tothe casual observer which of the two is a ranting hamster.

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