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May 13, 2011



"it is up to Congress to assert themselves, and they don't want to."
Congress won't assert itself.
Both Bush and Obama went along with poorly thought out spending by Congress.

How come there isn't anyone looking out for us common folk?

Nancy Pelosi

How long a pause is necessary to reset the clock? One day? One week? Or for the hawks out there, is a one hour pause sufficient? How about one minute? (Full disclosure - I might profit from an uptick in traffic if the Administration rebrands this the JustOneMinute War.)

We deem a pause of the correct length to have happened. Please continue with the human rights bombing campaign.


Why don't they just identify the (c)(4) groups that are too political? Why focus on certain donors if none of the donations to these groups should be tax deductible?

Isn't that the IRS's job?

And, er... If these groups don't have to publicly disclose their donors, how does the IRS know who the evil donors are?

Steve C.

An arguably unconstitutional law. What's funny is that no President has ever tested it's constitutionality in court. I guess the value of having it as a stick to beat the ins when you are out is more important.


If these groups don't have to publicly disclose their donors, how does the IRS know who the evil donors are?

Duh. It doesn't have to be public for the IRS to know which donors donated to which organizations.


I'm starting to long for Nixon.

Charlie (Colorado)

What's the over-under on union organizations getting those letters?


I'm just waiting for the "federal contractors" requirement to report. Since corporations can't contribute to elections, this means they have to scout out the contributions of all their employees.
Now, exactly who is a "federal contractor" ?
Do federal grants make you a contractor ? If so, all those colleges, universities, and other academic research foundations who get these grants will have to ask all their employees, including lefty professors and such. There will be no joy in Mudville.
Are schools who receive federal money "contractors" ? How about community organizers in Podunk ? etc. etc.


You can bet that left wing organizations will not be in the cross-hairs. (can they tax me for using that metaphor?)

What about all the performing arts institutions that are used as a platform for left-wing politics? That's "art", right?

About unions: You realize that most of the "in kind donations" that unions do not, such as "volunteers", etc., are often quite illegal. Nobody enforces the laws here.

Above and beyond all that, they seem to be saying that donors are now responsible for the behaviors of the charities that they donate too. Beyond belief.

Just more Chavez style tyranny used to silence opposition. I hope some people have the stones to take these matters to the courts.

In other matters: GWB shows his class yet again.

What a difference from Obama, Clinton or Carter.

Melinda Romanoff

Harmon Killebrew enters hospice care.


Speaking of taxes, consider this headline:

Poll: Investors Support Raising Taxes By 2-to-1

Reading that, you think it means that people polled think it would be a good idea to raise taxes, right? Now here's the first paragraph of the article:

Global investors, by an almost 2-to-1 majority, believe the U.S. government won’t be able to substantially cut its budget deficit without raising taxes, rejecting a core stand of congressional Republicans.

Do you see anything there about "wanting" to raise taxes?

BB Key

SqDance, Thanks for the GWB link.... notice who he gives credit


Herb Kohl announces he's not running for another term.


Taxes? I ain't payin' no stinking taxes.


Chicago on the Potomac.


Just in ..
White House: No more photo re-enactments

Should we start a pool now as to when this will go under the bus ? .. or just assume it will.


This is Barry stiff arming, by use of the IRS, SCOTUS and Citizens United.
Not sure why you're longing for Nixon, MarkO, we've already got him.

Captain Hate

The pornography recovered in bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, consists of modern, electronically recorded video and is fairly extensive

Goats Gone Wild in Abbottabad



The IRS, since 1982, has heald that donations to a 501(c)(4) organization can be subject to gift tax. Actually, the position goes back earlier than that, because the Revenue Ruling enunciating the position was in response to a court case where the IRS lost a gift tax case related to a 527 organizations. (This is SOP at the IRS -- if it does not like a court case, it uses its administrative authority to limit it as much as possible),

The IRS is an organization institutionally dedicated to the raising of money, and it goes to where the money is. If money is flowing into 501(c)(4)s, then the IRS will launch a compliance initiative to get itself a few hundred million, and it is unlikely to care much about the politics of it all.


Do federal grants make you a contractor?

Grants and contracts are handled very differently by the government, so I'd guess that no, grants are not included.


Appalled, I do recall compelling charges that the IRS under Clinton was going after Republicans (perhaps someone here will recall the details). This news seems to come suspiciously soon after Barry's innuendo about anonymous donations. Of course plausible deniability will be maintained, as is the Chicago style.


Heh, the Bloomberg article I referenced earlier has been retitled:

Poll: Investors Say Tax Hike Needed to Cut U.S. Deficit

A little different from "support raising taxes."


--and it is unlikely to care much about the politics of it all--

And lord knows there is no precedent for the IRS being used politically.


"Should we start a pool now as to when this will go under the bus ? ."
My guess is this afternoon.
I don't see any way Obama gives up a chance to get his picture taken again.
"and it is unlikely to care much about the politics of it all."
Under this administration, politics rules everything, IMO.



Good point on the law. I'm more concerned with

“as part of their increased efforts in the area of nonfiling of gift and estate tax returns.”

I'll give $100 to anyone who can give plausible backing to the suggestion that either Koch brother or Mr. Soros did not file a gift tax return in any of the relevant years. This sort of issue should have arisen in an examination of those returns. Sending a letter based on news reports of political activities is much more troubling to my mind.


lord knows there is no precedent for the IRS being used politically

Couple that with the extreme reluctance of this administration to break with precedent, and the danger is virtually nil.


So, now that I have read the article, I must eat some crow. Apparently, these really were non-filing letters and Ms. STEPHANIE STROM inserted the Koch and Soros references herself. FWIW, I do not know any individual with a net worth of more than 10 million who does not file an annual return, if only to ensure that they do not get a question about whether they gave $13,500 or 13,505 to a grandkid twenty years ago.



Fraom a tax nerd standpoint, I imagine there is an issue with intra-agency coordination, as contributions would be reported on a From 990 by the 501(c)(4), and somebody actually needs to pull the contribution data, and coordinate that with whether gift tax returns were filed. These are handled by very different groups in the IRS.

Unwanted attention to Citizens United

""Big donors like David H. Koch and George Soros could owe taxes on their millions of dollars in contributions to nonprofit advocacy groups that are playing an increasing role in American politics."

Woo Hoooooooo !

Soros, unlike the Kochs, is not a miser and actually sees taxes as his patriotic duty.

And I'm gathering more respect for the Press who, probably have been stung enough for their past failures to unearth real news.

Thank you, Wikileaks for unleashing deserved shame on the Media

Thomas Collins

For anyone interested in a detailed analysis of the issues involving 501(c)(4) organizations and politics, including the gift issue, see LUN for an ABA Taxation Section summary of the matter.

Thomas Collins

Please note that the summary I LUNed in my 1:54 PM post was published in 2004, so it may not reflect every aspect of the current state of the law. However, it is comprehensive and a great place to start for anyone looking to pursue these issues.

Thomas Collins

Appalled, you coward, come out and use your real name as your stage name, so I can figure out whether we have crossed paths over time on some transaction with tax issues, and I can check you out and see whether you are some big honcho or honchoess in the ABA Tax Section! :-))


Harmon Killebrew enters hospice care.
Posted by: Melinda Romanoff | May 13, 2011 at 12:37 PM One more really nice guy. I haven't seen all the comments, but here's one : Seve Ballesteros dead at 54 from malignant brain tumor. A brilliant light gone out of the world of golf. His 3 British and 2 Masters put him in the very top echelon with Jones, Nelson, Hogan, Snead, Player, Palmer, Nicklaus, Watson & Woods. An uncanny shot maker with boundless enthusiasm. Seve, you are missed. R. I. P.


& Trevino.

Frau Steingehirn

"Not sure why you're longing for Nixon, MarkO, we've already got him."

Not quite, Iggy. Nixon did not protest the crooked vote in Illinois which lost him the presidency, and he *did* resign when things went "south." I cannot see Pres. Who Me? rising to the occasion.

Frau Steingehirn

Capt.- They also found "Dalal Does Dubai."


Can someone post the following picture to the board? Thanks in advance. ::grin::


Captain Hate

Frau, if we had any type of astute intelligence services, they'd be leaking to the "Arab Street" that it was mainly teh ghey pron. Smart diplomacy!!



I tried to download your image -- and it is terrific! -- but it came through as an html file not a jpeg. My graphics program didn't know how to deal with it and neither did I.
Will leave it to the skills of others to figure that one out for now.


NPR has more:

In an online memorandum to clients this week, Ofer* Lion, a California lawyer and expert on tax-exempt organizations, includes an excerpt from a Feb. 16 letter from the IRS to an undisclosed donor. The name of the recipient organization is blacked out.

"Your 2008 gift tax return (Form 709) has been assigned to me for examination," the letter said. "The Internal Revenue Service has received information that you donated cash to (redacted), an IRC Section 501(c)(4) organization. Donations to 501(c)(4) organizations are taxable gifts, and your contribution in 2008 should have been reported on your 2008 Federal Gift Tax Return (Form 709)."

I feel more comfortable that the IRS is playing this straight. It would be awfully difficult for them to write the selection criteria to single out a particular ideology if they are pulling the numbers from exempt orgs and directly comparing them to the gift tax returns.

Incidently, if you follow TC's link, you see that one reason that the law is unsettled is that there is a case that says that you are not making a gift if you, in effect, purchase advocacy from an organization. That is, if a 'gift' may only be used to 'educate' voters on a particular issue in a particular cycle, there may be no donative intent.

Since Citizens United came down, query as to whether these organizations should consider a for-profit sub (that happens to break-even) for political activities.
*I hope I can be forgiven for this, but one wonders just how many examinations he is O for.


In partial recompense for my tasteless bit above, Ofer's resume at his firm and his client memo.


Not a legal expert, but it should be understood that the War Powers Act doesn't just apply to Obama, it applies to everyone in the military. If Obama orders Gates to continue the bombing of Libya - it would be an UNLAWFUL order because it violates our laws (War Powers Act).

Gates is NOT supposed to follow UNLAWFUL orders, nor are anyone under his Command.

No different then if Gates ordered the Air Force to bomb Wisconsin, it would be unlawful and it would be the officers duty to NOT follow such orders.


Probably too big though.


"A variety of Pentagon and military officials said the issue was in the hands of lawyers, not commanders."

This is the problem...war is no place for lawyers.


"Just this past Tuesday, [Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza] Gilani said, he received a cable from Pakistan's embassy in Syria reporting that the sister of bin Laden's fifth wife, a Yemeni national, was in Damascus and had made contact with Pakistani diplomats there. According to the cable, the sister-in-law claimed that bin Laden had married Amal Ahmed al-Sadah, currently 29, in Yemen in 2002. "That was after 9/11," said Gilani. "And they say that they've got the proof." If the information in the cable is correct, he continued, that would put bin Laden in Yemen in 2002.

Frau Steingehirn

" ...that would put bin Laden in Yemen in 2002."
Thanks to the consarned UCR (underground camel road.) and wasn't that about the time the Dems decided to chuck their United We Stand flags? Or it could be another license by photoshop.

I've spent all morning looking at oil depletion allowance history which Pres. Fix-Blame has publicly lied about. (I know you are all shocked, but it's true!) It is awful that a geezerette has to spend her time doing the work of the media. No one has informed the *public* about who really gets the oil depletion allowance. It ain't Big Oil. Palin knows it but ole Stinky doesn't. Pfui!


I think lawyers in war would be good, but only if they didn't serve as lawyers.


The Republicans in the House should bring up the Obama illegal alien Act of 2011.

The bill would specify that each person that crosses the border illegally, must present themselves at an INS office within 5 days and pay a $700.00 Obama Fine to help find their law enforcement program. This program by the INS is integral to the illegal aliens and therefore they need to pay for it.

It should be called, the "Obama Fine".

The law would also specify that they must pay the 700 dollar Obama Fine for each time they crossed the border illegal.

Next it would specify that before applying for any Federal or State Benefits they must pay a 700.00 Obama Benefits Fine which would then include allow them to apply for the program.

Obama believes so much in funding his programs via 700.00 fines, the Republicans should simply extend that to every other area.

Frau Steingehirn

"war is no place for lawyers"

I don't know, Pops. It's interesting in a science fiction kinda way. Wars decided by jury or mortal combat. Losing lawyers neutralized or sent to work in an asteroid belt far, far away.

Jack is Back!


Please tell us that was a photo shop. I have had to start drinking 15 minutes earlier because of that.


An obvious photo shop JiB, butt isn't nearly big enough.


Hah! Not sure, JiB...Sue asked "someone" to post it, so I did.


Chutzpah, or something like it, from someone who raise three quarters of a billion dollars, mostly from well heeled figures, who we often had to bail out with Federal funds.

Soros, wanted for tax fraud in France, who collapsed the pound, who shattered South Asia
in the late 90s,

Jack is Back!


Re: your link. Now you know why Benji is getting organized for the coming armaggedon - he will have the 67 map and forces to deal with especially if Iran is able to save Assad. Jordan will be the only holdout but not for long if they make any advance this time.

Captain Asshat better get a bigger Sit Room and bigger barf Bag for Hillary.

Melinda Romanoff


Soros was convicted and fined for that one.

Melinda Romanoff

You can read that, and more, at Soros Watch.


I thought that, but I wasn't absolutely sure,
can you imagine if the Koch's had been involved in any such thing, we'd never hear
the end of it, But as with Madoff, and co, one doesn't care for the beneficiaries of his largesse.

Danube of Thought

"and it is unlikely to care much about the politics of it all--"

Depends on what the meaning of "it" is. The IRS Commissioner is a political appointee.

Melinda Romanoff

Dead link on that one, sorry.



The horrible truth is, that neither of the outfits look terribly out of character for either of them, butt most especially for Moochelle. Good grief, she has already exposed at least that much skin in public several times before.


Is nothing sacred?

DISNEY settles suit after woman claimed she was fondled by Donald Duck...

Rick Ballard

Sounds like it might be worth a paragraph in your Sloan on Sodomy opus, Mark. Is it true that your working title is Putting the Beast Back in Beastiality?


--Is it true that your working title is Putting the Beast Back in Beastiality?--

LOL, Rick. I'd say as repellant as that is it's a darn sight better than Putting the Best Back in Bestiality.

Jack is Back!

Question. What is the largest ethnic voting bloc in America?

Irish-Americans. And who plans to wear his green tie in ten days? Unless he meets Usama retribution? LUN

Frau Steingehirn

From Rummy's opinion piece in the WaPo:

"Julian Assange hoped that his latest gamble with the lives of intelligence professionals, military personnel and terrorist informants would embarrass the U.S. government and inhibit its ability to strike our enemies. But the WikiLeaks documents, coupled with what we know about how bin Laden’s hiding place was discovered, may be among the clearest vindications yet of the Bush administration’s policies in the struggle to protect America and the free world from more terrorist attacks. They may prove the strongest arguments for keeping open the invaluable asset that is Guantanamo Bay.

I hear the chewing of rugs...


--I hear the chewing of rugs...--

Hillary's in town?


I'd vote for Rumsfeld for President. Rumsfeld/Cheney 2012

JM Hanes

"These advocacy groups have been drawing more scrutiny, from President Obama...."

Who coulda seen that coming?

The War Powers Act throws a sticky wicket into Obama's bin Laden Victory tour, doesn't it? By all means, let's refocus on Libya, shall we? Chalk up another benefit to picking a presidential candidate who doesn't hail from the Hill. It will sure make it easier to go after Obama for colluding with Congress to circumvent Congress.


Fleet was in last night in Osaka.

Took a few of the troops out on the town for a few rounds.

Based at Yokusuka, they told us that since the earthquake the locals near the base have a new name for Americans---not "Gaijin's", but "Bye Jeans" because so many of the foreign families bailed out of the country following the quake and Fukushima.

That tickled my funny bone---"Bye Jeans."

Sarcastic humor I take as a sign that the Japanese are doing okay.


Hillary's in town?


Sara (Pal2Pal)




"Dalal Does Dubai."


Insty has a post up about Dating in Dubai.

Apparently there are 5 Rules to follow, but I especially like Rule Number 2: Never Hit On Local Women.

Works for me:)


Rick. LOL. Putting the Beast Back in Beastiality?

It's not just bi-peds this time. Why do you think the book was called "Lonesome Dove?" I know, they say it was something else, but you know authors.


Or, as in the punchline to one of my favorite jokes: "Chickens?"


How sick is it that there is a TAX on the GIVER of gifts?

The gifter already paid taxes on his income, now we tax him AGAIN for GIVING his GIFT!!!

What a world.

Melinda Romanoff


As it has ever been, over a certain amount, within a calender year.


As it has ever been

Well, since 1932 anyway. Of course, the only reason we have a gift tax is because we have an estate tax, and MM's comments apply equally to the estate tax (which dates to 1916).

Melinda Romanoff

Small gap when it dropped to zero, mind you.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

EXCLUSIVE: Obama's remarks raise ire among border residents, who say the issues are no laughing matter


Just watched "The King's Speech." It was indeed very good.

Now it's on to "The Secret of Kells."


Unwanted attention to Citizens United said:

"""Soros, unlike the Kochs, is not a miser and actually sees taxes as his patriotic duty."""

Dear Unwanted, your comment is laughably false. Soros tries desperatley to avoid pying taxes while claiming it is everyone else patriotic duity.

A few facts:

ITEM: George Soros Hedge Fund (The Quantum Fund) is registered in the tax haven of the Netherlands Antilles, in the Caribbean. This is to avoid paying taxes.
Can you imagine if say an oil company did this? Liberals who be calling for them to be hung.

ITEM: In order to avoid U.S. government supervision of his financial activities, something normal U.S.-based investment funds must by law agree to in order to operate, Soros moved his legal headquarters to the Caribbean tax haven of Curacao. They have repeatedly been cited by the Task Force on Money Laundering of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) as one of the world's most important centers for laundering illegal proceeds of the Latin American cocaine and other drug traffic.

ITEM: Soros himself is not even on the board of his own Quantum Fund. Instead, for legal reasons, he serves the Quantum Fund as official "investment adviser," through another company, Soros Fund Management, of New York City. If any demand were to be made of Soros to reveal the details of Quantum Fund's operations, he is able to claim he is "merely its investment adviser."

ITEM: To make it impossible for U.S. tax authorities or other officials to look into the financial dealings of his web of businesses, the board of directors of Quantum Fund NV also includes no American citizens. His directors are Swiss, Italian, and British financiers.

The very idea that Soros thinks HE should pay the taxes is laughable to anyone familiar with a single FACT.


Soros is soo dirty, he won't even use his real name.

György Schwartz

Sara (Pal2Pal)


- President Barack Obama, under pressure from Republicans and the public to bring down gasoline prices, announced new measures on Saturday to expand domestic oil production in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico


POLITICO: Shirley Sherrod returns to the USDA

Shirley Sherrod, the U.S. Department of Agriculture employee who was forced out after a videotape misleadingly showed her making racially insensitive remarks, will start working for the USDA again, the department told POLITICO Friday. But she’s not getting her old job back.

Instead, Sherrod will help the USDA improve its dismal civil rights record.

Now that's some straight reporting, huh? Not a bit of editorializing, just the facts. Who, what, where, when, why, as they say.


Osama's Sea Burial Caught on Tape.



via Am. Thinker - from Osama's porn stash...


Friday news dump - more Obamacare waivers.

"The Obama administration approved 204 new waivers to Democrats' healthcare reform law over the past month, bringing the total to 1,372."


Cute video, PDinDetroit!


After you have read the great 05:40 Post, by Pops.

You might want to read again the report on how many newspersons (leftist propaganda readers) are IMO wholy owned and operated by
George Soros. The list begins with:

"Prominent journalists like ABC’s Christiane Amanpour and former Washington Post editor and now Vice President Len Downie serve on boards of operations that take Soros cash"


Gifts all around, too.

Easy solution: Waivers for all.


After the IRS story, the Muslim outreach arm (NASA) of the Obama Admin has just been caught feeding the infidels (us) a line of BULL, again.


Army of Davids

2012 is going to be brutal.

Obama has tons of money flowing in.

He will say and do whatever it takes to get re-elected.

The media will say and do whatever it takes to get him re-elected.

Army of Davids

Richard Trumka looks a lot like Joseph Stalin.

It's a union guy thing I guess.

Army of Davids

Kohl (D) Wisconsin out.

50+ seats R in 2012 and the presidency is enough to repeal ObamaCare.


And this differs from past Presidential elections how, Army of Davids?

He's good isn't he?  And, he won.

"This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.'


Talk about boomeranged ...
Gov. Mitch Daniels’ candidacy for President is dead.
He has only himself and his appointment of Justice Steven H. David to blame.

Unwanted attention to Citizens United

"your comment is laughably false. "


You don;t dispute the miserly, un-american Nature of the Koch Bros.

So you merely stipulated that 'fact'.

Have a great day


Neo, that article on the David decision is a bit unclear. It suggests that police no longer need the justification of "exigent circumstances," but at the end says the court decided "police serving a warrant may enter a home without knocking if officers decide circumstances justify it." It all depends on what the threshold is. If the police had reason to believe the guy was in the process of beating up his wife (probably not in this case), barging in might be justified.

Al Asad

"Gov. Mitch Daniels’ candidacy for President is dead"

HR will be upset. Daniels is as close to Coolidge as any other of the dwarves. Dry as dust and as exciting as bean sprouts..

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