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June 07, 2011


Captain Hate

If Barea doesn't stop missing layups I'm going to have to recant my pledge to curb obscenity. Speaking of which: Wikileaks revisionism on Tiananmen Square....


I'm tempted to use some of that color Pashto language in Ignatius's latest, Captain,

Rick Ballard

From Mad Ben's speech today:

The prospect of increasing fiscal drag on the recovery highlights one of the many difficult tradeoffs faced by fiscal policymakers: If the nation is to have a healthy economic future, policymakers urgently need to put the federal government's finances on a sustainable trajectory. But, on the other hand, a sharp fiscal consolidation focused on the very near term could be self-defeating if it were to undercut the still-fragile recovery. The solution to this dilemma, I believe, lies in recognizing that our nation's fiscal problems are inherently long-term in nature. Consequently, the appropriate response is to move quickly to enact a credible, long-term plan for fiscal consolidation. By taking decisions today that lead to fiscal consolidation over a longer horizon, policymakers can avoid a sudden fiscal contraction that could put the recovery at risk. At the same time, establishing a credible plan for reducing future deficits now would not only enhance economic performance in the long run, but could also yield near-term benefits by leading to lower long-term interest rates and increased consumer and business confidence.

I would note that the 'recovery' has assumed the infamous dying cockroach position (flat on its back with legs twitching very feebly) and that Mad Ben has thrown down a 'double dog dare you' card for the House Republicans to study.

The speech was somewhat less than masterful but we should all be thankful that QE3 hasn't been called off the bench. Yet.


He's auditioning for the Board of 20th Century Vole, it's a very 'splunge' position
to take.

Jack is Back!


Johnny Rockets, hamburgers and malts. How the hell can anyone pass up South Beach's favorite dive. Count me in.

Lets set a time - is 1230 hrs okay or earlier or later.


Is that a fancy way of conceding we have to cut entitlement programs.spending.

Al Asad


Did you read beyond one link?

What, exactly, was de-bunked?

That the US government (aka Daddy Bush),
made us their Bitch, again?

If you mean, what I think you mean, you have gone over the side. But, you can choose not to clarify your positions on any issue you wish to, but you need to elaborate. Your meaning is muddled and seemingly, intentional, in it's intent.

Try not to go down Kim's path.


12:30 is okay. Which day?

Jack is Back!

Janet, Clarice can do the 13th and that is fine by us. Now we need Soylent and the others (isn't OL in DC?). Need to contact Soylent since he said he would travel down on Amtrak.


isn't OL in DC?

Suburban DC -- Maryland.


I don't think turning guys (or gals) on is in a First Lady's job description.

Sara - truer words were never written.


I don't think turning guys (or gals) on is in a First Lady's job description.

Sara - truer words were never written.

Dave (in MA)
that picture of Hillary and Huma that Mel posted at 5:35 makes me feel like I'm looking through Rowdy Roddy Piper's glasses
And I'm all out of bubble gum.

Is that a fancy way of conceding we have to cut entitlement programs.spending.

Posted by: Clarice | June 07, 2011 at 10:02 PM

No, I take is as a way of saying that we need to get serious about the deficit and debt, but not for a couple more years. Its another call to kick the can down the road and avoid any real pain on the part of the credentialed moronatocracy right now.

He's basically admitting that the private sector is on strike right now, but may if we promise to fix things in the future, they will go back to work and create more jobs. Cutting spending and laying off government workers will endager the recovery!

There doesn't seem to be any awareness that the current administration is engaged in a war to whipe out small and mid-sized enterprises so that they can manage the economy through the crony capitalist big corporations in partnership with federal regulators.

Jack is Back!

clarice, janet, soylent, et. al.

We will be at Johny Rockets at 1230 hrs on June 13th, Union Station. Frederick will be the kid wearing an orange baseball cap with a blue F on the front (Florida Gators). All other JOMers in the area welcome to join us.


Sounds great, JiB!

Rick Ballard


Ranger has it pegged. The speech was pretty much a whine about the stoopid populace not having the brains to respond per Fed model. He threw in some nice carp about exogenous variables having a higher than hoped for impact on the CPI (nothing to worry about, dontcha know) but it was mostly about how calm and serene the economy looks as it lays there without movement. It's just incredibly important (according to Mad Ben) that nothing be done that might disturb its serenity.


Because the Norwegian Blue is pining for the fjords, got it, the operation was a success,
except the patient died.

Jack is Back!

Looks like the Heat know the Mavs can be had. I may be too early and too pessimistic but the play and body language are telling. Sorry Sue!

But the I could be a weiner:)


jib: sbw, What is in Rome if we come that way beside watching the paper being printed?

Fort Stanwix - a 1776 fort reconstruction where the American flag first flew in battle.

A B-52 bomber you can walk up to and touch.

An Erie Canal village museum.

Ice cream.

Matts Brewery tour in Utica 20 minutes away.


Dirk has a fever. What next?

Jack is Back!


Jack is Back!


The cells are certainly being removed rapidly; how the hell could I forget Rome AFB and buffer since I once spent 2 weeks there doing bomb/navt training. Thannks for reminding me. I need Frederick to visit Buffer - we have one in Orlando (old McCoy Field where my Dad was deputy base commander). We may come by to see you at the paper.


JiB, Contact info.. I'll likely be there but the staff can call me on my cell phone, too.

Nice to meet Frederick if you come. Understand if it doesn't work in the schedule. Vacating by a lake is priceless.

Jack is Back!

We may have ourselves a big time ball game but i am going to bed. Niters and remeber the Great American Road Trip Meet Up is at Johnny Rockets, Union Station, DC, 13 June, @ 1230hrs. See ya!


Johnny rockets is on the lower level food court gang.


Rick, like Weiner, Bernanke must now be watching his life flash before his eyes.

Rick Ballard


He could try and find an academic sinecure. The President's stupidity has defeated his entire academic economic team. I don't recall that happening before but we've never had a President anywhere near as dumb as Barack Hussein Obama. He's head and shoulders below the norm and there's no fixing it.

Captain Hate

The Mavs have the lead!!


Head and shoulders below..HEH


This belongs in the other thread, but with Ted Baxter spamming the polls, one begins to notice a pattern



--"Bernanke must now be watching his life flash before his eyes."--

I pray he does not flash before our eyes.


Hidden somewhere between the beans and the frank of the Weiner-a-thon was this:

M. Speaker: Lets be clear: without prior Congressional authorization, under the War Powers Act, the President may only commit armed forces to hostilities for sixty days if there is a direct attack upon the United States, its territories or possessions or its armed forces.

There was none, so there is no sixty day clock and the President’s unprovoked attack on Libya – from Day One – constituted an illegal and unconstitutional act of the highest significance.

If the President felt there was moral justification to attack Libya, he was constitutionally required to make his case to Congress and get its authorization. He did not.

Some say, “we’re already committed; it’s too late for Congress to order a withdrawal without harming America’s reputation or undermining her allies.” If we take that position, then we have just changed the Constitution to read as follows: “The President may attack any country he wants for any reason he wants and the Congress has no choice but to follow.”

The President has crossed a bright Constitutional line and this Congress has a clear moral and Constitutional duty to intervene.

If we fail to do so, we will have destroyed the work of the American founders by fundamentally changing the legislative and executive functions on the most momentous decision our nation can make and take our country down dark and bloody roads the American Founders sought to avoid.

-Tom McClintock, June 3, 2011


The resolution seems pretty basic.

Directing the President, pursuant to section 5(c) of the War Powers Resolution, to remove the United States Armed Forces from Libya.

Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring),

Pursuant to section 5(c) of the War Powers Resolution (50 U.S.C. 1544(c)), Congress directs the President to remove the United States Armed Forces from Libya by not later than the date that is 15 days after the date of the adoption of this concurrent resolution.

House Vote 412 - Kucinich Resolution on Libya

It failed with 144 Republicans voting against it.
87 republicans and 61 Democrats voted for it

I find this to be a strange mix of a vote. What fallout were the Nay Republicans worried about? What gains were the Yea Dems anticipating?

hit and run

Wade misses a clutch free throw and then fumbles the inbound on the last play.


Captain Hate

WooHoo Mavs. Damn Lebron played terrible; it reminded me of those horrible games against the Celtics. Mavs dodged a bullet with Dirk being decidedly under the weather; but still making a layup near the end as the God Mode was briefly activated.

Let's hear it Sue!!!


OMG. Dallas has played the crappiest basketball they have played all year. And they keep beating Miami. What. A. Game.


That saved or created advertising revenue for two more games. Hmmm.


Oh shut up. The Mavs are that good. ::grin::

Danube of Thought

"I don't buy any argument as to who is beatable and unbeatable until we have contestents and an enthused electorate on both sides or only one. That is why I can't buy Palin is unelectable or Obama is a sitting duck."

I agree 100%.

Danube of Thought

Dirk has a fever, and the only cure is another LeBron Finals disappearing act.

Danube of Thought

Best Finals since 1987--Magic's "junior sky hook" in Game 4.


Caught the game on the radio headsets and it sounded great again. Yay Mav's!

Had started to take a medium hike with the pups but it turned out to be such a beautiful day that I wound up going for about 6 hours so had to catch Dirk and the boys on the AM headset instead of the tube. That happens because sometimes you get to places that are so beautiful that you think "Well, I'll just get to that next ridgeline to see what's on the other side." Then you get there and you can't quite see what you expected because of another ridgeline, so you say to the Pup's, "Boy's, we'll just keep going to that next ridgeline, okay?", and pretty soon it's 2 hours later and there's still another ridgeline, but thankfully the pup's never seem to mind:)

Today we did the trek up Little O'Malley Peak. In this pic it's the point toward the left middle, and the ridge toward Big O'Malley on the right is lost in the clouds. You start off by crossing Campbell Creek on this wood bridge, and then start heading up this trail that takes you just to the left edge of the ridgeline snow up top.

That trek took about an hour (with breaks) but then at the top it was fun to sit back and watch the dogs jump into the snow and roll around to cool off. After resting we walked left along the ridge path toward the Anchorage flatlands and saw this view.

Then, never having done this hike before, we turned and went the other way along the Ridge Line (away from Anchorage) and this pic is what that looked like today. The snow was exactly as it is in the picture. I had on beat up old tennis shoes, ball-cap, shorts and a jacket, and a bagfull of treats for the pup's. The scenery was beautiful (about 50 degree's) sunlight periodically breaking thru, so I just started walking, always thinking I was just about to get that vista I was expecting over the next ridge. Finally after a couple miles of completely deserted but beautiful alpine terrain I was rewarded with this magnificent view from above looking down a thousand feet or so at Black's Lake, which was a deep blue color, stunning through the breaking up ice.

So backtracking, we were just crossing the footbridge on the way back home as Dirk and the boys were going up by 1 in the 4th Quarter. A great way to finish for all of us.

The dogs are currently on the floor around me snoring and I have a nice cold one and a couple Advil sitting just next to me. Sun is still up, and so much daylight that I've haven't been able to see any stars for at least a month. Great fun today. You guys would have loved it.



The new euphemisms on AM Radio News Reports for what Weiner did was "Internet Indiscretions." I believe I heard "Internet Indiscretions" half a dozen times yesterday when catching Radio news updates at the top of the hour.

"Internet Indiscretions"---So they've now dumbed down what Weiner did to equivalence with Clarice's typo's and my vagrant comma's at JOM. Crimony!

But on the other hand, I would love to see Trump do a TV show called "Congressional Apprentice". The goal would be to select a Congressional replacement for Weiner.

Empower a panel of these Feminist Fangirls, ala American Idol, and have them rate potential Brooklyn replacements doing the following:

1) imitating Weiner calling reporter a JackAss
2) imitating lying on camera to ABC's Jonathan Karl
3) and as finale, doing their best imitation of Weiner screaming on the House Floor against Republicans, which is what got all these gals wet in the first place.

Winner gets to be the 9th District Replacement for Weiner until next Election.


That's not what they're calling it in NY, daddy.

Get the hell out of here!


Good Morning Extraneus,

Great to see that front page. He's a sick perv and I loved how Trump called him a "bad guy" and a "Psycho".

But what day is it?

Made my day, Leo. Thanks.


Good Morning JOMers,

Leading by making stuff up. LUN.

Just another existential play on "blame it on Bush".


JiB, since I can't get up there, any time soon, to meet with Clarice .Soylent and co, are you going to be down here, any time in the near future.


Since no one watches Piers Morgan, I venture into the vaults, to find the triteness of the troop slandering fool:



I'm sure Duke and Duke, had 'Top Men' looking
at this, after they looked at the Ark:


Danube of Thought

Anthony Weiner
Rah rah rah
Anthony Weiner
Sis boom bah



The man disgusted me, long before we knew of his personal foibles.



'You need a program, to figure out all the players' Angola, is really that big a deal:


Heh, populism used to be copyrighted Democratic.  No more.  In spades.  Yes, that's a weapon, too.

They really fear that weapon Sarah's pointing at them, and it isn't even a gun, it's populism.


Prediction, oil supplies will increase and OpeC is on its last legs.


True, Perez Alfonso, put it together, but it really took the 1969 Santa Barbara spill and
the ensuing backlash, to really put it on the map, under Yamani,

How is an OPEC like a Euro?  How is a kopeck like a thaler?  That one's fer U, Leo.

Heh, maybe Soros is trying to break the bank at OPEC.

Melinda Romanoff


What're your odds on a major vulcan event within the next 10 days, given that solar flare? $5 says it's less than 8:5.

Cecil Turner

Via Insty and E21, a long-overdue update of Romer's unemployment prediction graph (w/apologies for the sizing):

You'd think that would prompt a reevaluation of the underlying theory.


Melinda, I was reminded of the discussions here, in the area of oil pipelines, in reading
Ignatius's latest, where trading on said information, gathered covertly, forms a subplot of the main firm involved.

Melinda Romanoff


What theory? That original "projection chart" still had Jared's crayon-stained fingerprints on it when they released it back in '09.

Saying that mope has economic credentials is like giving Captain Kangaroo a naval commission.


--You'd think that would prompt a reevaluation of the underlying theory.--

It already did. After a thorough technical analysis using the latest statistical econometrics they discovered, "duh, it was worse than we thought".
Apparently they thought that admission reflected more poorly on Bush somehow than it did on them.


Martin Feldstein summarizes Obama's economic malfeasance: The Economy Is Worse Than You Think: Expect more bad news until someone enacts a plan to bring deficits under control without raising taxes.

I like a lot of what he's saying, but an essential part of reform has to be getting Wall Street under control--the unholy alliance between Big Government and Big Money.

Melinda Romanoff


You'll have to point me to that piece, because I have problems reading his theories.

Chronic eye-rolling, frequent beverage discharges and the like. Nothing serious, just annoying.

Rick Ballard


Thanks for the link. Martin Feldstein weighs in as well The Economy Is Worse Than You Think.

I would also note that JiB's link above does not reflect the totality of the rather parlous nature of the Govmo 'recovery'. Govmo is actually peddling tin by writing loans to deadbeats who walked on their mortgages. This lends an unaturally rosy glow, not only to the Govmo entities, but to the Feds credit reports.

Credit expansion appears to be underpinned entirely by loans to youthful fools purchasing their serf's collars from indoctrination centers and deadbeats who have recently walked away from serious obligations.

It's a wonder that Goolsbee isn't in a full sprint down the mooring lines.

Danube of Thought

Minus 12 at Raz today.


Peter Wallison attemps once again to drive a pitchfork through the heart of the still ambulatory Fannie/Freddiestein monster and those who are, despite everything that's happened the last few years, fighting tougher mortgage standards.

Melinda Romanoff


Loan growth also attributed to hedge fund trade lending, which leads to ETF counter trading. HFT finance is also in the mix, just as long as those being lent the $$ trade through their respective lenders.

A very productive use of capital.


I hope you're feeling better, it's in his latest roman 'a clef, not in journalism, then again, who can tell the difference nowadays.

I like Feldstein, Rick, but isn't it obvious,
except for the Emperor's New Clothes gang, and
the Board of Conquistador Coffee,

Melinda Romanoff

Thanks, narciso. No wonder, but those don't make it into my cart at Sam's.


The not so great firewall is once again cooperating from People's Square in Shanghai. looking out over an incredible skyline after an incredible Italian dinner with the progeny.

It has been eye opening trip for them. 6,000 years of history, and with my colleagues it's been first class in that we are seeing things in depth and at our own pace rather than that of a tour.

Both of them are now considering spending serious time in China, which is a breakthrough. They will be hitting the town tonight with friends who are working here. It's great big world out there and you just have to be open to the opportunities. If this is their only takeaway, I have succeeded as a parent.

Only another few days until we get home though, and am looking forward to that. My beloved has been keeping the home fires burning and dealing with a pair of 6 month old hooligans of the bloodhound variety. Those hounds are very dear to me much as Daddy's are.

With all of the travel, have had the chance to finish a couple more books; Bing West's latest on A'stan and Michael Totten's "Fatima Gate". If you want an accurate assessment of the status of Israel/Palestinian/Hezbollah/Iranian relationships, Totten has the real poop.

As to Afghanistan, the sooner we snuff as many of those benighted bastards and get the hell out the better.We are dealing with pure evil of a particularly virulent variety. Animals who deserve only to be shot with as little fuss as possible.

The other day Der Spiegel reported that a Taliban suicide bomber got into a major meeting in the north between the Germans and a very effective Afghan police commander and snuffed the Afghan and wounded a bunch of Germans.

Blue on blue incidents by disguised Talibans are the single greatest concern these days. Two of my best friends have their trigger fingers welded to said trigger every time they meet with these people these days.

The reaction at the funeral for this incredible Afghan patriot by his own family was that it was all the infidel's fault and death to the infidels despite the Taliban's claim of responsibility. The conspiracy theories are outrageous in their utter craven nature. These people are well and truly beyond the pale. It is time to take off the velvet gloves and ensure our national security and the hell with the rest of them.

In the meantime China Daily is urging a new Afghan - Pakistan - China trade zone. We spend our billions to play the world's policeman and China moves in on the resources.

The key is to recognize the world as it is and make the most of it rather than allow the scum, whether Weiner or Geithner or some Taliban assholes to dictate the agenda. It is all a whole and if you let these maniacs dictate the agenda we are lost. Illigitimi non carborundum.


It does make one think,Matt, that's Hazara territory, right. the area that would seem to be most disposed to us, but then again so was
Abbotabad, for what that's worth. The fact
that Kashmiri was zapped, should be some
confort, but I don't see it.

Cecil Turner

What theory?

Well, I was referring to the Keynesian model-fitting approach that the CBO was using long after the empirical data should've debunked it:

More specifically, the CBO's model started by automatically assuming that government spending increases GDP by pre-set multipliers, such as:

Every $1 of government spending that directly purchases goods and services ultimately raises the GDP by $1.75;

But I have to concur that "theory" is perhaps overstating it.


Haven't glanced at Jay Nordlinger for a long time, but he has a good read, today: The thing about Sarah, &c.

He begins by reflecting on the phenomenon of people being who THEY want to be, not who WE want them to be:

A few nights ago, I was having dinner with another journalist friend of mine — an American, a conservative, like me. We were talking about Sarah Palin. And we were saying what we had both wanted for her: We wanted her to go back to Alaska following the 2008 presidential election. Be the best governor she could be. Bone up like crazy, on issues national and international. Emerge for the 2012 presidential cycle informed to the gills, but still with her lovely, fresh, irreplaceable charisma. Then sweep the world.

That’s what my friend and I wanted for Palin (and us). But she wanted the TV reality show, the move to Arizona, etc. Fine. Her life, not mine. But . . .

Don’t you hate it, sometimes, when people aren’t what you want them to be? When they are, instead, what they want to be?

Then he goes even more general, in a way that reminds me just a bit of the Michael Lind piece I linked yesterday, taking down American "exceptionalism," but from a conservative standpoint, riffing off Clinton and Weiner. Nordlinger concludes:

I’m sorry, dear readers: I’m just not very gooey about “the American people,” sometimes. I think I’ve met too many of them — and that does not exclude those who travel in conservative circles, believe me.

We spend our billions to play the world's policeman and China moves in on the resources.

What you mean WE, white man? I, for one, don't remember asking Bushie to play worldcop. There were plenty of people around to tell Bushie that the world is a complicated place but, no, he hadda listen to the Neocons.

And wouldn't it be nice if "conservatives" fessed up for once to the hash they've made of these United States? Foreign and domestically? It might give some hope that there's a chance they'll do better next go round.


Good take on the Arab Spring at AmSpec and the harm it portends for Christians.

American exceptionalism properly understood, as George Will would say, has nothing to do with the inherent exceptional nature of Americans but rather her institutions and culture, what remain of them anyway.


Meanwhile, this is what passes for conventional wisdom amongst the credentialed morons (ok, in fairness, it is the opposing view to todays USA Today editorial):

Expand investments to create jobs

A sample of the drivil:

We can't cut our way to prosperity. The best deficit reduction program is to put people back to work. With corporations sitting on more than $1 trillion in cash waiting for customers, more tax breaks won't help. Americans — struggling with rising costs, stagnant wages, and declining home values — are tightening their belts. It is time for government to act.

We should take advantage of low interest rates to finance rebuilding America's infrastructure, increasing our global competitiveness and putting people to work. We should be expanding, not cutting, investments in education, innovation and new energy vital to our future.

Create a "green corps" in every region, hiring the young to retrofit buildings, providing hope while saving energy....

This part is particularly illuminating as to the elite thinking about the current crisis:

When people go back to work, the deficits will decline. Then we can sensibly address the long-term sources of debt — primarily out-of-control health care costs and a tax code that favors wealth over work.

To these people, there is apparently no problem that can't be solved by more government and higher taxes.


anduril, did you ever figure out the baseline from which Palin never inmproved?


That's dissapointing from Nordlinger, but not that surprising the way National Review is going,

So when she urged caution, when everyone was in on the Egyptian Revolution, who in turn
was set off, in part by QE 2, which she also
warned about, when she was the only figure
that didn't stampede, to shutting down off shore drilling, in the aftermath of the BP
spill. I'm tempted to ask him 'what have you been reading'


And Peter Ferrera at AmSpec has an excellent analysis of America's economic prospects at the hands of Barry.


Borosage, the brain trust, behind Jesse Jackson, I think Stanley Kurtz, mentions him as a bit player in his latest Obama book, he's
not the elite, he's nutroots, before they were


1. It's always nice to know one serves some purpose in life.

2. It's nevertheless a definite come down to learn that--at least for some--that purpose is to serve as a substitute for EoT as a stalking target.

3. TK, I won't respond to your inanity, on principle. That's just for the record.




he's not the elite, he's nutroots, before they were fashionable.

Fair enough. Perhapse my perspective is affected by living in a university town.


An example in the acknowledgements,



And one last one from AmSpec as George Gilder writes on Israel and it's beneficial effects on Arabs who try to get along with it rather than destroy it.


He goes back a long way, as Kurtz and others point out, the Jackson Presidential campaign
was a dress rehearsal for Obama:




Your points hold true with what so many of us are seeing across the board.

Citizenry kept subordinated plus govt authoritarian and empowered plus private sector driven by rewarding cronies

Seems to be the current worldwide model.


Cass Sunstein repeatedly defines American exceptionalism as the academy's speculation on why the US never had a strong socialist party or social democratic movement.

Of course he also argues nothing is socialism as ling as you have private property in a society.

Rick Ballard

There's that word again.

How's your Arab Spring working out, BOzo? Everything is going according to your models, right?


I cannot imagine OPEC (which always was too porous to constitute a true cartel) holding together with such disparate blocs as the Saudi/Gulf States and Iran/Caracas one.

Army of Davids

Reckless Endangerment?

This time it's Republicans. As discussions of winding down Fannie and Freddie, and their taxpayer hit of between $300 billion to $650 billion, are batted about DC....Republicans are floating legislation to create yet another GSE w/ explicit taxpayer guarantees.

Not only a no. But a @#$%&! no to this idea.


I've been following this, since I read Sampson, Yergin, et al, back in the '90s, and you've outlined the two blocs well, Clarice.


The Daily Telegraph explains correctly that Uncle Ben, Little Timmy and Barry and their weak dollar policy are what drives the price of oil.

Melinda Romanoff


I disagree, but I digress.


President Obama Could Use Lemonade Stand Training:

The results produced by President Obama's economic policies make it obvious that he is trapped by his own inexperience and is a captive of his radical left ideology. He has never met a payroll or run a business, even one as small as a lemonade stand. The continuing failure of his policies and the ideology that spawns them has become a threat to the majority of Americans. Centralized government decision making always fails. Excessive government spending always fails. Unmanageable debt always fails. Government controls produced by mischief-making radicals always fails. When these failures occur simultaneously as they have today, the problems become catastrophic.


Golly Ranger,

That link sounds like Shovel Ready Jobs, part 2.


Cool report Matt,

Glad you have your kids seeing Shanghai and thinking they might want to spend some serious time in China. A very worthwhile game plan in my opinion for young adults trying to figure out what to do next.


Narciso, one bloc wants to keep the goose that lays the golden egg alive; the other is so stupid it wants to kill it off.

In particular, electric people are looking for a connection.

Melinda, I don't know of a mechanism for a solar-vulcan connection, but it is interesting that vulcanism seems up lately while the sun is in a funk.

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