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June 13, 2011


JM Hanes

Geez, I couldn't be less interested in a "conversation" with the voters of NH. I resent the influence of NH/Iowa etc. in the electoral process, and the obvious sense of entitlement that allows folks in those states to defend it. And I'm really not interested in the people standing up to ask the questions, let alone their cv's.


NH may become a right to work state:

Pawlenty: government has no business telling people whether they can work. We tell the government(applause)

Newt: are they demonizing public employees? That is not the question asked. Look at SCarolina. NH should pass it. Why would you be CA when you can be Texas?

Cain: I believe in right to work . Obama's back door policy is destroying jobs.


Did David Gergen ever believe in anything, or was he just a PreFrum.


I guess I should stop this. There appears to be little interest.


Whatever you think of Sarah Palin, only a good person could have written that.

Agreed, Ext. Bless you and your daughter and your family.


I can't imagine voting for any of 'em. So how can they possibly be "electable"?

Not watching, but I'd vote for any of them in a heartbeat if he's the nominee running against Obama.


maryrose, so glad to hear it about the parade!

Jane, thanks for liveblogging. I can't watch.

Melinda Romanoff


You ARE enabling those of us who refuse to watch, seeing as how all the candidates aren't in the race yet. So, thank you, just the same.

I still love your posting.


Apparently there is a new thread.

JM Hanes

All the folks madly tweeting questions seem like perfect Publishers' Clearinghouse prospects. Wow! How do I know if I've got a smartphone?


The questions are a little boring. John King is a horrid moderator.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

I like the format of this debate with questions from the audience, as well as questions thru the moderator. I've noticed, however, that they are letting some candidates talk 'til they are done, whereas they seem to be cutting Romney off.

Overall, I'm glad I remembered to switch over an watch.


Romney - was the auto bailout a success.

No it wasted 17 billion dollars. Let them go thru bankruptcy and re-emerge. Obama gave the company to the UAW. the perception that govt knows better is wrong.

Santorum: Romeny si right. All the fed gvt did is tip to the unions and screwed the legal system.

Bachmann, I was there and I fought against TARP.

Space Shuttle is about to end, Newt, Obama killed it, and now we have to depend on Russians. What role should govt pay.

Newt: Nasa is a case study on why bureaucracy can't innovate. We should have a lot more than we do, because of the bureaucracy and it's a tragedy.

Would any candidate save NASA? Pawlenty: I think it has played a vital role, it should be changed but not eliminated.

Newt: I didn't say end it. I said decentralize and get out of Washington.

Romney: some people think gvt knows better and they are wrong.


Not watching, but I'd vote for any of them in a heartbeat if he's the nominee running against Obama.

Me too jimmyk...& I like Bachmann & Santorum.
I like your live blogging Jane.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

How do I know if I've got a smartphone?

If you had one, you would know.


Pawlenty: fix housing. Get the gvt out of it. Obama's programs have failed. get the economy moving and it won't happen by growing gvt.

If you were president, what would you do.

Paul: I would be doing much less much sooner. you want the correction. If we keep doing what we are doing the housing problem will last 10 more years. Clear the mkt.

Food safety. We have and ecoli problem, what do you do. Cain - federal government should be involved in food safety. IO want to go back to housing.

Romeny: Fema is running out of money. States should take a larger role, and even better if you can send it to the private sector. Don't ask what we should cut, but what we should keep.


How do I know if I've got a smartphone?

Just ask it. If it says "yes" (or "no", but sarcastically), it's a smartphone.

Make sure you don't do it during a phone call, though.


Go Jane!

JM Hanes

LOL, bgates.


Entitlements, specifically medicare.

How will you keep it solvent.

Paul: it's not solvent now. We need more competition. Take the money out of foreign welfare, foreign this and that. People need a chance to opt out of the whole system.

Is the voucher program right? Pawlenty: we should keep our word if you are on or near the program, but it's not financially solvent, performance pay rather than numbers. Obama refuses to address this issue. (King violently tries to interrupt)

Newt. My words were taken out of context. If you can't convince the epople it's the right idea, maybe it isn't. allow people to go outside the system.

Santorum, should republicans slow down? No, and I support Ryan's prgram. Obama rations care, and you don 't know it.

But Newt says to slow down. Cain says don't slow down. You aren't going to get our money back. I support Ryan/

Cain: be specific on social security reform. What retirement age, when to means test. I support a personal retirement account option. I don't need to raise the retirement age. We need to restructure with a personal account option.

Romney: debt limit. We will not raise the debt ceiling unless the president is willing to finally, finally be a leader. He reigns in government or no debt ceiling raise. Where are the president's ideas. Why isn't the president leading.

What happens if you don't raise it?

What happens if you continue to spend? Obama needs to balance the budget and deal with entitlements.

Bachmann: will you raise the debt ceiling? What is your price tag?

Obama refused to raise the debt ceiling as a senator, and since he is president we have raised it 35%. We need serious spending cuts/


Define spearation fo church and state (from a MAsshole)

The constitution was designed to protect people of faith from the govt not the other way around. Huge applause.

Santorum- tell us about your faith. (Imagine asking a democrat that question)

Paul - does faith have a role? It has to do with the character of the people who lead us. You can't teach people to be moral/.

Cain, you would not appoint a Muslim. I do not believe in shari alaw in American courts (applause)

Romney: Cain has a purity test - cain interrupts and tells King he got it wrong. Cain backs off, King fights back. Cain wants people committed to the govt first.

Should one segment of the population be treated differently? We have religious tolerance.

Newt - the pakistani who swore an oath to the US and then tried to blow up times square, lied. I have the guts to stand up and say no.


Jane, Thanks for all you do so the rest of us don't have to watch these things.

"If we keep doing what we are doing the housing problem will last 10 more years."

IMO, the housing problem will never end if we can't get a complete mind change on fraud in the entire change.

"First, I'm doubtful most of these can't be cured by redoing the paperwork either by reconstruction or affidavit."
A reply to a link I had posted this morning. This link applies to the same court case.

The assignment in this case was signed by people who claim to work for a company where the President has signed a sworn statement in another case saying his company :"does not own any residential mortgages and has no servicing rights."

The phony paperwork is signed 3 yrs after the trust closed, the fraud goes on and on.


Bachmann: gays can marry in NH (can they?) How would you overturn that.

States rights and marriage between man and a woman. It's not the role of the president to interfere with state law.

Now we will poll the candidates, because it will give fodder to the democrats.

Paul: Government should get out. Romeny, Newt, Santorum, constitutional amendment. (boo)

repeal of DADT? Would you change that policy> Cain: that's a distraction. Pawlenty - defer to military, Paul: rights don't come in groups. Romeny: we should be talking about the economy and jobs. Newt: i'd ask the military. Bachmann, I'd keep DADT. Santorum, commanders need a system.

Santorum, you are pro-life and Romeny flip-flopped and should his flip flop be an issue in this campaign? Look at the whole candidate. Pro-life would be a top priority for me.

Romney, what about your authenticity. I am pro-life.

Case closed.

Bachmann: Pawlenty has exceptions to abortion, what do you think. I'm pro-life.

Pawlenty: NRO says based on results I am the most pro-life candidate here.

Immigration: how will you prevent illegal immigrants from using health care educational and welfare systems.

Santorum: Feds should not require states to provide services.

Paul: Once they are in the country do you become compassionate? We shouldn't have mandates and protect our borders not those of Afghanistan. We shouldn't penalize hospitals one way or the other.


Cain: immigration is 4 problems.

Pawlenty: would you let the states decide. if the federal government won't do their jobs let the states do it.

Newt: Should there be a path to citizenship? The political elites set up severe alternatives. It's a joke. Break it down, Cain is right. No serious citizen should get trapped in a yes no answer.

Paul: bill to seize private land. What is your opinion on eminent domain to get land for energy?

Pulease. Government should not be infringing on property rights.

Romney: Land should not be taken by government to be given to corporations. We should be developing our own energy.

Santorum: senate is voting on abolishing ethanol tax credits worth 6b.



The result was the destruction of a singularly fine man's reputation

Not destroyed, only damaged, and only among people who didn't know any better. Right after that debate, I remember Dennis Miller getting on the air and absolutely eviscerating the fools who were critical of Stockdale's performance. I was one who hadn't known any better, and I had laughed along with the fools. Nothing I've ever heard on tv has made me as ashamed of myself as Dennis Miller setting me straight about who Admiral Stockdale was.


OBL is dead, we've been in Afghanistan for 10years isn't it time to bring our troops home? Yeah as soon as we can.

Paul: I wouldn't wait for the generals, bring em home.

Pawlenty: Yemen - agree with Paul or Obama? There is a big threat out there, i'd go after them.

Should Obama have gone into Libya?

Bachmann - no. The US should not lead from behind. We may eb helping al quaida

Newt: The pricetag is a part of the decision. Our intelligence sucks.

Cain: It's a mess.

Why are we being the world's police force and is there a candidate who will shut down bases?

santorum; We have enemies. And it is all Obama's fault,


Cain: Public opinion polls show a lack of enthusiasm for this slate of candidates and shouldn't you pay attention.

What a stupid question. (things I wish he said)

Who was the 2008 best choice for VP

Pawlenty. Senator Biden has made the worst decision on everything he has ever done. Palin is great.

Romney: anyone here would be better than Obama.

Bachmann, who here would you hire for VP? Let the audience decide.

Paul: I need a bit more quizzing.

Santorum - what ahve you learned? John King is a jerk.

Bachmann: the goodness of the people

Newt: NH is cool

Romney: It's the economy stupid

Paul: civility

Pawlenty: Bruins have more heart than the cannucks

Cain: it's abotu the children and the grandchildren.

The end,


Thank you, Jane.


I love Jane.


You are the best.


Thanks Jane, You really have a knack for that.

JM Hanes

Oh, how I'd like to see Jane moderate a debate!

Jim Ryan

Oh! Thanks, Jane.

Danube of Thought

Jane, you do a lot for an awful lot of people, including all of us here. You're remarkable, and you deserve our thanks.


Thanks guys. I actually want to see the tea party wrestle the debates away from the league of womrn voters, that would be fun to moderate.


Great job, Jane.


Thanks, Jane!

Captain Hate

Right after that debate, I remember Dennis Miller getting on the air and absolutely eviscerating the fools who were critical of Stockdale's performance. I was one who hadn't known any better, and I had laughed along with the fools. Nothing I've ever heard on tv has made me as ashamed of myself as Dennis Miller setting me straight about who Admiral Stockdale was.

Ditto here on that; plus it was the first indication to me that Miller was a person of character and a step above those mainly unfunny hacks that SNL shoves down the throats of the muddle.

Captain Hate

Dana Bash was the reporter that refused to accept the garbage that Weiner was doling out at the presser he held back when he was denying everything, no? Damn that seems like a month ago....


Time to buy a personal shredder for the home.

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