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June 13, 2011


Charlie (Colorado)

Don't know how it copied wrong, but in the actual email, it's "giving Alaskans the ol' ", etc. IOW, she knows where to put apostrophes, amazingly enough.

Ex, I don't have a link to it, but I noted in one email that she had correctly used "whomever", a grammatical point that I have some trouble with to this day.


Notice the timestamps. On June 4, 2008, she sent out 26 emails between 7:24AM and around 9:30AM, on a whole host of different subjects. All throughout the day, more emails come in and go out, into the evening. The lady was not just sitting around goofing off, that's for sure.


Well I'd sure love to see a side-by-side comparison of her unedited emails with the Harvard Man's. Even using a BlackBerry, she writes very clearly and, except for typos, almost error-free.


bold off


Notice the timestamps. On June 4, 2008, she sent out 26 emails between 7:24AM and around 9:30AM, on a whole host of different subjects. All throughout the day, more emails come in and go out, into the evening. The lady was not just sitting around goofing off, that's for sure.

You mean she wasn't tweeting her junk?

From: gov.sarah@yahoo.com

Sent: Saturday, June 21, 2008 1:34 PM

To: Stapleton; Meghan N (DNR)

Cc: Gibson; Kurtis K (DNR); Leighow, Sharon W (GOV); Perry; Kristina Y (GOV)

Subject: Re: Talking Points for National Interviews

Thanks much - anxious to read this all!

Sent from my BlackBerry® device from Cellular One

-----Original Message-----

From: "Stapleton, Meghan N (DNR)"

Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2008 13:30:16

To: ExternalEmailgsp

Cc:"Gibson, Kurtis K (DNR)" ,"Leighow, Sharon W (GOV)"
,"Perry, Kristina Y (GOV)" ,"Stapleton,
Meghan N (DNR)"

Subject; Talking Points for National Interviews


From the oil and gas perspective, attached are the talking points for your three national interviews this week.

As I am sure others are working on, all three may ask a range of questions from abortion to.guns and oil. The attached only discusses oil and gas issues.

Glenn Beck (CNN) probably has the greatest chance of launching into numerous issues. He loves to make fun of everyone and is incredibly good natured. You should laugh a lot with him. He has a couple children and recently adopted one, if not two, children. Glenn is pro-drilling, pro-oil. You both should see eye-to-eye other than he doesn't feel people should always pick on the oil companies.

Larry Kudlow (pronounced KUDD-low) is with CNBC and Kudlow & Company. His energy mantra is, "Drill. Drill. Drill." and doesn't understand why the Presidential candidates don't get it. On Monday, CNBC is launching a full-day show re: historical meetings with Saudi Arabia tomorrow. In my opinion, your interview with Kudlow will be all oil and gas.

Sharon can shed further light once they provide more hints. Again, he should be a
friendly, but he is all about the numbers and firing questions and shouting. You'll see we have a section in the attached that provides a number of specifics for you re: Alaska's oil and gas reserves, etc.

Also, here is a link to a Kudlow article that you may find helpful reading as well:
http://article.nationalreview. com/?q=YzIwMTQzNDIzMzRIY2RjMzk2MTBjMDc5MTM3N2MwM2I=
<http://article.nationalreview. com/?q=YzIwMTQzNDIzMzRlY2RjMzk2MTBjMDc5MTM3N2MwM2I=>

Neil Cavuto I have not been able to watch because I do not get FOX News . Sharon will
also hopefully have more information on him for you, if you do not already have it.

There are two highlighted portions : price of gas in the bush - we'll have the latest
numbers for you in a couple of days. And I am waiting for the exact dollars re: price per barrel upon which the state balances its budget . The figures in the attached are rough.

Please let us know if you need anything else.


Hard to resist wondering what would have happened if she'd kept her own Alaska people during the VP run. They worked as a team, and I haven't detected the slightest friction among them. They all seemed extremely loyal and happy warriors.


Six days before Trig is born...

From : Karl Spencer [kari spencer@gov.state.ak.us]

Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2007 4:56 PM

To: gov.sarah@yahoo.com; Todd Pal!n

Subject: FLOWERS!

Thank you so much for the flowers ! They are so beautiful and spring time bright! This has been a great day! I've been wanting to tell you for some time that I am honored that you kept me on to be a part of your administration, thank you for the opportunity to work with such wonderful people , meaning you and your family, and the people like Mike Tibbles that you brought with you!


She mentioned in "Going Rogue' hoe traumatic
this hacking was for her contacts with her
family, her staff, et al. And you see how
this is illustrated.


Ooops, sorry. This database suddenly went to 2007.


--Larry Kudlow (pronounced KUDD-low) is with CNBC and Kudlow & Company.--

I think Kudlow's show is where I first saw Palin and on several occasions.
He was quite impressed with her as was I.


Did anyone seriously doubt that a woman with so many children was a good executive and a deft time manager? Really? why?

Melinda Romanoff

I'm waiting for someone to posit that she, obviously, wrote almost none of her e-mails.

Maybe Bristol, even.


Sent: Wednesday, July 02, 2008 2:18 PM

To: 'gov.sarah@yahoo.com'

Cc: Hughes; Rosanne D (GOV); Perry; Kristina Y (GOV)

Subject: Miss America Script


I thought you might want to approve the Miss America script before shooting the congrats video, so you have it here as an attachment, as well as in the body of the email. Two things to be aware of first, with your family out of country, I haven't had any success in tracking down your Miss Wasilla photo; I've let Bonnie Faulk know it might not appear in the video . Second, just so you're aware of the presentation , the Wendy Williamson Auditorium will be dark, the velvet curtains will pull back, and they'll roll your tape. Essentially, you are the very beginning of the program. Bonnie is so excited that you've agreed to do a welcome video; she feels it really conveys to the girls that there is nothing they can't do. Please let me know if you'd like to see any changes in the script. Thanks so much!

From: gov. sarah@yahoo.com

Sent: Wednesday, July 02, 2008 9:20 AM

To: Leighow; Sharon W (GOV)

Subject: Fitness

I'll do the Fitness segment of that publication if theyli shoot somewhere cool and distracting like at a glacier or out fishing or hiking w trig in jogger or backpack

Sent from my BlackBerry® device from Cellular One


Would someone please put 'cleo out of our misery?

I suggest that if we're going to talk about this person at all, we at least pay her the courtesy of addressing her by the name she's chosen for herself, "Holocaust Denier".

Cecil Turner

The database search issue appears to be mostly a matter of cost. The current manual allows searches without an assessment, but only if the data is free:

the FBI employee can also conduct open-source Internet searches without initiating an assessment (open-source Internet searches do not include any paid-for-service databases such as Lexis-Nexis and Choicepoint),
It gives further examples of what they mean by commercial databases:
(U//FOUO) Example: FBI-approved on-line services or resources include, but are not limited to: Google, Yahoo, or similar Internet search services; data brokers such as ChoicePoint, Westlaw, and Lexis-Nexis; and vehicle, casualty, and property insurance claims databases such as Claim-Search.
The difference with the new rules is that they allow the use of things like Lexis-Nexis or Choicepoint without opening an assessment. However, that list is not all-inclusive, and the oversight issue is real. Supervisors are required to review assessments at 30/90 day intervals, so avoiding an assessment effectively avoids supervisory review.


why Sarah Palin used multiple email IDs:

From: Palin, Sarah (GOV sponsored) [govpalin@alaska.gov]

Sent: Monday, July 14, 2008 3:07 PM

To: Perry; Kristin Y (GOV); ftb907@yahoo.com

Subject: Re: Fw: Pipeline

Does it make sense to have these received emails from this account go to CR? If those whom I want to have the addy have been emailing me freely on it- why would I now want CR reading them? What am I missing here?

----- Original Message -----

From: Mason, Janice L (GOV)

To: Palin, Sarah (GOV sponsored)

Cc: Nizich, Michael A (GOV); Perry, Kristina Y (GOV); Balash, Joseph R (GOV); 'ftb9O7
@yahoo.com' ; Essary, Karen S (GOV)

Sent: Mon Jul 14 15:00:11 2008

Subject: RE: Fw: Pipeline

I just received a call from Karen Essary. Karen verified that your private email address is still hidden, so it's likely that they got the address via a cc or forward of an email with your address on it.

We can have Karen set up a filter on your account so emails from that address are sent directly to spam. Or we can set up a new email address for you and have this one forwarded to CR. Janice

-----Original Message----

From: Perry, Kristina Y (GOV)

Sent: Monday, July 14, 2008 2:53 PM

To: Balash, Joseph R (GOV); 'ftb907@yahoo.com'; Palin, Sarah (GOV sponsored)

Cc: Mason, Janice L (GOV); Nizich, Michael A (GOV)

Subject: Re: Fw: Pipeline

That was my guess Merrick. So, I also spoke to Nizich about it. He was going to look into how it got out there but in the meantime, can we change your state address and have these mass emails be directed to someone else to field them, i.e. Constituent Relations, Ivy or someone?

----- Original Message -----

From : Balash, Joseph R (GOV)

To: 'ftb907@ yahoo.com ' ; Perry, Kristina Y (GOV); Palin, Sarah (GOV

Cc: Mason, Janice L (GOV ); Nizich, Michael A (GOV)

Sent : Mon Jul 14 14:41:28 2008

Subject: Re: Fw : Pipeline

5050 is one of Merrick Pierce' s aliases.

----- Original Message -----

From: frank bailey

To: Perry, Kristina Y (GOV); Palin, Sarah (GOV sponsored)

Cc: Mason, Janice L (GOV); Nizich, Michael A (GOV); Balash, Joseph R (GOV)

Sent: Mon Jul 14 14:35:05 2008

Subject: Re: Fw: Pipeline

The online " 411" with the State is the outside email that goes to Constituent Affairs ( sarah.palin @alaska.gov).

The only google hit was on Newsminer ' s blog a blogger named "5050 " back on April 17th put out the govpalin@ alaska.gov address in response to an editorial by Chris Eshelman. Someone in Fairbanks has it. .. and is handing it out. That's an easy one to change if you'd like us to do so.

--- On Mon, 7/14/08, Palin , Sarah (GOV sponsored ) wrote:

From: Palin, Sarah (GOV sponsored)

Subject: Fw: Pipeline

To: "Perry, Kristina Y (GOV)" , ftb907@yahoo.com

Cc: "Mason, Janice L (GOV)" , "Nizich, Michael A (GOV)"
, "Balash, Joseph R (GOV)"

Date: Monday, July 14, 2008, 2:26 PM

Today, for some reason , I'm getting emails at this address that look like they're part of some mass gasline lobbying effort... can you track down how folks now have this address? It hasnt received mass emails in the past. Thanks

----- Original Message -----

From: Smokey

To: Palin, Sarah (GOV sponsored); Rep_John_Harris@legis.state.ak.us
;Therriault, Gene (LAA)

Sent: Mon Jul 14 14:22:51 2008

Subject: Pipeline

I would like to know what happen to the "All Alaskan Pipeline"? I am tired of the high cost of fuel in Fairbanks and Anchorage pays cheaper for fuel than Fairbanks. All three of you need to go to http://www.fairbanksgas .com/ and find out what the problem is and find a solution to it. I have already petitioned the federal congressional delegation about stopping oil speculation buying crude oil that is driving crude oil price up.

I want a gasline that will benefit all Alaskans not just a few communities. I believe this proposal only benefits Anchorage and not Fairbanks or the State of Alaska. There needs to be more proposal submit before jumping on the first one that comes around.

Thank you
Kevin Baird
5820 Cleveland Ave

From: Fagerstrom, Erika (GOV) [erika.fagerstrom@alaska.gov]

Sent: Wednesday, July 23, 2008 8:51 AM

To: gov.palin@yahoo.com

Subject: Way to go!!

Congratulations on AGIA's passing through the House!! Now for round 2! :)

"And let us not lose heart and grow weary and faint in acting nobly & doing right , for in due time & at the appointed season we shall reap, if we don't lose heart"

Thank you for your hard work and determination - I look forward' to the future of Alaska that you're helping to create for our kids. Keep up the good work!!


Thomas Collins

Palin obviously doesn't meet Obama's high standards of leadership. There are no golf outings that I see. Just real work as Governor and family matters.


Who's Erika Fagerstrom, you ask?


Sent: Wednesday, July 23,2008 1:59 PM

To: 'gov.palin@yahoo.com'

Subject: RE: Way to go!!

Good deal ! Thanks, E

Erika Fagerstrom

Executive Residence Manager
Governor' s House
State of Alaska, Office of the Governor
716 Calhoun Avenue, Juneau, Alaska 99801
Phone: 907-465-3500; Fax: 907-465-2031

-----Original Message-----

From: gov.palin@yahoo.com [mailto:gov.palin@yahoo.com)

Sent: Wednesday, July 23, 2008 1:44 PM

To: Fagerstrom, Erika (GOV)

Subject: Re: Way to go!!

Thanks so much! And the wrap was heavenly... it sooo hit the spot. Sounds like I take the 6pm flight. See you soon!

From: gov.sarah@yahoo.com

Sent: Monday, July 28, 2008 9:15 AM

To: Leighow; Sharon W (GOV)

Cc: Mason; Janice L (GOV)

Subject: Re: Chief Executive Magazine

Yeah, sooner the better so we crank it out of the way and buckle down on Energy interviews, hopefully. Thanks!

Sent from my BlackBerry device from Cellular One

From: "Leighow, Sharon W (GOV)"

Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2008 09:09:09 -0800


CC: Mason, Janice L (GOV)

Subject: Chief Executive Magazine

Governor -

Weld Royal has requested a 10 minute phone interview with you this week to talk about VP buzz and the AGIA. Weld is from Juneau and has a Friday deadline. May I schedule this?

Sharon Leighow
Deputy Press Secretary
Deputy Communications Director
(907) 269-7450 Anchorage
(907) 465-4031 Juneau
(907) 240-7943 cell

Cecil Turner

I suggest that if we're going to talk about this person at all, we at least pay her the courtesy of addressing her by the name she's chosen for herself, "Holocaust Denier".

The goofiest thing on this thread was the longwinded diatribe about the need for more stimulus spending and how the evil GOP was standing in the way.

The really impressive thing was the unstated assumption that everyone agrees more stimulus is necessary (as if Obama's jobless spending spree hadn't debunked that theory beyond repair), and the evil GOPers wanted to block it to make the economy tank further as an election ploy.

With apologies to Darth Vader: The crazy is strong with this one.

From: gov.sarah@yahoo.com

Sent: Wednesday, July 30, 2008 10:22 PM

To: Rutherford; Marty K (DNR)

Subject: Re: Congratulations Governor!

No, thank YOU Marty! Huge effort and sacrifices on your part - and I know that. It will be good.

------Original Message------

From: Marty Rutherford

To: Governor Sarah Palin

Sent: Jul 30, 2008 10:22 PM

Subject: Congratulations Governor!

Governor, Congratulations on your AGIA bill clearing the Senate Special Committee on Energy with a favorable vote of 7 to 5 with NO Amendments! And, Thank You for all your many efforts to bring Alaska to where we are today! This has occurred only because of you and your strength and dedication to Alaska's interests! Your Team is so proud to serve you!


Sent from my BlackBerry® device from Cellular One


It gives further examples of what they mean by commercial databases:

(U//FOUO) Example: FBI-approved on-line services or resources include, but are not limited to: Google, Yahoo, or similar Internet search services; data brokers such as ChoicePoint, Westlaw, and Lexis-Nexis; and vehicle, casualty, and property insurance claims databases such as Claim-Search.

The difference with the new rules is that they allow the use of things like Lexis-Nexis or Choicepoint without opening an assessment. However, that list is not all-inclusive, and the oversight issue is real. Supervisors are required to review assessments at 30/90 day intervals, so avoiding an assessment effectively avoids supervisory review.

What a great concept! When a few quick on-line checks might resolve a possible issue, instead lets

1) open a file, with all the attendant administrative processes by several different employees, and

2) require supervisory review, including supervisory approval and review of every Google inquiry.

That'll really help us thwart potential terrorists!

For anyone's info who cares, a top level street Special Agent is a GS-13, and a Supervisory Special Agent is a GS-14. You can get some idea of their salaries from this GS Pay Scale, but you have to add in 25% for overtime as well as locality pay, which varies by Metropolitan area. Then, of course, there are retirement and insurance contributions on the part of the Government, i.e., the taxpayers.

Leave it to JOMers to find the most efficient use of Government (= taxpayer) resources, and to find the potential for abuse: some FBI agent somewhere might spend his days doing on-line searches and never open an assessment, and his supervisor would never wonder how the agent was spending his time with no results to show. Uh, yeah.

Go ahead, tie the whole investigative process up in administrative knots--if you want to multiply costs and guarantee another 9/11. Pure genius, of course, on the part of those who want to justify more foreign adventures.


On the final passage of AGIA (Alaska Gasline Inducement Act):

From: gov.sarah@yahoo.com

Sent: Friday, August 01, 2008 4:43 PM

To: Stapleton; Meghan N (DNR); Irvin; Tom E (DNR); Galvin; Patrick S (DOR); Rutherford; Marty


Yeah!!! Thank you Meg!!! And all!

------Original Message------

From: Meghan Stapleton

To: Governor Sarah Palin

To: Tom Irwin
To: Pat Galvin
To: Marty Rutherford

Sent: Aug 1, 2008 2:45 PM


Wish I could be there! I can hear your shouts of joy in Anchorage! You've persevered through so much. Congratulations.


Sent from my BlackBerry®.device from Cellular One


Taranto BOTW, comes through again:

"On what basis does one posit that there is "something deeper going on"? To explain what motivated his actions, it is sufficient to observe that he seems to have a healthy male libido--indeed, perhaps a bit too healthy. Of course, "I'm sick" is just the latest in a string of Weiner excuses: "I was hacked," "I take full responsibility," etc. But it is also an example of his feminist hypocrisy. It is as if a family-values conservative were caught in gay sex chats and announced that he was entering therapy to overcome his "sick" homosexual impulses.

Contemporary feminism's formula for "equality" is to treat male ambition as the norm for both sexes but male sexuality as abnormal--either immoral or pathological, depending on the context. A fascinating example appeared over the weekend in the New York Times, in a Week in Review article pondering the mystery of why "female politicians rarely get caught up in sex scandals."

The explanation is actually quite simple if you accept the sexual differences between men and women. The Times piece hints at the obvious explanation, only to change the subject:

It would be easy to file this under the category of "men behaving badly," to dismiss it as a testosterone-induced, hard-wired connection between sex and power (powerful men attract women, powerful women repel men). . . . But there may be something else at work: Research points to a substantial gender gap in the way women and men approach running for office.
We then get an extended lecture on the superior virtue of the fairer sex. Whereas male politicians are mere careerists, women run for office "because there is some public issue that they care about," according to one academic. "Once elected, women feel pressure to work harder," another expert claims. "Female politicians are punished more harshly than men for misbehavior," says a Democratic operative. Another adds that "male politicians feel invincible" and thus are prone to reckless acts.

But let's extract the truth from that antithesis paragraph, particularly the parenthetical observation. "Powerful men attract women," the Times observes. That reflects a truism about female sexuality: Woman are attracted to status.

What about "powerful women repel men"? That generalization about male sexuality has an element of truth, but it doesn't go to the heart of the matter. It's like saying "girls don't date nice guys"--an expression of the frustration of those who think the opposite sex should find them more attractive, but one that casts little light on the other sex's actual preferences.

If powerful men attract women, what kind of women attract men? Beautiful ones--which usually means young ones (the exception that proves the rule: Sarah Palin). Successful politicians accrue status, which makes male ones more attractive to the opposite sex but confers no such benefit on women. They also become older, as do we all do (alas), which diminishes women's attractiveness more quickly than men's.

The Times story includes another antithesis paragraph that points in this direction and argues strongly against the notion that the difference between the sexes consists of women's superior virtue:

Of course, it is a big leap to suggest that voter expectations and an "extra level of seriousness" among women in public office translate into an absence of sexual peccadilloes. Helen Fisher, an anthropologist at Rutgers, said her studies on adultery show that, at least under the age of 40, women are equally as [sic] likely to engage in it as men. She theorizes that perhaps women are simply more clever about not getting caught.
If we're talking about politicians, that theory is unnecessary. Roughly 95% of Congress (94% of the House, 100% of the Senate) is over 40. Only two women under 40 currently serve in Congress. Male politicians are more likely than female ones to get into sex scandals for the simple reason that their sexual opportunities are far greater."


Here's the one the left was touting as Palin giving kudos to Obama over an energy speech. Heh.

From: gov . sarah@yahoo.com [mailto : gov.sarah @yahoo.com]

Sent: Monday, August 04 , 2008 8:15 AM

To: Leighow, Sharon W (GOV ); Hughes, Rosanne D (GOV ); Balash, Joseph R (GOV)

Subject: Obama

He gave a great speech this morn in Michigan - mentioned Alaska. Stole our Energy Rebate $1000 check idea, stole our TC-Alaska gasline talking points , etc. So .... we need to take advantage of this a write a statement saying he ' s right on . .( Glad he's flipflopping on OCS, too.)

Joe- could you help crank this quick statement out as our "reaction" to some of Obama's good points this morning?

Sent from my BlackBerry ( r) device from Cellular One


as if Obama's jobless spending spree hadn't debunked that theory beyond repair

Going back to the previous thread, there's that old definition of insanity: doing the same thing again and again in the same situation but expecting a different outcome. This seems apt for the advocates of QE3, or stimulus 2, or for those like Krugman who say the problem with the stimulus is that it wasn't big enough.


I apologize for the length of that Taranto quote. It did not appear that long in the version I clipped it from.


JimmyK, I don't think the advocates for QE3 expect a different outcome. I think they want to continue to protect their friends at our expense.

From: gov.sarah@yahoo.com

Sent: Monday, August 11, 2008 11:18 AM

To: Leighow; Sharon W (GOV)

Subject: Re: National interviews


Sent from my BlackBerry device from Cellular One


From: "Leighow, Sharon W (GOV)"

Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2008 11:06:21 -0800


CC: Mason, Janice L (GOV); Perry, Kristin Y (GOV)

Subject: National interviews

Governor -

Several national media outlets have requested interviews with you this week . The interviews are mostly about politics. Thursday seems to be pretty open on your schedule. May I pursue these?

Time Magazine
Denver Post
National Post
Roll Call
New Yorker Magazine

Sharon Leighow
Deputy Press Secretary
Deputy Communications Director
(907) 269-7450 Anchorage
(907) 465-4031 Juneau
(907) 240-7943 cell


I apologize for the length of that Taranto quote. It did not appear that long in the version I clipped it from.

Sheesh. Quit spamming the thread, Clarice.

From: gov.sarah@yahoo.com

Sent: Wednesday, August 13, 2008 7:40 AM

To: Nizich; Michael A (GOV); Colberg; Talis J (LAW)

Subject: This morning

Trig has physical therapy this morning, so I'll be in at 11am. Contact me on cell/BB if you need me before. Hopefully you'll be able to meet when I get in. Thanks

Sent from my BlackBerry® device from Cellular One


And now she's the VP candidate.


Sent: Friday, August 29, 2008 4:16 PM

To: 'sp@hslak.com'

Subject: Re: Blessings

Amen and Amen.

From: sp@hslak.com

To: Hughes, Rosanne D (GOV)

Sent: Fri Aug 29 16:12:10 2008

Subject: Re: Blessings

YES! Thank you- please pray for wisdom and favor and for HIS will only to be done. Thank you!!!

Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

From: "Hughes, Rosanne D (GOV)"

Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 15:18:04 -0800


Subject: RE: Blessings

I'm asking all my prayer partners to intercede for you.

Rosanne Hughes
Director of External Communications
(907) 269-7450

From: sp@hslak.com [mailto:sp@hslak.com]

Sent: Friday, August 29, 2008 3:08 PM

To: Hughes, Rosanne D (GOV); Governor
Sarah Palin (GOV sponsored)

Subject: Re: Blessings

Thank you- love you! Say your prayers!

Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

From: "Hughes, Rosanne D (GOV)"

Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 14:47:36 -0800

To: ;Govemor Sarah Palin (GOV sponsored)

Subject: Blessings

We are so proud of you. All of Alaska is so proud of you. You hit that speech out of the ballpark - with only one hour to rehearse it? It was surreal for us as your staff to watch you on TV on stage with Sen . McCain ... like an out of body experience. We were in tears. God bless.

Governor Palin Page 1 of I
Sent: Friday, August 29, 2008 3:20 PM

To: 'gov.sarah@yahoo.com'

Subject: Fw: Governor Palin


From: Wheeler, Dennis

To: Balash, Joseph R (GOV)

Sent: Fri Aug 29 14:35:53 2008

Subject: Governor Palln

CONGRATULATIONS! !!A neat opening press conference and sppech !!We are proud and happy for the Palins , thank you for your ongoing support for mining,Your personal position played a najor role in the defeat of Proposition 4,All the people of Coeur will be garnering votes for. Palin for Veep,Dennis E. Wheeler


Taranto on Weener: he seems to have a healthy male libido.

I'd say Weener has a twisted caricature of a male libido. If Taranto thinks healthy males day dream about sexting and phone sex, that says a lot more about Taranto than it does about most men.


The onslaught is already into high gear.

From: sp@hslak.com

Sent: Tuesday, September 09, 2008 8:20 PM

To: Leighow; Sharon W (GOV); McAllister, William D (GOV)

Cc: Nizich; Michael A (GOV)

Subject: Fw. Explaining per diem

Msg below:
------Original Message------

From: Thirdwave2

To: rdavis@mccain08hq.com

To: sschmidt@mercuryllc.com

Sent: Sep 9, 2008 9:38 AM

Subject: Explaining per diem

Todays post page one leighow explains the palins could. have charged the state per diem for each child under alaskan state law and did not do so.

This should be brought into a single number childrens days not charged equals $X that palin did NOT charge the taxpayers for that she was legally entitled to

Offsets 90 per bent of the story's impact newt

Sent via B1ackBerry by AT&T

From: Palin, Sarah (GOV sponsored) [govpalin@ataska.gov]

Sent: Tuesday, September 16, 2008 4:50 AM

To: Galvin; Patrick S (DOR); Irwin; Tom E (DNR); Rutherford; Marty K (DNR); Balash; Joseph R (GOV)

Subject: Re: Checkin in

Holy cow. Thank you guys for continuing.to get the truth out! And Meg can help. Keep up the great work... hopefully folks are happy with DoR's good work with the early dividends

- thank you!

----- Original Message -----

From: Galvin,. Patrick S (DOR)

To: Palin, Sarah (GOV sponsored); Irwin, Tom E (DNR); Rutherford, Marty K (DNR); Balash, Joseph R (GOV)

Sent: Mon Sep.15 20:55:38 2008

Subject: RE: Checkin in

It's great to hear from you! There are very few anti's griping within Alaska, but the national media is getting their first taste of AGIA and they WANT it to be wrong somehow. First, the New York Times wrote that the gasline is no sure thing, quoting Bert and Lyda as recent converts against it ("We're shocked that TC demands $500 million from the state!"), acting as if you had said the gas was practically flowing right now. Recently, we hear that a Newsweek reporter wants to "blow the lid" off the real story that everybody knows we'll never get through Canada, and AGIA was all a ruse to get you to the White

We'll continue to spread the truth, and explain the ongoing battle with the Producers.

We know you're letting people around the country know about what Alaska has to offer.

Thank you.


From: Meat Attack [meatamorphoses@gmail.com]

Sent: Wednesday, September 17, 2008 1:34 PM

To: gov.palin@yahoo.com

Subject: Caribou Barbi Song


If you steal the forbibben fruit from the tree it makes you the judge; not God.

God gave mankind the freedom to make his or her own mistakes.

Let God be the judge and he will reward you in kind.

Otherwise you burn in hell.

From: Governor Sarah Patin (GOV sponsored) [govemor©alaska.gov]

Sent: Wednesday, September 17, 2008 10:47 AM

To: Mason; Janice L (GOV)

Cc: Fagerstrom; Erika (GOV)

Subject: FW: Todd Palin does NOT belong in your meetings

From: toonster@gci.net [mailto :toonster@gci.net]

Sent: Saturday, September 13, 2008 4:36 PM

To: Governor Sarah Palin (GOV sponsored)

Subject: Todd Palin does NOT belong in your meetings

I am very angry after hearing of the increasing involvement of Mr. Palin in state business , meetings and emails. As an Alaskan resident of almost 29 years , I am almost in disbelief of this seemingly accepted practice in the governor's office and business.

We did not vote for Mr. Palin, and unless he holds an official capacity , he has no business attending meetings and being cc'd on state business emails . I feel that Governor Palin is throwing aside common sense and especially respect for Alaskan constituents to condone and encourage this type of political behaviour . I'm so disappointed and disgusted. I will continue to monitor this development and speak out against this practice . Send Mr. Palin home and give us a good explanation of why you ever thought this was going to be OK with Alaskan residents!

Martha Toon
6734A Marguerite St
Juneau, AK 99801


Still working into early October. But, of course...


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Subject: Fagan

Gosh, I was kind of feeling left out while Dan Fagan picked on you alone-but no more--I'm proud to stand withyou while I, too, am personally vilified by Fagan.

I've told my staff not to respond and I've got one person monitoring-having instructed everyone else to keep their heads down and keep doing their work-though their curiosity was killing them as they turned off their radio



We need to start pelting the Capital Building with the new toxic lightbulbs until they repeal the ban on incandescent bulbs!!!
Republicans are stinking on this too.


Mid-October. Remember, this is the "Executive Residence Manager."


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Subject: Re: Right onllI

Thanks so much!!! That was just too cool!!

We REALLY appreciate your invit. to stay at your house, so nice of you to offer! My mom and the rest of my family is staying at Capt.Cook & B got a great discount, so we're good.

We did last wk extra low budget!

Do you want anything for the fridge while you' re here?


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Subject: Right on!!!

We are so proud ! Great job! Your boys are awesome!

I loved the article about your sons (though they should have added your precious daugther in there, too). Reading it gave me goosebumps.

Cool picture of Eddie, too.

Can't wait for next weekend' s game . If people need a place to stay, despite the drive they'd need to make to watch the game in Anchorage, let folks know they can camp at our house and save some hotel $$$.

Todd and I will be down Wed night it sounds like.


Ooops, wrong year. This database switched back to 2007 on me.


The End.


Janet, I just called Upton's office and was assured hearings on the proposed legislature to ban the switch will be scheduled for later this month or sometime next month.


I think the point of the piece, is we can come up with plenty of reasons why this authority, may be over broad, but Mike German, is not the right person to voice
them. In fact. he sounds like exactly the sort which might have composed the infamous
DHS memo.


After reading through these emails, many of which I skipped, I'm even more pissed at McCain for his handling of this woman's introduction to the national stage.

During the time period of the emails, Governor Palin very obviously worked day and night on Alaskan issues. She would have had very little time following national issues, as she was spending all of her time on local ones, and she shouldn't have been expected to.

McCain should have made it crystal clear from the get-go: that he chose her for her obviously excellent executive abilities, her qualities as a person, and her thorough understanding of both energy and land/wilderness management.

He should have advised her to say this just as clearly, too.

"Senator McCain has asked me to focus and provide guidance on energy and land-use issues. At this point, I don't claim any expertise on foreign policy or national domestic policy issues. But I'm a quick study and will devote myself to becoming a valued member of his team as he transitions into the presidency."

Simple and honest.

All McCain had to do was to say "I expect to survive long enough for Mrs. Palin to become as expert on national issues as she is on Alaskan ones."

Why he didn't take this tack will forever be a black mark on his ability to foresee what came to pass during his candidacy for president.

He left a good woman out there, virtually alone, to defend herself against the media onslaught that he should have easily anticipated.


Posted by: Melinda Romanoff | June 13, 2011 at 02:47 PM

I'm waiting for that also.

Melinda Romanoff


I think he was expecting the media to vet her and got the Flounder Treatment instead (aka the D-Day excuse).


Worse, he let his staff cut her up behind her back 24/7, Ext.

There'snow a Weiner action figure for those of you so inclined.


Melinda Romanoff

[ed note- That would be the Otter excuse. My apologies.]


I am thrilled that the Left came up empty-handed wrt palin's e-mails. I will watch the debate tonight just so I can get an idea of the CNN opposition and the tactics they intend to use to discredit the repub candidates. Today on Dylan Ratigan-they were trashing Mitt so they are right on schedule
One of my greatest campaign of 2008 experiences was seeing Sarah in person at Lakewood Park.McCain also came to Rocky River Memorial Hall but Sarah's message was stronger.


I'm so glad that Williams and co, vetted this guy, we 'really dodged a bullet' there:



Worse, he let his staff cut her up behind her back 24/7, Ext.

He's a fool. The probable main reason they did that was to set up excuses for themselves, after seeing how vicious the onslaught was. It could have been largely avoided with a simple statement from McCain, such as the one I suggested above.

At which point, she could have easily handled the MSM interviews.

To Gibson re: "The Bush Doctrine": "I'm not sure what you mean, but I'll say again that I haven't followed foreign policy very closely, as I've been focused on Alaskan issues until now."

To Couric re: reading materials: "I've been focused on Alaskan issues, and haven't read the national press very closely. I'd be happy to respond to any questions you have about Alaskan issues."

F*ck McCain. I'll never look at the fool again without anger over his stupid handling of this relatively simple strategic matter. He had a diamond in the rough, and completely blew it.


It's a wonder there ratings aren't higher:


Frau Steingehirn

"He (McCain) left a good woman out there, virtually alone, to defend herself against the media onslaught that he should have easily anticipated."

Indeed Ex, but there are many *near* and far who will never read the emails, Palin's own writing in the media or on Facebook. For them, she remains a "bitter and divisive caricature" (the media created.) In a recent newspaper article, she was quoted in print using "gonna" and "ridin'" etc., whereas when I heard her lengthy TV interview with Wallace, I caught only two examples near the end. Barry is never quoted accurately.

Frau Steingehirn

"a Weiner action figure"

A Sitzpinkler model? Does it dribble, clarice?


What a question, frau.....There are two versions, apparently, a kiddy ken doll type and an "anatomically correct" one .

Ralph L

I started to mistrust the FBI after they sent 900 Republican personal files to the Clinton White House--and no one was punished that I heard of.


Sue,Gmax,Porchlight et al Congrats on the Mavs win. I watched the last ten minutes so I wouldn't jinx it and was jumping up and down with happiness at the results
LeBron took us to the promised land and choked but I still say a winning team is not a motley crew of a few good players. The Mavs had a team effort with 27 points scored by the shortest guy.A classy trophy ceremony and a very exciting game. Kudos to all and yes we will also have a parade in Cleveland.

Ralph L

Saw a bumpersticker: Obamacare will make you shovel-ready

Ex, in Going Rogue, Palin said Couric asked some questions several times (which were edited out), so her responses became "huh?"

Every conservative should have his own camera crew when being interviewed by MSM. The McCain campaign should have known that, but thought they were "my friends."


I also have a couple of posts on facebook from a Larry Lynn..they were almost weiner-like...unless he turns out to be Hit(cannot believe that) I am blocking him..1st time I received any message from him at all.--I enjoy links and photos of friends, but don't suffer fools or liars well.


glenda, Clarice, etc. about Larry Lynn and Facebook. My sister was warning over the weekend that many (innocent) FB user's names are attached to links that are actually porn, and they are unaware of it. Just a head's up. Larry may be innocent.


This is the post my sister had on FB - looks like several are posting it and it is making the rounds:

ATTENTION FB* applications are sending porno messages under some of YOUR names. Don't get in trouble with your friends,copy paste this message! If you receive a nasty message, video clip or a post saying xx answered a question about you, I'm NOT the one who sent it... DON'T GO TO THE SITE! Re-post this to your status to let others know


Yeah cc, Larry participated in our Operation Airlift Soylent....

hit and run

Larry is a JOMer.

He posts as . . . larry.

He's in the Florida panhandle and last we heard he was recuperating in a hospital.

I tried to carve out time to go see him on our spring break a couple of months ago,but was unable.

Wish I could have shot the bull with him for a while.

hit and run

Well. I can't vouch for any links of his coming through FB.

But Larry is swell.


that is why I never link to the "someone answered a question about you" or carp like that, even if it's from someone I know.I've had a couple of friend requests that were blatanly fraudulent months ago, i.e....Lois Lucious wants to be friends...

extraneus...excellent work today :)


Tonight's debate will start before I get home from work. Are you all watching? Commenting about it?


If someone posts weird videos on your wall, or information about diet plans, or a promise that you can see who views your profile....assume its a hack. It won't hurt you if you don't click on it.



I'm watching, sucker that I am.


Most of the following, I knew, except the Leon Panetta part! From a commenter called Nevadabob over at Althouse:


Tonight's moderator is CNN's John King. He is married to CNN Reporter Dana Bash ... but that's not her real name. Her real name is Dana Schwartz. She was married before to another man named Jeremy Bash.

Jeremy Bash is the Chief of Staff for Leon Panetta.

That's right. The person moderating this Republican debate is the husband of the ex-wife of the current Democrat Secretary of Defense.

Tangled webs they are a weavin'.


Dana Bash and John King are pretty fair, though.

Danube of Thought

What Perot did to Adm. Stockdale was infinitely worse than what McCain did, or didn't do, to Palin.

Stockdale declined the offer to be Perot's running mate, but Perot said "well, I'm in a bind because I've got to have a name to put on the ticket right now or I can't enter this primary. Let me use your name, and when I settle on my choice I'll replace you with him."

Stockdale, who felt indebted because of Prot's efforts on behalf of POW's, reluctantly accepted. From that point on, he heard nothing. He had no staff, no support, and no political ambition of any kind. As the scheduled VP debate approached, Stockdale tried to get Perot to act, and kept getting put off with further assurances.

He went into that debate without even having been provided with a briefing book, and of course he had a serious hearing problem as a result of his abuse in Hanoi. The result was the destruction of a singularly fine man's reputation, all brought on by his loyalty to his "friend." In his final years he was not an admirer of Ross Perot, I can assure you.


Great Jane - I know you will have pithy comments to help me catch up on events once I make it home.

MayBee: I was a CNN junkie for years, and am quite familiar with Dana Bash and John King and their past reportage. Haven't watched them since switching to Fox News.


Via Twitter: Weiner's request for 2 weeks leave of absence was just read on the House floor.

What can he "cure" in two weeks?

JM Hanes


"Finally, following a few links, we find that the 'misuse' of national security letters, was almost exclusively the result of clerical errors."

Not in the article you linked to, we don't -- a rather embarrassing error in a post nitpicking TM for accuracy, I should think.

Mr. Mueller emphasized that the report determined that the lapses were a result of errors rather than criminal or malicious intent,
Aside from your unsupported leap, the fact that you could actually consider clerical errors a plausible explanation is risible -- especially in light of the stats which follow:
The inspector general traced the increase in the use of the letters after Sept. 11, 2001. There were 8,500 in 2000, the year before the Patriot Act broadened surveillance powers. There were 39,000 in 2003, 56,000 in 2004 and 47,000 in 2005, the years covered in Mr. Fine’s review.

"The misuse of the word "misuse" by those who know better undoubtedly could lead many who don't know better to believe that intentional, deliberate abuse of national security letter powers had been occurring on a widespread basis."

And then there are those who know that abuse is not necessarily the product of "criminal or malicious intent." Patriot Act powers were on law enforcement wish lists long before 9/11, of course. It's also hard to imagine what it might take for you to consider a practice widespread, but the numbers above aren't even the sum total:

[The I.G.] found that the number of letters in case files was 20 percent higher than those recorded in the central legal office at the bureau. Those discrepancies, plus slowness in gathering and transmitting data, meant that the numbers of national security requests reported to Congress were “significantly understated...”

Indeed, one is even left wondering about your own grasp of the term "misuse."

The inspector general also criticized the bureau for using what are called exigent letters in improper circumstances. An exigent letter is meant to be used to obtain information in an extreme emergency like a kidnapping when the bureau has already sought subpoenas for the information. In too many instances, such letters were used in nonemergencies when the bureau had not requested subpoenas, Mr. Fine wrote.

I'll resist the temptation to indulge in a little wordplay on the subject of your knowing no better.


An Am Thinker article wonders - Why are we paying for a gym for Congressmen?
Rahm attacked someone in there, right?...& now Weiner is using it for photo spreads.
Let them pay for memberships at gyms in their home districts.


I totally agree, Janet.

Well, the House approved A. Weiner's leave request. 2 weeks leave, 2 weeks in recess, so he won't return until July. (Unless, he resigns, which I doubt.) pheh!


Full disclosure. I've mentioned it here once before, but I have a retarded daughter, who'll be 18 in a few weeks. She's lower functioning than Trig is likely to be, but I emailed Sarah Palin's beautiful "Letter from God," which apparently wasn't meant for public consumption, and can report that it elicited tears from both mother and father.

Whatever you think of Sarah Palin, only a good person could have written that.


Come on, Janet. We need our Congressmen in tip-top shape!

Jack is Back!

OT: Okay, after much hassle, travel, l food and lots of travel we have finally installed the latest on Frederick's blog. LUN


We are going to Dulles for the Air and Space Annex Museum tomorrow, so we can't make Johnny Rockets. My SIL says that is the better place for aviation history and installations. We will return and then we can have a real meet up.

Jack is Back!

supposed to have read "after much travel and turnpike food..."


Cain, Pawlenty, Bachman, Snatorum, Newt Mitt and Paul present and accounted for.

Danube of Thought

Taking a bit of a break here...


I'm not sure I can endure david gergan and gloria borgia drooling over Obama for the republican debate.


Gee Dot, I love those roving martini's. It's a perfect signature.


Gloria borger does not understand the tea party. good


I saw this last night on TV and thought of you DoT.

A Lobstertini

Cecil Turner

Cain, Pawlenty, Bachman, Snatorum, Newt Mitt and Paul present and accounted for.

What do these guys have in common? I can't imagine voting for any of 'em. So how can they possibly be "electable"?


Newt's still on vacation?


Introduce yourself in 5 seconds.

I just realized Tim pawlenty (who I like very much) looks like a basset hound. (At least thru the eyes)

1. Question from a retired professor - what are your plans to create jobs?

Cain - boost the economy, the train is stalled nd the president is putting everything in the caboose. We need certainty to rev up the private sector.

Santorum, is 5% growth a realistic?

This is an oppressive administration, taxation, regulation, energy Obamacare, this president has put a stop sign on all growth.

Pawlenty: Is 5% unrealistic and why does cutting taxes alone work.

I want to cut taxes, reduce regulation. If China can get 5% growth we can too. Cut taxes and cut spending.

Romney: is 5% overly optimistic?

Tim has the right instincts. The president slowed the economy and failed when the American people relied on him. Card check cap n trade etc. John King interrupts.

Newt: Higher taxes ok? I participated in the reagan economy. Obama is anti jobs, business, energy, congress should repeal Dood-Frank, Sarbanes oxley

Bachmann: Dodd Frank will cost jobs and I filed my papers today to run for president.

Paul: What has Obama done right on the economy?

"That's a tough question. I can't think of anything" 5 % is okay if you get out of the Keynesian way of thinking.

Cain, Pawlenty, Bachman, Snatorum, Newt Mitt and Paul present and accounted for.
I can't imagine voting for any of 'em. So how can they possibly be "electable"?

Ditto, Cecil.


I made a mistake and I hope to save you guys. I watched O'Reilly dissect Pawlenty.

Pawlenty's big problem is he does not know how to connect with the "average American".

To back up Bore-illy's claim, he goes to "average American" expert Karl Rove.

So much for making Monday my sober night. Good grief.


I love you more than ever, extraneus..God bless your family...:)

hit, thanks for info, I hope larry gets well soon :)

go, jane, go !


OMG Sylvia Smith a healthcare journalist is concerned with the overreach. What 3 steps would you take to reveal.

Bachmann: I was first to introduce repeal of Obamacare. It's a job killer 800,000 jobs.

Romeny: talk about Obamneycare. I will repeal Obamacare, and give a waiver to all 50 states. Obamacare costs a trillion dollars, lots of jobs and Romneycare isn't all that bad.

Pawlenty: Healthcare is important.

(John King has that Chritian Amanpour hhappid of groaning while the speaker is talking.)

Why did you choose the Obamney care words? King is an ass.

Romney: the president will eat his words, and if he called me I would have told him it wouldn't work.

Newt: Should the individual mandate be the central issue? Yes.

This campaign cannot only be about the presidency,but COngress.

Jack is Back!

Anybody in need of good humor and spiky comments then go to the AOSHQ for live blogging comments from the New Hampshire debate. They are on a roll.


Abe Lincoln would look like a goofball in one of those fora. Quit participating in them, candidates, and quit watching and judging people on the basis of them, folks. Really They are designed to elicit gotcha errors and well-rehearsed inoffensive, meaningless pabulum.


How will you convince me, not a libertarian on tea party, that you will not be torn by a faction and have a balanced approach to gvt?

Santorum - look at my record. I drafted the contract with America.

Bachmann: The tea party is being wrongly portrayed by the media. It's a wide swarth and the media is scared silly. This election will be about the economy and jobs. We are going to win. Obama is a one term president.

Cain: The tea party is not too negative and not too critical. Cain then goes off with what sounds like a canned answer. (bummer)

How will the candiates return manufactoring jobs to the US:

Paul; you have to invite capital and that requires strong capital. Stop printing money, detax, deregulate, stop weakening the ccurrency.

Pawlenty: I was in a union in a meat packing town. We need fair trade, now we are being stupid. we need to lower costs and burdens of manufacturers - especially Obamacare. Taxes too high, permitting too stupid, more

Bachmann: We need to lower corporate tax rate. we need to pass the mother of all repeal bills and I would start with the EPA.

Santorum: we need to cut capital gains tax in 1/2 with a 5 year window of zero for manufacturers.

Jack is Back!

Clarice is right. Watch the hockey game instead. Then you can come back here and find out who won the debate.

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