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June 28, 2011



Did you see 'Rules of Engagement' TM, which came out about 6 months before the bombing of the USS Cole.


Wonderful. So roomy and it echoes in here, in here, in here!


No oil so who cares?

Jack is Back!

Hey, Baystaters, anyone want to trade me a Carlton Fisk for a Scott Brown?

Jack is Back!

Since there a lot of states represented a JOM, I thought you would be interested in this set of data from the 2010 Census. It is the total tax revenue by state and type of tax. Interestingly, but not unexpected, the heaviest tax burden on individuals is California and New York. LUN


Interesting, JiB, though I wish they'd given the per capita numbers. Also, it's not clear whether it includes local taxes too. But the overall average looks to be about $600 per per capita. Surprisingly, California is pretty close to that, while New York is over $1,000. Texas is only about $400.


Narciso, Have you seen this story?


"adding that the Oklahoma City Bombing appears to have been an earlier and far, far uglier version of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms’ “Operation: Fast and Furious,” an affair involving many of the same key players."


Nah, you can keep that card, I'm still trying to get rid of a Billy Oops card!

Billy Oops

That Scott Brown card reminds me of Billy Ripkin's 1989 Fleer card though!

Bush rooted al Qaeda out of Iraq.

Obama is no more rooting out al Qaeda in Afghanistan than he is rooting out Qaddafy in Libya.


Or rooting out Acorn at home.

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