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June 07, 2011



Here's one example, that comes to mind, which makes the protestations a little forced:



Another example a year earlier,


Jack is Back!


The dirty little secret of political campaigning is that these so called campaign advisors and managers and strategists are really professionals-for-hire. Nothing more and nothing less. In DC it is a cottage industry. You can probably google "Political Campaign Advisors" and get all the hits you want for firms or individuals with shops between K and M and 15th and 23rd st. in DC. In fact, if you do that, I'd like to know the total you came up with. Next try to google "Grassroots Campaign Messaging", another wonderfully expensive and profitable cottage industry in DC.

In fact, the town is full of this sort of business and its obvious support infrastructure. When Obama's people let it be known they would try to raise $1billion for 2012 it just brought smiles and wiping hands to thousands of political dependents in the city. Wait til someone announces a trillion dollar campaign - Crystal for everyone!

Sara (Pal2Pal)

The New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof is a simpleton. There is really no other way to say it, no gentler phrasing possible, to explain how childish and uncluttered his tiny little mind really is.

Captain Hate

What exactly is the knock on Rollins

By hiring him Bachmann reinforces the image of being a scattershot ditz. I think Michelle has a lot of potential to be a major player yet she is ruining it by randomly lurching from one thing to another. I think that a presidential run is very premature for her now. And employing Huckabee's former maestro further marginalizes her and imo marks a distinct step backwards. Just my opinion.


And this rant at the end of last year:



jimmyk- my personal knock on Rolllins is that he was too comfortable going with the Christians vs Mormons strategy when he worked for Huckabee. I have no problem believing he's working for Bachmann just as he'd work for any other Republican candidate.

Frick meet Frack

House Republicans on Friday introduced legislation that would allow workers to partially opt out of Social Security immediately, and fully opt out after 15 years.
Rep. Pete Sessions (R-NY), who chairs the National Republican Congressional Committee, and several other Republicans introduced the Savings Account for Every American (SAFE) Act. Under the bill, workers would immediately have 6.2 percent of their wages sent to a "SAFE" account each year.

That would take the place of the 6.2 percent the workers now contributed to Social Security.

Another 6.2% is sent to Social Security by employers. Under the Sessions bill, employers would continue to make this matching contribution to Social Security, but after 15 years, employers could also send that amount to the employee's SAFE account.

I remember when Bush tired to tell us Wall Street was safe for SS.

I also remember the 2008 Financial Meltdown.


If I had to guess, I would imagine Bachmann was enticed by the Rollins "big name" (not to say "successful" name). I don't totally dislike Bachmann, but if Palin is arguably not ready for primetime (a premise I don't accept), Bachmann is *really* not ready for primetime.

If she continues in this way, she'll be lucky to keep her Congressional seat.


CH, I tend to agree with your assessment of MB, I'm just not seeing how hiring a prominent guy like Rollins, who did after all manage Reagan's 1984 campaign, is such a strike against her. Is it just because he was willing to work for Huckaby, so that makes him forever tainted?


"What exactly is the knock on Rollins, other than that he's attacking Palin?"

No other knock is needed when he is attacking Palin.


jimmyk- my personal knock on Rolllins is that he was too comfortable going with the Christians vs Mormons strategy when he worked for Huckabee.

If Bachmann allows him to try that strategy on her behalf, she deserves every bit of the pounding she'll take for it.

I am not a big Romney fan but I really don't like that sh*t. You can bet Palin won't try any such thing.

Captain Hate

jimmyk, more like how he has recently teed off on the Tea Party, for which Bachmann can't have it both ways. It also underlines the mercenary nature of the biz, which is ok; just don't confuse it with principle.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Andurill: I don't think I've ever known anyone as obsessed with the religion of other's as you are.

And just for the record, the Mormon church is not a cult, I find it offensive for you to call it that.

Huckabee is the only candidate of recent memory who wanted to force his religious views down our throats. What the hell are you so afraid of that causes you to be so obsessed?


Wallison has done more than anyone, possibly even including Bill Isaac and John Taylor in trying to get the story out on Fannie and Freddie, the CRA and the Fed.

IMHO, McCain had the single best chance of explaining this to Joe and Jane Sixpack during the debates, and he totally chickened out. No one else can do it until the next presidential debates, and I'm not sure any of the current field would have the guts.

Btw, Bush could have done it, too, and never did. I consider it a black mark on his record almost as black as the fact that he didn't come out for a tax cut as a way to stop the bleeding in 2008. He knew it wouldn't pass, but people would *still* be wondering about that even now. It could have changed everything politically, regarding the debate over the stimulus and the resulting damage.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Ed Rollings: "You can fool all the people all the time if the advertising budget is big enough."

Love of money; Root of all evil

Evan Bayh has completed his transformation from political toad to Corporate Hump.

"Bayh has signed on with one of the most corporate-friendly, anti-environment shops in all of Washington, DC: the US Chamber of Commerce. According to an internal memo penned by Chamber president Tom Donohue, Bayh, along with former Bush White House chief of staff Andy Card, are now part of the Chamber's anti-regulation messaging team, doing "speeches, events, and media appearances at local venues."

The Chamber's hiring of Bayh, a big name in Washington circles, will only help its efforts to delay or kill new regulatory legislation in Congress....Bayh and Card, the memo says, will help the Chamber push this pro-corporate agenda in Washington and beyond."


Now the fact that he put the death panels in the House bill has nothing to do with this
I'm sure:


Bristol Palin

My Mommy should receive 'special' treatment from any government agency. It's the right thing to do 'cause she helped me get on 'Dancing with the Stars'.


--Back Hewitt had that radio show I could listen to, he talked up Campbell quite a bit,
therein might lie the problem.--

John Campbell or Tom Campbell, narc?
I know Hewitt has always for some reason liked and talked up the socially liberal squish Tom Campbell who ran against Fiorina in the Repub primaries last year.


One of the problems, Ext, was despite that McCain had pushed aggressively for subprime
regulation, some of his campaign staff, including Rick Davis and even candidate vetter
A.B. Culvahouse, had lobbied for one or two of these entities.


No, John Campbell, I recall because there was a primary race, where he was up against one
of one those anti illegal immigration groups,
the ones who patrol the border, that was raving about 'Rollerball' as some way to understand the world.

Oy Vey

Joe Gandelman;

Our political Quote of the Day comes from The New Republic’s Walter Shapiro on the current mood in the Republican Party:

As write-in queen Lisa Murkowski can testify, social media can be serve as a powerful tool for organizing brigades of pencil-pushing voters willing to make electoral history.

Of course, the current none-of-the-above mood among many Republican loyalists could simply be viewed as a vote of no-confidence in the bizarre way that we choose presidential nominees (eight months devoted to wooing 120,000 Iowa GOP caucus-goers). It is as if the Republicans finally grasp the Catch-22 of contemporary campaigning: Anyone who runs for president in an era of cell-phone cameras and Tweet-deck reporters is too crazy ever to be allowed control over nuclear weapons.

Indeed. We live in a culture of sixth-graders who snigger at fart jokes.


Jim Gilcrist of the Minuteman program, is who I was referring to, as his opponent.

Barbara's Bush needs trimming

Today marks the 10th anniversary of former President George W. Bush signing into law his 2001 tax cuts (he passed a second round in 2003). While doing so, Bush promised prosperity and growth, but the nation got neither.
The cost of these budget-busting 2001 and 2003 tax cuts was, as estimated by Citizens for Tax Justice, roughly $2.5 trillion through 2010. But America didn’t have to go down this route of cutting taxes and hoping for growth to miraculously appear. There were other policy options available to policymakers.

Time for revenue enhancement, unless you think counter-intuitively.


Tingles, has gone 'deeply insane'



Mavs up 6-2.

Shove it Cleo, those are the OBAMA tax cuts now. And bravo to him for extending them.

Al Asad


Are you better off now, than you were 4 years ago?

Better kibble? Doghouse has heat?
Rabies shots current?

Don' think so.......

Captain Hate

Go Mavs!!! And go Bruins!!


"Tingles, has gone 'deeply insane'"

Narciso, IMO, Sarah Palin shows a love and passion for the US and it's future that is missing in all the others. I see the same type of passion in Allan West. Cain shows some indication of it, the rest --not so much.


Without a doubt, pagar, that's the key, of course, Tingles shared a nice conversation with that terrorist Bill Ayers, two winter
ago, he calls West Point, 'the enemy camp'
so like a vampire to a cross, he would be
put off by her.

Captain Hate

Tweety must have a substance problem; he's gone completely off the rails into Ed Schultz territory.


Tingles, I get. Who's Tweety?

Dave (in MA)

Once again we need the CH nickname reference card.

Captain Hate

The same, Clarice.


OK. Mo Do actually said something amusing:

"This scandal seemed like an insane cat’s cradle, with Spitzer commenting on the bad judgment of Weiner, who was a beach-house buddy of Jon Stewart and who was married by Bill Clinton to Huma, who was a White House intern for Hillary (who ran against the two-timing Edwards) when Monica was an intern for Bill."


Are there Venn diagrams for that pattern,

Sara (Pal2Pal)

The San Diego Examiner reported that a 68 year old New Mexico rancher was shot dead today on his ranch in Hildago County by an illegal alien.


And then there's Pawlenty, who was raised Catholic, but then his wife told him he'd better change. Yeah, he's quoted pretty much saying that: I had to reconcile my faith with my wife.

At least he has some sense.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Saw this at Free Republic. Does anyone know of the blogger, Ulsterman?

The blogger “Ulsterman” who has reportedly been speaking with someone within the White House over the last several months is reporting that his most recent conversation revealed that “The primary focus is defeat of Obama in 2012…The party is now so deeply divided between the Chicago Democrats and the more mainstream Democrats that the rift cannot be repaired so long as Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett occupy the White House.”

Sara, Ulsterman posts the "Washington Insider" anonymous reports. I assume the quote above is from the Insider. Those seem to be mostly too good to be true although I don't doubt that there are tensions between Jarrett and others in the WH.


I haven't been impressed with this insider,
we've come up with better analysis, from our
outsider perches.


In response to a diss from Duke and Duke front man, Ron Kauffman, Scott Conroy asks
this question:

Am curious to hear more about this "sideshow candidate" who polls in 2nd place nationally & in IA, SC


--Indeed. We live in a culture of sixth-graders who snigger at fart jokes.--

I for one am appalled at the incessant racism of the left.


"Mitt Romney Begins Distancing Himself From His Mormon Church"


History repeats!


Piers Morgan asked, ”Does your faith mean that you view homosexuality as a sin?” Romney’s response was as follows: “I separate quite distinctly matters of personal faith from the leadership that one has in a political sense.”

nothing wrong with that answer and the way I would want any politician, regardless of faith, to answer it.

I wonder if there are any articles discussing Palin distancing herself from her faith?



In a very insightful book, that was possibly one of the false notes in Mansfield's treatment.


'Is it real, or is it Memorex'



I am persuaded that Ulsterman is a fake, an agent provocateur as it were.


"nothing wrong with that answer and the way I would want any politician, regardless of faith, to answer it."

The only politicians in American who have to disown their faith are Christians. No one forces Rep Ellison, or anyone who believes like him, to give up his. No one forces any one who doesn't believe in God to start believing in God, but Christians have to give up their beliefs.

"I wonder if there are any articles discussing Palin distancing herself from her faith?"
Looks like more apples and Oranges, Palin didn't say she was doing something, someone else said he thought she was. Romney said he was.


The only politicians in American who have to disown their faith are Christians

oh please, W was overtly Christian and made no bones about it

and it it is apples and apples as regards Romney and Palin

In 2006, Palin told the Associated Press that her personal beliefs would not dictate her public policies, adding that she was "not one to be out there preaching and forcing my views on anyone else"

The reason Romney and Palin have to address this is because they are from lesser known and understood sects of Christianity (Mormon & Pentacostal)

The last thing either of them want to do is make this about religion, so why are you doing so Pagar?






Considering how much her churcgh was slandered, to the point that it was set
ablaze, and she was hung in effigy in W.
Hollywood, you see why she might be less
than effusive, in some sense.


you see why she might be less
than effusive, in some sense.

yep, and the same goes for Romney, as he and Mormon churches have been attacked as well

that's my point, they are both aware of the situation regarding their religious views, and so both of them try to reassure the public, which is why I addressed Pagar's dig at Romney.

don't throw stones etc

Sara (Pal2Pal)

They do it because they hate Mormons, they've been taught that Mormons are the devil, not devout Christians. They are idiots who don't know what they are talking about, religious bigots of the worst order, and have so little faith themselves, they see boogeymen everywhere, not realizing they are the worst religious freedom offenders.

Romney isn't distancing himself, he doesn't need to. The LDS church's policies distant themselves, believing that contitutional freedoms as we know them are from God and should be followed. Render unto Caesar and all that.

Here is Church Policy:

21.1.29 Political and Civic Activity

As citizens, Church members are encouraged to participate in political and governmental affairs, including involvement in the political party of their choice. Members are also urged to be actively engaged in worthy causes to improve their communities and make them wholesome places in which to live and rear families.

In accordance with the laws of their respective governments, members are encouraged to register to vote, to study issues and candidates carefully, and to vote for individuals whom they believe will act with integrity and sound judgment. Latter-day Saints have a special obligation to seek out, vote for, and uphold leaders who are honest, good, and wise (see D&C 98:10).

While affirming the right of expression on political and social issues, the Church is neutral regarding political parties, political platforms, and candidates for political office. The Church does not endorse any political party or candidate. Nor does it advise members how to vote. However, in some exceptional instances the Church will take a position on specific legislation, particularly when it concludes that moral issues are involved. Only the First Presidency can speak for the Church or commit the Church to support or oppose specific legislation or to seek to intervene in judicial matters. Otherwise, stake presidents and other local leaders should not organize members to participate in political matters or attempt to influence how they participate.

Church members are encouraged to consider serving in elected or appointed public offices in local and national government. Candidates for public office should not imply that their candidacy is endorsed by the Church or its leaders. Church leaders and members should also avoid statements or conduct that might be interpreted as Church endorsement of any political party, platform, policy, or candidate.

Members are encouraged to support measures that strengthen the moral fabric of society, particularly those designed to maintain and strengthen the family as the fundamental unit of society.

Church records, directories, and similar materials may not be used for political purposes.

Church facilities may not be used for political purposes. However, facilities may be used for voter registration or polling where there is not a reasonable alternative (see 21.2).

It is the church who dictates that Romney keep his spiritual and political life separate.


Did people say JFK was distancing himself from his faith when he said his religious views would not inform his political actions?

Captain Hate

I guess this is the appropriate thread for this. It's pretty bad when the head Ewok, definitely no fan of Palin, comes up with this: http://minx.cc/?post=317319

Say goodnight, Ed.

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