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June 12, 2011


Danube of Thought

Above all, avoid using names like "anduril" or "Al Asad."

Pot meet Kettle

Fred forgot 'projection' which seems to identify the particular kind of 'crazy' which infects his own methodology for dealing with opposing opinions.

Long screeds, notwithstanding.

Effluent of Thought could have written this piece.


Some of that stuff--like proofreading and accidentally leaving on the cap locks is wayyyyy to close for comfort, but I love this:

"So those are my tips for appearing less crazy on the internet. If you want a role model, try to be more like Andrew Sullivan. When it was revealed in 2008 that Bristol Palin was pregnant and thus couldn’t physically have given birth to Trig Palin, even the most hardcore conspiracy theory nuts gave up on that one, but not Sullivan. He stuck with it despite it being “the government is concealing the fact that 2 + 2 = 5!” crazy. And yet he’s still treated by many as a serious pundit because he has the discipline to make it so it’s not blatantly obvious to a casual reader that he’s Kleenex-boxes-for-shoes, the-squirrels-are-spying-on-me, kung-fu-fighting-invisible-ninjas crazy."


No, that's not at all clear, but his bete noires, are the media's approved ones, Israel,
Christians, social conservatives, and women.
Sarah happens to fit in all of the Venn diagrams. This is made clear, by that loathsome piece in the Harvard Alumni magazine
by Jesse Kornbluth, some months back,

Uncle BigBad

On the internet, no one knows you're a dog.

Nostrodamus was crazzeeee

Christopher Phillips has his own crazy parallel in History citing the example of pre-civil war Missouri.

History repeats when lessons go unnoticed.

"In between sat the majority of the state’s population. They considered themselves “Conditional Unionists,” moderates who advocated staying with the Union as long as the federal government did not interfere with the state’s rights to own slaves. Most white Missourians boasted they favored “neither union-splitters nor rail-splitters.” In the 1861 election, moderate northern Democrat Stephen A. Douglas notched his only victory in Missouri. Jackson won the governorship by convincing these “submissionists,” as the Ultras derided them, that he too was a moderate on secession."


Danube of Thought

"Fred forgot 'projection' ..."

Anybody know who Fred is?


Ah, Frank J, 'originator of the 'Rumsfeld the Beltway strangler' good times I tell you.

Nostrodamus was crazzeeee

Anybody know who Fred is?


Good catch, Effluent. You are emblematic
of the good grammarian, and typophobe,


At this super duper treatment facility, that A Weiner is now attending, anyone know the treatment modality? I am betting a steady diet of saltpeter myself, mixed in with photos of Monica Lewinsky in her water retention moments.

Atlas shrugs when he doesn't give a damn

A Philosophy Based On Admiring A Psychopath

Talking GOP branded crazy, now

Rand believed that a lot of things most of us use as our moral base are "evil." But Rand's writings are the origins of modern Republican philosophy. In Alan Greenspan And Things Forgotten I wrote about the origins of this philosophy:
Rand's work is very popular among conservatives now. It forms a core justification for their "on your own" philosophy praising the wealthy and discarding the rest. So it is useful to explore the formation and core of this philosophy. Early in her writings Rand became fascinated with a serial killer named William Hickman. Rand wrote that the serial killer was an "ideal man," a superior form of human because he didn't let society impose their morals on him. He didn't worry about what others thought and just did as he pleased.
"Other people do not exist for him, and he does not see why they should," Rand wrote. Hickman had "no regard whatsoever for all that society holds sacred, and with a consciousness all his own. He has the true, innate psychology of a Superman. He can never realize and feel 'other people.'" She considered these to be good qualities! And so does her cult.
This is the foundation of the modern "tea party" conservative thinking. So when you look at the modern capitalism that has grown up around Rand's philosophy and the big corporations that are chewing up the planet to enrich a very few at the expense of the rest of us, and think it seems sort of psychopathic, maybe that's because it literally is."



"Good catch"

Fred is to Frank as cleo is to dogpile.


I think you had a typo there Boris, didn't you mean dogpoop?

DoT minus sixteen today, the lowest he has been in about six weeks.


Absolutely, leo, rich people like the Kennedys who have their fortunes tucked away in tax free trusts in Tahiti are morally superior because they want to piss away more of our money on counterproductive government projects which almost always make the situation of the poor worse.

Danube of Thought

God do I hope ol' Anthony hangs in there. His district is going to disappear before the next election, but just think of all he could accomplish in the next 17 months.


--Anybody know who Fred is?


Good catch, Effluent. You are emblematic
of the good grammarian, and typophobe,

Posted by: Nostrodamus was crazzeeee--

Lose the punctuation and leo would have captured just about every crazy tell in that one comment.


Cops: Masked men hold up doughnut shop, get dough

HYANNIS, Mass. (AP) -- Police say masked and armed men in Cape Cod thought they were nabbing a bag of dough.

They did - just not the kind they wanted.

Three Hyannis men are facing armed robbery while masked charges after police say they robbed a Dunkin' Donuts with knives and a hatchet on Wednesday and only ended up with a bag of doughnuts.

According to police, the men demanded a paper bag that was in one of the worker's purses, mistakenly believing she was carrying cash from the day's receipts. But police say the men never looked inside.

The men were captured on video and police were able to track them down on Thursday. Arrested were 19-year-old Nicholas Mercurio, 21-year-old Lukas Peterson and 20-year-old Charles Iliffe.

It was unclear if any had attorneys.


What do they mean by "ONLY a bag of doughnuts"?


Someone should tell Frank J about the freaks who constantly change their names in order to avoid troll filters. Well, ok, I just did.

Mitt creates some jobs

Colbert vivisects Mitt;

"“You see, Romney made a Mittload of cash using what’s known as a leveraged buyout. He’d buy a company with ‘money borrowed against their assets, groomed them to be sold off and in the interim collect huge management fees.’ Once Mitt had control of the company, he’d cut frivolous spending like jobs, workers, employees, and jobs. Just like America’s sweetheart, Gordon Gecko. […]

“Because Mitt Romney knows just how to trim the fat. He rescued businesses like Dade Behring, Stage Stories, American Pad and Paper, and GS Industries, then his company sold them for a profit of $578 million after which all of those firms declared bankruptcy. Which sounds bad, but don’t worry, almost no one worked there anymore.

“Besides, a businessman can’t be weighed down with a bleeding heart, as one former Bain employee put it, ‘It was very clinical…. Like a doctor. When the patient is dead, you just move on to the next patient.’ See? Mitt Romney is like a doctor! [On screen: Dr. Kevorkian]”"


Yes an employee, for Viaco, 'speaking truth to power' how does that work exactly,


I note that Dade Behring emerged from bankruptcy, and later was acquired for $6.4 billion in 2007 by Siemens.

Few bankruptcies are Chapter 7, and reorganization often does work.

As if you didn't know

"how does that work, exactly?"

Money makers get longer leashes,

Ayn Rand would be proud

The Dirty Koch Brothers Launch Their Latest Spin Campaign
by Heather Taylor-Miesle NRDC Action Fund, Fri Jun 10, 2011 at 08:33:17 AM EDT

As if we haven’t heard enough from the Dirty Koch Brothers, now comes their latest scheme: This week, Americans for Prosperity -- which is founded and funded by dirty energy giant Koch Industries -- is launching its “Running on Empty Tour” in an attempt to blame high gas prices on the environmental safety regulations and the Obama Administration. You can be pretty sure they’re not going to talking about how gas prices are affected by Big Oil companies, foreign governments or oil industry speculators like, say, Koch Industries. They’re planning to preach their lies in places like Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri.

These wealthy fat cats are working hard to advance their misguided, dirty agenda which is full of falsehoods and great for their corporate bottom line -- but it isn’t good for your family or your community. Here are a few examples of their lies:

The fossil fuel industry has told you that carbon dioxide is good for you when, in fact, increased carbon pollution is expected to create more smog, which can trigger chest pain, coughing, throat irritation, and congestion (and can worsen bronchitis, emphysema, and asthma). Exposure to ground-level ozone smog can also reduce lung function and inflame the linings of the lungs; repeated exposure may permanently scar lung tissue.
These wanna-be corporate puppet-masters have paid questionable scientists to question the abundant evidence that climate change is happening when 97% of climate researchers believe in man-made climate change.
They have scared families into thinking that addressing pollution will greatly harm the household budget. In fact, multiple studies show that the various bills considered by Congress in the past cost relative pennies – and may actually save many families money, depending on where you live.
They have convinced an entire political party to forget science in the name of radical politics as we see more severe droughts, flooding and other weather events – all predicted as a result of global warming. The entire Republican Presidential field has turned a blind eye in fear of angering the corporate sugar daddies.


Ah yes, the outfit that was started with the profits from the Alar scam, that's just choice. Fundedd by a convicted tax evader,


I think the 'troll of all trades' has proven
Frank's point.


Acid Rain would be proud

Danube of Thought

From the Greta Wire:

"A leave of absence must be requested on the floor. This is usually a perfunctory, moot exercise, with no one objecting. But….

"It is conceviable that if someone does object…the leave is not granted. And, it’s possible a debate and even a vote could ensue on the merits or demerits of granting leave.

"If Weiner asks for leave, it would not surprise me if someone were to object on the floor. Then we’re into uncharted territory."


Frankly, the use of "U" for you, among other cutesy writing affectations hardly gets to the profoundly crazy. Those folks write in complete sentences, without typos. It's what they write that reveals their instability. Take the latest Sarah fixation as a fine example, or the defense of Weiner. Or, for a truly crazed and hateful man, take Bob Schieffer, please.

I believe that to engage on the national stage as a candidate or a partisan requires a certain maladjustment, particularly in these unfettered times.


i for one am very intrigued by the perception of using all caps as yelling. why is that? telegrams used to be sent in all capital letters. street signs are in all caps. so is the sign over my starbucks. is starbucks yelling at me?


Alright, Clarice, how did you pull this off:



The first comment under this Jack Cashill piece at American Thinker posits a great theory about the birth certificate. lun


Simple, narciso, but if I told you how, I'd have to kill you.

Rick Ballard


Clyburn is a natural for the Support A. Weiner project. One would hope that others would follow the wise advice of a man who is certainly able to recognize a tipping point when he sees it. I certainly hope that A. Weiner takes his advice and makes it clear in tomorrow's session that he intends to stick this thing out to the very end.

Danube of Thought


Ayn Rand would be proud

Effluent approaches 'cliff of no return, crazy'.




where's the beef?


OMG A phallic adonis.
Is that Rahm sticking out from behind the water cooler?


The democrats are abusing 12-step programs, or should I say politicians are, no--it's the liberals...

My 9yr old autistic grandson asks "What's the difference between famous and infamous,Mammy?" One is being known for great things--the other; not so great things. He says, "I think I want to be a famous fisherman or composer" :)

It's really sad Clyburn, Weiner,et al, NYT & WaPost reporters AKA the propaganda media, the veteran journo,AKA BabaWawa& Kurtz, the consultants like Shrum & Rollins and the sheep who follow them don't know or care about the difference.


I am beginning to think all A. Weiner did all night and day was take pictures of himself. Perhaps we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. If he stays in Congress as he seems intent on doing, these pics might trickle out weekly.

al asad

Just love the anachronistic visage of the sexophobic hedonists gnashing their teeth at the unmasking of their hidden agendas. Go back to the nostaligic Victorian age where pleasure is synonymous with sin.
Cover your privates, and double-lock your wifes' chastity belt while you lust for your neighbors wife and call it compassionate conservatism.

The state of denial is a crimson shade of red.
5. Posted by Al Asad | October 26, 2006 9:14 PM


cc that is no iceberg! Cocktail teeny weeny actually.


Bombshell Palin Email Surfaces: 'Trig Will Be a Joy'

Sarah Palin, writing as God, sends an email to friends just weeks before giving birth.


eeek..DoT..is that really him? This is why it was a big deal when the Clinton's lied, lied and still lie about his (&hers) pecadillos--Take your perversions to a dark hole and keep them out of the once hallowed halls of Congress. This guy needs a 100-step program.
Oh, and this picture definitely needs to run on an independent ad,"Vote out anyone"who takes pictures of himself in a mirror, tweets anyone and everyone, lies about it, tries to smear a conservative for it, and participates in the greatest scavenger hunt to find a whiff of this behavior in Sarah Palin's life.

Great Pieces, Clarice! I hope everyone reads your work-- and snaps out of their malaise.

hit and run


We got busted today. Went on a daddy-like hike with pup today -- except the whole family went -- and minus the sweeping mountainous vistas. Afterwards it was off to grab a bite. So we headed downtown to a local brewpub. We left pup in the car with windows cracked,a bowl of ice water and parked in the shade. It was 78 out.

Bad move.

You can't leave a dog in a parked car. That's animal cruelty. After our ~45 minute lunch we returned to our car which was now flanked by two police cars waiting for us. They had called animal control who was on their way. The officer said that they wanted to talk to me - but he didn't know if it would be a warning or a citation.

I abjectly apologized,said we didn't know it was illegal (which we didn't). He said he understood -- that he didn't think pup was in any danger,but that they had no way of knowing how long we would be gone,and that if gone long enough the sun would have moved such that pup would no longer be in the shade. He said he could tell we weren't gone long because there was still ice in the bowl.

But rules is rules,so animal control had to be called.

So we sat for a few minutes,awaiting our fate.

Then the officer came back to the car -- said he had called animal control back and explained the situation. Animal control just wanted to make sure we got a stern talking to -- and that we understood our grievous sin.

I abjectly repented and told him it would never happen again.

He let us go with just a warning,delivered in a stern enough -- but gentle -- manner.

The fine would have been $500.

I don't disagree with the law. And I think the officers handled the situation in a most exemplary manner. Once they assessed that it was unintentional and pup was never in danger,they took the course of education rather than punishment.

Lessons learned on our part.


Good catch, Effluent. You are emblematic
of the good grammarian, and typophobe,

So, if your post makes no sense, and someone wonders at it, it's that someone who's a dipstick and not you.

Got it.

Charlie (Colorado)

Perhaps we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

Oh God.


Ann Althouse has a Weiner post that includes a link to TMZ with a slide show of Weiner's condo which is for sale. Love the low key master bedroom photo with monogrammed pillows on the bed: giant letter A on one, H on the other. HA HA HA.

Good shopping sleuth MayBee in the comments note that the pillows are designer and sell for $98/each. Otherwise the condo is rather humdrum and hardly "chic."

Danube of Thought

The infallible TMZ says it is indeed he. They've got about ten more. (Via Hot Air.)

I think you've got him pegged, Glenda. The ever-astute Janeane Garofalo sees him as the next mayor of Gotham.


Money makers get longer leashes

Yeah, that's nuts.

Much better to lose money.

Manuel Transmission

Greetings from the Great NW. Just back from three days in the People's Republic of Seattle with some observations:

It was another week interacting with young, bright Chinese ladies. One of our newer friends just graduated from UDub and her folks came over for the big event. They will stay in country for a couple of weeks doing the usual jumping around the country seeing all the bigger blue hells. The dad is yet another boss from the energy company we have been doing business with, but I had not previously met him. We had lunch at Elliott's and I swear-to-god, we saw Drudge or his perfect double in the next booth over. It took awhile to figure it out, but Mrs. M/T concurred. He was wearing a Sonny Crocket linen jacket over a coller-less shirt. His companion was similarly dressed like displaced SoCal trendsetters without the aid of beauty. (Wonder what would have brought him out to the provinces?)

Meanwhile, several weeks of schlepping documents back and forth to a local com. college has finally paid off and the #2 daughter of the Mongolian Princess is now sleeping off several days of jetting around in our guesthouse. (OK, not jetting in the guesthouse, heh.)

And finally, we attended the premiere of a lovely little indie movie that was part of the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF). The film is Old Goats and was done by a young man named Taylor Guterson. If that surname sounds familiar, he is the son of David Guterson, the author of Snow Falling On Cedars. I think there is a good chance that the movie will win the top place in the festival. Turns out that one of the three leads in the film is a buddy and we stayed with him and his outrageous wife so we could maximize the partying before and after the big event. One of those "remembered them when" deals (I hope).

Oh, one last thing: the traffic was totally nuts around Seattle. Like what you would have expected a week before Christmas four years ago. Could have been the cumulative effect of all the graduations around town -- both Uni and HS. Anyway , you would not have correlated that with the second half of the double dip.


Bombshell Palin Email Surfaces: 'Trig Will Be a Joy'

I guess Sullivan will be bailing on the e-mails now.



Here's a headline I did not see on Drudge:

Former agent who protected Barack Obama to stand against US president

Wonder if the lefty MSM will acknowledge the news.


glasater: I can't say about Drudge, but the story about the agent was all over the internet a week or more ago.


Good report MT. Thanks.


CC--Just shows how behind I am on the news! I got the link via a Tea Party email a short time ago is my only excuse:-)


I think Steve Sailer may really be on to something here: Politicos on 'roids.

I've decorously avoided all mention of Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY), but a few commenters have been suggesting that steroids might have played a role in his self-inflicted travails. Here's a PG-rated picture of his shaven chest the skinny 46-year-old Congressman took of himself in the mirror for his Internet admirers.

The impact of steroids on behavior has a fair degree of randomness in it, but it does seem to increase the seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time factor. In general, when ambitious men take male hormones, it makes them more ambitious but also increases the odds that they'll feel powerful urges to do things that might undermine their ambitions. In particular, muscle-building drugs seem to increase feelings of vanity and invulnerability.

The impact of steroids on political figures has been curiously underexamined in the press. At least two governors, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura, were professional musclemen before entering politics. Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff's running amok that led to a big scandal during the Bush Administration obviously had something to do with performance-enhancing drug use (President Bush greeted him, "Hey, Buff Guy, what are you benching?"), but as far as I can tell, I'm just about the only one who ever mentioned it in public. Andrew Sullivan wrote at vast length in the New York Times in 2000 about the fluctuating impact of his prescription testosterone cycle on his judgment, but practically nobody seems to have noticed.

I'll leave it to others to look for a picture of Dominique Strauss-Kahn with his shirt off to see if we can create a General Theory of Self-Destructing 2011 Politicians. But I wouldn't be too surprised. Run for President of France? Of course! Rape the maid? What could possibly go wrong?

Follow the link for further links, including one to a highly amusing review of the Abramoff movie.


The first comment under this Jack Cashill piece at American Thinker posits a great theory about the birth certificate.

I thought that too, Peter.

ancient lurker

“I just don’t agree with the way the country is going. We have got to get government out of the way,” he told CNN, adding that the president and his family had always treated him well."

He worked for Obama. Let he and Hunstman live that down.

Mark Folkestad

I notice our lefty troll buddy displayed his typical command of history by stating that there was a presidential election in 1861. The election was in 1860, and Lincoln was inaugurated in 1861.


I loved your article today and the comment by Terry Gain.
You truly are involved in unmasking these leaderless creeps and the people {Joan Walsh}who defend them.
I am not surprised that Clyburn finds Weiner's behavior acceptable. After all he is the one who lied about racials epipthets being used by the Tea Party on the day they passed Obamacare.
I'm sorry I have not posted more but I was in a car accident-Not hurt but at one point my car was on two wheels and then came back down to earth.
CH will understand I was on busy Lorain Road and was determined not to hit the car that came into my lane.Just a fender-bender and a flat tire Thank God but it did shake me up a bit.
Congrats CH on your new job. I'm so happy for you
Dr. J -way to go in your new endeavor and how did the wedding turn out?


Wow Extraneus & Neo, that Palin email about Trig is heartbreakingly lovely!

hit and run

We were dodging black bears here a few weeks ago.

Now TM has to keep an eye out for mountain lions?


hit and run

Very glad you're ok maryrose.


Glad that you are OK Maryrose! Welcome bac!

A. Weiner

I notice our lefty troll buddy displayed his typical command of history by stating that there was a presidential election in 1861.


Captain Hate

CH will understand I was on busy Lorain Road

Around the Westside market or farther out? It's pretty busy everywhere but around W 25th it's chock fulla nutjobs.

Btw, when we had Maggie the airedale at the emergency clinic at Richmond and Miles, a semi was flat on its side as we came out; turned out it had a *really* bad unbalanced load and when it made a sharp turn just tipped the sucker over. Fortunately I don't think it hit anything else.


Is that Weiner's DC condo, or NY?

Glenda, Are you coming here this summer or next? I'm already excited about your visit.

Maryrose, I'm so glad you are okay.

Anyone recall how they got those Palin emails? I want to get Obama's from his state senate days.


I was at the borderline of Cleveland and Fairview Park.Some lady was pulling out of a gas station and didn't see me until it was too late.I notice that Friday nights are just awful with everyone rushing around and not paying attention to the road.Thanks for the good wishes. Someone upstairs was watching over me. My husband says I'm unlucky with cars. About 6 years ago an 83 year old man hit my Honda Accord,also on Lorain Road around Kamms Corner.I'm going to stop driving on lorain road.



Very glad you're OK, and welcome back!

The wedding was great. It was very small (14 people), and was held in the high Sierra (7500 feet) in a gazebo in front of a mountain brook and among the Aspens. It was cold, though -- snow on the ground, and the bride wore thermal underwear and high fleece-lined boots under her wedding gown.

Thereafter we had a long lunch in a very nice place on the south shore of Lake Tahoe. Outstanding views, and everyone enjoyed themselves.

The reception was here, a week ago yesterday. Of course it rained. So we moved everyone inside, and 45 people in our little farmhouse made things rather cozy. Everyone celebrated nonetheless, and there was plenty of Cajun food, beer/ale/stout, wine deserts and other things.

The bride and groom were very pleased; we were relieved. And we are very grateful to have a new, wonderful family as part of our lives.

Yesterday we opened a bottle of bubbly that was left over to celebrate. The house is pretty much back together.


Thanks, maryrose. I am happy to hear you are well.
Jane, I read a long tale yesterday about O's state senate papers. He says he never kept his, but the state archivists seem to indicate they could pull together a great deal of his record if he gave them the go ahead to do so which of course he hasn't.


poor Maryrose! Yikes.


maryrose...OMG, be safe :)

hit and run

but the state archivists seem to indicate they could pull together a great deal of his record if he gave them the go ahead to do so which of course he hasn't.

If that's true,then FOIhisA.

Captain Hate

Of course the MFM is more interested in the emails of a private citizen than they are of the President; what's wrong with that? It's pretty bad when Ashton Kutcher can see through their perfidy.

I'm sure BOzo's papers would reveal unrelieved sloth, submediocrity and graft.


FOIA doesn't apply to state records unless Ill has such a law. What are the odds of that?


O/T: Just curious: how many login IDs and passwords do you all have to manage?

For my two grants I manage about a dozen different login IDs and associated passwords, and most have to be rotated every 90 days. And you can't reuse passwords. Argh!


Good grief,Dr J!! What are you working on, Dr Caligari's cabinet?

Frau Irrenhaus

Another way to identify the crazies --
Politico's Molly Ball on Sarah Palin:
... the emails are reminders of a sympathetic figure who was not yet the brittle, divisive caricature Palin has become."

And how did Molly write about Alaska's governor before Sarah Palin became brittle and divisive?


DrJ, I try not to count. Only two have the 90 rotation as mandatory, others rotate ad hoc, no password repeats on any (now 20 yrs of rotation on one, 15 years on the other), and I'm about out of letter/number combinations over 8 characters that I can remember long enough to type twice in a row, let alone type again to login after a weekend. I don't know how you do 12 that way!



So it would seem.

There are logins to the government grant submission portal, to the Central Contractor's Registry, the portal to get paid, one for reporting research misconduct, and the agency portals themselves. The NIH portal require you to have logins as a Principal Investigator and as the Authorized Organization Representative.

As is usual, NSF is pretty straightforward, whereas NIH is a real jumble.


henry, I keep them all in a file on a computer running FreeBSD that does not go to the internet other than to fetch email. I forget to update it sometimes, and all the portals have a means to reset the password. It seems forgetting is pretty common.

I'm getting ready to write another proposal, so I thought I would get this all in order. So today I had to reset three passwords.

Somehow this is supposed to make this all more secure.


You could take an old rolodex and write up each as if i were a phone no. That's a standard trick people use with secure files when they couldn't possibly recall the various combinations.
So there be PI Investo and AOR repairs etc

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

Just read Pieces and it was great. It also drew some interesting comments. The juxtaposition of the MSM's general enui about L'affaire Weiner and the unseemly feeding frenzy over Sarah's email correspondence (when she isn't running and holds no office) makes a particularly strong case that the MSM has a strong left bias.

Cashin's article about his experience with his op-ed column adds to the case.


What a good idea! I still have some old rolodexes that could be reused.

Charlie (Colorado)

Somehow this is supposed to make this all more secure.

Well, I was going to refer you to my piece on that, but it was an Edgelings piece and appears to have disappeared.

The answer is "no". That's an example of what's called "security theater" -- you add stuff to your procedures to prove you're Doing Something, rather than because it actually improves security.

See also, TSA.


Normally not necessary to change all the digits in a password. Mine requires new every 90 days and I only change the first (letter) and run through the alphabet.
That way, it's easy to change and remember


clarice- I so very loved your pieces today.


I only change the first (letter) and run through the alphabet.

That's essentially what I do. It gets cumbersome when the changing letter or number gets out of sync between the various places.

That's an example of what's called "security theater"

Of course. I should have added or some such.


but the state archivists seem to indicate they could pull together a great deal of his record if he gave them the go ahead to do so which of course he hasn't.

What did they use to get Sarah's?


added *sarc* or some such.

hit and run

FOIA doesn't apply to state records unless Ill has such a law.


Not that I think such a thing would be successful in retrieving Obama's actual records,alas.

Ben Domenech tweeted a couple of days ago:

"IL Gen Assembly FOIA has a number of carveouts and exemptions. Incumbent protection"

And surely if there were any there there we would have heard of prior attempts at FOI'ing his A. I don't recall any,but that may just be me.

But regardless,now would be a good time to rattle that cage to contrast with the release of Palin's emails,even if just for political/pr purposes.


Yeah, the PC or written file is easy for the cleaning staff to get their hands on -- as all hackers know people are the weakest link. I never write down the passwords that access money, and those are the ones that rotate.


state archivists seem to indicate they could pull together a great deal of his record if he gave them the go ahead to do so which of course he hasn't

Maybe he'd reconsider if Sarah Palin made a very reasonable and respectful public request. Otherwise, she'd understandably have to ask why not.



I passed a sign for Athol today on my way to Amherst, so it certainly isn't where I told you it was. Nevertheless I got to laugh again at the thought.


sweet jane....it's next summer, and hopefully soon; you'll visit Texas:)

BTW..re: politico&Ms Ball's ignorance--I won't click on their carp--She probably gets her talking pts like Mika Bitchinski--straight from the White House.


There's more than one Athol in Mathachuthetts

hit and run

Maybe he'd reconsider if Sarah Palin made a very reasonable and respectful public request.


Second Look at The Donald!

Midnight Train

Cythia Tucker

Georgia’s big secret: State needs illegal workers
9:53 am June 3, 2011, by ctucker

WASHINGTON — I’m going to let you in on a big secret, a closely-held and dirty truth about Georgia’s farmers: They depend on immigrants, some of whom are here illegally.

What’s that? You knew that already? Not such a secret?

Well, Georgia’s agri-business leaders are posing and posturing as if it is. They dare not admit that they need the sweat and toil of migrant laborers so much that they are not always fastidious about searching for legal documents.

But the gut-busting pressures of a harsh new Georgia law targeting illegal immigrants — modeled after a controversial law in Arizona — may force farmers to speak the truth out loud. At the very least, it may force them to campaign openly for a broad immigration reform proposal that grants legal status to illegal laborers.

It’s not looking like a good year for many of Georgia’s farmers, who were already struggling with a warming earth. As drought conditions worsen in some portions of the state — upgraded from moderate to severe — searing heat and stingy rainfall are yellowing leaves and stunting crops.

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