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June 02, 2011



"My bad," he says. If that isn't the sort of thing a first rate, really bright writer would say, what is?


Sorry, I hovered over it and would have read it if it was excerpted here or on someone else's blog. Anyone want to net it out for those not interested in giving that douchebag a hit?


"My bad," he says. If that isn't the sort of thing a first rate, really bright writer would say, what is?



Well at least he admitted it.

Captain Hate

Ditto to what Ext said; I refuse to give that disgusting thing a hit.


Sorry, not interested. I just know I don't want her to be prez. I think she's in this thing for the money, and I don't really blame her--we're all entitled to a living. It's the buffoons who fawn on her that bother me.


I am with Extraneus. No way I am clicking on that sick man's blog.


He's been much worse, over time, cub is protective of Mamma Grizzly, what's wrong with that.

Captain Hate

Tina Brown's in charge of the Daily Beast, no? I find her almost as irritating as Sully. Make me President and I promise to deport both of 'em stat. And Aunt Zeituni, of course.


take Piers Morgan, the Iraq forging atrocities
reality show hack, as a quinella, along with
Ketty Kay of the BBC.


Sully asks why is that little girl not in school.

Please advise that dumbbass that public school kids in Alaska like my 2 have been out of school for summer vacation since about 18 May.


Has Auntie become a taxpayer yet?

Danube of Thought

Would someone kindly summarize what his "bad" was?

(By the way, the phrase "my bad" is attributed to the late--and lamented--Manue Bol.)


Now that's a lawyer.

Obama solicitor general: If you don't like mandate, earn less money

President Obama's solicitor general, defending the national health care law on Wednesday, told a federal appeals court that Americans who didn't like the individual mandate could always avoid it by choosing to earn less money.

He criticized Sarah for taking her daughter out of school for the bus trip and then found out school's in summer recess in Alaska.

(Andrew, she has a vagina and you don't and never will!! Neener neener neener, Nothing you say will change that.)


Thanks, Clarice.


Levin, just had a segment on that pitiful exchange, then again, Katyal was one of those
who 'invented' new rights for 'unlawful enemy

Captain Hate

Thanks C; so in addition to being an OB/GYN consultant he's an expert in children's education? Who knew?


He is so stewed in envy --He makes a fool of himself every time he attacks Palin.

In fact, it's long reached a really disturbing level.


Dagnabbit Matt,

Didn't you hear the gal's growling earlier today about no more JOMer's getting in trouble anytime soon?

And right off the bat there you go off to Tokyo and get in a 6.3 EarthQuake. Shame on you.

See LUN. It's currently the big red square on the off shore fault line, but will shortly turn blue 1 hour after the quake.

FWIW, I'm pretty sure Matt's okay, tho' they do tend to build character.


The attribution of "my bad" to Manute Bol is questionable.


The phrase "my bad" has always bothered me. The first time that I heard it (I think!) was from my first employee. When he said it, I glared at him and asked, "your bad *what*?"

He was perplexed. He didn't last long with me.


"Has Auntie become a taxpayer yet?"

Are you kidding? I'm pretty sure she had the less earnings scheme (earn less and the US will give you more) that Extraneus mentioned in his 09:20 post figured out long before who ever is the Solicitor General announced it to the nation.


Geez, DrJ, you're tough. At least "my bad" is an apology of sorts. Or can be. In Sully's case my guess is it's more of a snarky sarcastic "wink, wink" to his fans.


No snow days, daddy? Mine were supposed to get out last week, but they had to make up 5 snow days and got out yesterday.



Now my LUN shows a 4.9 quake hit just east of Tokyo.

If you look at my LUN and imagine it as a giant dartboard, you'll see that the gods are all just a tad off to the right as they try to double out on Tokyo.


Geez, DrJ, you're tough.

Not really. Fundamentally said employee wanted to do repetitive work where he didn't have to think (a bachelor's degree biologist!). That's not what happens in a research lab, where everything always is changing, and results are very confusing until you figure out what is going on. Then you nail it down, and go back into the fog with the next thing you need to figure out.

Research decidedly is not for everyone. It can be tedious and frustrating, with surprisingly few EUREKA! moments.


Less than five seconds' googling of "wasilla school district calendar" would have told him when school let out for Piper.

If he wants to be a muckraker/spinmeister/conspiracy theorist/hack, fine, but how can The Atlantic continue to call him a journalist?



All we get up here doing most of the School Year are snowdays:)


*during* most of the School Year...grumble, grumble, grumble@#$.


Bashir, seems not to know 'the theory of holes;



The Manute Bol attribution isn't simply questionable, it's absurd. My two brothers and I played basketball regularly on the courts of northeast Florida in the early 1970s and the phrase "my bad" was extremely common even then as an expression admitting your mistake or poor play out on the courts.

As for Andrew Sullivan, I still lament his curious turn toward the far left.

Captain Hate

The phrase "my bad" has always bothered me.

Me too; but not nearly as much as somebody using "diss". Not sure why (although I'm guessing that the first time I heard it used it was by somebody I disliked) but it really irks me.


Hi, Rattler, welcome .


OT, but this is why the "official" unemployment numbers are about has reliable as the stories in Pravda in the 1980s (via Instapundit):

And if the participation rate were as high as it was when the recession began, 66 percent, in December 2007, the unemployment rate could have been as high as 11.5 percent.

All next year the MSM will be telling us that unemployment is going down... but it won't matter, because people know the truth in their daily lives.

Jim Ryan

For 100, this high official said, "I'm not about that," causing millions of Americans to wince.

No googling. It wouldn't help. It's been lost in the sands of time and doesn't appear on Google. Therefore, I cannot prove it. But I remember it.

Those of you who want a hint, read on: it was a Clinton Administration official.


In case the deadly ecoli outbreak hits here, we ought to know what measures to take .
A friend who lived in Iran for years washed all her produce in bath of water too which she added a couple tbls of bleach.

Others say it is safe to spray the produce first with white or cider vinegar, then with hydrogen peroxide and then rinse it with water.

I have no independent knowledge but both techniques seem to be use in areas where snitation is problematic.


In case the deadly ecoli outbreak hits here, we ought to know what measures to take.

Grow your own produce so that you know what has contacted it? We're getting close to that goal.

Captain Hate

I'm sure Sue is feeling miserable now as the Mavs are playing like garbage in the second half; especially Kidd who has turned into a passive turnover machine.



Can you believe this is the same team that swept the LA Lakers? And you are right, I'm miserable.


I keep typing stuff on facebook and deleting it before I hit post...thankfully. My children can read it. ::grin::

Captain Hate

I dunno so; I hate to give up the fight but tonight doesn't seem to be their night. Although nothing would please me more than for the Mavs to pull a reverse of 2006 and run off 4 in a row starting Sunday.

Carlisle has given up on Peja, for which I can't blame him.

Jim Ryan

BZZZT!! Time's up. The answer is U.S. Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders.


I keep thinking, as bad as we are playing, we are only down 4. The first game, same thing. We didn't play Mavs ball and they beat us by 8. We can beat these showboats if we just play our game.


Has ABC or the Stern gang imposed a Cuban blockade on the playoffs and finals, CH?
Haven't seen the t-shirt clad blowhard for what seems like weeks.

Maybe I'm just not glued to the set enough, not being overly interested in this series.


I strongly suspected that one, Jim, then again that criteria applied to so many of his appointees, that it was hard to single her out.

Melinda Romanoff


Less than 10% bleach. Or a mild irradiation of Cobalt 60. Po would probably back me up on this but it's hog feces that are the most likely cause, and their, just as most likely, over-medicated state (Antibiotics).

And I am fresh out of Cobalt 60.



No thanks, Dr J. Although a home irradiation device would find a buyer in me.


Sick puppetry.

Rick Ballard


The participation rate is only an effective measure when the proportions between the working age and non-working age segments of the population are relatively constant. The demographic shift occasioned by the Boomers hitting 62 is beginning to show up in the participation rate. A second little noted reason for the reduction is the Democrat gift of a higher minimum wage to youth who lose any prospect of a job due to the generosity of the very well intentioned Dem pols. The error is then compounded by the President and the Democrat Party strongly pushing the idea that every 18 year old must enter college in order to be yoked with non-dischargeable debt prior to the final riveting closed of the serf's collar around their neck.

How the hell can the commissars running the indoctrination centers be kept at six figure salaries unless marginal students are suckered into debt slavery? The college entrance level cohort is actually dropping in absolute numbers and will continue to do so for the next five years. The lice infesting our institutions of higher indoctrination would have to go on a diet were it not for Democrats pushing the unqualified into debt.

What won't they do to for the children? That is, the ones they don't kill in the womb.


Although a home irradiation device would find a buyer in me.

I've not followed this topic much (since I'm out in the boonies and we grow most of our fruits and vegetables), but how far does E. coli migrate through fruit or vegetable cell walls?

I'd bet it is not that far, and a simple UV light irradiation might do the trick. This disrupts their chromosomes so they can't reproduce (and it kills the original ones), but the penetration depth is small. Yes, you would need more than a simple black lamp.

The nuclear sources of course penetrate to a much greater depth, but it may not be necessary.

I'll see if the garden professors have anything to say about this.


New useless ADN (McClatchy) story up about Palin criticizing Romney.

I won't link to it since its not worth reading, but in the headline it says Palin leads "A TEA PARTY ASSAULT On Romney", and in the story itself it says Palin "TOOK A SHOT AT" Romney.

Wasn't it just a couple months back that the Media was preaching to us all about the necessity of a new civility in Political discourse?

Captain Hate

Iggy, I think I saw Cuban on one shot Tuesday although there might be others because I've muted the television sound and am listening to announcers that just call the game professionally.

Sue, if Chandler doesn't man up soon he should be sent to a WNBA team. Dallas is playing extremely sloppy ball tonight.

Melinda Romanoff


As I currently understand the bacteria, it's surface only, but extremely challenging to kill. It's common host environments are bovine and porcine intestines (Don't know about ovine).

Fertilize your field vegetables with your own farm's effluent and you're going to get some unpleasant surprises. But that's my little opinion.


I'm going to bed. Dallas has so there is no point in me losing sleep watching them get their asses kicked. I must admit, I didn't see this one coming. Dallas must be intimidated by the Wade/James combo. They sure act like it.

Night y'all.



it's surface only

There's evidence that E. coli passes through the exterior cell walls of fruits and vegetables, and that surface cleaning/killing is not good enough. That's the issue.

Surfaces are comparatively simple to treat. Once it penetrates the fruit, it is entirely another matter.

But yes, don't use animal s**t to fertilize and you are lot better off. And don't let the illegals carp in the fields, either.


The Euro one is a mutant but a significant part seems to have come from Africa.


Hit, bgates--this $100k prize is waiting for you.http://www.powerlineprize.com/

Captain Hate

Somebody wake Sue up; the Mavs have cut it to 4 with quite a bit of time left.

Rick Ballard

Perhaps they should name it Daffy's Revenge? He's purchased friends throughout the African Union.

Barry Dauphin

Sully: uppercrust twit of the year.



Everyone (except perhaps DoT) recognized it as such.



somebody call Sue and make her turn the TV back on.

90-88, with 2:10 to go.


Great minds Captain...


I didn't go to bed. And man, I'm so glad I didn't. Tie game. Let's go Mavs. Bring it home!!!!!!

Captain Hate



Dirk, Dirk, Dirk!



Hope this doesn't go OT.

My littlest (8th Grade) has a soccer game tonight at 8:45.

We have so much daylight up here we make use of it in the summertime, so hurry up Mav's and win this in the next 24 seconds so I can go.



Sleep well Sue:)


Dallas Won!!!! OMG!!! Dallas Won!!!

Captain Hate

Great comeback. I almost gave up on them but they cranked up the D and Lebron became Lebrick. Very gutsy comeback; one of the greatest in NBA finals. Dirk scores the final 9 points with a bum finger.

Dirk being very gracious in the postgame interview. GO MAVS


Iowahawk on weinergatehttp://iowahawk.typepad.com/iowahawk/2011/06/farewell-my-weiner.html


I told y'all we could beat those 2 showboats if we played Mavs ball.

hit and run

Carp. I turned the Mavs off and missed the comeback.

But then again - I'm going with that as the reason they won.

I hope they appreciate my sacrifice.

Captain Hate

I appreciate your sacrifice, hit; and here I was thinking Sue was jinxing it.


Hit enter the powerline contest and win the $100k prize. You can do it.


I appreciate it, Hit, I really do.

Captain Hate

Sue, a lot of Cleveland area Lebron haters are cheering for the Mavaliers.


I know. And if there was a guarantee that Dallas would win the NBA championship for the next 10 years if Lebron played for us, I'd say no thank you. I can't stand the punk.

hit and run

You can do it.

Well,the $100K is the least of the draw of that whole deal,but I'm seriously tapped out on creative energy. Just so little time for this stuff these days.

Captain Hate

I don't know if Lebron mugged for the camera and crowd as much for the Cavs as he has in the playoffs this season, but if so I can understand why so many people hated him in the past. When the Heat went up by 15 and they went into that prevent/Lebron isolation/bag of dicks offense with him unleashing an offbalance clanger with no time left, it really played into the Mavs hands. I really didn't think the Mavs could come back on such a veteran team, unlike the Thunder, but Dirk was on a mission, injured finger and all, scoring the last 9 points. Kudos to all the Mavs who contributed on the floor since it was a great team win; but Dirk just burnished his HOF credentials.

Ralph L

a simple UV light irradiation might do the trick.
Several weeks of sunlight ain't enough, then?

Danube of Thought

So I'm at my great-niece's Coronado HS graduation, monitoring the Mavs score on the iPhone whilst recording the game at home. With Miami up 15 and under 7 minutes left I e-mail my buddy in NYC saying this series is l'histoire, and the Mavs will be lucky to avoid a sweep.

About 20 minutes later I catch the final score, so I e-mail the guy again, saying "I just discovered that somebody Weinered my iPhone a few minutes ago.



Your comeback was almost as good as the Mav's.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Oy vay, will the new saying du jour be "I got weinered."?

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Sarah needs to hire this look-alike and really drive the press bonkers.



Oy Vay indeed Sara,

Did John Edward's just got Weinered?

PS---Feels weird linking to a Nat Enquirer story, but in this case I think their track record indicates they're the ones with credibility.


NOy Vay?

Earlier today the NYTimes quoted their incoming new Editor, Jill Abramson, saying the following:

“In my house growing up, The Times substituted for religion. If The Times said it, it was the absolute truth.”

Now NRO reports that that quote has been scrubbed from the NYTimes story on Abramson.

Is that a de-Weinering?, or just a Lorena Bobbitt?


"stewed in envy"

Clarice, you hit the nail right on the head. That is what the left is all about. maggie Thatcher knew that twenty five years ago.


this is to respond to any and all comments or screeds along the lines that "Sarah Palin is dumb ..."

1. Only dumb people think Palin is dumb.

2. Only dumb people underestimate their enemies.


I gave him a hit and I regret it. I hereby resolve to never, ever, ever again click a sullied link.


((Me too; but not nearly as much as somebody using "diss".))


I love the verb "dis" because imo there is no other word that substitutes. I suppose a mouthful like "put XXX down" works, but I like how "dis" is so compact yet conveys a wealth of aural connotations like "dimiss, "discount", "disrespect", etc. I'm not sure, but think "dis" has now progressed from slang to mainstream.

Captain Hate

I'm not sure, but think "dis" has now progressed from slang to mainstream.

I think that's correct.


That maybe be true, I recall an series of essays that Salman Rushdie, had put together, one of which was an attack on Thatcher, calling her Maggie Magpie, as some kind of
shrill racebaiting demagogue, yes that didn't work very well in '83, or '87, And one wonders
if he had reason to reconsider, after Maggie
'saved his bacon' after he 'chose poorly' to
diss the Ayatollah.

Captain Hate

Here are a couple things for Sue to wake up to:

# Jennifer Floyd Engel of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram: "Of course, they over-celebrated. And, of course, it was premature as well. This is The Heat and this is what They and The Big Three and mostly LeBron do best, prematurely crowning themselves champions of nothing that actually matters. So nobody should have been too surprised when Dwyane Wade capped his a 3-pointer to give Miami a seemingly insurmountable lead with 7:14 remaining in Game 2 of the NBA Finals with a couple of poses. He preened a little for the crowd, nothing too awful, kind of like what DeShawn Stevenson does. And then LeBron came over and pushed the celebration over the top by fake punching DWade in the chest like 'you the man, we the men, we did it.' The move looked choreographed by LeBron's mom it was so cheesy. And all of this went down right in front of the Mavs bench as coach Rick Carlisle and his players watched absolutely gutted which turned to looking punching angry which morphed into steely resolve. All of them had that look. 'We noticed,' Mavs big man Tyson Chandler said from the Mavs locker room as he iced his weary ankles. 'It was definitely frustrating.' So I asked: Did it motivate y'all? 'When you got a guy showboating in front of your bench with seven minutes remaining, you say 'The game is not over. I don't care what they say the game is not over,' ' Chandler said."

# Mike Wise of The Washington Post: "How LeBron and Wade and Bosh and crestfallen friends let this game get away from them will either go down as one of the great, late-game indictments in Heat history or serve as perfect Game 3 motivation for a team that seemed to be coasting through these NBA Finals as if it was supposed to win in five games or less. Or, they can admit the truth and write it off to one surreal player who was better than all of the most talented threesome in the game when it mattered most. Dirk, more than anything, happened to Miami. Dirk hijacked this game from Wade the way Wade and the Heat stole Game 3 of the 2006 finals, in which Miami came back from 13 down in less than seven minutes. This was perhaps’ the finest minute of Nowitzki’s career. In 57 seconds he scored seven points. The first bucket tied the game, the second gave Dallas the lead and the last drive won it, suctioning every sound from the building."


Thing about e coli is, most, if not all, of the recent e coli outbreaks have been in organic produce. Why? Because organic producers don't use bad commercial fertilizers, and must then, use other, more "natural" sources. There's 101 ways that manure can contaminate food. There's talk on a couple of lists I'm on, of new and "improved" solutions to wash fruits and veggies in to "protect" the consumer. IMHO, all we're doing is creating and selecting stronger bugs. And, Mel is probably onto something with the low level antibiotic use, although, I don't have a clue what the standards are in Europe.


Ok, I'll be the first: Unexpected.

From the WSJ:

The jobless rate, which is obtained from a separate household survey, unexpectedly rose to 9.1% in May from 9.0% in April. There are almost 13.9 million Americans who would like to work but can't get a job.


My guess, too, pofarmer.


DoT, Brilliant move!


Oh, Capt'n, my Capt'n, what sweet words you left for me to wake up to.

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