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June 02, 2011



About 20 minutes later I catch the final score, so I e-mail the guy again, saying "I just discovered that somebody Weinered my iPhone a few minutes ago.

Wonderful. I hope your friend follows the news. ::grin::


Everyone (except perhaps DoT) recognized it as such.

Yes, I understand that. EoT was very obviously the author of the last series, of which this was mostly a c&p job. I should know better, but the thought of such a malignant person out there is disturbing.


I'll just note that the entire basketball universe had already crowned King James and his court jesters champions after their 1st game win. Why they now find it odd that he did the same thing, prematurely, is the question I would like to ask them.

Rob Crawford

Po would probably back me up on this but it's hog feces that are the most likely cause, and their, just as most likely, over-medicated state (Antibiotics).

I'd put my money on third-world agricultural workers heeding the call of nature either in the fields, or failing to wash their hands afterwards.

Captain Hate

Sue, I almost gave up on the game when Wade drained that 3 and the celebration began that Chandler made reference to. Showing up your opponents in front of their bench is never a smart thing to do; it could lead to them manning up and hitting 9 out of 10 shots after that.

The whole team played outstanding down the stretch with their only miscue being giving up a couple offensive rebounds when the score was tied which ultimately didn't hurt them but had me gripping badly at the time. Terry in particular stopped forcing shots and played very smart ball; as did Kidd who had been remarkably passive in the third quarter.

If nothing else, I hope last night's game gets the fanboiz to STFU about Lebron being the GOAT. Say what you will, there's no way a Jordan led team blows a lead like that while mugging for the camera. Lebron is an extremely talented player but MJ is in a class by himself.


Lebron is a clown. I really don't hate Wade, just have a grrrr feeling about him since he beat us in 06. Bosh is a hometown boy and I would love for him to do well. Just not this year. The only player I despise as much as Lebron is Shaq.

Danube of Thought

LeBron went 0-for-the-4th-quarter. Zero points. In an NBA Finals game at home.

Since the Association went to the 2-3-2 format for the Finals in 1985, the teams have been tied after two games eleven times. The winner of Game 3 has won the title all eleven times.


--"I'd put my money on third-world agricultural workers heeding the call of nature either in the fields, or failing to wash their hands afterwards."--

Dooing a job an American wouldn't doo.


It was almost as if LeBron had demanded that he be permitted to close the game in the way that Wade closed out the first game. He couldn't To quote someone near and dear, my heart soared like the hawk.

LeBron's stunt to take a pal and join a pal on a team to pack it has had serious repercussions on the high school level, infecting already crazy parents with the notion that such a thing is not only good sportsmanship but a divine right. May LeBron lose. Always.


I know the Mavs have made Dirk a rich man, but he left money on the table to stay with us. Loyalty. And class.

May Lebron lose his headband and a bug fly up his nose or down his throat when he opens it up to scream like a banshee after making a dunk.


OMG! I turned that stupid game off because I thought the Mavs were Texas toast.


During halftime, they interviewed Jason Kidd. And spent at least 2 minutes of that interview having Jason Kidd talk about James and Wade and how awesome they are all the while showing the tv audience clips of their awesomeness. If I had been Jason Kidd, I'd have ended the interview.


I'm sorry, they didn't interview Kidd during halftime, they played an interview of Kidd done earlier for replay during halftime.


This is posted at huffingtonpost.

LeBron James made the Dallas Mavericks look foolish in the first quarter of Game 2 on Thursday night.

I haven't finished reading the article yet, so maybe they say something later on about how the Mavs made Lebron look foolish, but dear gussie. The headline is about Lebron James' amazing put back dunk. And they lost.


The headline is about Lebron James' amazing put back dunk. And they lost.

"I'm LeBron, baby."
-stuff Obama said.


An image that suggests itself:


Thomas Collins

I don't dislike the Heat as a team. I think LeBron is a Beyond Doofus for the way he left the Cavs. In addition, I think it is time for Dirk and Jason to get a ring. So this Shamrock fan has become a temporary MAVS fan!

Captain Hate

I applaud your support TC. One of the things that irritates me about a stereotypical Celtic fan is that they don't have any non-Celtic rooting interests. By supporting the Mavs you prove you're at least a cut above the rest.

Thomas Collins

Thanks, CH. By the way, do you believe the Knicks dumped Donnie Walsh, who was well along to undoing the damage Isiah Thomas did in his tenure? See LUN. Although it is being marketed as a mutually agreed upon decision, I'll bet Walsh would have stayed if Knicks ownership hadn't been interfering with his decisions. The thing I really can't believe is that Isiah Thomas still has influence with Knicks ownership. Thomas, whom I consider to have been a top notch NBA player, is among the worst front office people ever to have occupied the offices of an NBA franchise.

Captain Hate

TC, the Dolan that owns the Knicks seems to have some odd obsession with Zeke the Sneak that doesn't permit me to rule out his return. I feel bad for some of my Knick fan friends because Walsh added some much needed stability to a franchise that hadn't had much of it going back to when that idiot Dave Checketts (yes, the one who set Rush up in the NFL ownership scam) destroyed their salary structure. Stern should really consider interceding in the running of a franchise that should be a giant potential embarrassment to the entire league.

Don't forget that Thomas destroyed the CBA. He's been terrible in everything he's done away from the court, including as a television analyst and parent.


Love Dirk. Eff LeBron.

Congrats, Sue! I admit I fell asleep early - long day. My loss, obviously.

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