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July 09, 2011



A great woman. RIP.


Another yardstick by which lessers are measured.




Okay, a 3rd time trying to post this for JOM Soccer fans.

Meanwhile at The World Cup...

0 - 0 at the 25 minute mark in the contest between England's Women's Soccer Team and France's Women's Soccer Team.

England's 2011 Women's Soccer team

France's 2011 Women's Soccer Team

Advantage France!


OT: Hey gang. My mother would like for me to inform all y'all that she is again in the hospital due to a horrible reaction to the chemotherapy treatment. She temporarily lost her vision but is slowly getting it back. Her oncologist was even surprised and in disbelief of her body's reaction, saying it only happens to one in every ten million. He's filing a report of her case, congrats momma you made medical history. However she has yet to lose her sense of humor. When first admitted to the emergency room they of course interrogated her, asking 63836 random questions. My favorite, was when they asked her whom the current president was she quickly and promptly answer, Osama.

Trying to keep her spirits high, she will be back and hating on Michelle in no time. I love you guys, thanks for everything.

Much love, the real Ann <3


Please let her know she's in my prayers.

hit and run

Thank you for letting us know, real Ann. Thank you so much. Give her a hug for us.

We're praying for her. And you and the whole family, too.

We love you,too.


Real Ann - God bless for updating us all. Hug her lots and lots for me, please.

Osama, indeed!!!! That's my Scarlet Ann!

Please keep us posted and let us know what we can do.


Real Ann:
We are all praying for our pal Ann. Tell her we love her lots and miss her very much.

Jane says obamasucks

Ahhh, Real Ann, thank you so much for the news, as tough as it is. I'm not the least bit surprised that she has not lost her sense of humor. Give her a hug for each of us.

Old Lurker

Thanks so much for the update, Real Ann. Your mother is well loved and missed here. Keep her laughing as best you can!

(Another) Barbara

Ahhh, the apple falls not far from the tree, yes? What a wonderful gift, to have humor in one's genes.

Thank you Real Ann, and God bless your mama. She's in everyone's thoughts and prayers.


Thank you, Ann. Please tell your mom to get her butt back here soon. Well, actually Michelle's butt.


Real Ann, you are every bit the treasure that your mother is! Bless you for staying strong for her. Our prayers are with your family.

Thomas Collins

Real Ann, please let Scarlett Ann know that TC misses her witty and thoughtful posts. Of course, feel free to continue the Saucy Ann posting tradition for your Mom while she is on the DL!

Thomas Collins

And please tell her that TC misses her more than he misses Lester and Crawford and the other Red Sox who have been on the DL this season, and for a Red Sox fan, that's saying alot!

Thomas Collins

Now the therapy-staters are taking on romance novels. See LUN (via Instapundit).

On the basis of conversations I have had with friends who read and write romance novels, I have this piece of advice for the therapy-staters: Stick to trans-fats and soda. Don't mess with aficionados and writers of romance novels. It will not turn out well for you if you mess with them.


Real Ann, Oh,how we miss your mom. Love and hugs to you all.


Thanks so much, Ann. We were reluctant to bother you but desperate to know she was well. She must regain her eyesight. How else will she know what monstrosity Michelle is decked out in otherwise?



My prayers for your mom and you and your family.


Has anybody seen Janet around today?


So sorry to read that Real Ann, I will be praying for your mom and you.

Captain Hate

Her oncologist was even surprised and in disbelief of her body's reaction, saying it only happens to one in every ten million.

I think we all agree that Ann belongs in a select few. Best wishes to all.


Real Ann, Thanks for the update. Please tell your Mother, she is in our prayers.

hit and run

Ann,one in ten million?


In the age of Obama millions,billions and even trillions are but trifle.

Our Ann is one in a quadrillion.


good news, real ann...


Sorry to hear about your mom Real Ann.
Chemo is often trial and error until they find the drug that suits that person best.


I'm praying and hoping for good outcomes for Ann and her family.

JM Hanes


I soooo adore your mom, dear real Ann. Thank you for bringing us news.


Sorry to read that your mom had the bad reaction. I hope she recovers.


Thank you for the update on your mother, Ann. I'm so sorry that she has had difficulties, but delighted at her wonderful sense of humor. She is in our prayers for a speedy and full recovery.

Let us hear from you again, Real Ann. You are delightful - just like your mom!


real Ann,

God bless, you and Mom will get a special candle tomorrow after mass.


Thank you for not posting Japan or Germany team photos. Hey, what a game. Not good to get knocked out in your host country. Whoever wins the USA V. Brazil game wins the cup.

No USA Womens Open past 6PM ekther on NBC or ESPN. Why not? 3rd round just getting underway the. Where is the feminist outrage?


Outraged female on line one. That's the best I can do. I don't cotton to feminists.


Hey Steph,

Can you believe NBC and USGA? They know way ahead of time this would be a delayed Open and say, Oh well let them all catch up on Sunday. Discriminatation to me.


I'd love to see the Sunday ratings out perform those of the John Deere Classic. Once you get hooked in you are much more likely to stay with the one what brung you and PGA coverage won't start til what? One?


I got around to watching my DVRed copy of "Too Big to Fail" about the 2008 meltdown and bailouts. I can't stand to read Andrew Ross Sorkin in print, so I wasn't sure what to expect of a film based on his book. But I found it an entertaining watch. I dunno how true to reality the behind-the-scenes portrayals are, but it was interesting to watch as a dramatization of the sequence of events leading up to the meltdown and the efforts to deal with it. The leftward tilt wasn't so much explicit as in what it omitted to mention, I think (more on that later).

Looked to me like they went to some effort to find actors who looked quite a bit like the people they were portraying, although Ed Asner as Warren Buffett didn't have a very good likeness, I thought. But John Adams as The Ben Bernank and Duke Leto Atreides as Hank Paulson were dead on, not to mention Tim "Dr. Manhattan" Geithner. And Tony Shaloub is excellent at bringing teh creepy.

When it got to the point where AIG was about to go down, there was a good couple of minute sequence devoted to explaining in a nutshell the development of mortgage-backed securities and credit default swaps and just why AIG was so exposed to falling property values. But I noticed the explanation focused primarily on the bankers wanting to sell more MBSes and thus lowering their credit standards. Left unstated was the role of Congress in "encouraging" this trend (no mention of CRA). Also unstated: The shenanigans of ACORN in agitating against lenders with accusations of redlining and such. Also unstated: The complicity of the bond ratings agencies in designating the piles of "shitbag mortgages" (the film's term) as AAA bonds. So from watching this, you'd think it was solely due to the greed of the bankers, no other factors involved.

And of course the role of the government actors throughout was pretty much entirely virtuous. Barney Frank's involvement with CRA and Fannie Mae? Not a word.

Still, and interesting watch overall. I recommend it, but take it with a grain of salt.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

I am so glad to hear from you about your Mom. I hope someone is telling her of DOT's joy and how much she is missed. I added her to my prayers, but now I shall double my efforts


I had little expectations, regarding the source material, PD, but there's only so much one can work with that.so it seems to work
for entertainment, but the temptation, for
Shaihulud, to rise up, and swallow all the characters is probably pretty strong.


Bi-la kaifa, baby!


Real Ann, thanks for the update. Give your mama hugs from all of us, and tell her that she is in our prayers every day.


Came over to wish the Ford family well and saw the update on Ann. You are in my prayers, Ann.


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Thanks Real Ann.

I'm sure you can tell everyone here really truly loves the heck out of original Ann and we are praying and pulling for our wonderful buddy.
Bless you all.


I will say a prayer for your Mom Real Ann.

Clarice lays out Obamas Soviet dreams LUN. Nice Job.

I just finished reading Dr. Zhivago. The similarities are eery.


what a gorgeous day it is here in Long Island. I love July.
Prayers to your mom, Ann.
Will sit down and enjoy Clarice's pieces after church this am.

And did anyone notice a certain player in the Bronx having a big day yesterday? LUN



Melinda Romanoff

Miss your mom, Real Ann.

Please let her know she's in my prayers.


Lovely post, REALAnn. Your Mom is blessed. Thanks for the update. I've been out of town but I sent ya an email & will mail something next week. Thanks for the heads up too, centralcal.

God bless ya Ann!! Never Quit!!

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