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July 26, 2011



I don't know why they even bother with trying him if they are going to let him out in 21 years. I really...really...hope I heard that wrong.


Who knew Norwegian cops aren't allowed to carry guns? Well, now A-Q knows.


hey, great thread :)

I would think that an "insanity" defense would not be his choice. If he's insane I should think they could lock him up forever and throw away the key. Whereas, if sane, he'll only get 21 years, the maximum Norway punishment.

Now I'll read your links which will probably demolish my conclusions.


Wow, you should see the muscle building ad that popped up here.


I linked to Steve Sailer re that--check Sailer out.


Jokes on me for not reading the lead post.


I don't know why they even bother with trying him if they are going to let him out in 21 years.

Well, there's always the hope that his fellow inmates will take care of administering proper justice. Not that I approve of vigilantism or prison violence, but in certain cases....



Tornado warnings for Springfield ...again! For Wilbraham and Monson til 5:15


Ludlow police reporting a tornado may have touched down.


Golf ball size hail in Wibraham


Just mentioned Sturbridge...tornado warning


the first link says that in certain cases --when the criminal is deemed a danger to society --a 20 year sentences can be reapplied as often as necessary, and that will certainly happen in this case. He will never get out.

Jane says obamasucks

Sheesh. Amy is on her way out of town but she doesn't know what direction to head. What do you think Rocco?

Jane says obamasucks

I don't think I can go thru this again.

Mark Folkestad

Well, Jane, then you want to make sure your island isn't likely to be in the path of hurricanes, since they're much worse. You might have to settle for visiting me and looking around for your own place. Craigslist has a private island listing that's a real hoot up there. 6100 sq. ft. in a protected harbor for a mere quarter-million bucks.

I'm not sure that Breivik faces any danger of a Norwegian version of Bubba offing him in jail. Prisoners are pampered there. I'm ashamed that descendants of the vikings have so wimped out.


Best of luck, Jane...keep us posted

Jane says obamasucks

Tornadoes have past.

I come with many friends Mark, but we may end up there.

I R A Darth Aggie

he should be sane enough to be tried by the Law and Order team or The Closer

And here I was hoping for the A-Team...


Good news, Jane. Now we can start dreaming up special cocktail recipes for St. Jane's Island.

Mark Folkestad

Jane, check out http://juneau.craigslist.org/reo/2498038293.html . With the small size, you'll have to employ a good architect, and build many stories high. But it would be your private island.


The Closer would wipe the floor with this nutcase.

Lt. Goren would get all up in his face with his head cocked and this jackoff would melt like rancid butter.

Jane says obamasucks

Tornadoes have PASSED.

Sheesh my brain is on life support.

And thanks to Rocco - again for the heads up. You are my hero.


In a country where the cops have to get permission from their supervisors to take their guns with them on patrol (is that really true?) insanity seems like a stretch.

"Don't sell crazy round here--we're all full up."


mcg--I think that's Jim Ryan after he finished the PX-99 program.

Frau Rettung im Nu

I suggest Jane exchange speed dial numbers with Rocco the Rescuer (whom I heart).


@ Boatbuilder 07:27pm: !!!

Carol Herman

I'd put the police chief on the stand. to explain how Breivik got 90 minutes. The ferry ride to cross to Utoya Island only takes 10 minutes.

Well? If the police were quicker the count would have been lower. I'd also ask the chief of police to produce the security tapes. What? There weren't any?

I'd also like to see produced the bills that paid for all of this. And, how Breivik lived in Oslo for 32 years without attracting attention.

Maybe, part of Breivik's defense could be that he tried to get the police to give him some respect; but they paid him no attention?

He should also complain about the prison food, and ask to go home to his mother.

Carol Herman

Oddly enough, one of the first pictures out of Oslo show two of four cops. The front one you can see, holding one arm ... of an unconscious woman, happens to have a pistol on her belt. She didn't know this was a gun? This is given to women so they have a substitute penis?

By the way, the method of carrying the unconscious woman off the street, following the explosion, show a 4-person carry. Where each one of the 4 grabbed one arm, or one leg. IS THIS HOW THEY DO IT IN OSLO?


On contingency, do you know what an American lawyer could do with this photograph? Not the gun that's obvious part. But the "carry off." Without even providing a neck brace.

The explosions also knocked out Oslo's internet services. With no explanations given.

Does having the ability to hand out peace prizes preclude everything else?

It's a democracy? They have a king and queen. Does doubling own on democracy mean they can get an extra king and queen set?

Only in Oslo is a gun obviously seen on a female cop's hip, not a gun.

Ben Franklin

Jane, Clarice;

I thought you might be interested in this tidbit.....

Two senators tell airlines not to "pocket" tax

Reuters US Online Report Politics News

Jul 26, 2011 20:33 EDT

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Airlines should not "pocket" revenue from a passenger tax that has lapsed during a partial aviation shutdown, two U.S. Senate transportation leaders said in a letter sent to the industry association on Tuesday.

"Although this policy may increase your bottom line in the short term, we are afraid it will have long-term repercussions for the industry," wrote Sen. Jay Rockefeller, chair of the Transportation Committee, and Sen. Maria Cantwell, chair of the Aviation Subcommittee.

"We urge the nation's airlines to put all of the profits that they are making from the lapse of the aviation taxes into an escrow account so they can be transferred BCX-1777 Congress reinstates the taxes," they added in the letter to Richard Anderson, CEO of Delta Air Lines and the chairman of the board of directors at the Air Transport Association.

Many U.S. airlines have quietly raised fares in recent days to take advantage of a lapse in tax collection after Congress failed last week to fully fund the Federal Aviation Administration budget.


Multiple thread lice.


The real question may be this. Does Norway have a Scandinavian equivalent of the Casey Anthony jury?

Carol Herman

No senator has ever run a business! What they really want? They want the $30 tax savings to be put into accounts they can tap, for their re-election committee.

We're never going to change the way the senate does business! But with enough Americans, together, we can scare the crap out of those who get in because they don't get challenged.

And, we may come to this day sooner than it comes to Oslo.

Carol Herman

The Casey Anthony case had incompetent prosecutors who thought they had the press, so they didn't need anything else!

No one explained to the jurors that there was any evidence this little girl didn't drown in the pool.

And, it's a good thing that the jurors went looking for this evidence. And, then not finding it, didn't convict.

Thread lice my ass. You're lucky you're not just talking among yourselves.


Ahem, Ron Johnson built a very successful manufacturing business in WI -- a business that has grown at the expense of Chinese competitors. He's new, but not shy about changing things in the Senate.

Ralph L

Tornadoes have past.
Naughty, naughty Tornado.


Convicted Terrorist update:

Two years after he was freed from jail for "humanitarian reasons" so that he could go home and die in peace, the convicted mass murderer known as The Lockerbie Bomber shows up at a Muammar Quadaffi rally. Link.


From Canadian (CTV) news cast:

“It took police so much time to arrive to the scene of the shooting because all pilots of the only one Oslo police helicopter were on vacations”

Mind bogging…


Wonder if when California finally releases the 40,000 prison inmates that the Cal Supremes ordered have to be released for budget problems, if they might be shipped to Norway.

If those freed perps can get a couple firearm deliveries via our 'Fast & Furious" ATF program, they should be running the country in about a week.

Tom Maguire
I'd put the police chief on the stand. to explain how Breivik got 90 minutes. The ferry ride to cross to Utoya Island only takes 10 minutes.

Yes, but getting the Columbine cops on the line for some prompt response tips ate up half an hour.


If they had enough sense to provide a timely response for a worst case situation, they would have had enough sense to provide adequate protection against a lone nutter in the first place. Making an island full of kids a target rich environment gun free zone was their first big mistake.


very interesting read linked to by a post on Delphi LUN:

Oslo Terrorist — Was He a Christian Conservative?

((The Manifesto supports:


One-Child Birth policies

Nationalization (State Control) of Private Companies

and the Manifesto criticizes:

American Capitalism

American Imperialism

American Intervention

Right-Wing Media Monopolies

Weakness of Christianity))

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