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August 19, 2011


Thomas Collins

Simply getting ready for the assault on Taiwan, and the continued bullying of Vietnam and the other South China Sea nations.

It's a good thing that the Georgetown team has a significant AA component. Otherwise, the PC police in America would be demanding that the US team apologize for its imperialistic approach to basketball.

Has anyone watched the tape? The Chinese guy slipped, the American guy stole the ball, and the Chinese then went all North Korean on the Americans.


Georgetown, not Duke. For whom did Obama cheer when the two played?

Army of Davids

Thomas Donahue, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, on the regulations, taxes, uncertainties and mandates in ObamaCare....

"it's a job killer"

Jack is Back!

If you watch the tape it is obvious that G'Town was only playing BBall. The stats for both the Hoya's and Duke game are telling. Both teams went to the line about 3 times less than the ChiComs. Even Coach K was livid at the officiating. Plus the Hoya's played a pro ChiCom Army team trained in more than Basketball. Then the crowds got into more than a Pistons-Pacers game with Artest in it. I don't blame the Dukes or G'Towns here - this was all a scrum happy ChiCom exercise in futility that a bunch of capitalist pigs and most of them black at that would dare play them without first paying off our massive debt:)


Corrupt referees? What? This couldn't happen in the NBA.


Every time I get in a fight with a Chinese guy, an hour later I want to fight another one.

Police refereed it fairly.

Uh, I saw Chinese basketball fans throwing things at the Americans as they left. Oh, I see, those were the spectators, not the fans.

I suspect much practice with live drills.

They looked adept.

Danube of Thought

It's the Yellow Peril, signaling its readiness to move against us.

Strawman Cometh

Yeah, it was almost as ugly as in 2001 when Boozer was in College Park.

Carol Herman

Oh, wait. The olympics is coming.

Just the place for more brawls on stage.

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