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August 16, 2011



Rove is from Vermont, clearly, OTOH, in light of how they demagogued a series of markers on a map, is that the best way to put it.


I think it's funny that people are saying Perry's Bernanke comment was a rookie mistake. Perry is hardly a rookie, national stage or no. He isn't doing this on accident.

I think he looked at Trump and drew the correct lesson.


hey Karl, being a Texas gentleman really worked well politically for Bush, eh?


Isnt "almost treasonous" the quote? Why does Cilliza shorten it to treasonous then? Well besides that he is a Democrat and pulling for Democrats I mean...


((Rove is from Vermont, clearly, OTOH, in light of how they demagogued a series of markers on a map, is that the best way to put it.))

can you please elaborate, narciso?

Jim Miller

In the Seattle area, food stamps are commonly sold -- illegally, of course -- for 50 cents on the dollar.

Which tells us something about how much the stamps are worth to some of the recipients.

Thomas Collins

The United States will crumble if it doesn't halt its incontinence in fiscal and monetary matters. The reaction to Perry from the sclerotic oligarchs to his "almost treasonous" remark, I think, is that they know he is indicting all of them. And whether one thinks "almost treasonous" is too vituperative and that "idiotic and suicidal" is more nuanced, if one agrees that the path we are on must stop, Perry's remark doesn't seem so intemperate.



Using my narcisolator, I think he's talking about how Palin was accused of accessory to murder after her "Take Back the 20 Map" had rifle sights on it which inspired Loughner or something. So maybe Perry is risking similar blowback.

That's my best shot. :)


Hello, we just went through a cycle where one political figure, was blamed for a political
assasination by a Truther nutball,

Now as to the Thumbsucking post that Gabe posted earlier, 'would you believe' the story
was not exactly as advertised:

Governor Palin did not personally dial up Pappas’s number. She asked around among her aides if anyone knew how to get in touch with Pappas. One member of her advance team, Jason Recher, had Pappas’s number, called him and then handed the phone to the governor.
Governor Palin did not summon a Politico reporter to listen in on the call. Palin was in the middle of a gigantic crowd of people at the Iowa State Fair, and her half of the conservation may have been overheard by others. There was no way, amid the press of the throng, that anyone outside that swarm could have been summoned at all, and the idea that Palin would be doing favors for a Politico reporter is ridiculous.
Governor Palin wasn’t screaming angrily at Pappas. Again, Palin was in the middle of a crowd, which was quite noisy, and if her voice was loud, it was because she was trying to make herself heard amid the hubub.


Rove, Frum, ace and his catamites, Allaheeyore, Poppin', TOP MEN and many many more.

Captain Hate (Congrats Papa!):

Don't forget about the women, Mika, Andrea Mitchell, Kathleen Parker, Katie Couric, Sally Quin, Maureen Dowd, Katrina Vandercarp, The Beatches from the Viewet, on and on and on!

Rick Ballard


Perry got the jolt he wanted and can now "back down" by turning to classifying the Fed's ZIRP as the massive theft of interest income from all Americans in order to sustain the brain dead financial oligarchs busy sucking the life out of the economy by increasing friction costs. He can then compound the accusation of theft by noting that intentional inflation is just another form of theft and that printing BOzobucks to purchase O-debt is theft from generations unborn.

I wonder if Mad Ben will be pleased with the upgrade from traitor to common thief?


Porchlight, or should I call you Ms. Rosetta Stone? Thank you, I now see the light :)


Perhaps she can go back to the House and be something other than a backbencher and/or vote no on everything?

I have such a hard time hearing Bachmann talked about like that. She was speaking at Tea Party gatherings from day 1...her & Pence. When all is said & done, she votes the way I would...probably 99% of the time.
I would vote for Perry or Palin over Bachmann, but I see no reason to put her down.


Well the pandering vote against the deal that Boehner got against all odds, was a bit much for me. And her resume seems a bit short to be running for President ( I know I know so is Zero's, should we keep making the same stupid mistake?).


Welcome, Chubby. I love narciso's comments, it's like reading Patrick O'Brian and trying to figure out what sail he's talking about. After awhile an immersion effect sets in. ;)

Captain Hate

Thanks Ann; I was primarily talking about the clean toga crowd purportedly on our side who nightly pray to the memory of Nelson Rockefeller and John Lindsay to please relieve them of the odious presence of these uncultured parvenus who cause their tender sensitivities such distress. Make no doubt about it: They stifled all their gag reflexes when Reagan was President and have vowed never to let anything like that happen again. Kathleen Parker fits well in there.

Captain Hate

Janet, you're correct; I'll try to tone down any comments on Michele because in making negative comments about her I become no better than some of the morons @ AoS who infuriate me. At the end of the day, she's on my side.


I admit I am worried about Perry's immigration stance. He is like Bush on that issue, only possibly worse. I'd like to think it has something to do with getting re-elected in Texas, but I'm not sure.


Ah yes. The defeat of the Bluebloods is necessary, but their lamentations won't be nearly as sweet. Surely not as sweet as those on Ann's list.

If it's Palin, I want closed-circuit video from where those harridans are watching the election returns. And interviews with their shrinks and close confidants on the next day's evening news.

Bring back PEST! (Post-Election Stress Trauma.)


Holy cow, Siena has Obama's job approval at New York.

17-point drop from May

"Even Democrats are evenly divided"


In search of a photoshopper. This stuff is above my pay-grade.

re-titled: “SPEND”

“GET READY FOR BLAME HOUR”(might need work)

Staring Obama, Reid, Pelosi

Can these be used?

Just a thought.

Rick Ballard


What's your opinion on how Perry would do in Ohio versus how Romney would do? Consider probable performance in light of BoA's prognostication of a 100% chance of a mild recession being true (aside from the 'mild' part).

Do you believe that Perry has a better chance than Romney in carrying Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin and Iowa?


-"I admit I am worried about Perry's immigration stance."-

I am worried about Rubio's immigration status.

Thomas Collins

From the NY Times corrections corner:

"An article on Sunday about the race for the Republican presidential nomination referred incorrectly to the employment history of Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, who announced his candidacy on Saturday. Mr. Perry served in the United States Air Force and worked in farming before entering politics at age 34. He has not held elective office 'his entire adult life.'"

I guess the vaunted fact checkers of MSM are on vacation.




How about the quote they're correcting, though, huh? Could it be more blatant? Who would ever be characterized that way? Someone who'd held elective office since graduating high school?

Jim Miller

In my latest post, I explain why Obama got a new bus.

(Someone had to say it. And there are more substantive posts, just below.)


In Obamacare, the age of majority is 26, Ext.


TK, Rubio was born in the US.

Captain Hate

That's a good question, Rick. I'd probably have to defer to Ann on how Romney would do compared to Perry in Columbus but my gut is that Perry would stir the Ohio base more. That's a highly subjective view though and I always have to try and weigh any shift in the base between the Jim Rhodes Repubs who would be more apt to go with Perry vs the Voinovich supporters who'd like Mitt a bit more imo. If Kasich can turn the state around I think that helps Perry more although, again, I could be wrong.


Always appreciate Porch's, er Ms Rosetta Stone comments but they especially ring true today.

As far as the Bushies having the 'vapors' over a statement by Rick Perry.....

Give Me A Break!


I know that, bolitha. Do you think anchor babies should be eligible for the office of President?

Rick Ballard

Jim Miller,

I wonder if the fact that the President actually bought two campaign hearses is making his staff and appointees even more nervous. There's an awful lot of room under two buses.

Jim Miller

Rick Ballard - Good point, though one of those buses is supposed to be used by the Republican candidate, when they have one next year.



Dave in MA might do something with those images but they're too low resolution for me to try anything wonderful ;)


Good one, Jim!

Rick Ballard

Thanks, CH. I suppose a poll of all JOMers who live or have lived in the Great Lakes region on whether Romney or Perry would do better would provide more to think about.

I don't believe the election will be close but in the event that it is, it will be decided in that area.

That reminds me - paging Henry - any turnout reports?


Do you think the press is going to criticize Obama for his Lincoln comparison in the same way they criticized Bachman for her comments on John Quincy Adams?


Just as I thought


Thanks, glasater! There were higher resolution versions out there. The poster was huge, in the preview, so I went with the low res version.


Rick B, the Wispolitics Elections blog has a turnout report . Turnout is large and steady in both districts.

Best guess is Simac has a good chance (50/50), and Steitz has more ground to make up (plus is next to IL and massive union/OFA recources). Both have momentum in polling, if that means anything.

Melinda Romanoff


Here's a source: Wispolitics blog.


Thanks, glasater.

Melinda Romanoff

Slower one-handed typing. And a bouncing train.


On Romney vs Perry, people here have been distracted by other things lately. Plus today brought a Ryan will he or won't he via the weekly standard (firm definite maybe) followed by the Journal Sentinal (soft denial). If I had to guess, I'd say Perry over Romney. Perry fits better with the war going on here, but the Duke & Duke faction prefers Romney.

Jack is Back! (literally)


I don't think Marco is interested in running for POTUS but if he did.....just think about it.... it would finally resolve whether you or DoT is right and we could all go to Islay, drink Bruichladdich and watch those magnificent sunsets.


That second bus better be swept for bugs by the GOP candidate.

Melinda Romanoff

Sort of like Mr. Carter's Great Moscow Embassy Game.


David Goldman AKA Spengler joins the PajamasMedia crowd with a piece on Israel, Syria and the impending Arab Winter.

Jack is Back! (literally)


Great link, thanks.

I know a little about Wisconsin having lived in the UP and I am wondering how those great people of the Dairy State feel about having their precicous summers interrupted by a bunch of spoiled public unions. When I lived in the UP summer was always around August 17 or 18.


All I can say is thank God Molly Ivins is already dead. If she were still alive and Perry won the presidency, she would die anyway. This way she is spared the agony of seeing Perry run for president and win it. (Thinking positive thoughts here!)

Captain Hate

I don't believe the election will be close but in the event that it is, it will be decided in that area.

Yeah I think it will be a blowout also but the crew that's there now is guilty of everything the libs accused Nixon of doing and much much more. Maybe even to LBJ's level if you consider that Moyers is available to do what Sid Blumenthal can only dream about.

I think that the Repubs will win in Ohio with any candidate although I was disappointed in the closeness of the race between a completely useless failure of a hack in Twitch Strickland and Kasich. I honestly can't think of a single thing that Twitch did in four years that worked (including backing Muffer in 2008) and for that level of failure to even make an election close was a significant negative to me. But four years of the Jugeared Fellow might open that gap a bit.

Captain Hate

This way she is spared the agony of seeing Perry run for president and win it. (Thinking positive thoughts here!)

If, as I strongly suspect, Molly's gone to the Hell that smugly unfunny purported wits deservedly go, she'll doubtlessly have her tortures intensified by that knowledge.

(Another) Barbara

Do you think anchor babies should be eligible for the office of President?

The term "anchor baby" has a precise definition, far as I know. It is used to describe a baby born within U.S. borders to a mother in the country illegally.

Were Rubio's parents here illegally, TK? They may not have been U.S, citizens at the time of his birth, I'm unsure about that, but I believe they were legal residents.

Silver from the Valley.

Heh, instead of 'Who lost China' it can be 'Who lost the Dollar'. Perry's got the same knack for striking rich veins as does Palin.


Per TV news, the Kenosha County Clerk now expects a 50% turnout. The anchor was pushing the Kos poll numbers, but it was clear neither candidate believed that poll.


((Perry's got the same knack for striking rich veins as does Palin.

it's the knack of having the guts to say what the left doesn't want said

the left has been setting the boundaries of what the right can say in political debate for far too long already


--Heh, instead of 'Who lost China' it can be 'Who lost the Dollar'--

Well the answer can't be Uncle Ben cause he's found a few trillion new ones, most of which didn't even exist a couple of years ago.


Things Molly Ivins said:

“The recent death of Gene McCarthy reminded me of a lesson I spent a long, long time unlearning, so now I have to re-learn it. It's about political courage and heroes, and when a country is desperate for leadership. There are times when regular politics will not do, and this is one of those times. There are times a country is so tired of bull that only the truth can provide relief. If no one in conventional-wisdom politics has the courage to speak up and say what needs to be said, then you go out and find some obscure junior senator from Minnesota with the guts to do it. In 1968, Gene McCarthy was the little boy who said out loud, "Look, the emperor isn't wearing any clothes." Bobby Kennedy -- rough, tough Bobby Kennedy -- didn't do it. Just this quiet man trained by Benedictines who liked to quote poetry.

I listen to people like Rahm Emanuel superciliously explaining elementary politics to us clueless naifs outside the Beltway ("First, you have to win elections"). Can't you even read the damn polls?”

May it haunt her in hell.


I don't watch tv for my news. I get it right here on the intertubes baby.

Rick Perry sounds like a Yankee next to me. Though I'm more mr haneyish.

Have a nice day all.


Nice to see them fear someone besides Sarah Palin.

Ed Schultz: Rick Perry’s reference to a “big black cloud” was a racial crack at Obama, wasn’t it?


Check out the video that shows how they edited Perry's comments so as to be able to insinuate that the "black cloud" reference was to Obama rather than the debt.


I did not see your post, AB.

Anchor baby refers to any child born here to non-citizen parents.


Anchor baby refers to any child born here to non-citizen parents.

That's not how I've heard the term used, and that's not how I think of it.

If that is the way you define it, then yes, definitely, anchor babies should be eligible for the presidency.


I think Romney or Perry will do well in Ohio. Many ohioans wanted Romney in 08 myself included but had to settle for McCain.Palin got people fired up though.


According to Wikipedia:

"Anchor baby" is a derogatory term for a child born in the United States to immigrant parents, who, as an American citizen, supposedly can later facilitate immigration for relatives.[1][2] The term is generally used as a pejorative reference to the supposed role of the child who automatically qualifies as an American citizen and can later act as a sponsor for other family members[2][3] The term is often used in the context of the debate over illegal immigration to the United States, but is used for the child of any immigrant.[1] The practical immigration benefit of having a child born in the US is disputed; family reunification (family-based immigration) in the United States is a lengthy process and limited by law to categories prescribed by provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965.[4]

Martin Hutchinson at the AsiaTimes doesn't use the "T" word but he is quite probably even more dismissive and contemptuous of Uncle Ben than Rick Perry was.
Entertaining, informative and a bit frightening.


some thoughts on Fast & Furious. LUN


Crikey, Tingles is either drinking too much or not enough, like the wiseguy robot from

Left-wing journalist Wayne Slater, who has previously lumped Tea Party protesters with the Holocaust museum shooter, attacked Perry as someone who talks about "states rights, states right, states rights" and "could make some voters, again, very nervous." In response, Matthews excoriated, "Yeah. This could be Bull Connor with a smile. "

As a reminder, Rick Perry is a GOP presidential candidate. Bull Connor, as PBS' Eye on the Prize miniseries explained, turned "high-pressure fire hoses and police dogs on them, creating some of the most indelibly violent images to date."

It should be noted that both Slater and Jim Hightower, Matthews' other liberal guest, laughed at the MSNBC anchor's Bull Connor joke.

Earlier, Matthews, talking to Slater, derided Perry's attacks on Obama: "I know you're an objective reporter, but I smell birtherism about this guy. His attack on Obama isn't just policy. It's about the nature of the person who's president. It seems to me."


I think it was Chubby wondering about the gold standard the other day.Here's Charles Kadlec at Forbes with a catalog of the virtuous before and disastrous after of Nixon's abandonment of the last remnants of the gold standard forty years ago.
Sobering reading for anyone besides the TOP MEN, as CH would say, at the Fed and Treasury.

Rick Ballard

"It's about the nature of the person who's president."

There is a slight but very real possibility that Perry does see a rather slow witted Kendonesian commie bastard with a predilection for saying things that may be true in some alternate universe but are false in this one whenever the President comes into his view.

If so, he needn't feel lonesome.


Good synopsis of the current state of Fast and Furious, matt, although your breakfast debriefing here this morning was even more stark, IMO.
Did you see the speculation a day or two ago that the CIA was the genesis of this Rube Goldberg disaster? If so any thoughts or info?


The Department of Jobs?

White House Considers Government Reorganization Amid Big-Spending Criticism



Sure, in addition to the Department of Labor. Great.


How does this even possibly make sense:

As President Obama borrows from the Republican playbook ?-- slamming the GOP for blocking a payroll tax holiday extension ?-- the White House is looking to downplay reports that a host of new economic programs are aimed at bringing big government back.

Read more:


--the White House is looking to downplay reports that a host of new economic programs are aimed at bringing big government back--

Back from where?

It's a hard, it's a hard, it's a hard, it's a hard reign gonna fall.

Heh, Wallace is dead right for once. It is about the nature of the person who is president. For all his 'communityness', his allegiance is not to the people.

Jack is Back! (literally)


First, I agree with your profile of Obama as a commie (i. e. marxist-leninist) but I think his major flaw is that he ain't as smart, original or leading edge as those guys. I think he is a phony in that respect. Marx and Lenin both were very intelligent and of high philosophical caliber. I despise their vision of the world and their ruthless pursuit of it but they were a hell of a lot smarter than this guy. That is what is wrong with Obama, he can't even fake what he wants to be or is.


How's this: Palin endorses Perry, and in return he appoints her Secretary of the Interior.

Drill, baby, drill!

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

There is a coordinated attempt afoot among the left of center blogosphere to tie Perry and Bachman to the so called "Dominionism" movement. Here's an example from the Daily Beast which someone sent me in an email last night:

A Christian Plot for Domination?

Bachmann and Perry share ties to Dominionism, which says Christians should rule. By Michelle Goldberg.

The article is LUN.

This stuff looks like it is part of a neo journolist circulation because it is spreading like wildfire as you can see by googling dominionism and Perry.

It seems like it is based on tenuous guilt by association at prayer breakfasts and the like.

Has anyone else seen any of this carp?

First racism, now this. Ax and Plouffie are working overtime in the pig pen.

Jack is Back! (literally)

This business of WH reorganizing government reminds me of the Romans.

Whenever they had a big defeat in battle they would change their phalanx from a 4 X 12 to say a 6 X 6 and so forth as they lost more battles. and look what happened to them.

Jack is Back! (literally)

Jim Rhoads,

Another sign that wealthy, liberal Jewish money has dried up.


Yes, this is the stuff, Sid Vicious's spawn Max, was ladeling about three years ago, and
our mad former G-man was referring three weeks

Captain Hate

First racism, now this. Ax and Plouffie are working overtime in the pig pen.

The inability of them to reflect on "how ridiculous and desperate does this make us look" is definitely an asset for our side.


I'm wondering if they've made some type of deal, too, Bob. It could be Interior, VP, Energy, EPA or something else, but she could have stepped all over Perry by getting in last week, during the height of the market rout, and she didn't. The fact that he signaled his entry to give her or anyone else enough time to get in would support that theory.

She's smart, and may have concluded that she needs more time and one more stepping stone to the presidency.

As the nominee, Perry could tap her for VP, for example, and do what McCain should have done: specify what he wants her to focus on. Just imagine if McCain had done that, and gone public from the get-go that her focus would be on energy development. All the gotcha interviews would have been turned into drill-baby-drill and nuke-baby-nuke tutorials, and she'd have run rings around them all. So simple and so obvious.

Ah well. McCain's a fool.

Ben Franklin

"I think it relates to many of our discussions, because much of the Therapy State is based on the notion that social science expertise really can be informative on the best way to live one's life (as opposed to being subordinate to the prophets and thinkers who produced the Bible and the works of classical political philosophy). The issue appears to be moot, because BFF doesn't appear to want to engage on this."


If you want an opinion from me, don't default to the least likely substitute, unless that augers your agenda.

I don't have time to haunt the threads offered here. Life is too short. I am sorry I can't always give timely responses to honest inquiry. It's just not always possible.

Ben Franklin

wha' happend to the last comment....grrrrrrrrr!


The MSM and Barry's WH aren't taking Perry's Fed opinion too kindly. I'll bet most of America is relieved the Governor's keeping an eye on those printing presses...

Rick Ballard

Did you know that 'Bull' Perry went AWOL from the Air Force after making hundreds of deliveries of napalm to be used in Nixon's secret war on Cambodia? He then returned to Texas where he took the overseer position on his father's cotton plantation as a cover for his Klan activities before infiltrating the Democrat Party on the orders of the Hunt brothers with the aim of covering up the silver market corner they ran in order to provide more money to the Reagan campaign against Nobel Peace Prize winner and internationally famed humanitarian Jimmy Carter.

Ben Franklin

Let's try this again............(typhus)

"If you are not that person, do you think that a course on modern studies in political psychology benefits from a solid grounding in Plato, or is your view of political science that modern thinking (such as historicism and the fact/value distinction) makes Plato of historical interest only?"

My influences are not secular only. But, if your question is limited to Platonic ideas I can say the application is simple.

Human nature has not changed since Plato. We still eat, drink, defecate and engage in coitus. Everything else is window-dressing.


Well I admit I cant think like a a liberal democrat, I am too tied to the real world and facts and logic. But there is no way Conservatives, are anything but ecstatic about a Presidential contender willing to take off the gloves and speak plainly. Gosh I guess though if Perry had called Big Ben a terrorist it would have been normal discourse, in light of the Vice President's previous comments. And dozens of Democrat officeholders...

Captain Hate

Ah well. McCain's a fool.

How bitter would McVain be if Perry followed your blueprint and it led to a Reaganesque victory over the reincarnation of Dhimmi Carter with Palin at his side. Not to mention Duke & Duke.


Presumably Rick Ballard's research is meant to set the prog's on the right trail and keep them occupied, while the adults mow down the opposition and sew up the Bull's nomination :)

Ben Franklin

"are anything but ecstatic about a Presidential contender willing to take off the gloves and speak plainly."

Gawd ! If only it were early 2008 again.............

Ben Franklin

"the Bull's nomination :)"

OMG. You don't mean Perry?

Let's 'steer' right....................

Sara (Pal2Pal)
Isn't mental incapacity an impediment to exercising the right to vote, or is the right absolute?

If death isn't an impediment to dems, I'm sure mental incapacity is kosher.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

He is a cowboy from Texas so whacha gonna do with a cowboy?

I never kiss and tell.

Jack is Back! (literally)


I kow you live in California, so what is your states equivalent to "don't mess with Texas"? Something like, " prissy is as prissy is " ?

Sara (Pal2Pal)

I'm neither hot or cold on Perry right now, but please people, remember he is the flavor du jour, and last week it was Bachmann and before that...

Jack is Back! (literally)




You know, I'm getting mighty fed up with "our" side piling on Perry right out of the gate. I've just lost a whole lot more respect for Rove. Sorry about the Politico link, but this is the only link I've found of Rove's statement defending Bernanke (& Obama) by slamming Perry:

This sort of thing is pushing me more and more into Perry's corner.

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