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August 30, 2011



That video has Rep. Andre Carson & some of the speakers mention Reps. John Lewis & Emanuel Cleaver....all 3 of them along with Rep. James Clyburn were players in the March 20, 2010 Tea Party scam.
They are liars & they plotted with the MFM to manufacture a story.
A coordinated scam. Reps. Andre Carson, John Lewis, Emanusl Cleaver, & James Clyburn.


Ruth seems to have a bad case of the vapors. I didn't notice anything wrong with the quotes she cherry-picked, though.


Texas drought

We have a spring-fed stock pond. I have never known it to dry up so we are one of the lucky ones. The water is very low, you can almost walk all the way out to where the spring comes in, but it keeps coming in so...fingers crossed it lasts till the rains show back up.


Did you watch the video at that link, PD? The design and manufacturing process looked top notch to me.


Of course we're racists and want to string up black people, Janet. Do you think the exemplars of the Civil Rights Struggle would stoop to lying about something like that?


Did you watch the video at that link, PD?

I was afraid to.

Rick Ballard


This BEA Table array might provide some pertinent info for you. If you follow the tables down to the 'Real Value Added By Industry', you'll find strong support for Henry's observation. The manufacture of computer and electronic products within the US remains strong and accounts for most of the growth in manufacturing over the past decade.

In short - manufacture of durables is holding up while manufacture of nondurables, particularly textiles and apparels, continues to sink.

Henry is absolutely correct in his observation concerning the willingness of the small business owner to invest in equipment that provides relief from the uncertainty associated with employment. That's the greatest gift that Obama and the Democrat Party has ever given to industry.


Rick, thanks for the BEA link. I don't have much interaction with computer and electronic components or textile / apparel industries (the latter are hard to find anymore) which colors my world view. I see these trends in classic metal bashing and assembly industries from simple parts stamping through complex equipment. Most interesting is some confidence among remaining domestic furniture manufacturers who see real opportunties on the fast response / customization side.


Thanks. The report which was already notorious for other reasons really hammers the idea that manufacturing is toast in the US in the future and that service jobs, including government, are the jobs of the future. It's about 20 years old and was supposed to be predicting the future.

Author wrote a book in early 70s on using computers for socioeconomic planning. A planner who just cannot get reality to fit.

Rick Ballard


There is a significant difference between the economic value of any component of the GDP and employment. Henry's comment re furniture manufacture is worth consideration in that respect. Consider the number of employees eliminated by putting an automated design tool in the hands of the retail order taker. The order taker pops in some basic dimensions, the wood/fabric selection and the desired finish and generates not only the price to the customer but the instructions to the CNC machines which will cut and finish all the pieces necessary for assembly (while ordering the fasteners, thread and glue required as well).

Employment within manufacturing will decline much more quickly than the value of what is being produced. That's one of the objects of the exercise for those seeking return on capital.


Yes, Rick, but there is some employment there for the programmers (like me!) who write the software to do such a thing. Which, oddly enough, is counted as "services" not as "manufacturing".

Dave (in MA)

Anybody else still without power? I was reading Clarice's Pieces Sunday morning when there was a loud thud and no power.

My best case estimate from NStar is Thursday night, but probably Saturday. Unfortunately my whole neighborhood is out, but the lines are also down on my property, so it may be longer than that.

Rick Ballard

"Which, oddly enough, is counted as "services" not as "manufacturing"."

While the draftsman and clerk who are no longer needed are counted as a reduction in manufacturing employment. The socioeconomic planner then claps his hands with glee while shouting "See, I told you so!" while the CNC machine comes off line for the 15 minutes in 24 hours required for maintenance.


Poor you Dave. You can bring your family to my house if you want. I think I would have freaked out if I lost power. SOme in my town don't have it still, but I'm mad at them so the guest suite is yours if you want it.

Dave (in MA)

Jane, you're too kind. I think you'd kick us out after 5 minutes. One of our friends managed to score us a generator yesterday afternoon from the Leominster Home Depot (about an hour away) by being more pushy than I'd ever be. The ones in eastern MA were all snapped up, but I guess the winds were a lot less severe NW of here, so they still had some. This was after we had to throw out all of our food from the freezer and fridge, though.


Ugh. I'm so sorry. Pre-tornado I would probably have been a lot less sympathetic.

Dave (in MA)

sucks. They got my street hooked up again but not my house. I only told them about 4 or 5 times already that I have an individual problem on my property, but once they restored power to the street they had us down in the records as having power restored.

Strawman Cometh

One of my happiest days was when the Honda truck full of generators pulled into the supply store next door to my then office 5 days after Fran came through.


Gosh, I wish I would have had that information elarier!

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