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August 30, 2011



When is the jobs speech supposed to happen now? I guess he didn't want Palin's announcement stepping on it. ;)


Great link on Broadway Joe, Jack. His latest comment is about Plaxico: “I hope he makes All-Pro,” he told the website. “The reality is, he’ll be damn lucky if he makes it through the season.”


I was listening to Obama's speech to the American Legion today. I was always under the impression the American Legion was for members of the service who not served overseas. Is that not correct?


I'm not getting into the middle of the scrum over whether Irene coverage was overhyped, but for something that truly is hype, how about this:

Hurricane Irene might have wreaked havoc on the East Coast over the weekend, but it wasn't powerful enough to overcome Beyoncé's pregnancy announcement.

At its peak, Hurricane Irene found itself the topic of 3,000 tweets per second on Saturday. Pop diva Beyoncé Knowles' big news Sunday night at the MTV Video Music Awards, however, was included in a peak of 8,868 tweets per second, according to Twitter.

No one can say we don't know what's important!


Chicago Tribune insinuates that Sarah Palin is a racist and leader of violent thugs...

"South Africa's powerful youth leader to face ANC hearing"

By Robyn Dixon, Los Angeles Times

6:40 p.m. CDT, August 29, 2011

Reporting from Johannesburg, South Africa— He's been called "the black man who is rude about whites," a South African Sarah Palin, a "dictator-in-waiting." But even his critics will say this about Julius Malema: The leader of the ruling party's youth league might be the most influential person in the country.



I seem to remember that Obama criticized Bush for his handling of Katrina.

So when Irene rolled around, Obama demonstrated how a REAL leader deals with hurricanes: Go on vacation.

44 = 404

Rick Ballard

HB Elliott


I believe that bgates has revealed the secret element of the President's plan to once again lead from his behind. He's going to mandate the use of caddys. No golfer will be allowed on the 1st tee unless he has engaged a union caddy for the round. Double bagging will not be allowed and all caddys must join the SEIU (AFMSCE for municipal courses).

It's a sure winner.


Nah,Rick, O and his posse are taking a vacation from DC for the next year.

Bill in AZ sez it's time for Zero to resign

Zero's jobs program announcement is soooo easy. Foodstamps. Put every man, woman, and child, including illegals (oh wait, they're already on it) in the country on foodstamps. With the 1.84 multiplier, everyone will have jobs in a matter of days.


Now that would be wonderful Clarice!


Why hasn't Boehner come out yet and suggest the President ask for the cost of Hurricane Irene to go to Mr. Buffett??


O/T - that ghastly photo of Obama's uncle is just everywhere today. He looks like somebody - then I realize he looks like Michelle and her mama. Unhappy, scowling, scary.


For a guy who keeps saying we must take care of our Brother, Obama sure has a strange way of showing it with his own family.

They are estranged, they are illegal, they live in huts, they are wards of the State.....Ohhh yeah - that's right, wards of the state is exactly what he means by being our brothers keeper.


The Republicans should insist on a PRIVATE SECTOR REAL jobs program.

And everytime I hear a Liberal say the jobs created in Texas are 'hamber flipper' jobs I want the Conservative to respond:

What are you saying, that Americans are taking the jobs illegal aliens refuse to do??


The car in front of me had a bumper sticker on it. It read: “Pray for Obama. Psalm 109:8.” When I got home I opened my bible to the scripture and read it and started laughing. Psalm 109:8 –“Let his days be few and brief; And let others step forward to replace him.”

I stole this too.


Happy anniversary CH!! Congratulations!

Happy B-Day Elliot!

Thanks for the link Sara. Some good info in that youtube. I could have done without the “he is Malcolm X’s son”.

What I did find interesting is a reference to the Jay Treaty and how it contains specifics regarding a British “subject” and a US “citizen” and how “subjects” born here were not “citizens”.

I will investigate.


Amen, Rev. Sue!

Living in the State of Insane Asylum (fka California), I often laugh while I am crying at the myriad stories of this physically beautiful, but a totally leftist raped and ravaged state. Jammie Wearing Fool added to my tears and my chuckles over, of all things, coffee:

That list is currently now 22 pages long and basically includes everything you come into contact with by doing such things as breathing. Among some of the dangerous substances listed are aspirin, caffeic acid, cocaine, various food colorings, marijuana smoke, oral contraceptives, testosterone and the list goes on and on.

if the Transcanada Pipeline Keystone project (that daddy has been posting about)is approved, and it looks like it will be, that's going to create a whole bunch of high quality jobs. I wonder if the jobs aspect is why it's going to be approved, even though the environmental aspects of the project offend a large number of Obama's supporters.

Apparently he is more concerned about keeping the indie voters on his side than anything since it was they who put him in office, just as it will be they who remove him.



Thanks for the concern. Nope I am in dry and parched but unburnt Tarrant Co just west of DFW and very close to Lake Grapevine. We need rain, keep your fingers crossed we get some this weekend.


The RNC should start a web campaign to bail Obamas relatives out of state sponsored poverty.


Saturday night at the Rangers' game, the big screen was playing Nolan Ryan's no-hitters. The place went wild. Sunday night, GWB was Nolan's guest. Dagnabbit. I can't seem to catch a break. They lose the night I go and President Bush shows up the next night and they win. There's a story there...



Good deal. I knew you were around Ft. Worth somewhere, but wasn't sure exactly where. The fire at Possum Kingdom Lake is something.


My 11 year old had the perfect answer for Michelle Obamas program for restaurants to report the calorie and fat content on their menu.

We went to dinner recently and the menu included health information. My sharp boy after studying it a bit commented:

"Just look for the ones with the higher numbers (i.e. fat/calories);
those taste the best!"

Thanks Michelle.....


That's our boy, Pops..Wonderful story!


An Obama jobs program, what a laugh; the only unemployment rate higher then Obamas Economy is Obamas Family.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Threadkiller: I agree, it got kind of weird in parts.


I learned something about Boehner today I didn't know before:

((In February, amid increasing pressure from gay groups and voters, Obama’s appointees at the Department of Justice decided that 1996 Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional, and announced they would not defend it from a constitutional challenge.

The law, passed by a 342–67 vote in the House, sets a federal definition for marriage, and it is opposed by many progressives and gay advocacy groups, who say it puts the status of gay and lesbian relationships a step below heterosexual relationships. In 2008, Obama’s campaign promised to repeal the law, but Congress refused to do so, even when the House and Senate were under Democratic control.

In March, House Speaker John Boehner took the unusual step of hiring a team of lawyers to defend the law in court.))

Obama routinely bypasses Congress, conservatives say LUN


IMO, the jobs speech has already been made. The US Sec of Labor has already assured every one outside of the US that if they can get into the US, the entire weight of the US government will be used to help them get and keep jobs. Not a single word about legal immigrants or American workers being helped.



The innovative spirit lives on.

A USB storage device that doubles as a vibrator.



Membership requirements for the American Legion.


put the desires of the rich and corporations above the needs of working Americans
Yeah, right, if rich people and corporations were to desire to hire people, that would be terrible for working people...


Jammie Wearing Fool added to my tears and my chuckles over, of all things, coffee:

Ah yes, the famous Prop 65 which requires business to post signs that inform the unsuspecting that the business uses chemicals that are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects. Carnac the magnificent knows!

I recently had my hair cut, and the barber was aghast that I work with "chemicals," as do my employees. The crap she works with for dying and bleaching hair is a lot more dangerous, yet she is fine with that. Those things are not "chemicals."

I probably should check the requirements for displaying a Prop 65 poster.

HB Elliott (are you in China?), and the many I've missed over the past few days. And happy anniversary CH!

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Good Grief, this man really has no clue:

So we’re going to continue to see resistance, but the main thing is to communicate directly with the American people. Now, these folks so far have not been very responsive to public opinion and – which is why they are very unpopular right now. But they’re speaking only to a very narrow segment of the population, their base.

We’ve just got to keep on putting the pressure on. My attitude is that my job is to present the best plans possible. Congress needs to act. If Congress does not act, then I’m going to be going on the road and talking to folks, and this next election very well may end up being a referendum on whose vision of America is better. Because the fact of the matter is, is that the American people voted for divided government, but they didn’t vote for dysfunctional government. And if they see one side not willing to work with the other to move the country forward, then that’s what elections are all about. So we’re going to be in a struggle for probably the next 16, 17 months.

Don't you just want to shake some sense into the man?


'Winning the Future, seriously"



Thanks everyone. I very much appreciate your birthday wishes. A happy anniversary to Captain Hate!

I'm afraid today's chocolate consumption has not reached suitably alarming levels. I'll see about fixing that.


--I can grant mental illness, but how many mentally retarded lawyers are out there? Do all 3 of them automatically get hired?--

Umm, you've gotta be kidding, porch.
In my experience at least half of lawyers are functionally retarded.
Through some mysterious process they at one time may have passed a bar exam but I'm almost certain most of them have secretaries simply to tie their shoes and dab at the drool in the corner of their mouths before their first client arrives.

Jack is Back!

I am a member of the American Legion and it does not limit its membership to theater of service.

Now the VFW does in a way. You must have served in which we had a war with a foreign power. However, it again is liberal with its application policy.



For some reason I thought the American Legion was limited to service members that had not served overseas. Thanks for clarifying it for me.


--Does this make sense? How could farming be more profitable than planting trees that can bring in $1M for 3 cubic meters of wood?--

It does make a certain sense if you're a starving farmer with the choice of slashing and burning 5 acres to plant some potatoes or beans to live on or planting some rosewood and waiting 130 years for it to grow to the maturity it needs to be highly figured and valuable and in the meantime eating the dirt between the trees.




--I have never heard of a waterlogged branch and I don't think a branch can be waterlogged.--

Any branch which is dead, and most deciduous trees are full of them, is a natural sponge and they are often the majority of what falls off in storms as the water content becomes more than they can support.


Hey I provide a job at competitive wages to a deserving American! Where's the problem with that?


Happy B-day Elliot, wherever you are.
And Happy anniversary in the wilds of Ahia, CH [and Mrs. CH].


Hey I provide a job at competitive wages to a deserving American! Where's the problem with that?--

Obviously Walter, the barrister contingent here at JOM is from the non drooling, self-service-shoe-tying half of the profession. :)

Jack is Back!

My how time flies. Yankees and BoSox are at it but I need to go to bed. Nite all.


Thank you, Ignatz, for clearing that up! (Trees, branches, water, falling off.)


Well Mortimer says it, so you know it has to be true{



Happy Anniversary, Papa!


Happy Birthday, Elliott.

I think we all need some sort of reunion before the next election; especially now that I know I will not be bald. :)

Don't you think someone should reserve an Alaskan cruise ship for all of us before it is to late?

NO scoffing, guys and gals! She still looks like the best candidate so far.

List the issues...convince me your guy is better!

I am convinced that the next election will be so ugly that we better have a real fighter on our side.

Melinda Romanoff

Happy Birthday, Elliot!

Happy Anniversary, Chez Hate!



I am still in California, where it appears I shall remain for some time. Unless Napolitano gets busy, I shouldn't have any firewalls between me and JOM.


HB Elliott,
Happy anniversary, to Capt Hate and his wife.
--------------------------------------------Ann, We just spent a week with a family that didn't like Palin because they had read some MSM stories about her. Nothing more!


Looks like it's going to be a busy weekend



Ann, I'd go on a cruise with you anytime, bald or no! :)

I want a real fighter on our side, too. Perry (or Pointy Boots as a local radio guy calls him) is going to fight, but Palin is more consistent on limited government and heaven knows she's not afraid of anything.

Melinda Romanoff


I am keeping your (fka) for future use.

Thank you.

And, unless anyone else wants a swipe at iBama, here's a bit of insight on $2.2m worth of Canadian buses.

One mile. Per day. That was all he could manage.

Melinda Romanoff


How else do you kill mice in the corner of a room?

Strawman Cometh

Reformed warminista Joanne Nova may have the best place to start. Her Skeptics Handbook provides the framework, complete with, dare I say, talking points, for demolishing the uninformed. I've done it, it's easy and fun.



With your concealed weapon, of course!

(Don't get me wrong, I love that story.)


We're in the best of all possible worlds:


Sara (Pal2Pal)

Wausau Mayor: Union Organizers Must Reimburse City if Republicans Excluded from Labor Day Parade

On Wisconsin!

hit and run


The original keeper of and inspiration for The List.

Let's do this thing.



Way back a long time ago, we used to go out to the desert past Barstow and set up blinds on moonlit nights and wait for the coyotes to come out.

On a good night we'd get 3 or 4. Back then there was a $25 bounty, and the varmints were despised.

Now we get them loping down the street of our suburban neighborhood and no one does anything. Animal Services is blase' and the law prohibits any of those actions which might discourage these canine rats.

One killed my daughters dog a few years back and they basically fear nothing. They're still varmints.

A .17 cal or even a .22 wildcat does wonders in keeping them in line, but alas it is verboten within city limits.


Well, it seems that Obama can't get his "Green Jobs" programs off the ground because of.... Over-regulation:

Labor Rules Thwarting ‘Green Jobs’ Agenda

What goes around, comes around.


Surely those with a green agenda would never do this:

Rising global demand for cleaner energy from biomass could drive more land acquisition in poorer nations where food security and land rights are weak, an International Institute for Environment and Development report said today.

"If left unchecked, the growing pressure on land access could undermine livelihoods and food security in some of the world's poorest countries," the London-based nonprofit research group said, calling for more public scrutiny into global biomass expansion plans.

Green for me, not for thee, they say to the little people.


Let's do this thing.

We shall try. You should have something from me in your inbox.


2 important Oil related stories in todays ADN I hope attract your eyeballs:

1) Russia, Exxon Mobil strike deal for Arctic offshore oil drilling.

---"Russia's state-owned Rosneft teamed up with U.S. company Exxon Mobil on Tuesday in a multibillion-dollar deal to develop offshore oil fields in the Russian Arctic -- one of the last regions with immense and untapped hydrocarbon deposits"

---"Because Rosneft does not have its own technology for deep sea drilling, it was looking for partners to develop the offshore projects in the Arctic and other regions of Russia."

---"the "strategic partnership" with Exxon was signed in the presence of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin."

Anybody surprised by this? Shouldn't be. Why continue to bang your head against the leviathan of US regulatory Eco-facism, when you can just blow all that BS off and sign a deal with the Russians.

So finally Obama's EPA creates jobs.

In Russia.

Strangely enough, not a single word in the story about Arctic Ice Melt, Greenhouse Gasses, AGW, Endangered Polar Bears, threatened Walruses, or beleaguered Beluga's.


Daddy, if you check back, this is for you :)
PS - and will you teach me to fly?





The next NRO cruise is in November. Be there or be square!

Captain Hate

Well Mortimer says it, so you know it has to be true

Yes, because he did such a good job on shepherding the Senate races last year...

Thanks for the comment, Iggy; that's what I was alluding to yesterday in my comments.

The power went off for a couple hours last night just as I was working on some music reviews. At least I'll remember when it happened....


It would be so fun for Republicans to give Obama and his ilk a taste of their own medicine.

Can you imagine if Bush, Cheney, etc. gave interviews and whined and complained about how much harder they had it then Obama?

Can you see Bush whining about the major terrorist attack, worse then Hiroshima which put our economy in a thousand year depression and a Universe size war to the death that Bush managed to turn around.

Can you imagine Cheney crying about Al Queda being all Clintons fault and he how Clinton left them a military that was more concerned with hurting gays feelings then killing our enemies, etc. etc.
Bush could say he handed Obama an economy that he had rescued from the 9/11 depression which cut our GDP by Trillions of dollar and Ohh, imagine the comparison of Bushs 500 year Hurricane Katrina which flooded five complete states over Obamas palty little little miss Irene....


Bit it seems even “big government” has it’s limitations ...

FEMA is making its own adjustments. To make room in its budget for cleanup efforts after Irene, the agency is delaying some rebuilding projects in Joplin, Missouri, where devastating tornadoes struck this year.
“For any projects that have not come in for approval, we’re not going to be able to fund those at this point. We’re going to postpone those,” FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate said at a White House briefing Monday, referring to some efforts in Joplin.
Missouri’s two U.S. senators released statements blasting the bureaucratic move.
“If FEMA can’t fulfill its promise to our state because we have other disasters, that’s unacceptable,” Republican Sen. Roy Blunt said in a statement.
The criticism from the state’s Democratic senator was just as harsh.



There was a coyote in our neighborhood (a very rare event for this area) a few months back and everyone was freaking out about their pets. Glad I don't have to deal with that on a regular basis. Last time we visited my husband's family near Ft. Worth we saw a couple of dead coyotes strung up on a fence in their (semi-rural) area. Old Texas rancher tradition and an interesting lesson for the kids.


Thanks Strawman. I have no interest in the subject but am more than happy to taunt the moonbats.


The cubicle at Minitrue, is always revising the chocolate ration and the status of Comrade Ogilvy:


Jack is Back!

Cheney on F&F and looking more fit - lost a lot of weight it seems. Still has heart problems that require ventricle assistance.

So, how is Obama's leadership and FEMA handling the human tragedy that is Vermont, New Jersey and Upstate New York? Are they using the same Army Blackhawks they used for Katrina? Are those birkenstock Vermonters rioting yet? Chris Christie doesn't seem to be blaming the Fed's for not doing his job for him. I guess the Won gets a pass just because the governor's are doing their jobs unlike Bush who gets blamed because the mayor and governor didn't do or even know how to do their jobs. How fortunate.



He lost 40lbs while dining in Italy while almost dead. I've now seen three interviews with him and I'm less than impressed with the questions. I don't know what I want him to be asked but so far this isn't it.


"Reporters" don't know enough to ask in depth questions.


Isn't it the truth, Janet, they really are the William Hurt character from "Broadcast


thry're afraid to ask anything which might get them eaten alive.


I had never realized how uninformed "reporters" were until I followed the Plame story here. When Don Imus was about the only guy in MFM-land to ask a hard question...you know your MFM is worthless.


It's as if they don't think the 'scoops' they publish has no effect on the wider world, there was no reason for Risen to ever publish the details of the TSP.

I can't prove it, but I suspect that
Mr. Carle, was likely a source for Priest, on Bagram, where there was a subsequent jail break, and some of the other stories
in previous threads where Wilkerson surfaces in the spring of 2009; re al Libi and Al Queda


This part of what I was referring to:



Really, Joe, then how should one regard you:



Bumper sticker of the day at conservative treehouse -


Times still can't find it's ass using both hands ...

Though the Bush tax cuts were primarily for the rich, they did lower rates for almost all taxpayers, providing a veneer of egalitarianism.

Let's go to that bastion of conservative thinking, CNN ...

Bush tax cuts: $544.3 billion. The package would extend the Bush tax cuts for everyone for two years.
The bulk of that cost -- $463 billion -- is for the extension of cuts for families making less than $250,000, including two years of relief for 2010 and 2011 for the middle class from the Alternative Minimum Tax.
The rest -- $81.5 billion -- is attributable to the extension of cuts that apply to the highest income families.

Saying it over and over again won't make it true, unless you believe in 'Große Lüge.'

“I don’t care about personal nutty stuff,” Scarborough said. “What I care about this is this – we endured eight years, we conservatives, there are only three of us left in America. We small government conservatives, like Paul Ryan, and a couple others, we entered eight years of George w. Bush saying ‘I’m a conservative, wanted dead or alive. And yeah, yeehaw, love me, I love Jesus and I’m going to kill the terrorists, and I’m a conservative.’ Largest spending explosion since LBJ, Medicare, $7 trillion drug benefit plan, conservatives swoon, Sean Hannity swoon and the right-wing swoon and we end up bankrupted by a big government Republican. I’m telling you Rick Perry is the same way. I have always had these suspicions. He will do whatever to get elected. ‘Why are you so negative about Rick Perry?’ Because we have seen this movie before. If he has the swagger and followed it up by being a real conservative in Washington, D.C., that would be great. But even before I know about him loving HillaryCare, even before I knew he ran Al Gore’s campaign – Mike, I have seen this story before. He’s got the swagger. Some right-wing conservatives swoon. And we are stuck with somebody that talks a good talk but puts us deeper in debt. I want a real small government conservative. I don’t care if he talks like he’s from Canada.”

Obviously Scarborough will be supporting Palin, then.


Obama: Strongly Approve: 19%.. Strongly Disapprove 44%... Approval Index: -25... Total Approval: 42%...



question for Joe: if Perry and Bush were separated at birth, why is there so little love between them? if they are so alike, you'd think they'd each admire their mirror image, and that the Bush clan would be backing Perry 100% (which it is not)




Fun video of CBC members accusing "tea partiers" of racism, wanting to hang them in trees, etc.


Scarborough said ... “we conservatives"

No, those two don't go together.


Jobs recovery continues to sputter
CNN - 2 hours ago

Don't look to August for a robust jobs recovery.


Just as the global warming kooks get into high dudgeon. This little story from the UK. Coolest summer in 18 years.LUN


Certainly a Vizzini moment, MorninG Joke is entertaining that way,


Hi everyone.

Stopped for a minute recalling someone's posting from the past here about manufacturing in the US and how reports of its eminent demise or fragility are simply not true. Can anyone help?

Also would it be true in general that what is being manufacturing here now is especially innovative, cutting edge, entrepreneurial?

As a sector not static? Yes. I've been reading what appears to me to be a constructed, plausible, but false argument. Think of it as aid in slaying the dragon of bad ideas.

Happy birthday and anniversary and hello to Ann. Not commenting much but trying to still read daily.


Perry scares the ruling class very much:

Perry, by the Book
By Ruth Marcus

WASHINGTON -- Rick Perry is no George W. Bush.

This is not a compliment.

Perry not only talkes about not liking DC, he really means it.


rse, I think that was between Matt and Rick, with some distinctions made between Fortune500 type manufacturing and small to mid sized manufacturing. The net is there is no one-size-fits-all answer. What I see today is increased investment in productivity at small to mid, going as close to a lights out no employee model as they can get while taking advantage of increased transport costs / currency shifts to produce "high mix" customizable product on quick turnaround in the US. More thoughts here.


((Fun video of CBC members accusing "tea partiers" of racism, wanting to hang them in trees, etc.))

maybe this will go down as the moment in time that the race cardists jumped the shark

(the comments section following this item on Politico are well worth reading)


Also would it be true in general that what is being manufacturing here now is especially innovative, cutting edge, entrepreneurial?

Last night I posted a link to a USB storage device that doubles as a vibrator. That the kind of thing you mean by "innovative"?


It came from a Times Magazineheadscratcher, that I linked that insist that 'government largesse' was the key to the rebuilding of manufacturing

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