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September 11, 2011


Ben Franklin

To that point, i failed to mention the source of the quote 'politics is the art of manipulating your environment' is from the non-political scientist......Hunter S. Thompson.

Danube of Thought

"Right after they in turn had murdered 3000 Americans."

Not so. Three thousand Americans were murdered by men trained with impunity with the acquiescence of the Taliban government. All that would have been necessary to ensure that never happened again was air power?


I read Charlie as saying the US would not have used air power to destroy a reconstistuted Taliban unless and until they in turn murdered another 3000 Americans.


** reconstituted **

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Exactly six months to the day before 9/11/01, my back was fractured. On 9/11/01, like most everyone else on the West Coast, I woke to a phone call from someone screaming at me, "Turn on your television." For the rest of that day, I felt nothing. No fear, no sadness, no anger, no emotion whatsoever. It was like watching a rather over the top disaster movie. It wasn't until about 3 AM of 9/12 that I was finally alone and sat in my dark bedroom, lit only by the TV and watched a recap of the attacks and then it hit me. First I cried, then the intense anger.

I was worried about all the young people around me who were obviously struggling to make sense of what happened and it reminded me of how I struggled to make sense of the JFK assassination when I was a freshman in college. I knew that their world would never be the same, they would never again feel 100% safe in their country. I was also worried about my Mother, who I wasn't sure was understanding everything and thanking God the stroke had taken so much of her eyesight, she wasn't having to witness the devastation and the panic.

Then Bush stood on that rubble with the bullhorn and suddenly the bands of steel that had been binding my chest loosened and I think I took my first full breath. Somehow at that moment, I knew we would survive and prevail. And my dear Mother, who might have said the word damn maybe three or four times in her life, let loose, shocking everyone in the room. "You get them George, get those Son of a Bitchin' G-d damn Bastards, blow them to bloody hell." The whole room was in stunned silence for a couple of beats, and then she looked at me and said, "Are we ever going to eat around this joint?" And the tension dissolved, everyone laughed, and I knew we were going to be okay too.

On 9/11/2006, the 5th anniversary, I was feeling pretty good physically. My back was nearly 100% healed, my Mother had passed away, I was over the first year of intense grief, I had made a trip to Florida and a house hunting trip to Pennsylvania and I was organizing the rest of my life. Then, my little dog Becki got sick that afternoon and by evening it looked dire for her. I bent over to pick her up and crack, crack, crack crack, 4 loud snapping sounds that threw me face down on the carpet. Well you all know here that this last five years has been pretty bad for me, not only from severe pain, but financially as well since rebreaking my back made all my plans useless.

I am excited to report that today, 9/11/2011, the 10th anniversary, I walked unaided the entire way around our block and I feel so good about this simple accomplishment, I've gone out on a limb and committed to driving (by myself) up to Redding, CA around the first week in October. This may not seem like much to the world travelers who frequent here, but for someone who has been about 98% housebound for 10 years, it is a very big deal.

Don't let the Krugmans of the world get to you. He's a loser and losers always lose in the end. Don't let lefties convince you we are not exceptional. We are. God Bless America.

Better to Roll than Rollover


Great Picture, MT. What a background for such a happy looking couple. It gives one hope for America's future.


Thank you for a wondeerful message,Sara. God bless you.


I'm glad to hear of your recovery, Sara.

Ben Franklin

I admire your spirit, Sarah.

Redding is more than an 8-hour drive. Break it up into manageable


Thanks MT. Wonderful post.

Gmax, I am with you.

The importance of voting in a Commander in Chief that our troops deserve is paramount. I pray we give them a leader they deserve come November 2012.

Interesting to me to see Insty's link to the latest from Jimmy Carter:

‘We never dropped a bomb. We never fired a bullet. We never went to war.’

And INsty's lead in to that post:

"HE THINKS THIS IS SOMETHING TO BRAG ABOUT: Jimmy Carter: ‘We never dropped a bomb. We never fired a bullet. We never went to war.’ But, of course, his craven and inept example encouraged all our future problems in the region, where a firm response would have quashed them. If only he’d been as tough with hate-filled terrorists as with marauding cats."


TM has a post on Krugman's disgraceful comments.



That was lovely.

Red says that most of her generation do not really understand why we were attacked. Apparently her rep is the girl who knows things no one else has heard as a result of talking to adults who like history and know it.

She explained to her classmates last week that the reason the 911 terrorists knew precisely what it would take to bring down the buildings was because the details came out of the 93 bombing prosecutions in a criminal trial. No one had ever heard that before.


How quickly he forgets Desert One, daddy, the fact that it turned out badly, doesn't take away from the victories we had later



When I was in law school Carter came and told a story about negotiating with the Soviets as President and Breshnev telling him in private that God will never forgive us if we fail to reach an agreement on nuclear weapons. He said he was so impressed that an official atheist would say such a thing that when the full group reconvened he told everyone what Breshnev said to make sure everyone appreciated how important an agreement was.

He's just beaming at us telling that story and I am thinking what a fool you were and still are not to recognize you undermined B and still do not recognize it. Asked a family friend later who knew him well enough to have dined at the WH and she said he believes he has morally superior insights and is arrogantly blind to the effects of what he does. And time and bitterness has only made him worse.


Great reminder Narciso.

‘We never dropped a bomb. We never fired a bullet. We never went to war.’ Except of course those brave troops who died in that Desert One uh.....oh, just forget about them. As I said , the thing to remember is ‘We never dropped a bomb. We never fired a bullet. We never went to war.’


Did Obama declare 9/11 grandparents day or did grandparents day just happen to fall on 9/11 this year? Because the grandparents day has been the 1st Sunday after Labor Day since at least when my oldest daughter was a baby.


I took another lesson, from that, rse, what a gullible fool, Carter was, Brezhnev was a brutal apparatchik with no such sensibility
for anyone,


Rick Perry on what to call 9/11:

Perry proclaims 9/11 as Texas First Responders Day.

Captain Hate

I am watching the Skins and already Grossman has proven that Snyder has his own version of Duke and Duke top men.

I don't think that's fair because Vinny Cerrato was that in the past. I think that Shanny required enough autonomy to come here that has effectively dampened Danny's meddling and they're rebuilding fairly smartly. Sexy Rexy's looking pretty good after a shaky start.

Tom Maguire

Re the applause for Bush but not Obama - the Times explains it in a piece extolling Obama's war on terror:

Unlike Mr. Obama, Mr. Bush drew a cheer from those who remembered him shouting through a bullhorn atop the smoldering rubble. For Mr. Obama, Sept. 11 is perhaps a less wrenching experience, though it underpins what has become one of the great paradoxes of his presidency.

See, the crowd didn't cheer Obama because this has been less wrenching for him. Uh huh. They say "bullhorn", I say "Bull....".


For Mr. Obama, Sept. 11 is perhaps a less wrenching experience

Understandably so, as it wasn't his country that was attacked.


Didn't see about 5 different things Bambi said he was doing when the planes hit? Today he added "burping Sasha". What a pleasant thought.

Mark I too was appalled at his performance on the psalm. I actually thought he was having a seizure and then I realized TOTUS was not allowed admission.

ManTran, lovely pix.


TM, the entire Sept 11 edition of the NYT is a disgrace.

Captain Hate

Yes ManTran; thanks much for those pix.


I'll try my hand at a balanced editorial for this day, I can't do any worse that the Times, the Herald, or the Daily News, that's unpossible,


--Understandably so, as it wasn't his country that was attacked.--



Carter surrendered to Iran, and no one has abrogated that surrender in the ensuing thirty one years.



One of my distinct memories of September 12 was telling a mom in the carpool line who was married to a lawyer I had practiced with that the WSJ that day was so eloquent it would win a Pulitzer. She gave me this funny look that showed no recognition of the ability to recognize greatness when you encounter it in print.

And it did win a Pulitzer. And you also have that gift. We are all glad.


rse, how very generous of you. Thanks.

Rob Waters

National Geographic channel had a program tonight, "Inside 9/11: Zero Hour," that mentioned Able-Danger a few times and noted that the 9/11 Commission Report ignored it. I've long wondered why John Lehman allowed Jamie Gorelick and Richard Ben-Veniste to politicize the hearings so blatantly without pushing back.


Interesting, how Obama wants to change 9-11 to something else, anything else, but what it is - a day that lives in infamy.

Not in this case. He's not redefining anything, he's merely reaffirming what already is.

From Wikipedia:

In February, 1977, Senator Randolph, with the concurrence of many other senators, introduced a Joint Resolution to the Senate requesting the President to "issue annually a proclamation designating the first Sunday of September after Labor Day of each year as 'National Grandparents Day'." Congress passed the legislation proclaiming the first Sunday after Labor Day as National Grandparents Day and, on August 3, 1978, then-President Jimmy Carter signed the proclamation.


On the other hand, trying to redefine 9/11 from a day of remembering that we were attacked by enemies who hate us and (still) want us dead, to a "day of service," that's despicable.

Going down to help at the soup kitchen is a good and honorable thing to do. But not as a way to whitewash an act of war.

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