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September 27, 2011



On the other hand politico reportedly showed photos of the top Republican candidates and forgot to list Cain. And they are run by such smart guys from Journolist. How ever did that slip by them?

Melinda Romanoff

And the fact that Michael Moore likes him will just add to that air of mystique.

Or the scent of an Axelrod plant.


Maybe the left will run an Operation Chaos and tell pollsters that they support Huntsman in order to drag him over the 2% finish line.

The Graduate.

Watch him close up like a clamshell.


Huntsman's running for "next time," whatever that is. Paying attention to him, except for the futures market in Neutrogena skin care products, is a waste of time and space.

Focus on Obama. He's the issue, not Huntsman's odd ability to make skin crawl.


An excellent article today,which I cannot link, about how unpresidential and anti-Republican party Obama has become as of late. Gone are his claims to be president of the blue and red states. Saying republicans want to cripple America shows he has nothing left but vitriol and cynicism. Unexpectedly,all comments following the article were negative toward Obama. A shift is occuru=ing as we speak.. I am ashamed of Obama. How dare he minimize the office of the presidency in this way.

Danube of Thought

In the middle of the night I started thinking, "What [natural born] American would I like to see as president?" I was stumped for a depressingly long time, until I finally hit upon David Petraeus. Can't even be sure he'd do well, but he is honorable and capable, and does not seem to be the least bit self-aggrandizing. Problem is, he may know nothing at all about public policy.

I would love to amend the constitution to prohibit anyone who has ever served in the US Senate from becoming president.


One is reminded that Esquire gave the 'kiss of death' to Huntsman, by tacitly endorsing him, as the 'Sane Republican' just like they let Petraeus's predecessor at CENTCOM, Admiral Fallon, hang himself with
his own words.


Make sure you read this: Obama’s Disquieting Heroic Fantasies.

Because it is fabulous.

I have a twitter question. Everytime I try and type anything in the box, the box completely disappears.

Anyone have a clue?


Speaking of crawling skin, the Clinton homunculus, George Stephanopoulos, makes me molt. Why don't conservatives always begin any interview with a disqualification like, "George, of course you are a died in the wool Democrat, having run Clinton's campaign so your point of view is clear, but ...."?


How dare he minimize the office of the presidency in this way.

The office was minimized by the voters in 2008. If the voters elected a chimp, and the chimp did what chimps do in the Oval Office, that wouldn't be the chimp's fault. So how can we blame a Marxist AA bullshit-artist, when he's just being himself?


In the middle of the night I started thinking, "What [natural born] American would I like to see as president?"

I love DoT.


Ferguson, almost asks us to pull a 'Roberto Duran' after this:


Danube of Thought

I love you too, dear. And happy birthday.


You should have called, DoT. ;-)

I would put Tom McClintock at the top of my fantasy POTUS list.

Here is his speech from Sept 11th.



I didn't realize why everyone was using "inter" as in intercontinental railroad until this morning. I googled intercontinental railroad and google automatically brought up transcontinental railroad. You have to tell google to show intercontinental railroad to get Obama's quotes. Smartest president ever? Or most protected president ever? You decide.


Problem is, he may know nothing at all about public policy.

Problem? More likely feature.

All of the Master's degrees in Public Policy sitting around in Washington DC both in the government and in those trying to influence the government has lead to a one major FUBAR. We could use a guy with a little common sense, a willingness to make a decision and stand behind it and an understanding that unless some folks are squawking mightily, you are not being forceful and aggressive enough.


Sue, he's just not that smart. And, he's a liar, as the Daily Caller points out again today.



He really isn't very smart. It really makes you wonder, even with AA, how he got where he did. I love conspiracies, but my natural state of skepticism always brings me back to earth. But dadgum, this man really makes me think someone is behind him pulling the strings. He isn't smart enough to do this on his own.

Danube of Thought

I'm a big fan of McClintock.

Let's face it, it's going to come down to a choice between the catastrophic incumbent and someone about whom most Republicans feel decidedly lukewarm.

jack is Back!

Whereas, TK, in the middle of the night, is still thinking about whether the present occupant should bePresident.

OT: The No Labels guy was just on Fox and noted that they are having a convention in Orlando next July. I propose that the No Labels Convention be the first one with No Air Conditioning.

Army of Davids

The Senate and retaining seats in the House will be every bit as important as the Presidency.

Cain/Rubio 2012


They ought to just call 'No Clue' and be done with it, Scarborough is also associated with that outfit, but I repeat myself.


Inter means between, so if there's a railroad between here and Rooshia or Japan or China or Europe, I'd love to try it.

On another note, an interesting article in today's NY Fishwrap on a Pakistani ambush of American and Afghan officers at a peacemaking meeting several years ago that has been covered up.

I think we are going to be seeing selected leaks of all sorts of incidents my friends have been involved in for the past several years.

It is a low scale war between the Pakis and us and the Afghans along the border, but it is a war. and they bus the Haqqanis up to the border, kive them a kiss and some ammo, and slap them on the ass and say "save some virgins for me".


(see Jane's link) Peter Wehner on Obama's to CBC "I don't have time to feel sorry for myself" claim:

If there has been a president in my lifetime who has felt more sorry for himself – who has laid the blame for his failures on more people (George W. Bush, the Congressional GOP, the Tea Party, conservative talk radio hosts, millionaires and billionaires) and more things (ATMs, Japanese tsunamis, the Arab Spring, Fox News, Wall Street, et cetera) – I can’t think of who that might be. As the wheels on the Obama presidency come off, as his record of ineptness becomes more indisputable, Obama is becoming more intemperate, more aggrieved, more prickly, and more detached from reality.

Krauthammer: Godot will get in before Christie.


But isn't "No Labels" a ... label? LOL


Why don't conservatives always begin any interview with a disqualification

What a great idea. That could be done with almost every MFM personality.

'Fannie & Freddie? Great question Mr. Gregory. Has your wife given you any inside information on their troubles, seeing that she works there?'


They are clearly pursuing a 'more selective'



JiB, I sleep like a baby, because I know the answer.


--I didn't realize why everyone was using "inter" as in intercontinental railroad until this morning.--

I'm not too concerned about him thinking we have intercontinental railroads, but I'm terrified he may think we have transcontinental ballistic missiles.


--If the voters elected a chimp, and the chimp did what chimps do in the Oval Office, that wouldn't be the chimp's fault.--

Racist.......unless you meant Bush, which of course is perfectly fine.

Danube of Thought

Here's a bit more fuel (from the LA Times, no less) for the delightful ongoing fire:

Long before the politically connected California solar firm Solyndra went bankrupt, President Obama was warned by his top economic advisors about the financial and political risks of the Energy Department loan guarantee program that boosted the company's rapid ascent.

At a White House meeting in late October, Lawrence H. Summers, then director of the National Economic Council, and Timothy F. Geithner, the Treasury secretary, expressed concerns that the selection process for federal loan guarantees wasn't rigorous enough and raised the risk that funds could be going to the wrong companies, including ones that didn't need the help.

Energy Secretary Steven Chu, also at the meeting, had a different view. Under pressure from Congress to speed up the loans, he wanted less scrutiny from the Treasury Department and the Office of Management and Budget, or OMB.


Maybe the intercontinental railroad connects to the extra states. He is an intercontinental president, so he should know


But dadgum, this man really makes me think someone is behind him pulling the strings. He isn't smart enough to do this on his own.

I totally agree with Cashill that Obama was being groomed to be the mayor of Chicago. He would be the front man for the far, far, far left. They even had to build up his black bona fides & take out his opponents to get him elected in Chicago! I think they were amazed he was elected President.
The MFM bias/blindness must even astound them sometimes.


--Energy Secretary Steven Chu, also at the meeting, had a different view. Under pressure from Congress to speed up the loans, he wanted less scrutiny from the Treasury Department and the Office of Management and Budget, or OMB.--

Obviously they needed a Nobel laureate in economics not science to make this decision, somebody with an economics Nobel who has a track record of good solid advice to large innovative energy companies and isn't easily fooled by slick fakers like these Solyndra guys.
Anyone come to mind?

Melinda Romanoff

I presume that Dr. Chu has a hidden title somewhere behind his name.

Renowned financial geeen-yus.



Apparently these people have never before met a clean, articulate black man.


Valerie Jarrett's family and the Ayers gave Obama his start. I believe that.


AP: "A new survey says more than half of cities have cut staff, canceled projects or raised fees this year to cope with shrinking property- and income-tax revenue."

There's no way Obama will get the black support he got last time, because middle class blacks aren't blind to what Obamanomics has wrought. Herman Cain thinks he can get 1/3 of the black vote, and I agree.


Ignatz, you don't know how close you are to the truth circa 1962 - 63. There was a very strong reason we had ballistic missiles in Turkey. A lot of our missiles couldn't reach Russia from places like Arkansas and Arizona.

The major outcome of the Cuban Missile Crisis was the removal of those missiles from Turkey. They were 30 minutes from Moscow.

The Russians were simply evening the odds.

Captain Hate

Problem is, he may know nothing at all about public policy.

So what? It's an EXECUTIVE position where he would be delegating everything to experts in their respective fields. The trouble with recent Presidents is that all they know is public policy. Petraeus would be a breath of fresh air as President.

Danube of Thought

As I recall it, Matt, our removal of the missiles from Turkey was kept secret for a long time in order that the outcome could be portrayed as a clear Kennedy triumph.


RichatUF's comment about the last thread - "What a thread." ! hahaha...

It really is something - Marxism, Say's law, Putin's plastic surgery, King Canute, some math problem, puha, the McGinnis book, FLOTUS plastic surgery, merkins, wet underwear, Obamacare/SCOTUS, fornicating with Roger Ebert, Onstar, plucking out your own eyeballs, pubic combovers, & the Redskins/Cowboys game.


Drudge reporting that Obama's fundraising has plunged. As in plunger. As in toilet?


Perry has some new anti-Romney ads, a move which drops my already low opinion of Perry even lower. Rather than he and Romney diminishing themselves by unpresidential infighting, both should be telling voters why they're the one to beat Obama, and how they'd repair the damage if elected. I hope the ABO choice doesn't come down to those two.


Doom. Internecine bloodletting.


Yesterday Waxman who also had his beak in Solyndra offered up that those who opposed the loan guarantee were anti-science. I do think this week's column has to discuss the "scientific thinking" of the left.



I figured out this morning why you dislike Perry so much. He trashed NC barbeque. ::grin::


Waxman, the author, along with Markey, that other 'rocket surgeon', of the Cap N Trade
bill, say it isn't so, Clarice


Well, DOT, the only problem with that is no Rubio whenever.

Rick Ballard

The crux of the Drudge link is contained in a NYT piece:

That has left the campaign behind where it wanted to be in fund-raising. The campaign manager, Jim Messina, told Democratic Party officials recently that the campaign expected to raise $55 million in the third quarter, compared with $86 million in the previous quarter.

Using those two quarters to project ahead - Billion Dollar BOzo will hit his goal in only 7.09 years. Unless that $55 million figure continues to show up. At $55 million per quarter it will be 2029 before he makes it.

What a shame.

jack is Back!


You mean you wake up every 2 hours hungry?


I have to go to a doctor's appt shortly but I would like to ask a question.

Would it make a difference if Sarah Palin was black?
Would we put up with all the incredible lies and character assassinations?

Would she be more electable on our side?

Don't get me wrong, I love Cain. I have just been wondering about it.


I think that sounds perfect Clarice.


I'm going to make two bumper stickers for my car:

1) "Admit the Truth: Obama Sucks"

2) "It's time for Americas next Black President: CAIN 2012"

jack is Back!

Do the republican activists and others with some problem with Perry, and are clamoring for Christie, have a suicide pact? All he will do is split the Romney vote and make Perry stronger. Christie is not a true conservative to begin with despite all his frugality and taking on the teacher's union.

OT: Ford pulls the ad critical of Government Motors because.....drum roll please.........Obama asked them to! LUN

Jim Ryan

After Perry came on stage and caught my eye (Look! Shiny!) and was promptly hooked off by his "You have no heart!" boner, I have no dog in the race, except Cain if I can forgive him for his two boners (mosque ban, right of return which are forgivable if I facepalm for a while.) But all would be splendid presidents in comparison with the man who is perhaps the worst world leader that never murdered anyone the world has ever known.


All contributions welcomed.


I was just about to link that JiB, I guess the Luigi Vercotti treatment works.


The conservative base isn't pushing for Christie. It's the Bill Kristol and Barbara Bush RINO/insider types.


Obama's Team Announces Visit to 57th State of Wyomorado


--I do think this week's column has to discuss the "scientific thinking" of the left.--

And you might contrast their constant false refrain of how the right is anti-science with their own anti-market tendencies even though every one of them, except Bernie Sanders, pays lip service to free enterprise.

Danube of Thought

Christie is not running. Fox News.

Danube of Thought

I like Rubio a great deal. I think he may be president one day. He seems a bit young for the job right now.


Dana Milbank tries to make the case that Bush deserves some of the Solyndra blame but I don't think he quite makes the case ...

They were more like the March 2008 press release from Bush’s Energy Department, announcing that it was funding research projects on photovoltaic technology. “These projects are integral to President Bush’s Solar America Initiative, which aims to make solar energy cost-competitive with conventional forms of electricity by 2015,” the announcement said.

Among the winners listed in the press release? Solyndra.

Considering that 10 months later, the Bush DOE still hadn't cleared the loan guarantee, should have been a "red flag" to the Obama DOE.


John Heyward (Doc Zero) has a suitable response to the Ford shakedown:



Iggie, our own darling jimmyk notwithstanding, I am not sure I consider economics a science. But learning from testing and observation are key elements of science and I grant you that the Democrats holding key offices do not seem to grasp those lessons..

Captain Hate

It's the Bill Kristol and Barbara Bush RINO/insider types.

I'm mystified why Kristol gets lumped in with the RINOs. He's been more supportive of Tea Party candidates than that moniker would suggest.

jack is Back!

Neo's link only proves that we have the smartest White House in the history of earth only because we have the smartest man in the history of the universe. I wonder if anyone is keeping count of all these gaffes? I know the NY Times and WaPo and the rest of the MFM kept track of Dubya misspeaks and gaffes but I doubt these will ever get exposed.


Clarice, the fact that the administration is tearing down the hydroelectric dams should be mentioned, imo.

Hydro is still the cleanest and cheapest energy. The administration is removing the competition.

JIB, ;-)


CH, I'm sure you know more about Kristol than I, which isn't much.


" that never murdered anyone the world has ever known."

And we know this how?


Captain Hate

You're not the only one that does it, Deb, so I didn't mean to single you out. He regularly gets lumped in with party insiders which would probably come as a great surprise to all involved. I'm sure his opinion is taken note of by the party insiders, but it's as likely to be a broadside against them as otherwise.

Stephanie 'Kindred Spirit Sister'

Clarice, you should also mention something about that most scientific of scientific methods espoused by Michael Moore:

He believes in science!

so that's why Huntsman is the only viable republican candidate.

Science as doctrine.

The mind reels.


Well we do hold the foolish enthusiasm for the 'Arab Spring' against him, and he let
the Standard become a full time anti O'Donnell
platform last fall,


Paul Ryan again shows why he is the Dems worst nightmare with a plan which would practically eliminate employer provided healthcare.

Captain Hate

narc, I was probably on the wrong side of reactions for the 'Arab Spring' as well but the COD response was facepalm material.

Tammy Bruce agrees with Porch re Huntsman being a stalking horse for Obama, particularly in New Hampshire.

jack is Back!


I forgot about that M&M Super Bowl commercial. Ford will end up regretting this decision. It makes their negotiations with the unions a lot tougher. You can roll a guy more than once if you know he can be rolled.

Danube of Thought

Richard Epstein's former colleague at the U. of Chicago Law School:

"What is so striking about Obama’s shopworn rhetoric is its juvenile intellectual quality. His explanation for how the AJA will create jobs is a non-starter because he does not explain how we get from here to there. As in so many other cases, the president thinks that waving a wand over a problem will make his most ardent wishes come true, even when similar earlier efforts have proved to be dismal failures. This dreadful hodgepodge of a bill will likely be dead-on-arrival in Congress, but it remains a patriotic duty to explicate some of its worst provisions.

"The most evident feature of the AJA is that it is a combination of ill-conceived, disparate measures. The wandering quality of the bill makes it impossible to cover all of its silliness, but it is possible to focus on some of the core job provisions, all of which kill the very jobs that the AJA is supposed to create."


Nothing to see here, we're we supposed to have learned this lesson at Al QuaaQuua



Neo's link is utterly blank for me.


--Iggie, our own darling jimmyk notwithstanding, I am not sure I consider economics a science.--

Clarice, I thought my point might be a little ambiguous.

What I meant to contrast was the left's demand of obeisance to a consensus that doesn't exist in climate science while doing everything they can to undermine a consensus that they just as firmly claim to believe in; the free market.

Whether economics is a science, dismal or otherwise, was not really on my radar.

Frau Steingehirn

Sue, I always remember this photo of the Lightbringer and Onkel Soros in 2006. Notice that the S-man is seated while others must stand and adore.

In the beginning, Obama was awesome.


It works for me, Jane.

jack is Back!


Megyn Kelly - 10
Joy Behar - <3>


Megyn Kelly - 10
Joy Behar - <5>


Megyn Kelly - 10
Joy Behar - <7>


Megyn Kelly - 10
Joy Behar - <9>

Re: Debate panel reaction to the gay soldier and his question.
< > = less than zero

Danube of Thought

Not only that, Neo, in the final days of the Bush administration the DoE committee affirmatively--and unanimously--rejected the Solyndra loan.


The government has been funding renewable energy research for some time, but did not back specific companies except to grant the a few hundred thousand of even a few million for development projects.SunShot, as an example equates the $1/watt barier for solar power with the space program, which is overdramatic to say the least. The industry may be there through market forces much sooner than that anyway.

The big play was the government's $37 Billion energy finance play, which spreads money around like water for solar, wind, and even nuclear power. It is interesting to note that the solar industry has a very strong lobby in Washington.

Much of this gets down to good old pork and political favor being mixed in with some worthier projects.

That our government on the other end is working against conventional power all the way from coal to Ng is their way of forcing solar and alt energy to the fore.

All of this driven by anthropogenic climate change, drowning polar bears, the Maldives and all of the good dive spots being swamped, etc.

The latest is that the eastern face of Everest is losing it's snow. Somewhere, there's going to be an Indian shedding a tear just like that old 70's dude.

Besides, now that we can exceed the speed of light I am convinced we can do anything.


Iggie, our own darling jimmyk notwithstanding, I am not sure I consider economics a science.

[blush] Economics has in common with climate science that it can be pursued as a science or in furtherance of a political agenda. (In Krugman's substitute "and then" for "or".) It's the science part that allows us to figure out that ATMs and free trade don't cause unemployment.

Hop, skip, and jump as you may.

There is a cure for Obama's hybris and the ancient Greek playwrights wrote the prescription.

I've never before regretted the inability to photoshop.

Do you see the leash Soros is holding in the picture above?




Look who has popped up, after all these years:


I do wonder how he'll deal with the rest of his life.

Much worse, Jane. That's the easy way out.

Frau Steingehirn

From narciso's link @2:27-
"The president’s Get Out the Vote campaign, run by Buffy Wicks ..."

Which JOMer collects funny names? This one sounds like Iowahawk made it up.

Crunchy fruit salad.

Heh, an apple, an oreo, or a banana.


Yes, the name is funny, but that's not why I noticed it:




Interesting picture.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Is anyone watching the Michael Jackson doc trial?


jimmyk, I agree. I think the problem with treating climatology as a science at the moment is because there are more variables with huge margins of error than we can deal with. Economics which at heart attempts to make sense of billions of transactions by all the people in the world also has too many variables and margins of error to provide clarity except in smallish pictures, and even then (say the impact in the US employment rate of free trade ) the best evidence is ignored for purely political reasons.

Melinda Romanoff


Kate posts on the twisted logic of the left's science all the time.

Always informative.

As an aside: Why won't liberals listen to reason? By Spengler

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