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September 08, 2011


Jim Ryan

If you extend the payroll tax until next Thursday, American businesses will be stimulated to hire 15 million unemployed Americans. I guess. Or not.


I am so sick of this man. January 2013 can't come soon enough for me.


The time for bracing is over... The White House’s talking points for tonight are already out.



On the previous thread you mentioned that NC's Governor Bev Purdue, is very unpopular. That's what I got from my visiting relatives so glad to hear your perspective is the same.

How is Dem Congressman Heath Shuler being viewed? Is he making noise, or shutting up and laying low?


It's not like anything he can say tonight can change the fact of his past record.


Here's Clarice's latest at the Tattler:

Time to Force Holder to Act Against Union Violence.

Sure hope it gets an Instanlance and big play by Rush and FOX and everyone else.

Should the Gibson CEO carry a Les Paul in with him to the Speech tonight to make a point?


If you extend the payroll tax until next Thursday, American businesses will be stimulated to hire 15 million unemployed Americans........

....to make a hamburger for Wimpy today.


E.J. Dionne want to leave 9/11 behind ?

Does he mean we should get rid of the DHS, the TSA, the extra federal money to NYC et al for increase security ? Does that include throwing everybody in the prison at Gitmo into the Atlantic Ocean ? Most importantly, do we get to leave behind the "Troofers" and the "Blame Bush" crowd (including Cindy Sheehan) ?


Already 15 comments on a just up story in the local rag on Obama's proposals for tonights speech.

Looks like the Ellie light's have their marching orders.

I'm going to the dogs:) KayyyyRooooo.



I'm in Texas. I think you have me mixed up with one of the NC posters.


Doesn't it really come down to this:

"My re-election is in danger due to the disastrous consequences of my policies, so I expect the Republicans to rescue me."

Why in the world should they?


Just came in from the beach and suddenly there is a "credible threat" for the anniversary of 9-11. Hhmmm, how convenient that this "warning" comes mere hours before President Blowhards diatribe to Congress.

Call me skeptical.



I know the feeling, but I have to take it seriously. I don't want to be like democrats when Bush was president. If the president says there is a credible threat, I'll have to take his word for it, unless I find out differently.


NPR says price tag for O's goody list tonight is reportedly $450 billion.

To daddy: Heath Shuler lost liberal Asheville in redistricting, so he's more vulnerable than last time, but his NFL stint has taken him much farther than he deserves and may again.


Isn't the biggest blow of the Blowhard-in-Chief going to be when he exhales the line about how his proposals will reduce our long-term debt, so therefore we can spend the savings now?

Joe Sixpack couldn't get away with that at the kitchen table, never mind a CEO of any company in America.

Jack is Back!

Does anyone else get gastric indigestion watching the hop-poloi walking in to the House chambers and smiling and shaking hands and kissing cheeks even those of Barbara Lee and her ilk? And what was with Boehner and Biden doing the high hand shake and bear hug?

As an old K Streeter, I am even embarrassed at how distant these people are from the real world we are living in. This is platitude universe on steroids if you ask me.

Good for Bachman to go ahead and make a post-speech statement. But for me its football and I hope it is the same for the rest of the country. God Bless America because no one else will.


I'm watching re-runs of Jag. Who is going to jump in and blog the campaign commercial?

hit and run

Forget it, it's the second Thursday of the month. That means only one thing. Poker.

I'm faced with the fierce urgency of being focused like a laser beam on cards,cards,cards.

Hope I make some Change!

Captain Hate

I can't stand the sight or sound of El JEFe but I'll report from Tammy's broadcast; although if she keeps with her past actions, she'll rapidly get fed up and substitute a Palin clip.

Melinda Romanoff


Please live blog appearances by "Mac" in Jag.

Ralph L

Happy Birthday Pippa!
Photos LUN



Isn't she a living doll?

Melinda Romanoff

One could say so.

A lot.


I hate to tell you this, but I am back. Shall I snarkblog?


A soft spot for the persian ladies, eh?


Please do, Janie.

Jack is Back!

Kid Rock is on. But its not NBC affiliate in Orlando but NFL network. WESH is a wimp. I hate Rock but I would rather watch this than that charlatan the uneducated masses voted for. I still can't come to terms this guy was elected President. What the hell were they thinking? My God.

Captain Hate

Yay Jane. Woot


Jane! Yes, please do! But only if the lipstick is in place.


Late as usual, the MIC arrives kissing and hugging the crowd. "Hey boys, I'm one of you". The applause is light,I might throw up if I look at the screen.

Biden and Boehner at the front, all the minority members have aisle seats, and Debbie WS who may have washed her hair for the event.

Now on to the cabinet. I wonder if he remembers their names.Boehner looks bored.


Wouldn't it be fun if the teleprompter broke?

Drink on "inherited"


For when daddy shows up:

Seemingly drunk Swedish moose found stuck in tree


USA is carrying the pre-game activities. Which is why I'm watching Jag instead of NCIS.


This is one of those times when having no TV is a blessing.

I'm counting on you, Jane.


--Shall I snarkblog?--

Indubitably. It's the only thing that makes it tolerable and you have a preternatural knack for it. A network that had any brains would run your subtitles under the fool's words.


Is Nancy wearing her Snuggie?

Captain Hate

Debbie WS who may have washed her hair for the event.

The lice will have a hard time doing their jobs. No hope or change for them.

Captain Hate

For Decades

This goes beyond Bush; we're all taking it up the wazz tonight.

Standing ovation for nothing


Loved Jonah G,s idea the republicans should clap alot so the speech runs over into football


Oh how snotty he looksSchumer, reid and Durbin plotting in the front. Oh God, 43 minutes without applause.

MIC: It's urgent. And the republicans have made it worse. The press wants to know the political ramifications and you know I couldn't care less about the politics, I care about the people. I care about the people who can't go out to dinner anymore, while I am teeing it up on the Vineyard and Bali.

America used to reward hard work, but for decades that has ended. Decades? try 3 years.

So now the question is can we stop the political circus and help the economy. Actually what I really mean is can I force republicans to do what I want. And I want "fairness" and I will be the arbiter of that fairness. It is all about the workers/

I am sending you the american jobs act which you will pass and will love, and you will pay for it.

The purpose is to put people to work and transfer wealth.


I hope MayBee attends.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

The American Jobs Act. What an original name.

Captain Hate

More jobs for every union member

Captain Hate

Tammy says Muffer looks sleep deprived; I say it's Huma deprived.

Captain Hate

Can he get beyond road building? Who is applauding this garbage?


Gibson CEO to Obama: Show Some Concern for Nation's Job Creators

The chief executive of Gibson Guitar Corp., which has been the target of two federal raids in the past two years over the exotic wood it uses to make the instruments, said Thursday that he wants President Obama to show some concern for the nation’s job creators in his big speech on jumpstarting the economy.

“It’s not easy to compete on a global basis,” Gibson's Henry Juszkiewicz told Fox News. “We’re competing with Chinese, European companies. We’d like to feel like we’re respected and help create jobs.”


America used to reward hard work, but for decades that has ended.

That is right out of Carter's melase speech.


We will reward the unions and cut payroll taxes in half/ You should pass this plan, which has no details, right away.

This plan is for jobs creators. Small business will get a tax cut for hiring and raising wages.

Paul Ryan is taking notes.

You should pass this

You should pass this now'

you should pass this, it's perfect!

And on to the infrastructure - hell unions are ready to do that - badly of course, and for too much money, but then they will vote for me.

Every night I read letters about bridges - in houston and Kentucky. Kids can't dot their best in places that are calling apart. Every child deserves a new school. Joe Biden looks confused.

We will modify 35,000 schools and give them all new things, and we will bail out the people who didn't pay their mortgage, and I will make sure there are no earmarks, except for friends like Soylandra, cause they are my friends.

Captain Hate

To make sure the money is properly spent we're creating more of a bureaucracy that would stun even Kafka

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

Airports. Fast trains. Bridges. Schools.

Why haven't they been started yet?

Captain Hate

South Korea is smart enough not to elect a jugeared fellow


Every night I read letters about bridges - in houston and Kentucky. Kids can't dot their best in places that are calling apart. Every child deserves a new school. Joe Biden looks confused.

He actually said Joe Biden looks confused? Whoa!


He has no idea what he is talking about and everyone in congress knows it.

Good Grief ........Go Jane!

I don't see any SCOUS justices

and Senator Brown is the only Republican Senator clapping. SOB

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

No more specifics than last week in Detroit.

What is "this bill"?

Captain Hate

I promise to treat returning veterans just the same as Aunt Zeituni

Captain Hate

More unemployment insurance; that should work well


He's hyped up good tonight...and completely delusional. Where, oh where, does this fool of a man come up with his pie in the sky ideas?

His understanding of economics and taxation is childish and embarrassing. Someone needs to get the hook...

Captain Hate

Trillion dollar cut in the next 10 years. A more ambitious deficit cutting plan in a week. Skittles for everybody.


You should pass this bill, now, today. Don't read it, I'm telling you, it's perfect.

It's only fair.

Pass this bill for the children. Harry Reid can not recall how to clap.

Pass the bill for the veterens. After all I'm about to make sure they lose Afghanistan so a job will make them feel better, and vote for me too.

Pass this bill and we will increase welfare and handouts and free stuff.

We now have to help the unemployed get work and if they can't no worries because we are going to increase unemployment for another year, which alone will fix the economy.

Pass the bill now. It's worth $1500 to every working family.

He slams the tea party and says that the tea party better not dare not give this tax break he wants.

That's it, that's his big idea. No specifics of course.

Oh and it will be paid for.

I will make the new committee figure it out, but I will make sure we tax the rich.


Trillion dollar cut in the next 10 years.

Damn. I need to drink already?

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

This is a disgrace. Krauthammer was right. This is a cynical ploy to use a joint session to scold the Republicans and show himself as a man of action.

Chris Matthews' leg is again atingle.

Captain Hate

OldTimer; JarJar or Wookie must've found the happy pills/powder/whatever.

Lindsey Graham is applauding. Thanks again, South Carolina.


what peabrain came up with A J A? Coming from Obama it screams a jack-a to me ! or absolute jive, junk-a-s act.

run sarah run.


Where are you getting the JAG episodes, DVD, btw, they had Andrea Parker, Elliot's costare from the pilot, guest on "Suits', it wasn't quite the same.

Captain Hate

Tammy just turned him off and said this is the theater of the absurd which nobody can take seriously.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Harm is da Man!!!


It was easier for me to watch LBJ in 1966 than this excrescence. So I don't.

Captain Hate

The immediate crisis == 3+ years.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

There are those dratted millionaires and billionaires again.

This is "simple arithmetic". Yeah right.

Captain Hate

Outdated patent process. Drink!


We will reform medicare to strengthen it - Lindsay Graham jumps to his feet.

The evil republicans don't want people to pay their fair share. Warren Buffet wants us to fix that (grumbles from the crowd who knows Warren owes a ton of back taxes).

Don't worry the rich are behind this.

I'll reform the tax code by eliminating a few pages of a million pages - and I'll make sure I'll screw companies whose CEOs vote republican, like I did the Gibson CEO who is in the audience.

So what's the best way to fix the economy - screw the oil companies, screw the millionaires and help the unions.

This is not politics or class warfare (you can hear the laughter)

So i've fixed the immediate problem, and now I will fix the problem in the future. That means I will pander to the unions. And all of you will have to work harder, while I golf and go on vacation.

The federal government will pay faster. We will cut red tape and help homeowners who can default a second time. Even republicans should be for that. I can do that without the congress.

Now it's time for the trade agreements I've been sitting on for 3 years and the patent agreement I've been blocking. I will make sure all of the world buys our union made products with my smiley face.

Plus I have a new committee to tell corporations to run their business. because I am so good at this and they need my help.


MO must have found out that there is no way she gonna get another four year life style of the rich and famous because she looks pissed off.


I have the TV in the background, but it's on mute (can't stand to hear his voice). I glanced over and they had a shot of Hillary... She had this 'I can't believe I lost to this loser' look on her face, even while she was clapping.


In the space of 24 hrs. this jobs bill has increased its cost to 450 billion. Krauthammer calls it the brother of the stimulus. Carney says it's all paid for. He lies! There isn't even a plan for what they will cut to pay for this sclocky bill.Smoke and mirrors, and whatever happened to Paygo? Under the bus with Wright, Ayers et al.


Go Jane!

Captain Hate

I can't believe that he keeps bringing up that deadbeat Buffet; maybe he thinks it was Jimmy Buffet that hasn't paid his taxes.


For those not watching....EVERYONE LOOKS CONFUSED.



Panetta looks pained...but then he always does.

Captain Hate

Collective bargaining rights; what a crock.



I have Direct TV. It is channel 306, HDN.


Go everyone who can watch this and comment!


The speaker's eyes just got wide and he shot Obama, then Biden a Win The Future look. Pretty damn funny.

Captain Hate

My God, he's lecturing people on how things were before he destroyed it.


His performance is quite astounding. The longer he talks, the more those observing him can see the mental fracture lines beginning to appear.

Only fools will see his theatrics tonight as anything approaching realistic, workable or coherent. He's trying desperately to sound like Regan but sounds instead like Elmer Gantry.

Captain Hate

Tammy just dropped her first F bomb at the dumb bastard's reference to Lincoln and Boehner looks like Mothra just flew in the room

Jack is Back!

jane for Sainthood.

I am going to have to talk to Father Peter tomorrow, since he is a canon lawyer on how we do this but I understand we can nominate anyone. Jane has done more than some of the old martyrs in sitting through this guys palaver.

I switched a couple of times for a few seconds and just could not stand our political class - both parties - sitting there acting like its nothing. But then i am going to watch young men try to kill themselves physically to make everyone feel better from what the goons in DC are trying to do to the rest of us.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

The strawmen are coming out left and right.

Where would we be if [insert list of government programs that no one argues about].


"Reagan" ... :)


IOW I am really saying nothing but hoping you will buy it because I am the smartest man on the planet.

Now some of you are stupid and want to cut gvt spending and regulations - prolonged applause that he tries to interrupt. So i will have a review, and I have 500 reforms of the 12 trillion on the books. But I will not wipe out the basic protections that americans count on, like free handouts to illegals, more foodstamps for liguor. We need to protect people from mercury and we need collective bargaining.

Ahhhh we need the best pollution standards and I want you to get on it, because I said so.

Government is fab - making it smaller is not the story of America, making it huge is the story of America. And I will make it huger and make some of you pay for the rest.

I'm like Lincoln (for reasons I don't quite understand)

What would have happened if we had the tea party earlier? There would be nothing, no GI bill, no community colleges? What kind of country would this be if gvt didn't create the internet.

All my proposals have been supported by dems and republicans. They are all paid for - I just can't tell you now.

Bad people are tweeting. We can't wait 14 months for the next election. I must destroy this country NOW!

Captain Hate

Anybody applauding this garbage needs to be sent packing


Is this waste of time, we will never have this hour back ,over yet? I heard Reid wanted to schedule a Senate vote afterwards so everyone would show up for Obama. When you have to force people to listen you have lost your mojo...


This is the bestest plan ever and I'm going on my bus (which will fly with me) and tell everyone you are bad for not joining me.

The end.

Jack is Back!

Clarice is out back with a pizza in the oven. I know it. She sat through Grand Jury duty and just cannot take anymore mayhem. She is loving the patio and the egg. But I cannot wait to hear from her. Did you have the TV on? Were you cheating?

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

If it is so damn critical that this be done immediately what happened these last three years?

Captain Hate

Anybody that was out of work at the beginning of this has to be thinking that this did nothing to help them and was a complete waste of time; assuming any of them bothered to watch it.

Jack is Back!

The smartest black man on TV tonight is Tony Dungy.

Yes, I am a racialist. Notice the difference.

Captain Hate

Tammy is pointing out that there's still no bill submitted and that this was just a speech.


Can't bring myself to watch another Obama speech.

The Republicans should have treated it like the joke it is and give him a standing 5 minute ovation after every sentence.

Then tell the press, we gave the president eveything he wanted...maybe he'll go back on vacation.


Hey kids, why don't we put on a show?

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

Boy did he ever set up the Harry Truman schtick. He is all in on that.

Let's hope our side is smarter than Vandenberg, Martin and Dewey.

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