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September 01, 2011


You would think that would be a simple thing to find out. Ask him. Ask Michelle. No one ever asks the hard questions.

But be sure to put them in separate rooms before the interrogation.


Happiest of birthdays,Frau. So happy you had your son and granddaughter for pre-big-day celebrations.

Jack is Back!

I wonder if Oduffer will be playing Bali Handara Golf Club when he goes to Bali? Well, he should. I have played it a number of times and it is still one of Robert Trent Jones' masterpieces. It is away from the beaches up on the mountain slopes close to 4K altitude. In fact, the last time I played it I stayed in one of the bungalows. It was sweltering 90s down on the beaches but my house steward saw fit to put a fire on the hearth for me that evening. A great mountain course with some difficult carries and undulating greens.

Jack is Back!

If you get a chance = go to Althouse (Madison is Packer Country) and read her take on the speech v. the game. Especially, the comments. When you have lost Wisconsin.....


--"But be sure to put them in separate rooms planes before the interrogation."--

That will be easier.

--" maybe they'll just call me a Balier.”--



They should have moved the debate back. Let Obama have his say. Then debate.


OT little odd thing - Our neighborhood has had some robberies recently & the police said to be sure and leave on porch lights. One guy on the listserv said he would not do that long term because the light exacerbates global warming & creates night light pollution.

What is night light pollution??? I think they're just making up stuff to be "concerned" about.


I think McCartney played a Gibson on SNL.

Danube of Thought

What, exactly, has Obama proposed concerning jobs that has been thwarted by the GOP?

Danube of Thought

Shelby Steele in today's WSJ is the most insightful thing I have read about the Obama presidency. Regret can't link.

Frau Geburtstagskind

glasater - Any apple with a Cox's orange pippin in its ancestry is bound to be good. The Jazz apple is available in our stores. Have you tried the Elstar? it also has Cox's orange in its background. On our recommendation, our son planted one in his Redmond, WA yard. We are waiting for it to mature. LUN

Agent J - For my birthday dinner, it's your Luchow's chicken liver dish. I'm using bacon for the fat. Never wrong, as you know.

Agent J

In the Greek tradition, Happy September everyone.

Also Happy Birthday to all that were born this month. Happy Anniversary, be it the first or the 75th..

Anything else? Oh yes for those of you who are ill, I am sorry, for those that will depart life, my condolences.

Now I feel better until next month.

Back to lurking!

Frau Geburtstagskind

Thanks for the Shelby Steele update, DoT. Did anyone already share that Kinky Friedman has endorsed Rick Perry:
These days, of course, I would support Charlie Sheen over Obama. Obama has done for the economy what pantyhose did for foreplay.
More to the point, could Rick Perry fix the economy? Hell, yes! Texas is exhibit A; Rick’s fingerprints are all over it. He’s been governor since Christ was a cowboy. The Lone Star State is booming. The last time I checked, Texas is kicking in a hell of a lot of the U.S. GDP. Unemployment is lower than the vast majority of the other states. Hell, we could probably even find a job for Paul Begala.



Rush read it today, DoT.



What is night light pollution???

Do you have many astronomers in your neighborhood, Janet?

Light pollution


I see you decided not to quote the pantyhose line, Frau.

Sandy Daze

Cox's orange pippin. My favorite apple of all time but I cannot find them in the US.

Agent J

Oh, Frau you must let us know just how great it is..it is a shame that you could not find some good old fashioned bacon, one without a lot of the modern ingredients..the kind that was cured in the smoke house with Morton Curing Salts. If I don't have bacon grease, I use lard, for the fancy stuff I use butter.

Frau Geburtstagskind

It's my birthday, Ex.
Anyway, only old geezers/geezerettes remember pantyhose.


Critics Say Obama EPA Moves Made With 2012 in Mind

While Republican foes and many in the business community accuse President Obama of pushing aggressive environmental agenda, the Obama EPA has actually been holding back on many of its key initiatives.

Critics say the go-slow approach at the Environmental Protection Agency is part of a 2012 re-election strategy for the president.

Frau Geburtstagskind

Here in the U.S. Cox's orange pippins are finicky about climate, Sandy. We planted a couple in the high desert (550 ft with snow) with other apples which grew well and the Cox's most often cracked and had blemishes. People who knew them didn't care how ugly they were. They taste and *smell* great, as you know. I was told Brits used to keep a box or two out in the garden shed through the late fall and winter months. I discovered them in Germany along with Boskop apples which developed flavor *after* picking. We've been trained here to think apples should be crisp and pears soft.


Frau and Agent J: What is the chicken liver dish you are referring to?


Huntsman says he will win N.H. primary as state campaign manager fired

“I want to put you on notice. We’re going to win this state. We’re going to win this primary,” the former Utah governor said at the popular Politics and Eggs discussion series.
Frau Geburtstagskind

That's alarming, Ex, but not surprising. The puppet masters wrote their to-do list some time ago.

Ha! Agent J can be lured out of lurkerdom by mentioning chicken livers and bacon. I plan to go to sleep tonight with a bit of the juices on my chin to insure good dreams. Does anyone know why bacon can mold now? I'm sure the slab bacon we used at home never did.


In case Iggy's logging escapades weren't impressive enough...

Colorado Logger Cuts Off Toes After Foot Is Pinned

A 61-year-old retired logger feared he might die alone in a remote Colorado forest after his right foot was pinned under his six-ton trailer. With few choices, he used a 3-inch pocket knife to cut off all five toes to get free.

"It hurt so bad," Jon Hutt said, "I would cut for a while and then I had to rest."


It is not so much incompetence, though it surely that too, as it is arrogance and ignorance that lead his "management team" to do these things.

The truth is that they are attempting to run the country like they do the blue hells (and some of the state-wide political machines like NY and CA). We call it "The Chicago Way", but it could be called "The New York Way" or "The California Way".

This does not really fly in the rest of the nation, at least not yet. Thus, it is less incompetence than it is a sort of willfully nurtured incapacity. It may seem a small distinction, but it underscores how disconnected they are frim the nation (and reality in general).

They seem to get weirder and weirder. This idiocy with Gibson is a case in point.

I think that they are falling apart at the seams, and the part of the Democrats that might save then, or at least give them serviceable advice, the Clinton machine and the East Coast "Old Guard", are letting them twist in the wind.

And the real campaign season really has not even begun in earnest yet.


Somewhere, out on the range, someone's skin is crawling.

Frau Geburtstagskind

Further OT - the Claremont colleges just began classes. That means the professors, even those with an anarchy syllabus, will have to prepare some introductory remarks. Enjoy it while it lasts.


Uh oh. First Carville dumps on Obama's speech-scheduling circus act, and now this.

Democrats Distancing Themselves From Obama

As these members begin to focus on their reelection bids after Labor Day, they are increasingly calculating how close is too close to an unpopular President Obama.

Happy Birthday Frau! Glad you and your family had such a good time and are eating all your favorites.


Hillary has to cackling at the crystal ball these days.

"Fly, my pretties, fly!"


That McKelway piece is was not one of his better ones, Ext, in that the body of the piece doesn't correspond with the headlines: the last may not br his fault.


Am I one of the ones who hate to see people correct posts that everyone already knew what was meant? Unfortunatly, yes.



Fox News Poll: Perry Overtakes Romney as Top GOP 2012 Pick; Most Say Palin Should Stay Out of Race

Sara (Pal2Pal)

They should have moved the debate back. Let Obama have his say. Then debate.

How would that have been possible. The House members weren't even due back until 6:30 pm and they still would have had to vote on whether to have the president speak and then the Secret Service would have need time to do a complete sweep for security purposes. I swear, lefties don't have a mini-cell of common sense or sense of how things run, like schedules and herding over 500 people back early so Odumbo could speak. Why did he wait until the lasts minute to announce a done deal that wasn't even a deal that had been started nor logistically possible?


I think Rick would answer that as follows, Sara: Because ValJar and the Wookie are the brain trust now.

Danube of Thought

What happened to our Identity Teenager? I kind of miss the doltish young pinata...



For the liver try Luchow's cookbook recipes.
Use zee google
I did have a beer there before they shuttered.

Jack is Back!


A lot of personalities are absent (Anduril, BuBu, Rob Crawford). Wonder whats up?


The fancy restaurant I worked for in college used sherry in their chicken liver recipe.
They were very good!

Thanks Frau for the info on the Pippen heritage for these apples. I will broach the subject gently to my friends who have a truck farm. They raise Fuji's and Jonagolds with a few Romes for good measure.
There are many orchardists just across the state line who may have an a secret tree or two. One fellow I knew years ago had a "black apple" tree.


On that JOM Bali thread, sylvia asks a good question...Also any connections with the Ayers family to Bali? Did Tom Ayers have a vacay house there?
Newly married, can't get the book written,...where did the money come from to get to, & stay in Bali? I thought they owed oodles of student loans. Maybe not Ayers, but did another friend own a house there?

How come a 53 yr. old stay-at-home mom knows more about our sketchy President than the MFM?


I miss Rob Crawford's posts.


Here's the STEELE PIECE:



Gee I certainly wouldn't add Rob to that group. And DOT it's the beginning of the school year. If you conjure him up you are on my shit list.


Some notions are too extreme, for sensitive ears, you never know what can happen:


Jack is Back!


I added him to MIA not to anything in common with the other two.


"Do not read from the Book" Danube.


Full throated? Are they expecting a porno?


Eli's in Chicago, now defunct made liver two ways both of which were fabulous. I think one of their recipes is online at a website commemorating the restaurant.
You can get great applewood smoked bacon from Neuskes in Wisconsin. Most good restaurants around here use it. Hold out for times when they offer free shipping and you will find it fairly priced.


And DOT it's the beginning of the school year. If you conjure him up you are on my shit list.

Why cant I get "beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetlejuice" out of my head?


I've seen him in various places, including a recent Mccain thread on the Iowa kerfluffle, he was really ticked that we were responding at all, to Dana.


They are either going to give Ambrose Evans Pritchard an award or pack him off to the looney bin. LUN.

Unfortunately, the technical analysts agree.

China Overseas Shipping Company (COSCO), one of the world's largest, is defaulting on ship leases as the Chinese economy is slowing. Excuse the pun, but this is another red flag.


Some moron poster over at Huffypuff says Zero problems is his is compromising on everything, being a centrist and that is going to hurt him with independents. I would set him straight, but I kinda like that the advice Zero gets is inside out, backwards upside down and just plain wrong.

Strawman Cometh

I can't stand people like him.



Thanks, I googled as advised, so it is liver pate? I love liver - calf's liver, chicken liver, probably fois gras, but never had it.

A friend of mine (Italian, fabulous cook) made a chicken liver pate every Christmas and gifted me with a small crock (as in sealed jar) of it. By far the most heavenly I have ever had. We live miles apart now, so one phone call, I asked for the recipe. Damn near stumped her. Like all really good cooks, she knew the ingredients, but the exact amount were eyeballed and not easily translated into tsps, tbsps, etc. I wrote down what she told me, but felt too inadequate to try the recipe out without exact measurements (why I AM NOT a great cook, only adequate!).

Even my children, who claim to HATE liver, would scarf it up on baguette rye slices.


Hot Air has a good round up of the latest:

Oh my: White House “furious” that Boehner made them postpone speech until Thursday

I have to say that this whole issue about if the White House cleared the date or not is really strange. My guess is that someone from the White House called the Speaker's office to confirm that Wednesday would be thier first day back in session and never asked about the actual time of the first vote. Very embarrassing, since Barry was actually a Senator for a couple of years, and should remember the the first votes are usually in the late afternoon or early evening, so the chamber can get credit for a day in session when the members actually spend that day traveling back to DC.

Jack is Back!

Wall St. Deli, McPherson Square, chiken liver & onion piled about 2" high with a cream soda. Heaven between two slices of rye. Ummmmmh, yummy!

Rick Ballard

Rocco and Laura have been missing as well. I was hoping for an 'all clear' from Rocco re the 'cane.

I'd sure like to hear what the 20 Dem Senators running for re-election have to say about the President's decision to pull a Truman and run against a 'do nothing' Congress. My bet is that they're calling it a "stunning display of the President's innate intelligence". Perhaps they're saying it in slightly warmer terms though.


After 2012 ,Rick, there will be created a Museum of the Democrat Blue Dog because otherwise no one will remember what they were.


no one will remember what they were.

or what they were suppose to be.


they'll fit neatly between the jaberwocky and the pushmi-pullyu


--"Very embarrassing, since Barry was actually a Senator for a couple of years, and should remember the the first votes are usually in the late afternoon or early evening"--



From Govtrack:

Barack Obama missed 314 (24%) of 1,300 roll call votes since Jan 6, 2005.

What a guy.

Rob Crawford

Why cant I get "beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetlejuice" out of my head?

True fact: my first online handle was "Betelgeuse", and the one I used through college was "betel" (because the whole thing didn't fit in 8 characters).

I've been away because:

o Work is driving me insane. A week from now, I have to have an estimate -- within 5% -- of how much it will cost to build the complete system I've been working on for the last year. Assuming I don't fall on my face, and we get the money, I then have six months to build it -- and support four additional side projects to pick the final technology that will be used in the field.

o Politics is driving me even more insane. I don't see how things can be turned around -- we're shutting down 8% of our power generation capacity, for instance. That's insane, and (to me) a sign of a society that's given up. The Republican pre-primary race alternates between a tragedy and a farce, with all the "sides" acting as if knifing each other in the back is the best way to unite the opposition to Obama.

And the less I say about Obama, the better.

o Finally, I'm having an internal debate about whether to buy some land. For me, the decision involves a large amount of money, and a lot of questions about whether I'd have the dedication to DO anything with the land.

I will say you guys are the sanest group I've read in a while. I appreciate that...


And we appreciate you too Rob!

Agent J

centralcal- it is not a pata, it is chicken liver, fried apples and onions. I will see if I can come up with it again..I have Luchow's book, page 83.

There is nothing wrong with pata, other then you can not, (or should not) make a meal out of just that..

This book also has some great old recipes like hog head soup, etc.



I have an old beat up Joy of Cooking book that has a very nice chicken liver pate recipe.
It starts with lining a bread loaf pan with bacon as I remember.

Great to hear from you Rob!! Good luck with your endeavors.

hit and run

Apples? Liver? All well and good,but as for me . . last night I had sushi overlooking San Fran Bay and tonight it is crab cakes (already down the hatch) and cioppino (due any minute . . . or should I say in just one minute).

With copious amounts of beer,of course. You know, sitting at the bar and chatting up a waitress who carried herself with the poise and confidence of a seasoned athlete last night,I thought to myself . . . "I've walked a mile in daddy's shoes".

Actually,speaking of walking miles,I've been at a conference all week. Hotel is two miles from conference site. I've walked to and fro each day and have absolutely loved it (and Elliott made the walk with me yesterday*). Makes eating these incredible meals guilt free.

DrJ and Elliott - the haze has lifted and the view across the bay is wonderful.

*A good walk unspoiled,you might say.


White House "furious"

And "fast".


We got to get back to that JOM recipe book.

hit and run

We got to get back to that JOM recipe book.

I have all the recipes from that original thread courtesy od Soylent who collected them.

I was going to pull them together when 1) I was unemployed; and 2) while he was deployed.

It didn't happen.

I blame Obama.


Rob: So....you're saying all we had to do was whistle (with liver between our teeth) and you would check in?

Nice to see you. Sorry to hear you are so stressed! Decisions, decisions. With Oblamer, no one know for sure what the hell to do. :(


How are you liking the Left Coast, so far, Hit? Lots of physical beauty - breathe it in deep. Lots of insanity, exhale rapidly!


Instalance for Jane's YOUTOOCONGRESS!!!!!!!!!

"Nice shooting kid. Don't get cocky!"

Yippee Jane:)


Heh, touchy folks at the WH didn't like the negative comments. NFL.com scrubbed the blog.


Rick Ballard


I've been following the Gallup weekly with demographic splits and it appears that the President is finally losing ground with the Feeling Muddle. He may rebound a bit but I've noticed that his rebound peaks have been slipping.

I still haven't found the 14th and 15th Senate seats but I feel much more confident that the President is fully capable of taking the Democrat Party far beyond the precipice while ever accelerating in the NewD irection promised by Pelosi in '07.

I'd chip in for a diorama of Blue Dogs at the Smithsonian - they should put it right next to the dodo exhibit.

hit and run

Love love love it c-cal.

Been texting with mrs hit and run during tonight's meal that *next* year she's coming with me for this conference and I'm taking a couple days off so we can head inland as well and see all our JOM friends as well.

But then we said that last year as well.

Oh and for the record,who am I to argue with Mario Batali . . . this is the best cioppino in SF.


Checking in folks. I must be chopped liver.

Happy Birthday Frau and Elliott's Grandmother.

And congrats to Jane for getting an Instalanche on her O'dummer post.


Not an instalaunch... it's an instacrash!! Site server overload.


Sara (Pal2Pal)

Did you guys see this at Gateway Pundit. It is about Justice Bradley:

Good Grief… Lib Wisconsin Justice Reportedly Assaulted Another Justice in 2008


I'd chip in for a diorama of Blue Dogs at the Smithsonian

They're gonna need a BIG space for Jim "my head has it's own area code" Webb. h/t Captain

Hey Rob!!! and congrats Jane!!!

Ya'll have talked about the show Justified here...we just started it on Netflix. Very good.


Serve me on a cracker, too, RichatUf. Oh, well. ;)


I can't keep up!

Good to see you, Rob C. And happy birthday to Elliott's grandma!

I have a great chicken liver pate recipe that contains sherry. You pretty much can't go wrong cooking with sherry.

Roald Dahl wrote lovingly about Cox's Orange Pippins in his marvelous book Danny, The Champion of the World, which thankfully has never been made into a mediocre Hollywood movie, and I pray it never will.

And IIRC Cox's Orange Pippins are russet apples, like the Boskops. I became mildly obsessed with antique russets last fall. You can order various kinds from this company:


I got some for my SIL last Christmas and she really enjoyed them.

Jazz apples are absolutely scrumptious. You would probably also like the Honeycrisp (out of MN, grandchild of the Haralson) as well.


OMG! Jane! I knew you when . . .

when I could mosey on in to YOU TOO CONGRESS whenever I wanted to.

Now, I can't get in! I betcha it was that damned picture of "Jane Won" that caused this stupid problem.

Clarice, do SOMETHING! (call, Saya!)

Frau Geburtstagskind

The "black apple" is most likely an Arkansas black that is one of the last apples to ripen, often being taken from trees for Thanksgiving pies. The apple has extremely hard flesh. I didn't think the flavor was worth the wait.

Agent J

We have a "York" apple, great keeper, pick it in Nov..makes the best pie..hard as a rock..goes great with liver an onions.:-)

Agent J

You can get antique fruit trees from "Millers" from up state NY..


I'm getting here late, but

Happy birthday Frau and Elliott's grandmother! May you both have many more.

Hit, I'm pleased that the Bay cleared, and that you are eating and drinking well.

Not that there was any doubt.

Heartiest congrats Jane on the Instalaunch! It was and is a great post.

And grate to see you Rob Crawford!

Charlie (Colorado)

What is night light pollution??? I think they're just making up stuff to be "concerned" about.

No, it's real, if maybe a little ethereal. Light from the ground has made nighttime visibility of the sky much worse in urban areas. You sort of forget until you get out of town for a night.

When I was a kid in the San Luis Valley, the whole business about the New Moon being "invisible" always puzzled me: I could see it fine. I was dark, yeah, but not as dark as the sky.

The thing is the San Luis Valley is at 8000 foot elevation, is roughly the size of New Jersey, is completely surrounded by 14000 ft mountains, and has a population less than a small apartment building in New York. It is *very* dark.

Charlie (Colorado)

I'm sure the slab bacon we used at home never did.

Less salt and sugar in the cure. Go back and get goot echtes Schwartzwaeldter schinke' oder Speck and it'll still keep.

Frau Geburtstagskind

I'm envious. That beats my childhood in Long Beach, CA, ChaCo. I did enjoy the periodic stench smells from the soap factory and fish canning plants in San Pedro. I did get to study the heavens when the fog did not roll in.

Charlie (Colorado)

I'm envious. That beats my childhood in Long Beach, CA, ChaCo.

Well, I also read every book in the town library before we left when I was 9, and I was desperate to see the ocean. Some ways it's a beautiful place, and I still consider moving back someday, say if I start making enough money writing. But it was not without its flaws.

Frau Geburtstagskind

Agent J - Here's the report:
The Luchow's recipe sounds simple but requires three frying pans (onions, apples and bacon/chicken livers) plus side dishes. We had our home-grown green beans and Mrs. Weiss's kluskis. I was too lazy to do Spaetzle which would have meant more cooking wine (Riesling)for the cook. The chicken liver dish was excellent and could only have been improved by having your m-i-l cook it. I'll clean up tomorrow. Oh, the added bacon was not a mistake.

Frau Geburtstagskind

Your York apple sounds fantastic. From the Wiki article it is plain that it will never be a commercial apple. Dang...



12 chicken livers
Vz teaspoon salt
4 teaspoon paprika
2 tablespoons flour
3 tablespoons butter
2 Spanish onion sliced in rings
4 apple slices about 2 inch thick
2 tablespoons sugar

Rinse and drain livers. If very large, cut in half. Season lightly with salt and paprika. Sprinkle lightly with flour. Cook gently in 2 tablespoons butter until browned.

In another small pan cook onion in a little butter; sprinkle over cooked livers.

In a third pan brown apple slices in remaining butter. Sprinkle with sugar to give glaze and flavor. Top liver and onions.
Serves 2.

A very popular dish at Luchow's and a favorite of Henry Kaiser and Rosalind Russell.

Complete text of the Luchow's cookbook here:

((Vz teaspoon salt)) a typo on the website...I noticed several such typos.

Agent J

That is it Barbara-Lurking and thanks! Frau oh did I forget to add the multiple pans..

Yes the York are really great, but thanks to the unstable weather the last few years, Mother Nature said not this year, no blossoms and no apples. Last year it was so heavy with fruit that I was picking from mid-June, and giving them to the animals..then we hit a period of no rain, they quite developing and all was lost. The year before we had a much smaller crop, but good size apple..normally they are about the size of a standard softball. We have kept them in the refrigerator until March.

This year I have failure all around. Zero on my Carpathian Walnuts and Apples, Next year.


Took forever to catch up, but what a wonderful thread to catch up on.

In no particular order.

Great work JiB in Waiting for JOBs, both versions.
Nice work Chaco posting that at PJ Media.

Happy B'day Elliott.
Gesundheit Frau.

Hi Rob.
Whoopie Jane!
Wonderful Bad sighting.

Can't even remember what else, but what a fun thread everyone.

On the Polar Bear front, a perplexing story from the ADN about the scientist investigated for biased scientific fraud in the Polar Bear Wars:

Polar bear scientist probe started with complaint.

It is very poorly written and unclear, but I believe the ADN is trying to salvage the guys reputation, and trying to ultimately identify the person who initially called him a fraud, so that the long knives of the ECO/FED/MSM Triumvirate can come out and silence the whistleblower.

If anybody has a better take on it please let me know.

Rick Ballard


The key paragraph is nicely buried

"Inspectors said in a letter to Monnett that he had acknowledged helping a polar bear researcher prepare a proposal even though Monnett was the government official responsible for determining whether the proposal met minimum qualifications. When Monnett went back to work last week, he was told that he would have no role in developing or managing contracts."

Monnett appears to have been a tad exuberant in helping a grant farmer bring in his harvest. I'm sure that he just got carried away due to the thrill of climate incest. It happens to everyone involved in the great circle of climate jerks.


Ditto what daddy said!

I hate missing all the fun. :(

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