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September 20, 2011


Buford Gooch

They seem to actually believe they can win by going left. If they keep on this track, the Republican victory will be epic.

Army of Davids

a little anger from a poster at talking points memo. He is angry about Senate Democrats (Landreui, Nelson, Webb, co) who will not support the president on tax increases.

That's that then. Kick them out of the party. I'm not usually one to express this sentiment, but I've fucking had it with these asshats. Get fucking rid of them. I don't fucking want them and no self-respecting liberal or Democrat shoudl want them either. They are Republicans masquerading as Dems, plain and simple. They are not "moderates" as suggested by TPM. Not even int he fucking slightest. They are pandering to a voting demographic that is ANYTHING BUT "moderate"...ergo, they are not "moderate." They might as well cross the aisle and wear the correct label.

This will not go well for the president. Not well at all.

Army of Davids

SEEN ON FACEBOOK: “Obama is great at math. He divides the country, subtracts jobs, adds debt and multiplies misery.”

Dave (in MA)

Considering the "days, not weeks" timeframe of Obama's Libyan adventures, I'll believe it when I see it.


The slapdown that Pryor (remember how they made such a deal of him being Catholic) and Dubina, to Cooke's Padilla decision was rather epic:

Danube of Thought

Let's just file Holder's comments away and then trot them out on TV a year from now. Oughta get Obama's base real fired up...

Dave (in MA)

Funny Group photo at the U.N.

What a knob.

Cut the cheese with your smile.

Que Blammo?


Whose face is Zero's hand covering up?

Sara (Pal2Pal)

The president of Mongolia, glasater.


Dave's group photo link at 11:52 is hilarious. It's so embarrassing to have this guy as President.


They might as well cross the aisle and wear the correct label.

WE don't want them.


Thanks, Sara.


They might as well cross the aisle and wear the correct label.

I thought there already was a "No Labels" movement. All RINOs & supposed Blue Dog Dems can move into that party.
THeir mantras are...we believe nothing & we follow wherever the biased MFM poll leads us.

Don Surber says it well - "Two sets of Americans have opposing world views that they are willing to fight for, while David Brooks believes in nothing but political expediency. There is a cowardice in not being willing to fight for something — anything."

RINOs & Blue Dogs remind me of some mainline Protestant denominations that are losing members. They have so watered-down & compromised their core beliefs that they stand for nothing. Hoping to appeal to everyone, they appeal to hardly anyone.


A few days ago, Sam Youngman, writing at The Hill breathlessly wrote how Obama was at the top of his political game and was going to cruise to a second term. I didn't bother to link it because it was so gag worthy.

However, he has gone completely insane, and continues to write even more breathless drivel - a sampling from JammieWearingFoo:

And he’s the same guy who will leave quarts of blood on the floor in the coming months to defend his office.

Obama likes to get into people’s heads. It might be a coincidence that Obama called Texas Gov. Rick Perry about the wildfires in the Lone Star State just hours before Perry was participating in his first debate. And it might not.

On the golf course, on the basketball court and even in the Cabinet Room, the president has shown repeatedly that he is a mindfreak, to use a term from the basketball courts.

Quarts of blood on the floor? Well, that I can believe. Just not in the same context as Cheerleader Youngman.


oops Foo = Fool.


"leave blood on the floor"

There will be more than blood on the floor if the Dept of labor gets their way on this garbage.

"Under the Department of Labor’s proposal, not only will the firms that supply replacement workers like be required to file reports with the Department of Labor, it is highly likely that the Department of Labor will require the replacement workers themselves have to file with the DOL, which will then make the information public, on the internet, for union bosses (and others to view)."


Just think how many new federal employees will be needed for this mess? Not one single benefit to be gained except for union bosses.

Jim Ryan

They demoted glasater to President of Mongolia?


File this, under dark humor:


Captain Hate

mindfreak, to use a term from the basketball courts.

Really Sam? I've played basketball since the 60s and I've never heard that term. I've heard teabagging, though.


Heh, Jim.

Although ManTran might think highly of the President of Mongolia...


I didn't understand the slang that Mike Tyson used, and didn't dare look it up on urban dictionary for fear of being grossed out.


Whatever Obama might be, he is no athlete and no amount of trashtalk by him or his elves could change that. He could leave blood, but it would be his.


Speaking of any mad cap humor:



Maybe this is a Brilliant Plan. The vast muddle voted for Obama in 2008 because they didn't believe him when he promised this or that monstrously stupid thing. "That's just politics. He doesn't really mean it," they thought. Highlighting the promises that he didn't keep is meant to nurture this meme along, so that the muddle will vote for him again...


At the risk of sounding like a broken record (what are they ?) ...

The simple solution is to rename the prison to "Chez Guevara" and claim it is a luxury resort and restaurant.

Melinda Romanoff


That's a game that needs its own thread.


Too funny, Neo!

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