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September 09, 2011



He's jumped the Megalodon, all right, if we use that at Gitmo, it will certainly be considered 'cruel and unusual' for all involved.


To paraphrase Zell Miller:

“What are they going to build the infrastructure with? Spitballs!!?!”

EPA regulations could cost cement companies billions, force U.S. plant closures

”New federal environmental regulations will cost the U.S. cement industry billions in plant upgrades, which could lead to job outsourcing, higher prices and ultimately plant closures, according to one industry group. The Portland Cement Association fears U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards set to go into effect by 2013 could cripple the industry. "It's predicted 20 percent of the U.S. plants will go out of business and will not be able to meet the new standards,"

Speaking of Zell, here he is handling Chris Matthews.
Part 2.(even better!)


--Ignatz: Some metrosexual wimp had to drive thru cattle country and sneezed, so, of course, he had to run back to DC and institute some kind of reg.--

Heh. Sara,
I've spent more than my share of time in unventilated barns breathing clouds of hay dust so I know it can be nasty but I've spent even more time driving a dozer and skidder and breathing clouds of dirt dust. Is dirt now a toxin?
Is every tike kicking up a puff of dust on a playground going to be regulated with a scrubber on his Buster Browns?
What about downtrodden housewives giving the dusty old hutch the once over with the Lemon Pledge?
Idiots. Fascist idiots.


Hit, I finally got to read the comments on that pea recipe, the two of us were laughing out loud.


I am so glad the commando pageant queen story got corrected, Steph.

I wouldn't want anyone distracted prior to viewing my artwork.

Hit, has always been my favorite! ♥ Always will be!

P.S. I need some new ideas for this year. Why don't we have a contest. It will exterminate the trolls while we are at it!

Btw, How do you carve a big butt outta insulation board? :)

Frau Erbsen

Exactly, Congress has investigative and law making functions. Congress should even use its oversight capability to investigate what the DoJ does or doesn't do. Get going!

LaSueur...My French professor cooked a bit of lettuce with her peas (fresh,frozen or canned) along with a pinch of sugar.

Dave (in MA)
Why should they? What am I missing?
If LBJ had ever resigned, as was claimed, HHH would have been in the picture.
(Another) Barbara

I'm all atwitter because JMH and her son, Prince JMH, will arrive at my house for libations and dinner within the hour. I had intended to spend the day reading the encyclopedia in preparation, but it didn't work out. I'm going to try speaking Hawaiian instead.

Yeah, I know it's dark where you are, but it's only 4:45 Hawaiian Dolphin Time. Oh, the stories my friend could tell you about dolphin behaviors; she swam with them in a local Sea Park show for tourists. They are very bad boys (both the dolphins and the tourists).

Melinda Romanoff


How big of a running start do I get with the troll to make the dent I need?


Being out resident Hawaiian, would you trade the image of the dolphins to the fruitcakes, in order to get the image of the rainbow back from them?

Captain Hate

If LBJ had ever resigned, as was claimed

That hanging curveball has been out there for a long time....

Melinda Romanoff

Oh, and are motorized vehicles permitted?

I just want to play by the rules, if you find some.



Having met both of you, I can promise neither of you will be disappointed. Have a blast!


AB--I know you all will have a great time! And you are so lucky, hit has food the perfect Paula Deen veggie recipe for you.


**FOUND the perfect*


I was thinking more like this as a unit Rick but he may have been talking watts. It doesn't really matter. Your production costs can't be 4-5 times the red cost and stay in business.

Rick Ballard

"Btw, How do you carve a big butt outta insulation board? :)"


I assume you'll be gluing multiple layers of 4" thick material to get the proper depth. Perhaps you could rent an elephant for an afternoon in order to create the proper initial silhouette?

Melinda Romanoff

Scott & Rick-

I think the formula given was for "widgets" in general, not actual results. It's how I would describe the scam.

But that's me.


I wish I knew the real numbers. If scott is right, panels could be sold for half the price they are being sold at now and still have a hefty profit margin.



With the news of JMH in Hawaii I have gotten distracted and just want to send her a special message from us:


Ua lihi `alani ka heke o nâ pua
(blah blah something something.. the fairest flower of the land


Ann, you might try paper-mache on a pair of hot air balloons.

Rick Ballard


Sure. The $xW is just a comparative value. The $xW for the 'unit' you linked is $3.66 and fits in well against "sell it for $3" in the quote. The terminology is obviously very common usage in sales presentations when loosely comparing different solar widgets.



Avian Justice (?)

I work in a small music store in town. Our parking lot is lined with shrubs and elm trees. We have lots of little birds that live in the foliage and of course pigeons that live in (on) the buildings around us. One afternoon I saw a pair of crows carry out what can only be described as a hit on one of the pigeons.

One of the other employees said, "hey, the birds are fighting in the parking lot." I looked out and these to crows had driven a pigeon into the ground. The one proceeded to peck its chest open while the other scissored off the pigeons head. The one that opened the pigeons chest pulled out its heart (could have been a liver I guess...the point is it removed entrails). The two crows flew up into the elm trees with their trophies and sat up there cawing in triumph.

I assume it was a territorial thing. All I could thing of watching it was the Tonton Macoute. It wasn't enough to kill the pigeon, they had to take its soul too as a warning to others.

Nature, red in tooth and claw....is pretty damned gangster.

Melinda Romanoff


Somebody's shooting single tennis balls at the First Lady!

Is there no limit to the depths of human depravity?

I ask you!

Is there no limit?



two crows even...


--I looked out and these to crows had driven a pigeon into the ground. The one proceeded to peck its chest open while the other scissored off the pigeons head.--

Sounds more like raven behavior but could have been crows too.
Raven are tough cookies and considerably bigger than crows.

Captain Hate

Crows are thugs and travel in large numbers.


We get ravens and crows around here. They were small for ravens but I suppose they could have been immature. Either way it was a grisly sight.


Thanks Rick and Scott. I was looking at full panel prices. 230w for $543. That would be $2.36 a Watt, which seems in line. The panel has 60(6"x6")cells which produce 3.83 watts each.


That would be $2.36 a Watt assembled...

Rick Ballard

Here's an analysis of Solyndra pricing from December '09. It's expressed in $xW.


Gee, I never thought of birds as mean before.


Rick, Mel and TK:

It just came to me. The perfect and proper initial silhouette:


That large guy took three Mexicans to put in the passenger side of my car. I had to drive home holding a rope attached to the passenger door to get it home.
Perfect for "Let's Move". (Now I just have to find another!)

Melinda Romanoff

Oooh, am I out of date.

Thanks, gentlemen, I'll go look up the current efficiency ratios again.

Captain Hate

Birds can be pretty nasty Jane. Even tiny sparrows can be total POSs and take over bluebird houses like Aunt Zeituni in a Section 8.

Melinda Romanoff


The Hubbard on the right will make a very nice stew.

Frau Rabenmutter

"Raven(s) are tough cookies and considerably bigger than crows."
Among the differences: A raven has a long, wedge-shaped tail and A crow has a shorter, rounded tail.


Some* of my favorite memories at work are the times when bloody pigeon feathers drift past my 14th floor window and I look up to see a well-fed raptor soaring gracefully on the wind.
*Who amI kidding? Those are my favorite memories.


Great thinking Ann! Now you can make the ass a gourd-eous as the original.


...ass as gourd-eous as the original.

Frau Taubenfreund

"Filthy, doity boids!"
(The Producers)


Next door to the music store is a small diner. Behind us is a telephone company tower. We had a hawk take up residence on the tower and the pigeons have gotten scarce. I've seen him power dive into the diner's dumpster and come up with a rat. Impressive.

Have you ever heard of the Great Disney Dove Fiasco?

Rick Ballard


Forget the efficiency factors - how long is the CO2 Monster subsidy gonna last with a cold solar wind blowing?

Melinda Romanoff


By any chance, might there be a reasonable collection of used jazz records available at this establishment?

And where is it located?

(I'll pick this off tomorrow, when I get back from my AM meeting. Thanks in advance.)


Where's PoFarmer when we need him?

This story about a disturbing news release last week from the Ranchers-Cattlemen Action Legal Fund, United Stockgrowers of America (R-CALF USA) says that The EPA Declared Hay a Pollutant.

After investigating that charge Drovers/CattleNetwork, a news source for the beef industry, inferred that R-CALF USA’s release was somewhat "exaggerated."

This result led reporters to an EPA Lawyer who responded that It was not just hay. Feed stock storage areas are part of a feedlot’s production area subject to runoff-control regulations, he says, adding however that EPA focuses on feeds such as distillers’ grains with greater potential to leach nutrients, rather than hay.

That is a relief, I think.


A group is called a "murder" of crows. Makes sense.



I may have a few extra jazzy records in a month or so.



We are in central Fl, Ocala.

Unfortunately, we are not that kind of music store. We sell instruments; pianos, guitars, keyboards, trumpets, saxes, etc... We also carry PA and recording equipment.

I'm the store handyman/truck driver/piano mover/assistant guitar guy.

I can make you a good deal on a baby grand or a nice guitar.....


Good Night All!

Where is PoFarmer? I miss him too daddy.

Ralph L

I believe the Southern cook was Natalie DuPre.

Danube of Thought

The pea recipe and the comments enter the Temple of Greatness. The commenter who made so bold as to add a bit of salt and pepper was especially brilliant.

What you people might not understand is that as a bachelor in my 40's I could have really used a cookbook full of stuff like that.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Via US News and World Report:

Just a brief exposure to an image of the American flag shifts voters, even Democrats, to Republican beliefs, attitudes and voting behavior even though most don’t believe it will impact their politics, according to a new two-year study just published in the scholarly Psychological Science.


Agent J

Over the past few years I have become the full time cook, (caretaker for invalided wife). Butter is the answer to all cooking problems..I thought everyone cooked peas with lots of butter..not an entire 1/4 pound but 1/8..an oh, the green beans soon became her most cherished.. yes, what else were you going to use the rest of the butter for..When I cook nothing goes to waste, and the two Bernese Mountain Dogs X with a Chocolate Lab appreciate my effort.


Greetings from Warsaw. It doesn't matter what Lynch is saying except that the manufacturer is manufacturing at a loss. But of course they'll make it up in volume.

Since I'm running late I'm gonna venture this is about Solyndra. Bottom line is that they had a weird technology (rod shaped solar cells) and forecast a niche market which never developed. It was a bad business plan from the get go.

There are absolutely no surprises with this one as their auditors (Price, I believe) as long as 18 months ago when they got the government loan said they had their doubts about the continued viability of the company even with the government cheese.

The renewable/solar energy is so good at blowing smoke up its and others asses that it is absolutely no surprise these events are occurring and will continue to do so.

Factor in the massive and vertical Chinese investments in solar, and their business cunning in exploiting every feed in tariff and loophole known to man, and the "green jobs" meme is about to come crashing down around their heads and ours.

Solar is the most inefficient alternative energy generation technology, but hey, it's green, baby.

Manuel Transmission

Jane, just catching up. Not a clue about the quake. Mrs. MT threw a dinner party as a pinch hit for our neighbors due to an illness. One of the guests said a 6-something hit Vancouver Island. Will check in the morning if there are more details.

Re the PV stuff, I have a beef about the disconnect in the high tech world. After 40 years of Moore's Law, there is a presumption that anything can be forced into that growth curve. Well, sorry, there's a big difference between pushing bits around and actually transducing energy from one form to another.

As a sad example, I just ran across a year old interview of Bill Joy, where he was diving into the Green sh!t apparently believing he could whip out a few lines of code and solve the clean energy problem.


Manny T,

The paper says we are supposed to be having an "Extreme Aurora" this very instant, and for about 3 more hours tonight.

The little map in the article shows that the path of the Aurora should just be visible down toward Vancouver Island.

It's medium clear up here but I just stepped out and can't see anything. If you're near Vancouver and can step out on the back porch and look north you might get lucky.

Also, todays Escopeta Jack-Up Drill Rig Progress Report if anyone cares.

Manuel Transmission

daddy, clear here, too, but no aurora. Moon is nearly full, so may be too bright. The few times I've seen it in the lower 48 have been on moonless nights - usually at altitude. Only one time in Ahia when the sky really lit up all red-orange outside our bedroom window.

My dad used to talk about a night when I was maybe a year old that the red-orange light lit up the snow (north of Yellowstone) so that he thought our ranch house was on fire.



I just saw them.

Was watching the Mariner's Replay and decided to take the dogs out for the final nights wee wee.

The moon has hidden itself behind a cloud front, but overhead it is now clear, and looking directly overhead I can see 2 extremely long greenish ribbons like con-trails stretching basically Northwest to Southeast unbroken. They are slowly undulating and merging, very much alive-like. I suspect if I was away from the city lights or if it was a moonless night their color and definition would come in much better.

Ichiro just up, Top of the 8th. G'nite.

Melinda Romanoff


Thanks for that info. I've only driven past there, on the way to Delray Beach.


I would think the efficiencies go up, the lower you go on the Kelvin scale.

Jack is Back!

Let's suppose that DoT and the other SDG&E customers were dependent on solar power instead of importing it from Arizona over 500kv AC transmission lines that intersect with substations along the way.

Would he be better off depending on local distributive solar power or the high voltage transmission of Arizona nuke and coal fired power??? LUN

Now this supposing that in California there are no more nukes, coal, oil or NG generating stations being built but rather "green" energy only.


Great crow story, carl. I saw an amazing TV show on them a year or so ago, where people were able to train a crow to do multiple difficult things in order to get a treat. (Go get that pencil, bring it over to this cage, use it to push out some block with a string on it, then take that over to some other contraption and, while holding the end of the string, lower the block into a tube, and if you do it just right, a treat comes out the bottom. Not exactly, but that kind of thing.) It might have been this: A Murder of Crows.

They also proved that crows can recognize people's faces. (Crows that were raised by a certain person, then let go, were able to recognize the person regardless of the clothes they wore. But if the person wore a mask, the crows couldn't recognize them.) Here's a link with a gratuitous shot at Dick Cheney.



What a great evil birds thread!

Even tiny sparrows can be total POSs and take over bluebird houses like Aunt Zeituni in a Section 8.

*Who amI kidding? Those are my favorite memories.



Bluejays can get really nasty too, I know from first-hand experience.


Used a butterfly net to save a small, green and yellow bird -- perhaps a warbler -- that was caught in our garage yesterday.

Always keep a butterfly net handy to scoop up wayward birds and bats. Oh, and use gloves with the bats just in case.

hit and run

Had a little sparrow actually end up in my office a couple of weeks ago. I was at a meeting, came back and the door was closed. Puzzled,I turned to the admin,thinking someone was using my office. I went to open the door and he said,"Wait! There's a bird in there."

I'm not sure if there are many other phrases I was less expecting.

Not sure how he got in there. Maintenance came and got the thing out. No feathers were shed in the operation.

Ben Franklin

The Payroll Tax Holiday is probably minimal in it's effect on the economy, but gives the working class a little more each week to buy gas and groceries. The trade-off is the further denigration
of SS. The more 'important' issue of Politics will probably extend
the Holiday.................

WASHINGTON — From presidential candidates to lawmakers and activists, Republicans stand united in their absolute opposition to any and all tax hikes, right?

Maybe not.

Some key Republican leaders reject President Barack Obama's bid to extend — and expand — the temporary "payroll tax holiday" enacted late last year, which is slated to expire this December.

Analysts, among them some high-level Republican operatives, said this contradiction left Republicans treading a thin line: They brand Obama's bid to let Bush-era tax cuts lapse for wealthy Americans as a tax hike. But they say that ending payroll tax relief, a move that would affect far more Americans, isn't one.

"It may be difficult for the Republican (congressional) leadership to let it expire," said Ron Bonjean, a GOP consultant who was a top aide to former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott of Mississippi and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich of Georgia when they led Republican lawmakers.

"To oppose a tax cut targeting the middle class, no matter how little impact it might have, can be used as campaign fodder in the upcoming election," Bonjean told McClatchy.

Henry Aaron, an economist at the Brookings Institution research center in Washington, put the dilemma in starker terms.

"It's ridiculous to say that if you let tax rates go up on the wealthy, it's going to retard the recovery, but if you let rates go up on the mass of American workers, it's not going to retard the recovery," Aaron told McClatchy.

Read more: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2011/09/09/123689/gop-split-over-extending-payroll.html#ixzz1XZ6lkse2

Annoying Old Guy
Believe it or not, but I discovered last month that the pigeons are gone--completely gone--from Trafalgar Square. Seems Red Ken Livingstone instituted and enforced a stiff fine for feeding them, and after a while they wised up and went somewhere else.

We were in Trafalgar Square in early June. There were a few pigeons (6 or so) hanging about but that was it, which is stunning for such a large open urban square. We were told that the absence of pigeons wasn't due to Mayor Johnson but this girl

who flies around a few hours a day and for some reason, the pigeons get scarce, even though she doesn't eat very many of them.

Ben Franklin

I've long suspected Politics was like a root vegetable; born in dirt with minimal native intelligence............


Carrots are orange for an entirely political reason

By Suzy Khimm
For centuries, almost all carrots were yellow, white or purple. But in the 17th century, most of those crunchy vegetables turned orange. Why? Turns out it all has to do with Dutch politics. Next Nature explains:

In the 17th century, Dutch growers cultivated orange carrots as a tribute to William of Orange – who led the the struggle for Dutch independence – and the color stuck. A thousand years of yellow, white and purple carrot history was wiped out in a generation.
Although some scholars doubt if orange carrots even existed prior to the 16th century, they now form the basis of most commercial cultivators around the world. Presumably crosses between Eastern (purple), Western (white, red) and perhaps wild carrots led to the formation of the orange rooted carrot sub species....
Whatever the origins, the Long Orange Dutch carrot, first described in writing in 1721, is the forebear of the orange Horn carrot varieties so abundant nowadays. The Horn Carrot derives from the Netherlands town of Hoorn in the neighborhood of which it was presumably bred. All our modern, western carrots ultimately descend from these varieties.

Ben Franklin

Is this the new "Isolationism"?


"#000099;">Polls Show that Americans Think We Overreacted, Overspent and Weakened Ourselves Through the War on Terror.

As the Brooking Institution reported yesterday, Americans that the government overreacted and overspent in reaction to 9/11:

These are a summary of findings of a new poll conducted by the Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA) and the Anwar Sadat Chair for Peace and Development at the University of Maryland.


Six in ten Americans believe that that the United States weakened its economy by overspending in its responses to the 9/11 attacks. In particular, respondents felt this was especially true of the U.S. mission in Iraq. Two out of three Americans perceive that over the decade since 9/11, U.S. power and influence in the world has declined. This view is highly correlated with the belief that the United States overspent in its post-9/11 response efforts – the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.


At this point, a large majority (73%) wants the United States to reduce the number of troops in Afghanistan, but less than half (44%) want troops withdrawn completely.

Fifty-five percent say that the United States has spent too many resources in the Iraq war, while a plurality of 49% called the Iraq war a mistake (45% right decision). This criticism is a bit lower than other polls that asked similar questions in 2010 and found a majority ranging from 51 to 62% saying that it was not the right decision.

Support for the decision to go to war is highly correlated with beliefs held by substantial and undiminishing minorities that Iraq was providing support to al Qaeda (46%) and either had a WMD program or actual WMDs (47%). Among those with such beliefs, large majorities say the war was the right thing while among those without such beliefs large majorities have the opposite views.

A modest majority (53%) believes that the U.S. should withdraw its troops according to schedule even if the Iraqi government asks the US to stay another year.


A clear majority (61%) says that the United States should not take sides in its efforts to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, while just 27% want the United States to lean toward Israel (5% toward Palestinians).

Ben Franklin


FIRST STRIKE: The first of several CMEs en route to Earth struck our planet's magnetic field on Sept. 9th around 1130UT. The impact sparked a strong (Kp=7) geomagnetic storm, which is only now subsiding. Last night Northern Lights were spotted in the United States as far south as Washington, Michigan, Vermont, Montana, Maine and North Dakota. More geomagnetic activity could be in the offing as one or two more CMEs approach. Stay tuned. Aurora alerts: text, voice.

"After the outbursts of sunspot 1283 hurled several CMEs toward Earth, we expected quite some auroras in the arctic part of Norway," Frank Olsen of Tromsø. "We were not disappointed." He snapped this picture just after local midnight on Sept. 10th:


--Six in ten Americans believe that that the United States weakened its economy by overspending in its responses to the 9/11 attacks.--

But, Barry and Lord Keynes tell us that spending should have made America vastly stronger, just like Barry's open spigot has.
Stupid Americans.


"Wait! There's a bird in there."

"Whats she wearing?" responded Austen Powers.

Benjamin Franklin


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