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September 01, 2011


Barry Dauphin

Brett Farve is unemployed. Maybe the Prez can do a shout out next Thursday before the game to generate some action for the guy.

Barry Dauphin

oops Favre... jobs program for spellcheckers


He'll just regulate the mess. The problem is that he will have to find the money somewhere and divert it. At that point, if it is not appropriated for a specific program, he will be violation of the law.

You can't use NASA money for filling in potholes unless they are are potholes in the Cape Canaveral EVA-launch pad runway.But he can probably steal a few Billion from the SS Trust or just make shit up as he is wont to do.


What is ridiculous is that he thinks we are still in the 1930's and these sort of manual labor, construction jobs would be meaningful even if they are properly executed.
This is because he and his gang are in the pockets of the Unions.

Our economic problems are WAY up the value chain from that sort of thing. We are talking about are middle aged professional out of work--programmers, etc., and SME's that are threatened. He spouts this idiocy at the same time he threatens Gibson Guitars.

Two things have become abundant clear in this administration:

1) The Democrats really have no idea how the real world works in any practical economic sense.
2) They have a neurotic--indeed psychotic--fixation on the New Deal era and the concepts of communism from that time.

They really have not had a new idea 60 years.

I hope that Congress can find a way to put a stop to this nonsense. It will just do more damage.

Just how does he end run Congress to finance this

It is really shameful that Obama constantly goes around the institutions of our country. This set precedents that are severely damaging to these institutions.

The Democrats really have n sense of decency or honor at all.


When I saw "Obama directed several federal agencies to identify...," for a brief shining moment I thought the next words might be: "unnecessary regulations that are hindering job creation," or "cost savings that could be passed on to the taxpayers, returning money to the private sector and helping to keep taxes lower." Then I woke up.


Well, he will break the law, and when someone tries to do something about it he will blame them for the economy. He will certainly get away with breaking the law--this administrate s lawless. It has done wildly illegal and corrupt things. Look at Gunwalker. Who os going to prosecute him, the DOJ?

That is what this s really about. It s purely political. He is attempting to shape the battlefield.

If the GOP has any guts, they would start taking to apart right away.

We will see what comes out of the Tea Party.

We may start seeing Palin step up to the plate ad start calling them out. This might end up being her role in the coming election.


Heard a report today that the AT&T TMobile merger would have created 95,000 new jobs and brought 5,000 back from overseas. justice 9I believe) put the kibbosh on it. thoughts from any of the legal beagles??

Agent J

jumpstart I hope you are right on Palin, having been the outside trouble maker, then being on the inside, it is much more fun on the outside..Governor Palin can do much more good suggesting corrective action, then being part of the solution and catching the wrath of the so call Media.Just my opinion..


Don't know how to post the pic but love this comparative photo of two 22 yr.olds


Would be a great campaign poster should Perry be the nominee!



Agent J,

This story about an Air Traffic Control incident in Shanghai China earlier in the month really caught our attention on dead tree yesterday:

Pilot's license revoked for defying emergency order.

The Qatar 777 had apparently declared an Emergency for Low Fuel, but the plane in front, which was ordered 6 times by ATC to get out of the way so the Mayday (Emergency) plane could land, refused to do so. Geezus!!!

In all these aviation stories you can never really trust 100% the Media write-ups since they so frequently get stuff wrong, but man this sure seemed serious. Anyhow, a follow up story today Life ban for pilot who ignored Mayday call, says the Pilot has been banned from flying in China for life.

Thought that might interest you. Just for interest, last week, after holding about 30 minutes over the same Shanghai Airport in the story, I had to bingo @900 miles to Osaka for low fuel, gas up, and then snuck back in about 6 hours later. Thankfully Big Bamboo Pub was still open and serving at 2 AM when we drug in exhausted.


Chris, no offense, but why would the merger create 100,000 new jobs? Doesn't make sense. In most mergers, operational synergies will usually make many roles and functions redundant.

What would happen by the merger that would require 100,000 more people?


that was the report on ABC. I agree. not intuitive but it's what ATT put out. I think they gain wider access to 4Gnetwork w/TMobile. will do some research. Even if they did add jobs they would likely be offset with losses at Sprint.

But the immediate repatriation of 5000 offshore call center positions seems to be solid.

I know the $3 billion fee that ATT has to pay due to the failed merger is real.


have to reluctantly agree, after doing some reading, with Justice on this one. Must have been a decision made on the career side. think they probably got this one right. We'll see.

Agent J

Daddy I have never heard of a Pilot refusing an emergence order. That stuns me. Was there a communication problem or just stupid..What company?

Just wondering, how long can you fly (hours) without sleep..

I so enjoy your stories, takes me back to Osaka and Okinawa..in the 55,56 & 57 years.


Morning all. Obama's JOBS plan, sue the banks so they will be more cooperative (or require another massive bailout). Also, how is it legal that the 50 states AGs could confederate (or is that a gift that keeps on giving from the tabacco settlement?)?


In addition, by law Fannie and Freddie were required to back loans to low-to-moderate income and minority borrowers, and the private-label securities were counted toward those goals.

Yep. Too bad the FHFA couldn't sue Congress and make people like Barney Frank personally liable.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

I'm surprised it is only five of them. And the write-up is ridiculous. Just shine the sponsors? What?

SB Nation
reported, via Say Anything:

President Barack Obama will honor NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson and the 11 other Chase drivers from last year in a White House ceremony on Wednesday – but nearly half of the 2010 playoff contenders won’t be there.

NASCAR said Thursday that five drivers – Greg Biffle, Kurt Busch, Carl Edwards, Kevin Harvick and Tony Stewart – will not be attending the White House visit due to “schedule conflicts.”

They must be very busy people. Regardless of one’s political views, the president is still the president – and an opportunity to speak with the leader of the free world is a rare and special one.

You’d think whatever photo shoots or sponsor appearances these drivers have lined up on Wednesday afternoon – if that’s indeed the reason – could be rescheduled. After all, this is the President of the United States we’re talking about here.


Too bad the FHFA couldn't sue Congress and make people like Barney Frank personally liable.

Not only that, Rich, but the idea of Fannie and Freddie as victims of the banks is pretty humorous. This was all "wink-wink, nudge-nudge" between them and the banks, and guys like Raines walked away with millions. Now, like Louis in "Casablanca," they are trying to say they are "shocked, shocked" to find out that there were crappy mortgages underlying the securities they bought.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Bob Owens (on Facebook)

Really, Facebook?

What sort of crack-addled delusion makes you think I want to be friends with Cindy freaking Sheehan?

Jack is Back!

Good morning JOM,

Last night, in between plays on NFL Network, I asked Frederick if we should watch the Prez next Thursday or the Saints v. Packers game? And he gave me one of those "duh" looks. So, I explained the schedule kerfuffle and the resultant change from Wednesday to Thursday. He then asked me why Obama didn't ask the Speaker beforehand for the best date? Because, he is learning that there are three equal branches of government and the President can't tell the Congress what to do.

So, I ask you - is Obama smarter tha a 3rd grader? It appears he has been downgraded in that department also.


That collapsed 500 Million Dollar Solyndra Green-jobs business is so corrupt, that I truly hope a Repub Presidential candidate (or all of them) sarcastically make some facetious comments about it next debate, just so the topic doesn't die. Dennis Miller would knock this one out of the ball park.

Would love to see Miller facetiously go on about how much more millions or billions we need to dump in to this Enviro/economic s#*tHole in order to get the 5 or 6 jobs Obama promised us. The only thing better than Miller doing a riff on that would be simply playing Reverend Al Sharpton's MSNBC on air commentary on the topic whenever those incomprehensible gaffisms pour out of his pie-hole.

Please, some Rep candidate, have the balls to bring it up front and center next debate, and remind us that the problem is not the other Rep candidates but instead is this current President.



They just had a 7.2 earthquake in ALaska. Tsunami alert for the Aleutions.


I feel bad.

Perhaps I have misjudged our President, no?

3 comments have just appeared since my latest, by commenters "Hemorrhoids Treatment," "total kneereplacement" , and "Toe fungus". (All suddenly appeared at the tail end of a thread about 5 days back).

Commenter "Toe Fungus" tells us: "Obama is a good leader. He could glow his carrier more as if he starts good work on the health systems."

Hard to quibble with Toe's logic.

Next, Poster "Hemorrhoids Treatment" came through with a very strong opinion: "I agree with the above comments . He could more develop there health system too."

That left me hoping Commenter "Total kneereplacement" might come through and put it all together for us, but instead he whimpered out and merely repeated that staid old tripe: "Obama is a political king of USA . He could sunshine more by taking out more industrial and health related good bills."

So just so there's no confusion amongst you JOMer's, I disagree with 'Total kneereplacemnt" but stand proudly toe to tow with "Toe Fungus", and am comfortable in saying that anybody who doesn't completely agree with "Hemorrohoids Treatment" is probably an asshole:)


Daddy, for you there at 5:05 :)



Missed that, but I have a friend, 15 years older, who at retirement, had purchased one of those old PBY's for Fiji Island flying and that's what he did in his spare time and retirement. Unfortunately he's gone on to the great holding pattern in the sky, but he always raved about how much fun it was and how much he loved it.

Only had a couple quick layovers there but it was beautiful and the place was clobbered with Aussie and California surf-bums.

I'll meet you there in about 9 years but we need to learn how to Hang 5.


Great! Password for when we meet: Operation Rum and Coconuts.


i'll drink to that!


Hee, I'm more interested in watching the rugby players than the surfers.

Nude Blacks play Fiji

And the referee was a blind woman, they say.


Daddy, your suspicion about that ADN report,
going all "Donald Sutherland in Body Snatchers" on the interloper, is correct.


Better kind of "hang loose," hey?

Jim Ryan

Daddy, when I awoke this morning I realized I now favor Obama. His economy plan to invest is a green jobs. Many dreams come true in an America with Obama shining. But he still needs more hospital for tall people.

Jack is Back!


Me thinks "Toe Fungus" et. al. are NORKs. Isn't that they way they talking in Team America?


August Jobs Report-- ZERO net jobs, May and June jobs reduced by 58,000, more people leave the jobs market, 9.1% unemployment. Obamaniac is done, over, chances he won't even run are up to 20% in my mind , still remote, but not inconceivable. EPIC FAIL. Worst sitting president since James Buchanan-- the only reason "10 cent Jimmie" was worse was he caused the Civil War. But hey, Barry O still has 17 months to do that!

Jim Ryan


Can Zero win in this economy against a decent GOP candidate?

Will GOP nominate a crummy candidate?

What is the chance of GOP Senate?

What is the chance of a GOP POTUS, Senate, and House making the reforms needed to fix the federal government? (Chance Dems will do so: 0%)

Finally, if you run all of those numbers, what is the resultant chance we aren't screwed?


Jobs PS: According to Jim Pethokoukis (a fine Greek lad) had the total number of workers in the US remained at the same level as January 2009, current uenemployment would be 11.4%. EPIC OBAMA FAIL.

Jim Ryan

Jay Carney is a carnie in the Carnival of Liberal Opinion.


Are you getting plenty of comments?

10 comments, a trackback to "quotes of the week where I share the stage with Dick Cheney and about 6000 hits.

I'm okay with that.


My latest is about the moonbat mindset, which I really can't believe frankly.

Oh and I'm gonna get to meet Rick Perry tomorrow with Tom Bowler. How cool am I?


Can't read but the first paragraph of that WSJ piece on GOP's chances re the senate, but Obama's disrupting the Packers game isn't helping Kohl's Dem replacement hopeful in WI.

Reading about the redistricting plan just passed in GA indicates the Voting Rights Act strictures are practically requiring that Dem districts are more Dem and Rep districts are more Rep, which in the South means markedly more Republicans in the House next time.

Jim Ryan

ZERO: Okay, this is getting serious. We need to create some jobs! Stat! Billings?

AIDE 1: Uh, we could...um...

ZERO: Bainesly?

AIDE 2: Green jobs and community college jobs training, sir? No, wait....

ZERO: Huh uh. Bottomsly?

AIDE 3: I got nothing. Handouts?

ZERO: I don't think that will work. Does anyone have anything?


ZERO: [PANICKED LOOK ON FACE] Damn! What do you do when you want to create jobs?! Damn!

AIDE 11: Sir, we could...no, sorry, that wouldn't work.

ZERO: Damn! [HITS INTERCOM BUTTON] Henry, let's go with green jobs and community college retraining. [LETS GO OF BUTTON] Damn!

Jim Ryan

Jane, last night on Levin, Levin asked him about his support for in-state tuition for illegal aliens. He stood steadfastly by his opinion without missing a beat. It showed spine.


Jim Geraghty has another good post up this morning (well, most of his are good, but this one really hits the nail on the head):

If You Were in Obama’s Shoes, Wouldn’t You Be Worried?

Also, this is from the CNBC story that Drudge is linking to this morning:

Private payrolls actually created 17,000 jobs, but was offset by continued shrinkage in government.

So, basically, this is fallout of the Porkulus bill, that gave money to states so they could continue to run unsustainable budgets and keep pulbic employee union members on the payroll (and the dues flowing to the unions to help in the 2010 ellection cycle).

It would have been much better for Obama to have let the states take the hit in 2009 and sort their fiscal messes out then. The Dems still got crushed in 2010, and now the state and local worker layoffs are going to kill job numbers for the next year and a half.


Good thing this administration is focused like a laser on jobs, jobs, jobs.

And the referee was a blind woman, they say.

Perhaps she could find employment in Jimmy Bond's blind football league?

Jane, you're way cool even without meeting Rick Perry.


Jane, you deserve it. You have put in a lot of hard work. Be the cool one for all of us.


(Click image for full size.)


I, for one, would like to hear the 2012 candidates talk about how seriously tyrannical our agencies have become under Barack the Wonder Boy and why we desperately need limited government and a wise, experienced executive. Here's an AT piece compiling the litany of abuse our masters have dreamed up to "punish our enemies and reward our friends."



Following the Ramirez cartoon sentiment - McCain Full of Crap

"This guy has made a career out of not being as bad as the other guy, and that’s about the best you can say about him"



since the suit against the banks alleges that the banks misrepresented the mortgage securities that they packaged, the banks' affiliated ratings agencies must be on the line as well. Perhaps it is in part a revenge play re the downgrade?

Danube of Thought

Minus 22 at Raz today.


Instapundit has an excerpt from the WSJ on Huntsman's economic plan (unfortunately, the article itself is behind a pay wall). This seems to be the core of it though:

The heart of the plan lowers all tax rates on individuals and businesses. Mr. Huntsman would create three personal income tax rates—8%, 14% and 23%—and pay for this in a “revenue-neutral” way by eliminating “all deductions and credits.” This tracks with the proposals of the bipartisan Bowles-Simpson commission and others for a flatter, more efficient tax system.

That means economically inefficient tax carve outs for mortgage interest, municipal bonds, child credits and green energy subsidies would at last be closed. The double tax on capital gains and dividends would be expunged as would the Alternative Minimum Tax. The corporate tax rate falls to 25% from 35%, and American businesses would be taxed on a territorial system to encourage firms to return capital parked in overseas operations.

Mr. Huntsman would repeal two of President Obama’s most economically debilitating creations, ObamaCare and the Dodd-Frank financial regulation law. Mr. Huntsman has it right when he says, “Dodd-Frank perpetuates ‘too big to fail’ by codifying a regime that incentivizes firms to become too big to fail.” He’d also repeal a Bush-era regulatory mistake, the Sarbanes-Oxley accounting rules, which have added millions of dollars of costs to businesses with little positive effect.

Mr. Huntsman says he’d also bring to heel the hyper-regulators at the Environmental Protection Agency, Food and Drug Administration and the National Labor Relations Board, all of which are suppressing job-creation.

I don't trust Huntsman one bit, but this plan should be the outline for the entire Republican field to follow. My only issue is that you can't " bring to heel the hyper-regulators" unless you abolish the existing agencies and replace them with new institutions operated by completely new sets of employees. Thier hyper-regulatory mindset is simply part of their organization culture at this point.


I posted this Daily Caller article a few days ago, but I'll repost it here.

Obama routinely bypasses Congress, conservatives say LUN

The article is a good litany of the many ways Congress is being bypassed.


Thanks guys, I dunno what I deserve, but I am very excited.


Does this seem uncommonly clueless, or is it just me:


Danube of Thought

I love the Huntsman plan, but he still makes my skin crawl.

Remember when getting the agencies on board with the administration was called the "unitary executive," and was a very bad and dangerous thing?

Melinda Romanoff


FHFA suit would be a "first strike" against potential co-defendents in a bond holder suit.

Also, if the checks would come a bit faster from Wall St., this all goes away.


Daddy, not surprised the pilots were Koreans. They define bloody minded.

Jane, way cool....

As to Obama's plan, if that is it, he is even more pathetic than he was, well, yesterday. This guy keeps on setting new lows for competence, honesty, and intelligence.


Wow, the O's have been so busy this week they are headed to Camp David to rest and get ready for his big speech next week.


Whoa...hold the horses...Obama is delaying his departure to Camp David by 2-1/2 hours since the jobs reports was released. What a guy. Giving up 2-1/2 hours of his vacay from his vacay to do what? Give another speech?


This is what we're talking about right, trolls seem to nazguling over there




Peter Hamby, CNN, is tweeting that Palin is planning on criticizing Perry in her Iowa speech. If true, and depending on the criticism, I'll have to rethink my assessment of her.


CNN, Sue? Palin reporting from CNN?


Yes, CNN. I said that. Are you questioning the source? Because if so, I said if true. But I would have said that if a Fox reporter tweeted it.


((If You Were in Obama’s Shoes, Wouldn’t You Be Worried?))

as per comments in the 22-year-old thread, the bigger question is: jackboots or flip-flops?


Jane,don't forget the sign and the lipstick. I am so envious.


Just heard from Rocco:

Hi Cathy, we fared well, only lost one cheap piece of siding and filled up a wet vac with water. The water seemed to be coming in near where the gas main enters the foundation. I hear there's an injection of some sort that should solve that problem. Although half our town lost power, we didn't. Tell Rick my thistle seed bird feeder weathered the storm well! I had taken everything else in from the yard but noticed a couple of goldfinches still feeding on it as the storm began so I left it out. It was swinging pretty good on the shepherds pole but survived.

I should have checked in with you guys, I'm sorry I didn't. Every now and then I take a little leave of absence from JOM, I just get burned out with politics
Who else has not checked in?

(sylvia was right, we are stalkers!)

Cecil Turner
Obama directed several federal agencies to identify "high-impact, job-creating infrastructure projects" that can be expedited now, without congressional approval.
Surely anyone with a brain can see this is merely shuffling the queue on things that would be accomplished anyway. And, like cash-for-clunkers, virtually guarantees a slump at the end of a short-lived spurt of productivity. This is fundamentally unserious, except perhaps as a campaign ploy, and makes me wonder how supposedly smart people can waste their effort so.

And this is brilliant:

The White House budget office forecast on Thursday that unemployment would remain at 9 percent through the 2012 presidential election year, an outlook that it said calls for the sort of the job-creating tax cuts and spending President Obama will propose next week.
I guess they're saying their new program isn't going to work any better than the old one. Which is probably correct, but . . .



Can you fly here, we need pictures!

No sign because I am meeting him in someone's living room.

I am sooooooooooooooo excited.


Wow, Jane!

Peter Hamby, CNN, is tweeting that Palin is planning on criticizing Perry in her Iowa speech. If true, and depending on the criticism, I'll have to rethink my assessment of he.

If Palin plans on running against Perry, which I think she does, she is going to criticize him at some point. No getting around that.


Okay. Announce first then criticize. Just sayin'.

hit and run


Only 18% of voters think it would be good for Republicans if Palin entered the race. Sixty percent (60%) say it would be bad for the party, while 11% predict it would have no impact. Twelve percent (12%) are not sure.

Even most Republicans (52%) believe it would be bad for the GOP if Palin threw her hat in the ring

Well,to be honest,I couldn't care less about "good for the GOP",except that it is a stand-in for likelihood of winning next year's election.

The GOP is at this point a necessary evil banal.


Intrade sez there's a thirty per cent chance Sarah will run.

Cecil Turner

Peter Hamby, CNN, is tweeting that Palin is planning on criticizing Perry in her Iowa speech.

Palin has no chance of winning, would alienate supporters by running, and has enthusiastically endorsed Perry as recently as 2010 (when she stumped for him). Can't see this making any sense at any level, and especially not foreshadowing it with CNN's Hamby.

Prediction: Palin will not run, she will stick around to play kingmaker as long as it works for her, but will endorse Perry relatively early in the process.


I agree with Cecil's prediction.
There is much to be admired in Sarah's stance at this point--she's playing a powerful supporting role for TP principles. Perry could be her political soul-mate, if Todd hadn't already filled that and many other passionately held roles. :)

I too think she'll support Perry fully with just the right pitch, and she'll do it with perfect timing. Let it be so.

Bill in AZ sez it's time for Zero to resign

Sarah's running and will squash Zero like a bug. Bolton will be VP. Rumors around that she will participate in the Florida debate, so will likely announce before then.

Jack is Back!

I'm with Cecil. She has no national infrastructure in place to make an announcement at this time. Plus, isn't she supposed to be giving a big time paid speech in South Korea at the same time she was supposed to be in New Hampshire?

Then we have the speech kerfuffle which has now put the GOP debate front and center with more anticipation of seeing and hearing Perry in a forum with his peers. Thanks to Obama and his baby sitters this debate will probably garner 50% more of an audience than originally expected. And Palin is not going to be there.


With multiple threads it is hard to tell where to put comments, but here is one that might indicate someone is playing at the presidency.


"The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration yesterday released Individuals Who Are Not Authorized to Work in the United States Were Paid $4.2 Billion in Refundable Credits"

Weasel Zipper has it to.

Want to guess how many hits from green schemes like the recently bankrupt Solyndra that is?

IMO, few things could be easier than stopping those not authorized to work in the US from collecting these checks.

Melinda Romanoff

Oh, pagar, lookie who never stopped trying to back date their sh$*.

Note to Ig and DoT, this is the carp I've been ranting about, because it's systemic..

hit and run

Fox News:

All in all, most voters -- 74 percent -- think Palin should stay on the sidelines in 2012. Just 20 percent think she should run for president.

The groups most likely to support Palin running are white evangelical Christians (30 percent) and Tea Party members (28 percent). Still, majorities of those groups do not think she should run (62 percent and 66 percent respectively). In addition, 72 percent of conservatives, 71 percent of Republicans and 66 percent of independents think Palin should stay out.


Greg Biffle, Kurt Busch, Carl Edwards, Kevin Harvick and Tony Stewart

My newest favorite NASCAR drivers. A comment from the article...

Just maybe they’ve already visited an insane asylum!


I worded that incorrectly. The comment was a commenter at the site where the article is. Not in the article itself.


Okay. Announce first then criticize. Just sayin'.

That's fair.

I do think she's running, though.


Is it 'a bug or a feature' that Mike Lupica gets everything wrong, in this case, re Cheney.


Well, she may be running, but not in the standard way. I don't think she will run in a single primary. She is very smart, she can read the polls. Her only way to get the nomination is to use the media to launch her into the nomination. As Obama's polls deteriorate further, the media will go into a panic. As it will soon be clear that the only major name Obama can beat is Palin, the media will try to manufactuer a "draft Sarah" movement. To do that, they will have to rehabilitate her themselves. She will become the only "citizen politican" in the field. The only real chance she has is an open convention where no one candidate has enough deligates to win, and she is drafted after many ballots as the "unity candidate" for the party.

Actually, I think what would be best for her is to back Perry, and then take the job of Energy Secratary once he is in office. Nothing will improve her poll numbers more than getting gas prices down under $2 in short order.


If she did run, SP would tear conservatives apart.


Mel, the entire nation sometimes seems to have gone insane. Here we see bank/servicer/ employees taking actions that allow their employers to steal houses from American citizens and dollars from American taxpayers and few seem to care.


Meanwhile, in the land Obama called home for a good part of his life we see:

Take pictures of out of control police without their permission and you get

"Michael Allison Faces 75 Years In Illinois Prison for recording police WTWO! "


How many millions of houses are the banks allowed to steal before someone goes to jail for stealing one of them?


Let me say about Jane. Rhymes with witch. Grrrrrrr


If she did run, SP would tear conservatives apart.

Maybe. It depends on the timing.

I think her presence to the right of Perry will keep Perry on his toes. I don't want Perry to think he has conservatives locked up and thus is free to compete with Romney for the RINO vote.

Later, if it's clear she's going nowhere, she drops out at a strategic point and endorses Perry, with a cabinet position in her near future.


About that poll, it's just a coincidence:



Narciso, and anyone else who likes real fiction about how we got into this mess.

Stephen J Channell wrote "The Plan" in 1996.

I found it on a far back wall shelf at the Book Rack, Bettendorf, Ia a couple of weeks ago.

It completely explains how a few individuals could attempt to put an unqualified person in as the President of the US.

It is in the Brad Thor mode.


I read it years ago, it seemed a little inplausible then, now not so much.


I had never looked at his list of books before because I has his last name mispelled on my list of books I was looking for. Even thro I had 5 of his books on my shelf. I found it by accident. You're right, back than it would have seemed unbelievable.


((All in all, most voters -- 74 percent -- think Palin should stay on the sidelines in 2012. Just 20 percent think she should run for president.))

she knows what she is doing, but if she does want to run, I feel she has lost a lot of momentum by waiting. but again, she knows what she is doing and might surprise us all.


if Palin teams up with Perry, Obama will definitely have to eat his P's


I had a brief moment of sympathy for Obama today, feeling that the tragedy of electing a callow incompetent to the office of president was not entirely his fault, but the fault of large numbers of enabling ignorami. Then I remembered Obama's constant lying and vindictive attacks on President Bush, and the moment faded.


if Palin teams up with Perry, Obama will definitely have to eat his P's

Heh. The WH staff can feed him P keys from their keyboards.


How do you know Obama is lieing?

His lips are moving:

Obama: “I have continued to underscore the importance of reducing regulatory burdens”


Classic Vizzini, then again he may actually believe it.

cheap jerseys

Operating independently of Congress was somewhat less urgent back when Nancy and Harry ruled the roost. Still, for Obama to wait thirty months before deciding to focus the Executive Branch on jobs, jobs jobs is an admisson of dereliction.

cheap soccer jerseys

Oh wow. It looks so much fun! Wish I could come

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