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September 10, 2011



Mark Steyn: Let's Roll Over

We retreat to equivocation, cultural self-loathing, and utterly fraudulent misrepresentation of 9/11.

A very poignant Pieces to start the day, Clarice, I caught a few snippets of the total
inverse of that sort of understanding, from Richard Engel's review of the wars, MSNBC is
the practical equivalent of Al Jazeera, in the way, it chooses to lambaste every response, and let every foe of America, from
a 'rehabilitated' Gitmo detainee, who said
'Iraq was a gift' to yet another Jordanian
jihadist, citing Abu Ghraib for the 100oth time


That should be "ground zero" not 911


Great Pieces clarice. Thanks.

Sandy Daze

I fly Old Glory Full Staff 24/7/365 illuminated at night. Here she is this morning:

On occasion, I will H/S, on Memorial Day or when for instance when the home team was shot down on 6 August.

For about eight months in 2009-2010 I flew Old Glory upside down as the TRAITOR IN CHIEF rammed through his agenda.

Today She stands F/S in full honor of America and great Americans like Todd Beamer.

It's been a helluva decade, trying to fight Islamic Supremacists on one hand, while the TRAITOR fights to destroy the very country that gave him his opportunities.

To paraphrase Rev Wright:

"I do not say God Bless Obama, I say God-DAMN Obama"

To quote Todd Beamer:

"Let's Roll!"

Take good care,

Jack is Back!

Pete Hegseth takes the same road I see and does a much better job expressing why we need to go forward and restore the American vision and its place in the world. LUN

Agent J

Sandy my sentiments, your 8:58 post made the old mans eyes sweat!

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