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October 17, 2011


Jack is Back!

Read where a guy in England has a 1896 Russell (made in the USA) that still gets 40 miles to the charge. Did the London-Brighton 60 mile vintage car run a few years back. Oh, did I mention that it is 115 years old and ELECTRIC!


The problem is that there are few things that are so good for storage of energy in a compact, lightweight form as a tankful of gasoline. Give credit to Toyota, they made the Prius run much better than any previous electric car, but only because it was a hybrid. Purely electric cars will always be limited by the battery technology to short range.


This thread is going like a Chevy volt. That's another thing about the Obama years-- he totally killed my enthusiasm for cars. I used to love Pontiacs.


Yep, electric cars are as revolutionary as wind power, and solar voltaic, all of which are 100 plus year old technologies.

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