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October 18, 2011


Danube of Thought

My skin has heaved a huge sigh of relief.


Wow. A debate without Huntsman. Can we get Paul to boycott too?


I'm going to follow his example. i will not appear as a contestant in the Miss America contest. And I'm taking myself out of the running for an Oscar.

Take that!!


Who is Jon M. Huntsman and why should I care?

Oh, oh, that's right. He's McCain with better hair.

(Not exactly a Shakespearian couplet but close.)


Can we get Paul to boycott too?

Paul proposed shutting down five cabinet departments: HUD, Energy, Education, Commerce, and Interior. Even if he is wacko on some issues, I wouldn't mind if that sentiment spread to some other candidates.



So glad creepy Huntsman won't be on screen tonight. We will still have Ron Paul (sorry, Sue) to make our skin crawl.



My crazy uncle is right on some issues too. You wouldn't want him in charge of anything though.


Huntsman is just echoing Groucho Marx, " I would not be a member of any Country Club that would have me as a member!"

Could be worse, President 99% is echoing Karl Marx....


But who will crack all those great jokes....?

Jack is Back!


Just to set the record straight, it was the New York Athletic Club.


Not sure where to post this - an audio of our lunatic VP

I wish they knew what it was like staring at the other end of a gun,
I bet he does.

*the transcript under the audio is incomplete


More Biden idiocy when he talks to elementary kids.

Millionaires paying just a little more in taxes can “pay for all the teachers and all the police and all the firemen to come back.”...and pay for aborting babies, & a NPR radio station, sending money to Qadhafi's kids,...

Uncle BigBad

Be careful Jack!

I used to be a member of the New York Athletic Club. Best club in New York. And yes, we would have welcomed Groucho as a member.

We are the 99%

Oh no! Jon Huntsman isn't going to be there!

Wait...who is Jon Huntsman?


I raced home from the tea party missing the discussion on Agenda 21 because I am an addict. No, not to the Tito sitting in my glass, but to snark blogging the debate.

I have no idea if I will be able to keep up, but run for your life if you want to avoid it.


Well you can almost feel it. While the OLV crowd screams "we got sold out" the CNN crowd is salivating over the thought of playing gotcha to the field and boosting their man barry. Maybe if they are really good, they can get an interview, like Tapper, which I missed.

Did I miss anything?

John Avalon declares it is time for ideas. What about that fabulous Obama jobs bill. Is it as good as Obamacare? Only time will tell.

Oh look, there is Anderson Cooper. (doesn't he do a daytime Oprah type show now?)

First, an ode to the west. And now....


It's like the political version of MST-3000,


I'm here Jane. Obvious why no-one watches CNN - their pre-show in the middle of protestors was nonsense!


Ahhh the Venetian. I've been there. Not as a candidate of course. As a gambler.

Introductions - oh and a perp walk onto the stage. Newt is gaining weight. Cain brings the house down - well sort of. And then there was Paul...


oh - CNN is being patriotic.


Anything for some ratings. Last night Cooper had 300+ thousand v. O'Really with 3 million.


Here is a live feed of the debate at Weasel Zipper.


I gotta say, Newt is moving up in my estimation. He is sure strong in these debates.


Oh dear, they are actually doing the national anthem. How patriotic of them. Rick and Mitt mouth the words. The audience cheers.

You can tweet your questions at #cnndebate.

Introductions. My gawd Cooper tells them how to introduce themselves.

Santorums daughter had surgery.

Paul is the peace and prosperity guy

Cain has been married for 43 years and solves problems for a living.

Mitt was a businessman then ran the Olympics and was a governor and also solves problems.

Rick Perry is an authentic conservative not a conservative of convenience..

Newt unlike Obama is glad to be in LV and thinks it is a great place for a convention and will replace class warfare with solutions.

Michelle hopes what happens in LV doesn't stay there/

Question: what is your position on replacing income tax with a sales tax?

Michelle - new taxes never go away. And they keep going up. You have to worry about the liberals raising it, and VAT is a hidden tax. I have plans.

Cain: are you raising taxes on middle class?

You should read before you have a knee jerk reaction. All that stuff is not true. I'm being attacked because politicians and accountants want job protection.

Santorum: he means well. But 85% of Americans will have their taxes raised. And it doesn't take care of a family. We want to encourage families and they need breaks. That's what happened in Europe and they stopped having kids.

Cain: that's not true. And it's not a value added tax. Do your own math. And there is a provision for the poor.

Bachmann: it is a value added tax, so there.

Soylent Red

He is sure strong in these debates.

If only he would actually stand up and fight for any of the things he says he believes in...

Unfortunately, the only thing Newt really believes in these days is the magnificence of Newt.


I'm just sick of shoveling money to the fed. govt.!! How bout we ask these candidates how they are gonna cut the spending in govt..

hit and run

TM's got a debate thread going...


Turned on the TV to watch hockey and happened to switch channels through the debate for about five seconds. Anderson Cooper looked deathly pale and anorexic, the question he asked was contrived, and Bachmann fielded it with aplomb, ignored it, and hit her talking points.

Why does ANYONE watch a presidential debate?

Glad I made it oveer to hockey.

central cal

How come Rommney gets to talk on and on and on?


Perry: I'll have a plan at the end of the week, because NH doesn't want it. Herman, it's not going to fly.

Cain you are mixing apples in oranges - Cain is sounding very smart, very smart, dismantling the criticism.

Paul: you said the plan is dangerous. Yeah it is regressive. replace the income tax with nothing. Spending is a tax. The wholesale price index went up 7% today.

Cain: none of you understand the plan. It's not a value added tax. Do your own calculations/\

Mitt, is simpler better? Are you saying the state income tax will go away, Herman.

No that is an apple.

Mitt so I'm going to pay both taxes, and people are out of work. we have to add jobs, and tax is part of it. I want to reduce taxes. I analyzed it and taxes go up.

Newt, you say it's a hard sell, how?

You just watched it. First he deserves a lot of credit, it's a big idea. And he has gotten us talking about something that matters.

There are more complexities than Herman lets on. I favor narrow focused tax cuts. Jobs are the challenge.

Michelle you say everyone should pay something. Do you want to take that back?

No everyone should pay something even if it is only a dollar.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

the only thing Newt really believes in these days is the magnificence of Newt.

Everyone says he is the smartest in the room, maybe if he is so smart, we should trust his judgement. ::wink & ducking::


Should I change threads?

Perry: My plan is to create an environment where people get back to work.


Jane, go to the new thread, please............


We need to get back to work and I will do that. Americans understand we don't have to wait on OPEC - American energy independence.

Is that the answer Mitt?


And I've been talking about that for a long time and there are other jobs too.

And I'm much more complex and I will repeal Obamacare.

Santorum: I agree but my plan is better. Plus we need income mobility which is because of manufacturing. we need more.

Soylent Red

Nah Sara. Newt is the one saying that the loudest, and I gave up on believing him when he sold Paul Ryan down the river.

Newt's political life is over AFAIC


Tell me, this is some kind of misunderstanding



Are we moving or not? crap.


I moved

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