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October 01, 2011


Army of Davids

Thomas Donahue, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, on the mandates, new taxes, uncertainties and new regulations in ObamaCare.....

"it's a job killer"

Army of Davids

Word is Buffet's fundraiser for Obama was a disappointment.

Who is O'Reilly and when did Obama first hear about him?

Maybe people objected to the term 'Buffet Fundraiser'.

Frau  Steingehirn

Iowahawk's fly on the wall reports:

""I have ordered all agency personnel to fully cooperate in any Congressional inquiries, including all reasonable document request, as soon as we can redact them with Sharpie pens and lighter fluid," said U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder."

Army of Davids

Barry down.."raise taxes"

Bill Clinton up..."not the time to raise taxes"

Payback for South Carolina race card is a bitch.

Senate Democrats...."thank you Bill Clinton"


Stock market rises after US Government increases their orders for Sharpie pens and lighter fluid.

Army of Davids

I like Cain/Rubio 2012

but Cain/Ryan looks good too.


I would condemn this adminstration for their actions in dealing with Mexican criminals that got Americans killed,

BUT, BUT, BUT.. like in the case of illegal immigration; apparently since we aren't going to do anything about the problem, we are just going to have to live with it or we will be called racists.

So agents die, criminals go free and we manage to not look like racists so we can get 25% of the Hispanic vote! Yeah.

Agent Brian Terry would be so proud of Boris.


I still don't understand the big deal. Illegal aliens murder Americans everyday and we look the other way apparently because they provide cheap lettuce...

You don't get people working in the fields all day for no pay without a little alcohol and drugs to take the edge off.
These gangs are providing a service in providing an escape for those that provide us cheap vegetables. A little crack, some Tequila and a prostitute forced into working for the gangs is just part of the price for cheap tomatos...get over it.

Those who oppose giving them freebies to stay here are just racists, anti-Hispanics.


Well even if he isn't it would still be better than blown up from a predator strike.

Texas Mom 2010

I would love to see this brought up in the debate. As a Texan, I am truly peeved that apparently this program providing guns to criminals was also done in my state. WTH! We have guns firing across our border all the time. Texas has beefed up our Texas Rangers (our elite law enforcement) and our other law enforcement measures to the tune of $400 million. I think we should demand Washington explain how our federal government could possibly run such an operation in our state WITHOUT notifying our state law enforcement or our Governor. WTH! The Feds have armed criminal gangs while leaving our borders open. Some west Texas ranchers have been forced to abandon their land or to simply hunker down and allow criminals to use their land and property. We have had a lot of Texas citizens murdered in the last few years and now we find out that the Feds are actually helping arm drug cartels? I want to see Perry demand answers and finacial assistance. Help, Obama will not even declare a federal disaster when millions of Texas acres burn, instead he blamed it on global warming and used the tragedy of hundreds of burned homes to slap at Perry on AGW. Dang, my blood pressure is boiling. I am thinking 'Get a Rope!'

jack is Back!

Navy should have scored on the fumble recovery and wasted an opportunity that now looks like Air Force will make them pay.

Can Navy beat Duke? You should ask if Duke can beat Navy or Air Force and coming soon, Army. Army beat Northwestern last week and Northwestern is handing Illinois their lunch today. Those who bet against the service academy's do so at their own peril. Until the platoon system was introduced they dominated College Football.


Texas Mom...

But aren't you enjoying the cheap salad?

jack is Back!

What a game. Navy has tied it up with a 2pt. conversion. AF defense was a leaky, weak facet of itself.


I see you guys watching the Navy/AirForce game are hanging out over here>

Great comeback so far for the swabbies, squids and bubbleheads.

jack is Back!


Big weekend for football. Gators at 8 EDSTon CBS.

Looks like Navy's OL is dominating the AF defense. Still a great comeback.


Hey, I have an idea, why doesn't the GOP just endorse Obama for President? Maybe that would get us a higher perecentage of the 'black vote'.!!


I'm all in for NAVY.



Terrific last quarter for Navy.That Navy QB is a great master of the broken play.


Yippee!!! All over again.


Unsportsnamlike conduct? That wasn't even called on the Osamma raid.


On my keyboard, the "n's" and the "m's" look alike-------without glasses.



Bring on Army:(

jack is Back!

A game in which no team lost.

I hope our enemies watched that game and saw why we have the greatest military known to man. Because of young men like that, that's why.


Go Navy!




Tried to post last night but lost power and the the library closed. By not releasing the entire group of e-mails and correspondence the WH will just open itself up for more scrutiny. I still say by 2012, Holder is history. Chu won't even last that long. Obama will valiantly try to remain above the fray, but this F&F scandal is going to bury him in the presidential debates. He either looks complicit and guilty or he appears dumb and uninformed. In both cases he is ineffective and irresponsible in his role as POTUS.

Danube of Thought

Going down with the ship...

jack is Back!

For MarkO, DoT, daddy and all the other Navy fans, this little bit of sunshine is for you.


DoT, that malk shop is on Orange, right. Love the colors. Miss those days, mucho.


Malt. I'm not having my best typing day. Or maybe this is the new normal.

Danube of Thought

Thanks, JiB. Everybody smiled but me.

Now, even though I've got Green Bay at home against Denver tomorrow in the suicide pool, I'll probably get eliminated. Doom.


We should also be alert to fake documents with back dates being released in the Fast and Furious document production. That page 73 quote above by TM looks suspiciously like CYA.


There was no tracking or arrest method put in place to get the higher ups in drug cartels with Fast and Furious. "Drug cartels" may just be cover for who really received and used/are using the guns.


certainly in the oops category:




Bill Clinton wants more credit

“I go crazy every time I read the conventional wisdom,” he said Friday night at his presidential library in Little Rock, Ark. “So part of the Republican narrative is that I was ‘saved’ from myself by the election of the Republican Congress [in 1994] that ‘forced me’ to do welfare reform and ‘made the balanced budget possible.’”

He vetoed welfare reform twice, and we now know he cooked the books, thanks to Franklin
Raines, who would apply similar handiwork to
Fannie Mae.


Way OT interesting but fun story to cheer up we Navy boys.

BBC has a quirky little piece about how some lost Italian Nobleman got stranded on a tiny Norwegian island in 1432, and how he became intrigued with the Islander's unique method of drying codfish like cordwood.

Eventually bringing the dried "delicacy?" back to Italy, it apparently is now a regular thing that has been going on for some 500 years.

Here's the story: Arctic attraction: Fish the Italians have hooked.

Anyone ever heard of this before?


That page 73 quote above by TM looks suspiciously like CYA.

Sure does, BR. Is the first hint that F&F had an actual law enforcement aspect?

Why aren't any of the Republican candidates or leaders mentioning F&F? I think that's also suspicious, and wonder if they may all think that Issa has the goods and is just waiting for the right time to drop the hammer.

One thing that argues against this is that they aren't going after Hillary, whose State Department should have approved each gun intended to end up in a foreign country.

You would think that she stands to gain if Obama and Holder are linked to this early enough, as long as she isn't.

Rick Ballard

"Anyone ever heard of this before?"

Stoccafisso (south) and baccalà (north) are both very common dried cod dishes in Italy. Baccalà starts with a very heavily salted cod which is soaked for hours in preparation. Stoccafisso, if my memory serves, is not salted but requires even more time for preparation due to its dryness.

I didn't know about the Norwegian aspect. The Portugese who fished the Grand Banks were famous for the salted cod business.


daddy, I know they both use dried cod in their cooking but didn't know of the connection.


Is this where we segue into the lutefisk discussion?


Interesting story on a growing group of pastors who are flouting the IRS regs which prohibit political activity for charities.
It's not too widely known that churches, unlike other charities, are automatically tax exempt without asking for tax exempt status from the IRS and donations to it are still deductible if it doesn't incorporate or seek 501(c)3 status.
Even so the IRS technically can try to levy an excise tax on an unincorporated church which does engage in outright political activity but is loath to do so.
Here's an informative link on the basics.
I think this will either end up at SCOTUS or the IRS will simply continue to back off as they have done and as more churches flaunt what to me is pretty clearly a loser for the IRS. At least it would be a loser if we didn't have so many noted and profoundly retarded scholars on the bench.


Only 2 negative Sarah Palin stories on the homepage of the ADN. I suspect it's due to a depressive funk, because the temperature is dropping and our mountain-tops are coated now in some cold white stuff I haven't seen in a couple months. Brrrrrrr.

I refuse to be discouraged however. I am off with the hounds, but in a final pointless protest against Mother Nature I am going to attempt a trek up Flattop in shorts. If in 6,000 years they dig up my frozen carcass like Otzi, the Italian Ice Mummy, would be interesting to see the researchers scratch their heads.

"Well obviously it must have been warm weather. Nobody would do such a thing in cold weather."

"Perhaps they had not invented warm clothes back then in the stupid ages?"

"Amazingly, this frozen fecal matter in his pocket has remnants of some plastic coating, but analysis shows it was canine fecal matter. Why would an ice mummy on the top of a mountain have dog fecal matter in his garments?"

"Perhaps a bizarre religious belief? Or perhaps they smoked it for intoxication or for shamanic healing poultices?"

"And of these small multi-colored round things with the Bizarre Label, "SweetTarts"...we suspect he may have been waiting to drill holes thru them in order to make a sacrifice to the Gods or a necklace for his loved ones?"

"Egads, what a mystery for the ages!"


Just don't mix up the SweeTarts with the, er, other thing when you're ready to pop a snack into your mouth.


a growing group of pastors who are flouting the IRS regs which prohibit political activity for charities.

Jeremiah who?


Ah, Baccala. My first Christmas Eve, as a new bride in an Italian family, my M-I-L's contribution to dinner at my house was Baccala. Of course, I had never heard of it. In a beautiful serving dish was this cod fish, sauced in bright coral (tomato sauce and who knows what else to lighten the color up) with raisins (plumped up from the sauce.

I was aghast. Wondering how I could politely appear to eat some, without really eating any of it. But, you know what, it was good - very good. It is one of the recipes I never got around to asking her for, since it was only served once a year and she always prepared it.

My Basque friends made Baccala, also in a tomato-y sauce, with peppers (red and green) and onions, much more on the savory side. I like it too.

You never know what you might like until you try it.


Buckeyes avoid a shutout.


You never know what you might like until you try it.

David Mamet agrees.


I would eat a thousand unknown to me Italian traditional dishes before I'd put a forkful of Norwegian lutefisk in my mouth.


When I was a kid, we always had seven fishes on Christmas Eve. I never knew why, but Wikipedia seems to.

Baked clams, and fried shrimp and scallops were always on the menu, the latter usually filched by us before dinner. Scungilli and calamari fra diavolo, or stuffed calamari and scungilli salad usually made five. Octopus salad and baccala were often the wild cards, but I'll have to ask one of my aunts about those raisins.


Yes, Ext, H2O = Holder, Hillary and Obama.
If State approved it, State's also on the hook for a politically-motivated crime leading to deaths. All three screamed about US guns going to Mexico.

What happens when you add another H to H2O :) I've got my eye on an H who was complicit and will turn like Dean.

Danube of Thought

Well, I knew damn well I wasn't gonna like whale meat, and I was right. And the stuff had been so exquisitely prepared, Eskimo-style, by being wrapped in something and buried in the ground for a while.


Aw yes, lutefisk a wonderful combo of fish steeped in lye...


REUTERS: Exclusive: Democrats push tax hikes first in deficit talks

The panel has the task of finding ways of cutting the deficit by at least $1.2 trillion over 10 years. If it fails to agree on a plan by November 23, automatic spending cuts will be triggered, beginning in 2013.


Failure by the committee to agree on a comprehensive deficit reduction deal could lead to a further downgrade of the stellar government credit rating, a move that in turn could damage a global economy struggling to right itself after a deep recession.

So, according to Reuters, automatic spending cuts would lead to a further downgrade? B.S.

Buried fish.

I knew a doc once who diagnosed a case of botulism in the lower 48 in seconds because she'd been a nurse in the boonies of Alaska.

“Through clearer thinking,” Mr. Sachs writes, “we can become more effective both as individuals, and as citizens, reclaiming power from corporations.” This reclamation will come primarily from punitive tax and regulatory measures. Mr. Sachs is undaunted by any thought that such a regime might worsen unemployment. The trained economist assures us: “Economic theory indeed supports the view that high tax rates can actually spur, rather than hinder, work effort.” He argues that financial incentives ought not to matter in a mindful society and is confident that well-intentioned social engineers can suspend the laws of economics.
Stupid is as stupid does, but I’m not sure who is the more stupid.
Ultimately, this seems to go back to ...
They have held students hostage with tens of thousands of dollars of debt on education, which is itself a human right.
Many of these folks romping around Wall Street are the product of the current manefestation of a “liberal arts education.” They were robbed. I have to wonder if Elizabeth Warren’s “Consumer Protection Agency” should be unleashed on the many “professors” who peddled such poor product to these unwitting rubes.

Ha, Buried Fish, that's a nice nickname for you, Kimshee :)


What happens when you add another H to H2O :)

Obviously things will get very acidic.


Ryan does a great job on Sachs in today's wsJ


Isnt it astounding that folks are paying top dollar at an Ivy League school to be taught be a professorship that believes as Sachs does and far far more radically as well.

What kind of education is that anyway?


I have the growing sense that Fast and Furious facilitated the delivery all the way to the end users.

And who were they? Sinaloa or other drug cartels who don't need guns from the US because they get them from Venezuela? Mexican death squads? Mexican illegals in the US or US prisons returned to Mexico with a mission?

It's almost unthinkable, but possible in an end justifies the means way, that the killers themselves were part of Fast and Furious.

Do we know who killed Marine Brian Terry or had they already fled the scene and conveniently left the guns?


--“Economic theory indeed supports the view that high tax rates can actually spur, rather than hinder, work effort.”--

That would presumably be the Ben Hur, faster tom-tom, galley slave school of economics.
Again, not even Marx believed such drivel.
We are under threat from post Marxists who are actually to the left of and less sensible than crazy Karl.
I'm long lampposts, pikes and maces.
I'm short limp wristed, pencil necked Hahvahd boys and consider the coming market for same slim to non existent.

hit and run

Speaking of delicacies...and way OT stuff.

Tonight's menu is shrimp etouffee. Never made etouffee before. Having fun with it and it smells fantabulously. Simmering now. Adding the shrimp in a half hour.

Serving it over a dirty rice similar to what you get at Pappadeaux. Ground pork and chicken livers with onions,peppers and celery sauteed,then the rice added and cooked in the shrimp stock. Rice goes on in just a few....oh,wait...I gotta go.

This was the first time we broke out the meat grinder attachment on the Kitchen Aid stand mixer. Man was that fun. I see lots of sausage in our future.


Yes, because we see how much harder the Western Europeans work with their high tax rates than lazy Americans with their lower rates. /sarc


link lun to the Ryan article Clarice mentioned, via RCP.

America's Enduring Ideal - Rep. Paul Ryan, Wall Street Journal



Our old property use to back up to 110 acres of State game land where I walked our dogs. I remember being told to bag their poop when I took them for walks but honest, I just thought the forest looked better without hundreds of plastic bags of poop laying all around.



Are you giving Hit cooking lessons? and

What is "Pieces"about tomorrow? Are you writing about how BO takes gulf stream jets on vacations but MO has to go incognito to Target for 40 minutes to buy dog food? Ha ha ha ha


Talking about the topic of the thread now seems off topic, but anyway, here are two articles I found so far on who killed Brian Terry:

3/3/11 - He was shot in the back, 14 Dec 2010. Five illegals involved. One fled, 3 were deported and one, Osario-Arellanes, claims he didn't shoot.

9/19/11 - Osario-Arellanes indicted May 2011. Previously arrested in 2006, left and re-entered, looks like the same night as Terry's murder. Two others named but names under seal. Not clear if they're in custody or not.

Captain Hate

Is this the football thread? Watching the ol' ball coach butcher the clock on the final drive I was trying to remember the last time I saw somebody other than Marty Schottenheimer look so hapless and inept. Then I remembered: It was when Squirrelier was coaching the Redskins. I'm sure DoT has been trying to forget those Danny moments.


Via Drudge:

Hispanic students vanish from Alabama schools

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama (AP) — Hispanic students have started vanishing from Alabama public schools in the wake of a court ruling that upheld the state's tough new law cracking down on illegal immigration.

Education officials say scores of immigrant families have withdrawn their children from classes or kept them home this week, afraid that sending the kids to school would draw attention from authorities.

There are no precise statewide numbers. But several districts with large immigrant enrollments — from small towns to large urban districts — reported a sudden exodus of children of Hispanic parents, some of whom told officials they planned to leave the state to avoid trouble with the law, which requires schools to check students' immigration status.


Another odd thing is why would Brian Terry's unit be bothering going after those who rip off drug traffickers and illegals. What kind of an assignment is that!

hit and run

Are you giving Hit cooking lessons?

I wish. That's the stuff that dreams are made of.

Rice has five minutes left. Time to add the shrimp.


Shorter version:

“Through clearer thinking,” Mr. Sachs began, before immediately launching into unmitigated drivel.

Frau Heringsalat

Who here has seen herring salad glow in the dark? I have. It changed the menu for New Year's Eve.
Stockfisch anyone?


Pops, LOL!


Like I say, besides the general idiocy that qualifies him for a standing invite on Morning Joke, the fact that Sachs was a once
a high priest of the IMF shock therapy cult, which shattered Russia and Bolivia, giving us Putin, and Morales, in short order, makes him
particularly odious.

sammy small

"Bill Clinton wants more credit"

Why is it that former Dem presidents have the need to spout off as if they are still important. Can't they just live out their lives gracefully and remain in the background where they belong. There is something about Democrats that is pathological.


Ann, Hit seems to manage very nicely on his own, not that he ever sends me any of his creations. Tomorro's CP is examines what Judith Curry did this week:Who is more anit-scientific, conservatives or the left?

Charlie (Colorado)

Anyone ever heard of this before?

You bet. It's also a delicacy in Spain and Portugal; bacalao is a traditional dish and cod, being coldwater fish, must be imported from northern waters.

Charlie (Colorado)

I would eat a thousand unknown to me Italian traditional dishes before I'd put a forkful of Norwegian lutefisk in my mouth.

The fascinating thing about lutefisk is that they add butter and mashed potatoes to keep it from being too bland.

Crickets, and slowly because it's cold.

Ryan Maue has a graph of Accumulated Cyclone Energy, all the energy in the cyclones and hurricanes of the world, which is at a 20 year low. In view of that, I've directly asked Chris Mooney when he is going to write 'Calm World'. Also, given the Democrats love affair with this climate exaggeration, I've asked him when he is going to write 'The Democrats' War on Science'.

Charlie (Colorado)

Who here has seen herring salad glow in the dark?

Hab' ich doch.

I will say, it's a hangover cure second only to menudo.

Charlie (Colorado)

Ann, Hit seems to manage very nicely on his own, not that he ever sends me any of his creations.

Hmmm. I guess dirty rice would do okay in an overnight package.


What he [Anwar Awlaki] didn't mention were two arrests and misdemeanor convictions for soliciting prostitutes along the infamous street-walker strip of El Cajon Boulevard.

In August 1996, Awlaki paid a $400 fine and was ordered to attend an AIDS awareness seminar. In April 1997, he paid a $240 fine and was sentenced to community service.


Or he could just come over and cook for me, Chaco.

hit and run

The dirty rice was ok. A little pasty,but the flavor was good.

But the etouffee was a smashing success. It came out perfectly. I think I just put on 5 pounds.


Rest assured, Duke and Duke is on the case:



Am I to understand that the Aggies didn't Gig 'em! this week?

Frau Heringsalat

Ours had spoiled, ChaCo. Schnaps would not have helped.

"A rainbow effect, often seen on bacon and fish, is caused by a spoilage bacteria known as Photobacteria that can break down ATP to produce visible light. After a couple of days, this bacterium can grow sufficiently to enable raw fish to glow in the dark!"

You lead a charmed life, but you know that.

hit and run

Put me down for a slot in the Clarice Kitchen next year. hit and run jr will have a fifth grade field trip to DC and I have every intention of tagging along.

In fact,so many parents want to tag along that they do a lottery for chaperones. mrs hit and run and I figure we won't even submit our names for the lottery -- we'll just go up on our own.


Seeing what a hash the 5 has been, like RedEye but sober, well except for Beckel, maybe they should have reconsidered:


Captain Hate

But quietly, many acknowledge a deepening GOP schism over the issue, as many moderates grow increasingly disturbed by their party’s denial of proven science.

Apparently these dimwits have been reading my "party of stoopid" posts and didn't realize I was referring to them.


I look forward to seeing you again, Hit and this time with the fair Claire in tow.


Well that was fun.

Was very cold and windy on the way up Flattop, but the dogs did well. At the top, I hid behind a large rock, then filled a pipe with Labrador poop I had collected from my dogs on the way up, and got nicely intoxicated from smoking that. Then I used the remaining canine fecal matter as a nice poultice for a cut my knee which I had acquired while clambering over a crag.

That done with, I then popped open a tube of SweetTarts, whittled out a hole in the center of each, and with plaited Yellow Lab Dog Hairs, made them into a nice necklace to place on the summit for the Snow Gods.

Then it was slip sliding back down the hill, to find the Yanks are up 4-1 over Jimmyk's Detroit Tigers, and Sue's Texas bunch are holding on to a 1 run lead by their fingernails over JiB's Rays.

Did I miss anything else?


--A rainbow effect, often seen on bacon and fish, is caused by a spoilage bacteria known as Photobacteria that can break down ATP to produce visible light.--

That's what that is.
I always thought it meant the bacon came from a gay pig.


Well, I just got in from a Jerry Jeff Walker concert...very fun. I Like My Women Just a Tad On The Trashy Side.

Lots of JOM catching up to do...


Did I miss anything else?

The Nebraska smackdown?


Bulgarians figure out how to upgrade quality of politicians.


Stock market rises after US Government increases their orders for Sharpie pens and lighter fluid.

LOL, pagar!

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