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October 01, 2011



from PD's link -

"Marco,... is said to be promising hard work, no kickbacks and a mulish determination when he launches his political career."

"‘Unlike the other mayoral candidates and politicians, Marko has a strong character, doesn’t steal, doesn’t lie, and gets the work done,” "



I am with you on the plastic bags of doggy poo.

Would much rather just see the regular stuff on the trails, hopefully kicked into the bushes, instead of all those little plastic bags. Have to constantly holler at my dogs to let them alone, and frequently on the way back I find my self picking up the bags for dumping in the garbage when I get home.


"Bulgarians figure out how to upgrade quality of politicians" by running a donkey for Mayor.

Bah, Thats nothing. We already elected an Ass for President.

The temps, they are a changin'.

narciso @ 9:51

The comments @ your link are a hoot. Clarice is there. Anthony Watts noted the same phenomenon at Slash Dot, where an alarmist iceberg article got almost uniformly trashed, as opposed to just a few months ago.


This Italian Seaman, Pietro Querini, from the BBC story, is apparently famous in Italian Sailing History. Here's a nice write-up of his adventure: Shipwreck at the First Sphere of Paradise.

Here's a photo of a 1932 monument, erected at the site locals think Pietro came ashore at 500 years before.

A 3rd link, which I can't get to link (since my computer translated it from the Italian), is from one of Pietro's Shipmate's Italian diary. That diary describes a bit of the difficulty Pietro had getting Venitians to like stinky, dried cod upon their arrival back home:

"The Venetians were, of course, landed at an intermediate port,
since they arrived in Venice - October 12, 1432 - passing
The shrewd gentleman, starting from Rost
had the foresight to bring with you 'is a sampling of stockfish
and cod 'and finally arrived at home I try' to explain to citizens
the utility and advantages of the dried fish, which had smelled
the great business opportunities.
These have been obvious to him,
but certainly not for the other Venetians, who twisted his nose in front
not exactly appealing to smell the fish and they judged
too vulgar for their refined palates.
Captain Querini, but ', a man was really tough and the next year
Lofoten returned for exchange with the fish barrels of wine and spices."

As to why Pietro might sail back to the Norwegian boonies to try again, the solution to that question might also be in the Diary, as it
has some interesting comments on the comeliness of the Norway gals and their enticing complete lack of dress and love for fooling around in hot tubs, all of which leads me to question whether Pietro kept returning for the fish or not.


I'm reminded that a similar narrative, about
the Vikings, appears in Crichton's 'Eaters of
the Dead' daddy, which is in turn based on the journal of the Arab prince Ibn Fadlan, about four centuries before the Venetians,


That one's on my list to get to Narciso.

I hope that if/when we get to the Pearly Gates the gatekeeper's checking our qualifications to see if we get in don't ask stuff like..."Why didn't you read such and such."


"BIRMINGHAM, Alabama (AP) — Hispanic students have started vanishing from Alabama public schools"

Ohhh Noo Boris, looks like salads in Georgia are going up 20%.

Looks like Texas will be getting a few more wards on the dole.


From Hotair:

Perry continued, “In 2001, we had this choice: Are we going to kick these children over to the curb and say you cannot have access to college? Because the fact of the matter is there’s no way they could pay the out-of-state tuition. And are we going to have them on the government dole over here because they’re not educated? Or are we going to have them in our institutions of higher learning, paying in state tuition, pursuing citizenship?”…

Really? There are no jobs for illegals anywhere in Texas to earn tuition money? I was under the impression that there are quite a lot of jobs available to them, especially since Perry opposes e-Verify. This is the same sleight of hand he tried to use in the debate answer that got him in trouble, equating illegals’ opportunity to go to school in Texas with some sort of moral imperative among taxpayers to subsidize their education. (His wife, campaigning for him in Iowa, framed the choice as between tuition subsidies or welfare.) Somehow, the impoverished U.S. citizen from Mississippi is expected to pay his own way in Austin but the illegal who’s lived in Texas for three years gets a stipend from the locals. And not just in terms of lower tuition rates; apparently they qualify for financial aid too. It must be awfully confusing for Perry, as a “Texas Gaullist” and vocal champion of state sovereignty, to find that prioritizing state residency over national citizenship doesn’t play well with grassroots conservatives outside of Texas itself, but he’d better find clarity soon.


So iot is Perry's contention Boris that illegal aliens need a college degree, subsidized by the taxpaying citizens, to pick our lettuce?
I must be missing something, but aren't they going to want more money to harvest the tomatoes once they have a degree??

Will my salad taste better when picked by a A$M alumni?


Today's Pieces is the illustration of the scientific method:



Clarice explains the leftist folderol in one easy to understand lesson.


jack is Back!

My only comment regarding Clarice's Pieces today:

Obama is an idiot.

The science is settled.


Pops, Your stereotype is wrong.

You don't get people working in the fields all day for no pay without a little alcohol and drugs to take the edge off.
These gangs are providing a service in providing an escape for those that provide us cheap vegetables. A little crack, some Tequila and a prostitute forced into working for the gangs is just part of the price for cheap tomatos...get over it.


A very fitting take on media idiocy and/or mendacity:




As I was pulling up your article I was looking through some old notes trying to locate a cite. Came across our friend Sunstein explaining in a 1995 book that the 1st Amendment is being used to protect many forms of speech that should never be protected.

In thinking about the victories of the bloggers mentioned in your article it is interesting to note our Info & Regulatory czar thinks that the only protected ideas are those that foster "government by discussion". He favors free speech through the lens of what promotes deliberative democracy (in the old East Europe people's sense) and not in terms of the marketplace of ideas.

He then goes on to promote federal guidelines for the coverage of public issues. In the Cass world, it would have been much harder to pierce all those frauds you described.

In the net neutrality world of late November, it may start getting more difficult again. Just in time for the reelection coverage.


Sounds like AL's "If you don't build it, they won't come" experiment is already working. Dependent people, if they're smart, will always relocate to states where benefits are big and oversight is small. Reminds me of the news years ago of Somali expats moving in droves to some lily white NE state because of the lavish benefits available. I don't understand why libs think "ethnics" aren't savvy enough to do their research or plug in to national organizations who do it for them, and relocate to the sunniest financial climes available. And then move again when the current well dries up.


rse, we'll use signal flags and smoke signals should that unfortunate Sunstein dream come to pass--which it won't.

Thanks narciso and pagar.

jack is Back!


You keep using the stereotype of illegals picking lettuce and tomatoes and generally doing farm labor work. As I understand it, migrant farm labor is exempt and has a special temporary immigration status and has had for years.

If you have a different set of facts please feel free to post them.

But I don't think you are going to find a majority of migrant farm labor being illegal rather the other way around.

This doesn't in anyway excuse illegal immigration. Just saying!


Reminds me of the news years ago of Somali expats moving in droves to some lily white NE state because of the lavish benefits available.

Minnesota. There is a huge community of them and while many are gainfully employed, it's my understanding that most are on the dole.

Two years before the last.

Pop goes the weasel.

Rick Ballard


Even good provocateurs can trip sometimes. I found "Lets you and him fight." tiresome in the fifth grade but it was still drawing crowds in high school.


I didn't make the sterotype, I simply carried it out. I hear the sterotype all the time....if we kick the illegals out..who will pick our vegetables, etc.

I think it was glasater who said it a few posts back:

""I don't have quite the problem with illegals as some people have expressed in this forum because they do jobs that caucasians will not do. So until that fine day comes along when jobless white people or black people for that matter do the back breaking jobs of harvesting onions, grapes, apples, etc. I pretty much ignore this issue."""

You see, in todays world, no caucasians actually own farms and harvest their crops...its a known fact..apparently.


Yes it is indeed Minnesota. Apparently the Somali community has an aptitude for driving cabs, and there was a big dustup with Muslim Somali cab drivers refusing to pick up fares of passengers carrying alcohol in oh so progressive Minnysoooota....

On a different note -23 in Rasmussen this AM.


I think part of the problems is noone wants to equate illegal aliens to illegal drugs, but they are the same.

If you have a commodidty (drugs or cheap labor that are illegal) but their is a market for them, it will be the underbelly of society that gets involved in providing it.

So just like drugs, illegals aren't walking a flower lined street of gold to the US. There are smugglers, their are Coyoties, there is protection to be paid, there are gangs that control territory, that also use the same routes to smuggle drugs.

But hey, I just had a pretty sweet apple for breakfast for under one dollar, so according to Glasater, its well worth it.

Captain Hate

Wow, the head of BET is just eviscerating El JEFe's class warfare garbage on FNS.


The exodus of Somalis I'm thinking of wasn't to MN, but somewhere in the NE like Maine or RI, which had an extremely generous safety net because there were so few takers...until hordes of Somalis arrived, directed there through research by their national organization/s/ and distributed to local Somali leaders nationwide. Lots of articles about little lily white towns welcoming the first pioneer expats, only to find themselves and their social services/school systems swamped and incapacitated as the tickle became a flood. This was years ago now, so many likely moved on to MN and similar blue hells.

NC Dems, seeing the writing on their electoral wall, certainly have had the welcome mat out for both legal and illegals the past decade, which is one reason employment here is over 10%. That would be bad for Obama, except the large number of new arrivals may tip the balance in 2012.

Danube of Thought

Minus 23 at Raz today.


Great "Pieces" today, Clarice. I put my $.02 in the comments over there, assuming they get through moderation.

I would analogize (not equate) illegal aliens to illegal drugs, but not in the way Pops means. I'm in the minority here (with Cecil and maybe glasater?, not to put words in their mouths) that doesn't think such an overriding issue. As with drugs, I'd increase legal immigration to help solve the problem of illegal immigration. (That doesn't mean amnesty for those who came illegally, incidentally). But I'd also insist they be gainfully employed or go back home. The low quotas on things like H1B visas, where companies want to hire a skilled person but can't, or have to jump through all sorts of hoops, are just crazy.

jack is Back!



hit and run

16th time Obama has been at minus 23 or lower.

Of those 16 times,this is the fourth Sunday for Obama to be at minus 23 or lower,which now ties it for Thursday for the day with the most minus 23's or lower.

jack is Back!

Tom must have a treasure trove of Time's erudition to share with us because he is pretty late for the Krugman dilly-of-the-day and/or the MoDo Duh-for-you.

Any bets its Nick Kristof comparing the Wall Street Sit-in Thugs to Tahir Square? And to make Rick Ballard's heart skip a beat, NIceDeb, over at AoSHQ has dubbed them NeoComs.

hit and run

If Obama remained at minus 20 or lower at Ras for the next 15 days,he would reach his 1,000th day in office just short of having spent 10% of his presidency at minus 20 or lower.

Unless you round to the nearest whole number,in which he could reach 10%.

It would be 9.8%.

Go Obama go...

Old Lurker

Good Morning!

1. Clarice, when Hit comes to town don't forget Mrs. L and me!

2. The links to Sachs and Ryna last night should be required reading with a test prior to allowing anyone to vote.

3. Janet, I thought I was the only person on the planet who knows Jerry Jeff Walker!

4. Cap'n, the BET guy, Bob Johnson is one smart and accomplished cookie. He is one of those folks who would have been a great success even if he were purple, so I suspect he hates how AA taints the perceptions of success that dogs so many outstanding members of his race.

5. Oh, and Clarice, Dear Leader, another great Sunday Morning read.

Captain Hate

I know Jerry Jeff Walker.


, He's a friend of mine, ... and you're no Jerry Jeff Walker.

Old Lurker



Thanks jimmy and OL. OL of course you and missus will be on the list when Hit comes to town..

The BET guy who used to have one of his houses down the street before his wife skinned him in their divorce and he had to sell it, was a bit Hillary backer .


**biG* Hillary backer.

Cecil Turner

I'm in the minority here (with Cecil and maybe glasater?, not to put words in their mouths) that doesn't think such an overriding issue. As with drugs, I'd increase legal immigration to help solve the problem of illegal immigration.

You can talk for me on the issue if you'd like, as I see very little daylight between our views.

Except I might go a little farther: in the midst of the current economic debacle, this is so much less important than growth policies that it doesn't even merit consideration as a presidential election factor.

Rick Ballard

"Except I might go a little farther: in the midst of the current economic debacle, this is so much less important than growth policies that it doesn't even merit consideration as a presidential election factor."

Hear, hear. If the overwhelming vote of the Texas legislature is so offensive, then move to Texas and raise hell with them.


This is why the present debate formats are so stupid. You can count on the moderators simply working for gotcha and divisive frameworks. I.e., if the candidate is from Texas where the people and their legislature have laws that permit capital punishment and juries and judges that enforce those laws, then falsely suggest that the candidate is a murderous thug who deliberately puts to death countless hapless souls.


Bingo, CT. I hope Herman Cain says exactly that in the next debate, because neither Romney nor Perry can without looking like fools after elevating the issue in order to attack each other.

hit and run

This is why the present debate formats are so stupid. You can count on the moderators simply working for gotcha and divisive frameworks.

Well at least no one's tried to paint Perry as a racist.

Wait. What?

Oh goody.

At Rick Perry's Texas hunting spot, camp's old racially charged name lingered

Well,at least other Republican candidates won't take the bait on the MSM smear.

Wait. What?

Cain: Perry insensitive over name of hunting camp



I wonder what those reporters might find if they dug into a single one of Obama's clearly false biographical details--like when he went to Bali and with whom or what he majored in at Columbia and was it the Columbia General Studies program (then basically a walk in off the street for foreign students school) or Columbia?


Its clear to me that Obama majored in rank incompetence and got his masters in insufferable demagoguery.


GOP candidate Herman Cain, who's black, says it shows "a lack of sensitivity" that the word was displayed for a long time and the camp wasn't renamed.

Can't imagine anyone disagreeing with that, even Rick Perry whose father, he says, painted over it asap. I bet Cain didn't bring up the topic, but wisely refused to dismiss it without comment.


""If the overwhelming vote of the Texas legislature is so offensive, then move to Texas and raise hell with them.""

Why can't I just insist they not pass laws that contradict Federal Law on a Federal matter?

They illegal aliens are ILLEGALLY in the UNited States, not illegally in Texas.

Rick Ballard

"Why can't I just insist they not pass laws that contradict Federal Law on a Federal matter?"

You can. More use of the Caps Lock key will enhance the argument. Every once in a while toss in some BOLD for variety.

hit and run

I think it would have been wise to dismiss the issue without comment.


I'd need to know whether Perry's dad, and perhaps the younger, hunted at "N*ggerhead" prior to being in a position to paint it over. Even it they weren't the owners or leasees, the name should have been enough to dissuade them imo. During the early media frenzy of the Duke Rape Hoax, a Duke AA professor claimed the black community would take much greater offense at the (false) accuser's claim of the players' hurling racial epithets than they would at her being sexually assaulted...and he was right. The immense power of the "n" falling on black ears is something whites fail to understand imo. Cain, growning up in Jim Crow era, knows that from personal, not annecdotal, experience...unlike Obama.


So what's the Federal government doing about all those illegals in Texas or other states for that matter, Pops?
I happen to think it is wrong/terrible for the government to place the burden of policing who is legally here or not on business.

Washington DC


On behalf of everyone in the Capital Beltway, thank you for sending money our way. Send us more.

With warmest regards,

Washington DC (the beast that is never full)

Cecil Turner

I bet Cain didn't bring up the topic, but wisely refused to dismiss it without comment.

Seems to me Cain (as a black GOPer) was practically the only one who could've safely dismissed it without comment . . . and he should have.

I'm not too thrilled with Cain so far, but mostly that's first impression. He was so clueless on the "right of return" that I dismissed him as a serious candidate. (He opined about Israel and foreign policy and apparently was completely unaware of the Israelis' legitimate fear that the Arabs--who vastly outnumber them--will simply immigrate enough to vote in Sharia law . . . and then presumably decide to rid of all the Jews). He's also a little light in the resume. But at least he has some fiscal bona fides and some management experience (which puts him head-and-shoulders above the incumbent).


He's also a little light in the resume.

In what sense? Light in the elected-position resume, yes. Light in the practical business experience, no. I rather like that he's worked actual jobs.

hit and run

I'd need to know whether Perry's dad, and perhaps the younger, hunted at "N*ggerhead" prior to being in a position to paint it over.

I would think Cain would want to know that too before commenting,which is why I would think it to have been wise to refrain from commenting at that point.

I mean,I think it would have been wise -- both for Cain and Republicans generally -- if Cain could have used the opportunity to put a wet blanket on the overall "Republicans are secret racists" meme the media wants to use. Hell,turn it around from some rock on some ranch three decades ago to Obama's policies that have black unemployment in the high teens -- asking which should matter to blacks today.

It's unfair to ask that Cain to have been prepared to go that route -- I'm more saying what I wish had happened than what I think Cain should have been expected to do.

But Cain's words came across as the equivalent of a "Perry acted stupidly" a la Obama and the Cambridge police. But admittedly,I just read the pieces online and didn't watch the interviews,so I may be off in that assessment.

I don't think Cain is light in the resume -- but I do think he would be a candidate who would need to pick a VP with serious foreign policy heft to balance the ticket. I like him a lot. But he is as prone to foot-in-mouth moments with the media as Perry is to deer-in-headlights moments in debates.

Not so fast there, buddy; where's the fire?

I'm furious O'Reilly isn't in front of Sam Ervin. Maybe Issa's furious too.


Hear, hear. If the overwhelming vote of the Texas legislature is so offensive, then move to Texas and raise hell with them.

As I've said before, it's not so much about the legislation itself as it is about Perry's handling of it in this election. Perry insulted voters who disagreed with his support of it, then turned around and w/in a week qualified his support in order to blame someone else.

Is this what you like to see in a candidate? If Romney had done it everyone would be screaming about what a flipflopper he is and how his finger is always in the wind. If Obama had done it we'd be nodding our heads about how he dislikes his constituents and is always looking for someone else to blame.

The primary isn't just an opportunity to evaluate candidates on the issues and determine their priorities. It's an opportunity to watch them in action and see how they handle pushback. Perry's handling of this flap goes to character and principle, and so far I'm not impressed. IMHO.

Rick Ballard

"Perry's handling of this flap goes to character and principle, and so far I'm not impressed."

They're all impressive in comparison to the alternative. I know that's a pretty damned low bar but none of them trip on it.


Cecil Turner

In what sense?

The job is primarily government executive, secondarily foreign policy and diplomat chief, and tertiarily [gawd, is that even a word?] commander-in-chief (except sometimes, when that's primary). Cain has no direct experience in the first, though his CEO experience is at least somewhat related, and his FRB work bolsters it. He has absolutely nothing in the second (which is why he made that famous stumble above, which actually relates directly to the job, and hopefully he learned from it). In the third, he was a tech guy (no offense to whomever) in the Navy, which beats hell out of nothing, but is not directly applicable.

Contrast with Perry, who beats him hands down on every facet. Tons more of directly applicable executive experience, extensive relations with legislators (and much more with foreign diplomats, though that's probably his weakest point), and operations experience in the military. Again, no offense, but it's not IMO even close.

And that shows directly in Cain's approach to the current challenge. I actually think 9-9-9 could be made to work if implemented, but have exactly zero confidence he could implement it. Perry's more of a rudder steer in the right direction, which is what I think we need (or perhaps better stated as "the best we can do in the current climate").


"he was a tech guy (no offense to whomever)"

None taken.


Romney or Cain might do okay in the context of a landslide with very strong tea party showing. With anything less the country needs someone who can cut against the wind and to me that looks like Perry or Palin.

Rick Ballard


Take a look at the slope on the Net Enthusiasm graph. I haven't found a reason to believe that a reversal is possible, let alone probable, prior to the election. There are a few factors which may worsen for the Dems (market crack and revulsion towards the tweet mobs) but the window is closed for the type of economic revival which might help the President.

ABO is in very good shape.


They're all impressive in comparison to the alternative.

True. We all know that virtually any credible GOPer is better than Obama. But this is the primary, not the general.

Seems like people have decided Perry's the the best alternative to Romney, so he's being given a pass. But if he wins the nom, I foresee a future where people complain about him as if they weren't warned what they were getting into. I'm pretty sure the Dems are dusting off their old Tom DeLay playbooks.

Who's next?

I'm beginning to think anybody can beat Obama. What's the chance the world will be a hopeful place in a year.

Melinda Romanoff


The seeds of the next thirty years have been sown in the last two. The arabic male population bubble will speed this.

Rick Ballard

"Seems like people have decided Perry's the the best alternative to Romney"


Why do you say that? It seems to me that Perry has tripped over himself and has yet to regain his feet. He's very sloppy, he has malleable at low heat principles (with probably a second set in a closet) and he now has "handlers" who have put him on a short choke chain. I don't like him less than I don't like Romney but I'm not willing to throw my sippy cup and bang the high chair tray over a particular candidate's stand on tertiary issues lacking resonance.

Cain and Santorum are the only conservatives (IMO) running and neither have much of a chance. Congress will have the whip hand in '13 and Perry has a proven record of working with a strong legislature. Romney would be looking at re-election a half hour after being sworn in - trying to figure out what to give away in a "bi-partisan" manner in order to gain a half-point in approval ratings.



Perhaps I phrased that clumsily. I'm still sensing that although Perry has stumbled, a sizable chunk of conservatives are still sticking with him as the most viable alternative to Romney.

I've said it again and again - it's not the stand on a tertiary issue. It's the demonstrated insensitivity to voters' concerns and the inept response to easily foreseen blowback. If you think his handlers can keep that from metastasizing into primary issues, great. We'll see.

Agree that a GOP Congress may help mitigate some of these concerns. I guess I'm just seeing 2002-2006 flash before my eyes. But of course, that's better than the alternative.

Rick Ballard


I don't know if he'll regain his feet and I don't really care whether he does or not. I agree with your assessment of his ineptitude in handling the matter. Texas is a big state but the nice vibrant redness of statewide offices has obviously dulled Perry's political aptitude. I still prefer a slightly dull Perry to the double edged (and faced) Romney approach.

مفكرة العرب




I still prefer a slightly dull Perry to the double edged (and faced) Romney approach.

Fair enough - so do I.


My man Herman disappointed me yesterday in taking up Chris Wallace's gambit to describe his opponents in 2 words or less: Perry>insensitive, Romney>good hair, Christie>two liberal, etc. He ruined one of his strongest selling points.. that he spoke no ill of his fellows while focusing solely on Obama's many failings.

I hope he rights his ship pronto, because the attention seems to have gone to his head and swelled it considerably.


Had the same impression, DebinNC.

And sad the Mr Cain fell for that hunting camp word gambit.

Is Mr Cain going to disparage Mark Twain for the words used in his writing?


I do give Cain a break re the n-word. That's not something a black candidate can or should view as unimportant. Using or tolerating others' using that word is the unforgivable sin to blacks, including Cain who was raised during Jim Crow and experienced its indignities. The n-word encapsulates so much more than whites will ever understand imo.


I understand, Deb. But blacks use the n-word with each other. What's that about?


What's that about?

Just a guess, but I think it's an attempt to take the sting out of the word because the reality is its power is like krytonite. When a black person hears or hears of a white using that word, a deep well of pain, bitterness, hatred, resentment, impotence, violence, etc., etc. is immediately roiled and rises. I don't think whites can understand it and consequently shouldn't try to dismiss or disallow those feelings or public reactions from blacks.


What a wonderful explanation and thank you for your response, Deb.

Cecil Turner

Good grief. Are we the Knights who say "Ni"? Don't say it!

Annoying Old Guy
why doesn't the GOP just endorse Obama for President?

Wasn't that the McCain campaign?

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