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October 05, 2011


Finis of a NASA paper.  Irony, this one flattens me.

It's an ongoing farce JiB. Now I've seen James Hansen begging for $100 million dollars for private baking of his aerosol fudge factor, free of government sanitary inspections.

It's what Mencken called "the haunting fear that someone, somewhere is having a good time." And heaven forbid that they not only are having a good time, but are rich as well.

The rent-seeker in all his glory.

I know I've said this before -- as far as the creation and continuance of a successful civil society, I think the single most important commandment of the Ten is "Thou shalt not covet..."

I'm shocked, shocked, to hear that ethics is going on around here.

Heh, JiB, go see what Joe Bastardi put at the end of comments on the Brune/Allen thread. L!ink U!nder N!ame.


BBC has up this story Climate swings increase extinction risk

Nothing exciting, but just a story saying that Profs at Brown University have studied 15 different amphibian species in the American SouthWest and tried to make guesses as to how they will survive under different Climate Change models. None of the species are currently endangered.

I mention it because having seen up here how we have closed 188,000 Square Miles of Habitat for Non-Endangered Polar Bears, it appears to me that this scientific report lays the ground work for the Eco folks to lobby Government to shut down whatever they want shut down in certain areas of the American Southwest. As if they needed much help...


I wasn't a child prodigy, but I'm smart enough to recognize BS when I see it.

Obama, the Dems, the OWS freaks, and their supporters are spreading so much BS around right now that everything stinks and it's impossible not to step in it.


Thomas Collins, Dave, Jane, Massachusetts folks,

This story linked from Insty about a Motel Owner in Jeopardy of losing his family owned Motel in Tewksbury due to Government overreach is pretty frightening. If the facts as presented are true, this sure seems like another example of State and Federal Government being in collusion and out of control.
Federal & Local Law Enforcement Agencies Try to Take Family Motel from Innocent Owners

Benjamin Franklin

The famous 'List'...


OFFICIAL List of Occupy Wall Street Protest Demands
Posted on October 6, 2011 by WashingtonsBlog
OFFICIAL List of Demands from Wall Street Protest

Here is the official list of demands:

We – the 99% – DEMAND …




No Official Demands
If you can’t see the list, you’re not alone.

Contrary to widespread myth, there is not an official list.

When Fox Nation reports on an official list, they’re wrong.

When brilliant and dedicated activists point to official lists, they’re mistaken.

When people call OccupyWallSt.org the official site for the protests and cite various lists there as official (there were over 1,000 different proposed lists at last count), they are incorrect . That website itself states:

OccupyWallSt.org is the unofficial de facto online resource for the ongoing protests happening on Wall Street. We are an affinity group committed to doing technical support work for resistance movements. We are not affiliated with Adbusters, anonymous or any other organization.

And when people say that the protest is made up of all Democrats, liberals, hippies, communists, libertarians, fascists or conservatives, they are wrong. See this, this and this.

As I noted last week:

High-level economists support the protests, so don’t write them off as being uninformed or without goals or focus. The mainstream media should “play dumb” … everyone knows what “We’re the 99%” means, and that the failure of the richest 1% to follow the rule of law or the wishes of the American people, and their corruption and manipulation of the economic and political system are some of the core structural problems which must be changed.


Re Kim:

Joe Bastardi is at the bottom of this Post.

Sounds like some righteous indignation being righteously taken. I suspect he wishes he could get Brune on a wrestling mat.

Dave (in MA)

Here's a non-Youtube, text version of the story.
IJ Challenges “Policing for Profit” in Massachusetts.


Thanks for that Link Dave (in Ma)

Sounds outrageous to me and I hope its getting publicity.

Benjamin Franklin

It's been going on for years prior to rising into your field-of-view.

Mission creep is a highly developed artform, when profit awaits.


The Seattle Law Firm of Dixon & Cannon, Ltd.

Marijuana and Medical Marijuana Cases
We represent clients charged with all types of marijuana related offenses, ranging from possession of drug paraphernalia to large scale grow operations. Although societal attitudes about marijuana are changing, the government continues to prosecute these marijuana cases as part of the “war on drugs.” These misguided efforts can have severe consequences for individuals charged with marijuana offenses. A conviction can result in jail or prison time, substantial fines, and the loss of certain civil liberties.
In addition to the criminal sanctions, the authorities will often seize the suspect’s property or house and commence a civil forfeiture proceeding. In these cases the government must prove by a preponderance of the evidence that the marijuana was possessed or grown for a commercial purposes, and that a “substantial nexus” exists between the marijuana and the property. What constitutes a “substantial nexus” often depends of the facts in the individual case. These civil forfeitures can have a devastating financial impact that may far exceed the threat of jail.
In many cases, the police have intruded onto private property to view or seize the marijuana. If the police did so without probable cause, the charge most likely will have to be dismissed. We are fortunate in this state to have a constitution that provides a higher level of protection against government intrusion. But in order to take advantage of that extra protection, you need an attorney willing to fully investigate the police conduct and knowledgeable enough in the law to file the right motions. At Dixon & Cannon, Ltd. we have the experience necessary to challenge these unlawful searches. We also have the necessary civil experience to effectively defend our clients in the civil forfeiture proceedings.
While Washington law allows people to grow, possess or consume marijuana for medical purposes, many medical marijuana patients are still being charged with criminal offenses. In these cases, the prosecution often argues that the medical permit was improperly issued, or that the patient exceeded the scope of that permit. At Dixon & Cannon, Ltd. we not only know the medical marijuana statutes, we know all of the fine points of the law in this area. We have employed that knowledge to repeatedly obtain dismissals for our clients in these medical marijuana cases. For more information on medical marijuana, please see “What to Know about Medical Marijuana.”


An alternate view of what's going on in that Tewksbury, MA motel case ... Things may or may not be as they seem.

Rick Ballard

Shouldn't the poli-sci/gender studies Pitzer grads wearing $80K serf's collars take up the matter of their degrees being worthless with the administration and professors at Pitzer who hoodwinked them into forking over $80K for a ticket to the Egress?
There are fire hydrants on Wall Street with higher IQs than the rent seekers but it really wasn't the lenders who duped these dolts.


Thanks DebinNC.

Good to hear another side.


Deb will I must maintain secrecy re the grand jury cases I heard in August, I will say that prostitution and narcotics are being run out of the best hotels in Washington on a very regular basis.I don't know how the owners can stop it.


Deb while I must maintain secrecy re the grand jury cases I heard in August, I will say that prostitution and narcotics are being run out of the best hotels in Washington on a very regular basis.I don't know how the owners can stop it.

Benjamin Franklin



"Steve Jobs: Arab-American, Buddhist, Psychedelic Drug User, and Capitalist World-Changer".


I don't know how the owners can stop it.

We don't know what steps they took to stop it, which seems crucial info oddly missing from the sympathetic link.


Meant to mention that late last afternoon I took the dogs on a quick 40 minute walk between baseball games. Went down to a beautiful trail along the Turnagain Arm, just like this.

The trail is level but along a sloped hillside as in the picture. Front pup was about 50 yards ahead and suddenly started barking fierce and a medium size black bear came running across the trail in front of us and scooted straight up the hill above us. Amazing how fast these things are.

Anyhow little "Scout" 10 month old female yellow English Lab, was barking up a storm. Her big fat brother, "Fry" looking like Old Yeller, was tagging along behind me. I started hollering loud at Scout to come on and rejoin us and was really impressed when she did, constantly looking back as if she meant business with Smoky. Did a fine job, and we slowly and loudly headed back the other way, and I gave her a handful of treats.

Was exciting, fun, beautiful all at once, tho' getting a little nippy.

I'm pulling for JimmyK's Detroit Tigers tonight, since he bought me a beer:) Boo Yanks.


Oh and Lou Dobb in his closing moments just said it was day 201 of the Libyan Mission, which "was going to last days not weeks."

The panel laughed.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

"Steve Jobs: Arab-American, Buddhist, Psychedelic Drug User, and Capitalist World-Changer".

Wiki: During this time, Jobs experimented with psychedelics, calling his LSD experiences "one of the two or three most important things [he had] done in [his] life".[51] He later said that people around him who did not share his countercultural roots could not fully relate to his thinking.[51]

So this is the reason I'm not a multi-millionaire, I never took LSD. I never even had any offered to me. Boo hoo.


Thank you, Charlie, for the link to Clarke's collected short stories, and Kim for "Childhood's End." I've now read its synopsis and of its underlying predecessor short story, "Guardian Angel," but that's not it. The one I read was more human and more exciting.

Benjamin Franklin

"He later said that people around him who did not share his countercultural roots could not fully relate to his thinking.[51]"

Sara; It's true. Consciousness altering substances create nerve pathways the virginal cannot, generally, recreate. It's not a derisive judgement, for most people. You are among those. You relish your independence, but do not subsume to isolationist thinking to preserve your pov. You don't need chemicals. Most do.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Ben: I don't know what the hell I was doing during the sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll era. Probably too busy dancing my butt off. I was in college in the late sixties and certainly no goodie two shoes and did my share of partying hardy, but no one ever offered me any drugs or did any drugs around me. I finally smoked pot when I was almost forty and that was the first time I'd ever even seen it.

Now that I've crossed the threshold into second childhood and become one of the elderly, maybe I'll catch up. :)

Soylent Red

There are fire hydrants on Wall Street with higher IQs than the rent seekers but it really wasn't the lenders who duped these dolts.

Go full FDR and cavalry charge this Bonus Army, sabers drawn. I am sick to death of whiny hipster douchebags.

Alternately, crop dusting them with hydrogen peroxide and toilet bowl cleaner would probably have the same effect.

Soylent Red

You don't need chemicals. Most do.

Particularly when you start blathering on.

DVD drive

thank you very much

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