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October 26, 2011



Ranger, as I said I believe I read the donor paid gift taxes on the money and it was never run thru the campaign acct. At the beginning of Edwards campaign Rielle was on the payroll as a videographer and she did perform those services.
If there's going to be a rule preventing candidates from shtupping their adult aides with their consent, I think we are in for a lot of salacious foolishness.


It's been the hottest day on Wall Street since 1974--from Drudge:
DOW UP 350

Excuse me while I slit my wrists.


That's funny Maybee I watched Prohibition too. I did not know about Michigan in particular but I agree with the Amethyst Initiative and have talked to college kids about what the 21 drinking age has done to life on campus. One of the buzzes you read about is how the cops handle underage drinking and whether they go looking for trouble. I have such fond memories of a bet each term with a particular friend on who would have the higher grades. Since it was usually a tie, we each bought the promised pitcher and enjoyed wonderful conversations over the years openly. That has to be illicit now and it's a real loss at trying on adult behavior a little bit at a time.

Every college kid says it has really made binge drinking a problem. I think 19 is a good solution so that high school kids are not generally legal. One college we have looked at has no Freshmen dorms which as a practical matter means they cannot really enforce the drinking age within the dorms. Red thought it was funny that I immediately saw that byproduct.

Jack is Back!

Regarding Texas: I am seeing a lot of Texas plates (some hauling trailers) on I-95 in Florida. I remember that after Ike in 2008, a lot of skilled workers left Florida for Texas to work in construction rebuilding from the hurricane. Wondering if they are now returning?

And those trailers look more like what small contractors use rather than bikers come down for Biketoberfest.


Trying to find employees that are educated, healthy and sober (frankly) is a struggle which is why illegals are basically welcomed with open arms.

ljm lives in Austin, the crown jewel of liberals in Texas. I sorta joke that if I had lived there much longer I would have been in prison. Sorta joke....



My previous post outlined my support for Romney. I told a story about an experience my son had with him during the Salt Lake Olympics. Here it is again. Those of you who have seen it already, please overt your eyes:

My son worked for the Salt Lake Olympic Committee representing Gateway Computers who provided the computer system for the 2002 Olympics. He was there when Romney came on board. Very late one evening alone in the building my son was working on the computer system when Mr. Romney unexpectedly dropped in. Romney didn't need an introduction and after a cordial greeting proceeded to question my son on his perception about what was working and what wasn't with the system. My son was impressed with Romney's attention to his concerns and to Romney's intuitive understanding.

Early the next morning when my son returned to work he met Mitt Romney coming out of his bosses office. Mitt had taken my sons suggestions, arranged a meeting with his boss and set the wheels in motion that would help turn the 2002 Olympics around.

My son is a liberal Democrat who vigorously supported Obama in 2008. He will be voting for Mitt Romney if he gets the GOP nomination in 2012.

I really haven't spoken to anyone in Utah about Rick Perry so I couldn't tell you how they feel but I can guess they aren't really crazy about him because of his association with the pastor who called Mormonism a cult.


Drudge links to a Time poll which has Hillary beating all Republican candidates--must be that smart diplomacy or a very dumb poll.


Thanks, ljm.

Jack is Back!


Its the "frump factor". She looks hopeless and harmless these days and in America we pull for the underdog.

Also, most people like someone who's hair looks worse then theirs.


JiB, you are on to something. People want Hillary in the White House so she can go back to having a professional hairdresser every day.


Rubio is being attacked for three reasons that I can think of.

Your #2 is a special case of the more general rule that the left will viciously attack any strong conservative who is black, hispanic, or female. Such conservatives represent the gravest threat to the Dems plantation mentality over "disadvantaged" groups.


I live in Austin, too, ljm. I don't think Perry's deficit could accurately be described as huge, considering the comparative fiscal health of the state.

Property taxes do suck - in the big cities. I choose to live in Central Austin and pay them so that I can have a short commute, but I could commute an extra 30 minutes/day and pay less than half the taxes I do now. That's not so awful. I paid lower property taxes on my house in MN, but also paid through the nose in state income tax.

I can't speak to hiring. Unemployment is at about 7%. I know a lot of people out of work. Seems like there ought to be some choices other than illegals.


Oh, Ace has a good story about a certain journalism professor we all know and love. I won't say his name because he has attacked me online before (I think he googles his own name). I'll give you a hint: "Murray Waas is our Bob Woodward"

JM Hanes


"Any of our bunch would be incredibly lucky to have Ryan as VP."

I'm afraid the idea of anyone plucking Paul Ryan out of the House, where he can mastermind the budget, for a window-dressing job as VP fills me with dread! It might give him a running start on the Oval Office down the road -- and I think he'd make a great President one day -- but we need to roll back the tide right now, and much as we focus on the Presidency, that's something that only Congress can effectively do.

Sorry the thing with Brad Pitt didn't work out. LOL!


Interesting story on the debt crisis in Whenzou China and whether it is the tip of an emerging iceberg of bad debt nationwide.
If so, look out below.


Make that "Wenzhou".


You would think they would learn after all these years, in the LUN

JM Hanes

Works for me, Ignatz! Jousting with you is always a thought provoking experience -- and a challenge -- which I enjoy a lot.

Stephanie Road Warrior Seeking Roadkill

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I love Austin. Our facility is in Buda and most of our employees come from Kyle/New Braunfels. We turn away more than not because they cannot pass a drug test required by the insurance. The ones that do pass very often have literacy issues, alcohol problems, domestic problems, and miss a lot of work due to health issues. We don't hire illegals but it is a temptation because what they lack in English skills they more than make up for in work ethic. I am speaking in generalizations but Texas can not escape the fact that we have the highest illiteracy rate in the country. We rank 45th in healthiest states. 2nd in child poverty.

Most Texans I know wouldn't want to live anywhere else. I understand that but it doesn't translate well to much of the rest of the country.

JM Hanes


"I honestly think Reagan and Romney are miles apart. I see Romney as a Ford, GHWB republican. I don't see Reagan as either one of them."

I can agree with that, but don't you think that there's also more distinct, active, popular pressure from the political/fiscal right these days? People do seem a lot more aware of how critical Congressional elections are, to me -- something which our polarized politics may have clarified, where collegiality and reconciliation would obscure.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

There was no possible provocation that warranted this display of force.

Covering your face with a bandana, looking more like an Arab terrorist than a young American kid, throwing rocks and bottles at the police, plus the health issues that are festering in these rat trap camps, might be considered provocation. Especially the rocks and bottles part.

hit and run

From DoT's quote waaay upthread:
Greensboro--A federal judge denied on Thursday a bid by former presidential candidate John Edwards to have the criminal case against him thrown out, paving the way for a trial to begin in January.

Go G'boro! Speaking of which,we're known for having AF1 (or whatever it's called when the Prez isn't on it) using our airport for practice runs. The other day it did a series of touch-and-gos. Because of the winds, it landed heading south, then turned east and circled around for its next approach. Which was kewl because that meant it kept passing over my kids' school. Everyone was excited.

Well,today on my way home from work,I got to see a touch-and-go, even though I didn't realize it at the time.

My commute takes me right past the north end of the airport -- and I saw a big honkin' plane cross in front of me. I figured it was one of the FedEx planes that comes in to G'boro -- we've got two 747s that come in and out on a regular basis. But then when I made the left turn that takes me right under the flight path of a southbound landing I saw that the plane didn't land, but did the infamous touch-and-go. And along the roadside were several cars with the drivers out with their cameras.

If I had just left work 2 minutes earlier I could have had AF1 (or whatever it's call when the Prez isn't in it) right overhead. It's ok -- knowing the Prez wasn't in it would have kept me from flipping it off.

If you ask me,they're training a lot of new pilots what with all the campaigning Obama has planned coming up.

But I missed the direct overhead because of work. Blech. Work is for the birds. I'm going to Zuccotti.

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