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October 29, 2011



Yooo Hooo, DoT! Looky here - a new empty thread.


Hated the Cards ever since 1964. I blame Ron Washington for mishandling the starting pitching and the outfield positioning. Endy Chavez should have gone in as defensive replacement in left field in game 6, and Holland should have been saved for game 7. Now Texas is snake bit--two consecutive World Series, no rings. Rangers = bridesmaids.




Danube, Jane had a hint for iPad scrolling on the last thread. Perhaps some kind soul no on an iPhone can repeat it here where you'll be able to find it. My memory is impaired (case of Buds), but it had something to do with a book icon at the top of Safari.


Congratulations on the Cards win, henry! I'm sorry I forgot my manners upthread.

Melinda Romanoff


Constant bookmarking.

Captain Hate

Ron Washington did a horrible job of managing his resources imo. To the Redbirds' credit, they beat the best teams in the leagues so this most implausible championship should be rewarding to the fans.

Captain Hate

Btw without a complete collapse on the part of the Braves, the Cardinals wouldn't have even been in post-season play.


It's actually the tab to the left of the book Henry.

Congrats on your win.

Sue, I'm so sorry. Been there, done that, for 87 years. At some point it ends.

Cecil Turner

Not an ugly win (or at least not completely), but I notice most of the commentary would rather recap game six. Seems to me the main story for game seven is Carpenter's competent pitching--after a shaky start--and the inability of Texas to get a comparable performance out of a tired bullpen.

Melinda Romanoff


Yeah, right, 87 years.


Typepad eating posts again.

I did not expect the Cards to get to the post season, so whatever happened was a plus. Different expectations for their opponents. If you don't expect to win, minor setbacks (2 runs down with 2 outs) can be overcome. It is much harder for the favorite because no setback is minor. It is as hard on the fans as on the team.

Danube of Thought

Hi Ccal--and everybody.

Minus 20 at Raz today.

Captain Hate

Game 6 was a magical game which is better than a goof like Selig, who had to read names off a piece of paper last night, deserves. Twice the Cards were down to their last strike before responding. That's great stuff right there.

I'm glad for Arthur Rhodes, who would've gotten a ring either way but how empty would it feel to own a ring while being on the losing team.

Captain Hate

Btw on her weekly screed, Nooner contrasts the petty and divisive El JEFe with the calm and meticulous Paul Ryan who does a masterful job of explaining things. I'd be a bit more sympathetic to the old harridan if there was one iota of mea culpa for how badly she erred in enthusiastically backing the jugeared fellow a mere three years ago.

Rick Ballard

Current Memeorandom top stories:

Fights erupt among Occupy Wall Street protesters

Woman charged with pimping teen recruited at Occupy NH rally

Occupy Wall St. Sanctioned for Public Masturbation

I thought they had their 'clueless slacker' image pretty well pinned down, why are they shifting to 'violent deviants'?


The policemen in this video need a HUGE bonus. I don't know how they can control themselves with the insane screamers. Good Lord.


Jane, thanks for the clue. I accidentally tapped the time date stamp after the last comment on a thread, Safari then refreshed the page while holding the position of that comment. I use that trick to avoid scrolling.


Yesterday, I was lamenting how I couldn't find any fun Halloween cards just right to send to Ann. After a fruitless search I found a photo in the comment thread at MOTUS and made my own.

(A few weeks ago, Ann said she was looking for some pumpkins in the shape of big butts - and I sorta found one!)

The picture size is too wide to post directly in this comment thread, so I am linking it instead for all your enjoyment. I call it: "A Moochelle Moon in the White House garden pumpkin patch."

Captain Hate

You have to wonder about the mental stability of somebody who could put something like this out under his name: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-10-27/obama-miracle-is-white-house-free-of-scandal-commentary-by-jonathan-alter.html

Jack is Back!


Proficiat! That's what they say in Belgium for congratulations. Used that since by drinking a case of Bud you have done more for the Belgian economy than Dexia has in the last 2 months:)


Knowing your love of the arcane and humor attached to it, I give you Part 2 of "I Could Go On" [letters to the editor at The Daily Telegraph]. Enjoy!

Benjamin Franklin

I understand their instinct to close ranks. It's not easy being a cop.


Army of Davids

Payroll numbers out this week.

Early estimates for 100,000

Army of Davids

OWS accomplishments:

- the promotion of Marxism
- the promotion of Anarchism
- the promotion of Anti-Semitism
- violence
- rape
- public masterbation
- looting
- harassing local businesses
- fighting with each other
- arrests
- public defecation

They aren't quite living up to the media's portrayal of Tea Party folks. But I'm sure the best is yet to come.

Democrats (unions) are appearantly robo-calling people to join OWS.

Captain Hate

This is how you get *really* small classroom sizes: http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/281456/why-there-no-public-school-wisconsin-today-christian-schneider

Benjamin Franklin

Phoenix has my kind of people.



Army of Davids

ACORN paying people to be at OWS. And Obama's InTrades up to 49.9% re-election. Part OWS...part killling Kaddaffy (or however his name is spelled).

There is very little doubt in my mind that "back of the bus" Obama and his campaign advisors were involved w/ OWS from day one.

Just as he was w/ racism smear campaigns (first SC vs Bill Clinton) over the last few years.

It's going to be a dirty, dirty general election. Likely the worst any of us have seen in our lifetime. Voter fraud....always a concern. Also watch the NAACP. They are nothing more than an extension of the Socialist Black Caucus at this point.

Captain Hate

I think the socks are afoot although sometimes it's hard to tell.

Benjamin Franklin

Ryan (and his clan) is just reflecting the awesome light.


The way to understand Ryan is that he’s deeply influenced by the theories of Ayn Rand, who believed that the root of all evil lay in attempts to alter the wealth distribution created by the free marketplace. Rand may have been a deranged cult leader, but she did live at a time when the fear of the poor devouring the rich had an actual real-world basis. She escaped communist Russia for the United States, Franklin Roosevelt — while not a reprise of the communists, as she mistakenly believed — really did denounce the rich and impose confiscatory tax rates. The world of Rand’s imagination bore a slight resemblance to the world she inhabited, but it bears no resemblance to the contemporary United States.

Jack is Back!


New bumper sticker down here in Florida:

Army of Davids

The goal behind OWS organizers....shift blame away from DC (government) and Democrats. Put blame on capitalism/free markets (Republicans).

The general election is going to be a campaign for the future of this country. We always say that. This time is true more than ever.

Supporters of limited government, free markets, free enterprise, individual liberties, individual responsibility, ethics and constitutional principles that made this country strong need to get stuck in politically.

Blunt words. But this is no game.

Danube of Thought

I think this OWS stuff is funny as hell. Can't wait for winter.

Benjamin Franklin

'Prove you're not schtoopid'

Fixed Cain's target audience.

Army of Davids

I'm on the Cain Train all the way.

I'm still hoping it can break the GOP establishment (Romney) early primary stronghold in South Carolina and Florida.

In the Anybody But Obama fallout I will vote Romney if I have to. But it is only a vote against Obama.

Cain can take 15% of the African American vote away from Obama and Democrats. That goes a long ways towards re-establishing social stability in our great country. But it is not the reason I'm voting for Cain.

Let's work hard to see that this isn't "Evening in America" as one great blogger dubbed it.


I hear it's snowing in NYC.



Mr. Porch is playing a Halloween show in Sitka, Alaska tonight. Bringing home 15 lbs of frozen Alaska seafood as part of his pay. Gotta clear out the freezer...

Benjamin Franklin


We now have an entire website devoted to anti-OWS propaganda. And a very professional job it is, too -- yet, oddly, the folks behind it offer no clues to their identity. Instead, we read this:
The mainstream media’s obsession with the leftist movement in America is preventing them from objectively reporting on the facts surrounding the ‘occupy’ movement. Most Americans who rely solely upon the mainstream media for their news have no idea of what is actually taking place and why.

Our goal is to educate the public on the real facts behind the OWS movement by reporting stories most people won’t likely see or hear from the mainstream media. It is our hope that this information will help people form a more honest perspective on the ‘occupiers,’ many who are seeking to destroy the American way of life.
Ah, yes. We all know how obsessive the mainstream media are in reporting "the leftist movement in America." In 2003, as you no doubt recall, our cable news shows were just filled with images protesting the invasion of Iraq. Throughout the entire run of Ted Koppel's Nightline actually allowed Noam Chomsky on camera...what was it, twice? Obsessive indeed!


Danube of Thought

Daily Caller:

President Barack Obama and Occupy Wall Street are speaking the same language. In his weekly address to the nation, Obama cited an economic report showing that the middle class has lost ground to “the top one percent.” “The average income for the top one percent of Americans has risen almost seven times faster than the income of the average middle class family,” he said. “And this has happened during a period where the cost of everything from health care to college has skyrocketed.”

To Obama and his audience, this is somehow a failure of government. Unclear what his proposed solution to this "problem" might be, other that reducing the income of the top folks.


let's look at Obama's big money supporters:

trial lawyers
Jeffrey Immelt
Goldman Sachs
Wall Street in general
Major Media

a common thread? Cronyism, perhaps? Insider trading? corruption?

This POS raised three quarters of a billion dollars to gain the presidency and has been repaying those debts like an ATM. The fact that he spent that much when it could have gone to much better use disgusts me.That the rampant fraud involved was never investigated disgusts me.

Now, in order to gain reelection, he turns on his Wall Street supporters to mobilize his base of losers, spendthrifts, and crooks.

I will not support Romney for similar reasons. He is the ultimate insider and all of the insiders now support him. He and Obama are a part of the problem, not the solution.

It's funny because the main target of the OWS protesters seems to be crony capitalism. Der Spiegel has an excellent article on the subject, by the way.

So what is the difference between Boris Berizhovsky and say, Nancy Pelosi or Dianne Feinstein, who have blatantly used their offices to personal gain? This may be the defining issue of the campaign.

Army of Davids

Michael Moore, Trumka, Hoffa, Andy Stern, Obama, Reid, Pelosi

All in the 1%.

It pays to own a seat at the table in DC.

If you want a big government world where everyone is equal...some will be made more equal.

Campaign reform?.... Whatever is not purchased via the K-street lobby will be moved under the table.

Want less rent-seeking... Make government less powerful. Less centralized.

Army of Davids

Good post Matt.

60 fundraisers for Obama in 2011. W had around half of that in 2003.

He will have huge money to throw in any dirty corner of the country he wants to.

Benjamin Franklin

Looks like I may have to hit NH after Phoenix.


"Woman charged with pimping teen recruited at Occupy NH rally"

Jack is Back!

Perhaps someone from the subterranean level of mushy academia can explain the dichotomy of Uncle Joe Bite Me pinning for more police to prevent more murder and rapes while at the same time supporting the ideals of the OWS movement. You know the OWS movement, like in Phoenix, where the same police have found flyers in the camp area extolling "When it is okay to kill the police".

I guess it fits. The more police you kill then the more stimulus you will need to fill all the open positions. Words. Who said words don't mean anything?


Jane, my 10 words or less on Justia:

Here is a link to someone who is not me.


Strawman Cometh

Wow, an entire website, must be awash in Koch money. To the barricades!


JiB- I don't get it either. Usually just criticizing unions in general is enough to turn you into a cop hater who forgets the unionized cops rushed into the towers on 9/11.

Now they are evil because they dare to try to move protesters off city property.


ha ha ha ha ha, SC!

Captain Hate

JiB makes the mistake of expecting coherency from the vainest imbecile to crawl out of Scranton.

Benjamin Franklin

Strawman, you ignorant slut, quit acting like it's cheap and easy to for anyone to just buy a domain name, upload a common site design template, and then set up a keyword-triggered RSS content feed to automatically populate it.

Everyone knows in this day and age it's impossible for anyone to do that sort of thing without the shady backing of some nefarious billionaire!

Benjamin Franklin

"shift blame away from DC (government) and Democrats. Put blame on capitalism/free markets (Republicans)."

Yeah. JMH pretended this concept was hogwash last night.

Fact is; the basic difference between those two political positions breaks down to....

Republicans want Business in charge of policy. Democrats want government to be accountable for policy. Notice I didn't use the word 'accountable' in connection with Business. The only accountability necessary for success is the Ledger. The Bottom Line is their Deity, therefore all ethics and morality are down on the priority list when profit is at stake, which it always is.

With that in mind it is important to see what proper ;governance would look like in the Ayn Rand paradise. It seems the competence of those who have climbed over the bodies of their compatriots to rise to the top of the Heap would suffice.

A Board of Directors seems to fit the Bill in this regard. Penultimate Entrepreneurs could serve as a Committee replacing the POTUS. They would, of course, reverse any limiting (all) Regulation which stymies growth and wealth production, with the exception of regs which help the Competition. The could eliminate all taxes, except a user tax (VAT) with an extra couple of points on food products (exempting caviar) to keep the masses hungry for work. (Just bear with me, the Constitution is there for exploitation purposes, primarily)

Of course, they would not be subject to General Elections and could not be tossed out, unless you were a Major Shareholder.

The Democratic version (status quo) of this paradise looks very similar, except the BofD is not replacing POTUS, just supplanting that office with a sock-puppet to give the illusion of democratic process.

The difference between the two should still be clear; One can be fired by the electorate, the other cannot.

What's your choice?


Republicans want Business in charge of policy.

No they don't.

Seriously. Where was Jefferey Immelt during Obama's last national address?

Army of Davids

Democrats want to portray Republicans as wanting business in charge of policy.

Obama got more money from Wall Street than McCain. And Romney is giving Obama a run for WS money. it is true.

But at the core....we have a political war between Marxism (OWS/public sector unions) and core principles that built this country (Tea Party folks)

Rent-seeking is the result of the leftist push for more centralized power in DC.

I own stock in Conoco Phillips. They had a very small K-Street presence. But CEO Mulva was clear when Cap and Trade passed the House (Pelosi) that they would have to devote more resources to lobbying efforts as a result.

Rick Ballard

"Where was Jefferey Immelt during Obama's last national address?"

Wasn't he at the opening of a new avionics plant in China?

Benjamin Franklin

Thus sprach der Pharisee...


A CNN anchor asked earlier this week whether or not Jesus would occupy Wall Street.

That question can be answered with a categorical "No."


--You have to wonder about the mental stability of somebody who could put something like this out under his name:--

That's because the left's goal posts are mounted on a Ferrari CH.

When it's a Repub, the goalposts are on the 50 yard line so any "scandals", like Bush firing politically appointed federal prosecutors he has every right to fire, are a chipshot.

When a Dem's in office the goalposts are headed out the stadium parking lot and onto the Interstate so two murdered federales and a couple hundred dead Mexicans amount to fourth down and a couple hundred to go for anyone noting accessory to murder might just be a scandal.


So what is the difference between Boris Berizhovsky and say, Nancy Pelosi or Dianne Feinstein, who have blatantly used their offices to personal gain? This may be the defining issue of the campaign.

I've been wracking my brain for years to think of a constitutional way to make legislators responsible monetarily for their wrong doing. I want barney's frank's wealth to be wiped out because of Fannie and Freddie, and nancy Peloso's to be wiped out because of all the money she funneled to her husband, and on and on. Hell Obama should be forced to shovel dirt for the rest of his life to pay back all he has stolen. Michelle too.


Republicans want Business in charge of policy.

Really? The last I heard, the goal was pro-growth policy. There is a very big difference between the two.

Democrats want government to be accountable for policy.

Really? Is that why the Dems put "un-repealable" provisions in Obamacare?

Is that why the Dems keep pushing massive regulatory regimes that are too expensive for small companies to adhear to, driving them out of the marketpalce?

What the Democrats want is the corporatist ideal of the union of Big Government, Big Buisness, and Big Labor, all in the service of the progressive project. Accountability for any of those actors has nothing to do with it.

Benjamin Franklin

"core principles that built this country (Tea Party folks)"

Hmm. What would those principles be? No, let's get specific.

Should a small business owner (say, a Tannery) wants to dump his toxic sludge in a nearby stream to save capital, so he can hire more employees, Is that ok?

Benjamin Franklin

And no fair quoting things like the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Federalist Papers, etc.

You must restrict your answers to defending my farcically distorted of the core principles of America, like the imaginary toxic-sludge-producing tannery that all the Tea Partiers have been demanding (in my mind).

Army of Davids

3 years of Obama

5 years Reid in charge of the Senate

Republicans 9 months in the House after 4 years of Pelosi.

How's the economy in DC done in the last 5 years? How much more powerful has K-Street become in the last 5 years? What has happened to the U.S. economy in the last 5 years?

What has the percentage of federal government/GDP done in the last 5 years?

Democrats still own DC. They still own the economy.


You know you read this, and in the words of the sage political analyst Mogatu, 'am I the only here, not on crazy pills'


Army of Davids

Here's a few Tea Party principles for you to chew on Ben.

- limited government
- decentralization of government
- individual responsibility
- individual liberties
- free enterprise
- private property rights

Have fun w/ those as you cheer the ethics of Nancy Pelosi.

Benjamin Franklin

Semper Occupare



U.S. out of Oakland!

Benjamin Franklin

Bizarre? Those warts they have no shame over? Forget shame.

They DECORATE those warts with pride and enthusiasm

""I find it absolutely bizarre - Republicans moralizing about deficits. That's a little like an arsonists moralizing about fire safety," Biden said.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/10/28/2477203/biden-criticizes-scott-in-remarks.html#ixzz1cBqhZVeo


The example of Broderick Johnson, is instructive, but not quite in the sense that you all meant, for a quarter century he put together the unenforced Simpson/Mazzoli bill
and the unenforcible ADA bill, then he segued in brief stints in the Clinton administration,
alternating with lobbying for AT&T, and Verizon, in other words, he creates the demand
for the lobbying necessary to negotiate the laws.

Benjamin Franklin

You teabaggers may flock to the ramblings of uneducated country bumpkins like the founding fathers, but I prefer to base my political opinions on erudite plagiarists like Joe Biden.


Apparently BF's grand "experiment" is to observe just how much tedium he can compel others to endure.

Benjamin Franklin

Ok, George. You don't like Romney. But you agree anyone is better than Obama. So who do you like? Cain? Romney? Pretty soon you should know, you know?



As Janet has put it, on many occasion, if there was only a organization that would report the news, ask questions, tell us what is actually going on, I know they must exist
but they don't actually seem to actually do any work.

Benjamin Franklin

"how much tedium (alternatives to the conservative mind-trope) he can compel others to endure."

Fixed the Igiocy...


Here was where I got the info on Johnson, in the LUN

Captain Hate

but they don't actually seem to actually do any work

Mission accomplished. There's a reason they're extraordinarily sympathetic to the OWS.

Benjamin Franklin

Ignatz, you need to keep in mind that my dead imaginary son serving in Iraq / Afghanistan / Libya gives me Absolute. Moral. Authority. over you dishonest, reality-challenged hacks.

So fuck you, you goddamned Judeo-Capitalist toady.

Benjamin Franklin

It's called evasion, and it is essential to the continued delusion. The threat to self-image with inconsistent positions is extraordinary, apparently.


What I found myself thinking about, however, is the way the inequality debate illustrates some typical features of many debates these days: the way the right has a sort of multi-layer defense in depth, which involves not only denying facts but then, in a pinch, denying the fact that you denied those facts.

Think about climate change. You have various right-wingers simultaneously (a) denying that global warming is happening (b) denying that anyone denies that global warming is happening, but denying that humans are responsible (c) denying that anyone denies that humans are causing global warming, insisting that the real argument is about the appropriate response.

I’m not sure there are three levels (yet) on inequality, but we definitely have (a) right-wingers denying that inequality is rising and (b) denying that anyone is denying the rise in inequality, but attacking any proposal to limit that rise.

You might ask, how is it possible to take such mutually contradictory positions? And the answer is, it’s very easy if confusing the debate is your job.


One thing you see, you have to go the LUN, to find what event Biden was speaking at, btw was that a promise or a threat he made


A federal judge has outlined all the insane leftist carp the Obama admin puts out every day.
"unnecessarily oppressive imposition of non-sensible regulations on the owners of a tiny apartment complex, owners who are accused of doing nothing more than being honest and forthright in their efforts to ensure the safety of children. Instead of encouraging such concern for the safety of others, however, the federal government has mounted an attack on those dwelling owners that is analogous to employing a nuclear weapon to eradicate a mosquito!"


The aim of the Obama admin is to destroy every private business/property owner in America, IMO.


As for will's talent for prediction,



Think about climate change. You have various right-wingers simultaneously (a) denying that global warming is happening (b) denying that anyone denies that global warming is happening, but denying that humans are responsible (c) denying that anyone denies that humans are causing global warming, insisting that the real argument is about the appropriate response.

Ummm. No. What you have are differnt people making different arguments. I have heard all three arguments being made, but never by the same person.

Of course, this is coming from a man who sold his name to Enron for $50K a year back in the day. I wonder if he ever paid any of those ill gotten gains back?

Captain Hate

Perhaps Plugs thinks Cheeto Crist is the template for all Repubs.


He sets fire to so many straw men, it's a wonder he was any matches left,

Benjamin Franklin

And any of you right wing Jews who DENY THE EXISTENCE of my imaginary son serving in Iraq / Afghanistan / Libya / OccupyWallStreet are just proving how brilliant and correct Krugman is (not just anyone can predict 14 of the last 2 recessions, you know).


--Fixed the Igiocy...--

And the tedium continues.
Other than the claimed foreswearing of sock puppeting it's getting more and more difficult to tell the old BF from the new.
Same overload of C&P tactics, gratuitous insults back to nearly the same level, refusal to engage in even the slightest effort at reasonable discussion or substantive response to points counter to his view.
Only difference seems to be the new BF has appropriated the name of a guy whose views were antithetical to his own.


I lost a post yesyerday and wanted to tell you that in Ohio our Sec. of State is now a republican. This time in Ohio we won't have 6 week in advance voting opportunities for the 2012 election. We also won't have Ohio State students from other states voting here and in their hometowns. In 2008, absentee ballots were sent to everybody at state expense. Brunner the dem used every illegal trick in the book to give Obama the 2% victory he received. Remember Hillary won the primary. Ohio doesn't like Obama, likes Romney more than McCain and loves Cain.

Benjamin Franklin

How come none of you inbred close-minded hicks take me seriously enough to waste your time responding to all the spam I mindlessly cut and paste into the thread?

Danube of Thought

Democrats want government to be accountable for policy.

As it has been with Fast & Furious. As it has been with Solyndra. As it has been with the dismissal of the case against the NBP's.

Benjamin Franklin

"refusal to engage in even the slightest effort at reasonable discussion or substantive response to points counter to his view."

You do have a sense of humor, after all...


I am now convinced that Chu and Holder are going down. I wouldn't be surprised if Holder resigns before Dec. 8th, his day before the judiciary committee. Cavuto had on a representative calling for Holder's resignation on his show. He said it's not just Fast and Furious. He says the group has other concerns about what he has done as AG.
As more facts are leaked I bet some dems get on the bandwagon to further separate themselves from Obama and Holder. If it touches Obama, they already have him in the crosshairs for Solyndra, Holder is toast. Alder is engaging in more dem magical thinking. Scandals exist in Obamaland and will be revealed in the next year.

Benjamin Franklin

You conservative idiots are too stupid and sheeplike to even think for yourselves. All you do is parrot what your dim-witted leaders tell you to say. If any of you had an original thought it would probably kill you!

Now, I'm off to find some more copy and paste material.


BO's alliance with OWS and disparagement of the Tea Party and attempts to equate the 2 may not surprise me but it certainly fires me up on the governing ideology and lawlessness in the WH.

He is trying to make civil disobedience comparable in the muddle's mind to civil demonstrations.

He wants the individual who wishes he had more to have the power of the government behind his wishes. He wants the individual who just wants to keep what he built up to lose his protections against govt authorized predations. Both to have comparable claims on what is fair. Except then one will be a usurper and the other a victim and thus not similarly situated in the least in the "equal" outcome.


Congratulations to the Cardinals!

Re: iPad scrolling

I don't know if this will help because I have a Kindle not an iPAD, but there are a couple of ways to "scroll" or fast forward as it were on the Kindle that may work if you've loaded their app on your iPAD.

If you have a keyboard or can bring one up on your screen:
1) Press the ALT key and the "b" key at the same time to bookmark a page.

2) Press the ALT key and the ""Next Page" bar at the same time to scroll forward 1/20th of a book; ALT + "Previous Page" to scroll back 1/20th of a book.

3) You can use the "Table of Contents" to relocate to another section of a book.

4) Kindle also has a few commands that allow the reader to changes pages such as: Go to Location,
Go To Bookmark, Go To Beginning, My Notes and Marks, Sync to Furthest Page Read.

I don't know if these options are available to you on an iPAD, but if you've downloaded the Kindle app you may be able to access them.

Captain Hate

I hope you're right maryrose because I can't stand Stedman. What might be the tipping point for him is the snotty testimony he gave before Congress on holding terrorist trials in civilian courts where he claimed to be smarter than people in Congress. I'm sure more than a few donks were as put off by that as his intended targets.

He'll have to be pushed by El JEFe to go though; his infinite hubris would prevent him going otherwise.

Benjamin Franklin

I'd feel sorry for this dude if he weren't an incorrigible corporate hump.


Bank of America Corp. (BAC) Chief Executive Officer Brian T. Moynihan said he’s “incensed” by public criticism of his company and is pushing back by reminding local leaders of its contributions to their economies.
Moynihan, 52, told employees in a global town hall meeting last week from the firm’s Charlotte, North Carolina, headquarters that the “place to win the battle” over the bank’s battered public image is at the state and municipal level.


Typepad ate my first attempt, but Bing has a nice library of nebulae images such as:

The Little Ghost Nebula.


'Chaitred' as Hewitt dubbed him, for unalloyed
expression of hatred for W, is sort of entertaining, in a macabre sense. What is Dodd/Frank, but the 'Dog Eat Dog' writ large, and further confirmation was how 'Atlas
Shrugged' was dismissed by all the usual suspects, when any number of dystopian tropes
that the left favors, have a fertile audience.


Link to Bing's nebulae library.


So Holder goes under the bus on Pearl Harbor Day to avoid testifying?

Why can't Issa compel all the people who left the government to testify anyway? Congress has no problem harassing private CEOs whenever it is in the mood.

Benjamin Franklin

"BO's alliance with OWS "

lol. And you're a Lawyer?


What do the Occupy Marines . org guys have to say about our troops killed in Kabul today?

Or is Scott Olsen the only injured marine who matters?


Ben- you might have answered me last night but I missed it. Are you a marine?

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