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October 17, 2011



Another instance of the principle that when leftists float their rhetoric in virtuous-sounding language (e.g., "transparent"), they're doing exactly the opposite behind the scenes?


UNdoing of the UN, IPCC and OSTP/Obama WH. Yaay!!

Since Kim must be overjoyed, I'll say his favorite saying:

Never have I heard so loud, the message in a cloud!

Rick Ballard

Silly Obamites - don't they know that the Skydragon died in a CLOUD? Svensmark and Lindzen have been writing the obituary for years.


Thanks for that link, Mr Ballard.
So that's what kim has been talking about for a time.

This administration is using a different kind of cloud, however, to obscure their mischief.

Jack is Back!

I know Fred Smith at CEI and he is like a hound dog on a ham bone. If they know that this cloud exists then he will find a way to own it. He has top people on the energy and environmental side of the "think tank" industry in DC.


Another reason to get out of the

Another reason to never, ever give another dime to the UN. My guess is the Obama Admin spends a large amount of every day trying to hide info from American citizens.


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