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November 10, 2011


Benjamin Franklin

' Jon Huntsman will claim he won, based on his Ambassadorship to China and ability to order off a Chinese menu. '

Based upon the menu of candidates, this is not a disqualification.

Mayhaps if you stopped eating your own, you might find partaking in chinese food doesn't mean, automatically, you will be hungry for another candidate within the hour.


this is getting pathetic. I am so glad they don't carry the debates overseas. There are more episodes than Family Feud...

I want to see Obama rationalize his decision on the Keystone pipeline or explain to us how conventional drilling uses most of the same fluids and seems to have never caused aquifer contamination. The energy policy of the United States is being run by a bunch of frickin Druids.

Worship solar. Worship ethanol. Worship the wind. These people are out of their minds.


So I'm confused, he hired to the top lobbyist on the Keystone account, at Bryan Cave, anyway so he could prove what an upstanding
environmentalist he is?

Jim Ryan

Edd Houck concedes, ending his 27-year career as a Va senator and giving GOP control of the state senate.


Congrats Jim and all VA JOMers!

Dave (in MA)
Jon Huntsman will claim he won, based on his Ambassadorship to China and ability to order off a Chinese menu.
I'll have the Mu Shu Tofu plate and a Diet Bite the Wax Tadpole.

I credit Janet, our own Redneck Beauty Salon ward Heeler for the Virginia results.


Amen, Clarice! Redneck Beauty is supreme!


He spent two years in China, and he seems to have missed the whole point of the exercise

Danube of Thought

It is time for some very smug gloating in the Old Dominion. I would be honored to join in. Very nicely done, Janet--you're a true stalwart.


That was quite a feat, Janet,


LOL You guys beat me.

I just got on the computer to credit our very own redneck sweetheart, Janet-- for turning my beloved Virginia into a GOP stronghold.


YIPPEE! Drinks All Around.


Where did you find that pic, Ann,


I can't compete, try as I might;


Danube of Thought

I will certainly tune in tomorrow for the Rick Perry highlights. Who can resist?

Jack is Back!

Veterans Day tomorrow JOM.

Lets remember that instead of all the other topics.

We have the great Buddy Wellborn speaking at our muster tomorrow.

Ask DoT about Buddy.

Rick Ballard

You might want to wait until Saturday.


Found it, at least one of them:


Frau Trauer

Hot dawg, on the VA victory. It's good to hear some good news.


Sorry, here is the happy elephant again. Don't we all wish we could edit our posting errors. :)



So, Hollywood releases a rumor ridden hack job of Hoover, on Veteran's Day, the relevance
of which is that he went after some anarchist
radicals back at the turn of the '10s, (like
OWS) and then there are the cultural touchstones.


Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus!

Great job folks.

Danube of Thought

"Ask DoT about Buddy."

Three TD's against Notre Dame in South Bend, with Touchdowb Jesus looking on in dismay at a 20-6 Navy victory in 1957.

Please tell Buddy I listened to that game as a HS senior, waiting to enter USNA in June. I said, at age 16, "this guy can tell his grandchildren about this." Is there any doubt he's doing just that?


Just got home and am watching the local nightly news.

They did a segment on Nome and the storm. Interviewed Nomians say the storm was milder than expected, but now they are excited because they believe all the roiling and churning of the sea bed from the massive wind and waves will dig up a number of Gold Nuggets and they are looking forward to prospecting along the beach.

Thought that was a nice silver lining and the interviewees had a nice sense of humor about them.


Hi JOMers - hate to say it's forecast to 73 in my neck.

Dave B

I don't see where the Republican debates are "pathetic." Have we been listening? Our nominee will repeal Obamacare, cut taxes, reduce regulations, spur energy, and reign in Federal spending. Each and every one of them has promised that they would do at least that. What else can they promise? I think it's exciting that we have a unanimous field on the essential issues. They have all confronted the problem that the Federal government has no business in a lot of what they are doing now. We have two wars going on, the highest unemployment since the Depression, and we're living in historic times. We're on the brink of becoming Europe or retaining our own identity and governence ruled by Constitutional law. We have several brave souls willing to take the slings and arrows thrown at them in order to save our Republic.

Mark Folkestad

Daddy, the big storms bring up and concentrate the very fine "flour" gold. Not so much the nuggets. Two of my great-uncles made a fortune during one summer in the initial gold rush on the beach at Nome. I would love to get up there next summer. I'm glad the reports are that the storm was milder than expected. But there are reports of roof damage.

Mark Folkestad

By the way, for those who love the Bogart classic "Treasure of the Sierra Madre", you probably remember the end, where the ignorant bandit chief slashes and dumps out all the gold dust, not recognizing what it is (HAH!). The wind blows away the gold dust, and the surviving miners give up. Wrong. Even the finest of gold is so darned heavy that it wouldn't go more than a foot or two. Just scoop up the top inch of soil from a few square yards around where the bags were slashed and pan it out. The movie didn't indicate the bags had blown.


I had that same thought daddy. Big storms bring along all sorts of flotsam and jetsam (10 JOM bonus points to they who know the difference) and wash away all sorts of things.

Captain Hate

First dusting of snow on the ground in NE Ahia. Btw, here's a gift from Jennifer Granholm that just keeps on giving: http://www.jammiewf.com/2011/seiu-siphoning-dues-from-disabled-children/

Mark Folkestad

Matt, as I recall, flotsam is just floating wreckage. Jetsam is stuff that was deliberately jettisoned from a ship in an attempt to save it. That's off the top of my head, without doing an online search. If I'm wrong, my Norwegian seafaring ancestors will be spinning in their graves.

Nome is very familiar with how storms bring the fine gold up from just offshore. The wave action actually classifies the material. When you do the beach mining there, you look for streaks of black or red sand, indicating either iron or garnet, both materials being heavy and indicators of concentrations of the even heavier gold. Then the richer material is run through special sluice boxes called beach boxes, designed to capture fine gold, not nuggets.


Yes, Dave B, but the debates are not designed to showcase this. You know I feel awed by all of you guys and gals accomplishments, particularly those of Danube and JiB and Pagar who have done what I have read about.


Often, the political underdog who perseveres takes home the bone. Call me a die-hard believer, but I'm not giving up on Governor Perry quite yet. LUN


close, Mark... jetsam is what is jettisoned and flotsam is what washes overboard as I recall. Just wish I was in Nome with my sluice box.

Nome, Nome on the range....


Happy Veterans' Day JOM! Thank you with all my heart to those here who have served.

Dave (in MA)

CBS News:

What genius came up with a pie chart using a bunch of indistinguishable colors?


I actually bought one of these hand dredges on ebay to try my luck in the streams of southern Vermont. I never did use it though, maybe someday. Vermont had a mini goldrush in the mid 1800's.

Happy Birthday to all those JOM'ers I missed and a Happy Veterans Day to all of our Veterans.


TS!!! I have really missed you!!!




Narciso, thanks!
As we do every year, we had a very moving ceremony at our local American National cemetery. If you have never visited a national cemetery I would urge everyone take a few minutes to do so. It doesn't have to be done on a special day.

Captain Hate

Yes, Happy Veterans' day to all the JOM vets.

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