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November 23, 2011



I'm more of a Denial type of traveler. And I never leave home without my chainsaw. This guy shoulda bought a Stihl.

Happy Thanksgiving all

Reefer Madness.

Probably was one, outa gas.


I travel tomorrow. Short and sweet. Well maybe not sweet.

Melinda Romanoff

Traveling now, on train in Evanston.


I'm having 17 people for dinner tomorrow, so I have the privilege of staying home!

Melinda Romanoff

Are you going to serve my favorite crowd recipe?

(Bic lighters and fresh hot dogs for everyone!!! Did you bring your stick?)

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Never let someone else make your travel plans or you might get stuck in an overcrowded airport with a 4 hour layover and nowhere to sit but the floor.

Melinda Romanoff


Ian Wilson's post @TallBloke is exactly the sort of effect that would translate to vulcanism, since that is essentially planetary fluidics. The feedback theory discussed there is brilliant.


Happy Thanksgiving to you all and your families. N traveling for me. My wife and I are hosting 16 people, plus 3 dogs making it 18 peeps and 5 dogs in our modest home starting tonight through some point saturday. Right wingers will outnumber Libs about 2-1 -- I'll listen to raging debates and smile and offer the combatants another glass of wine or spirit. I won't let politics get in the way of being a thoughtful host. if I survive until saturday, call the Vatican, it would have been a miracle.

hit and run

We're staying home for Thanksgiving. This time last month the plan was to go camping with some neighbors. But one thing led to another and the camping thing became less and less attractive,so here we are.

I got off work early today and mrs hit and run and I have been busy with the prep work for tomorrow's meal. We're so far ahead that all that's left is assembling the dressing.

That,and me cooking the turkey on the grill.

She's brining now.

The turkey. Not mrs hit and run.

Or both.

Who knows.


Mel, have you tied it into the Mayan calendar thing yet?

Short drive to my brother's house where I will trade Guiness for food. Happy TG to all! : )


I only have to travel 3 blocks! Love grown children with huge homes who want to have the festivities at their house. This year, my youngest daughter's home.


We are staying home too. My 2 kids are here from VA Tech until Friday...when they will take off for the VA Tech vs. UVA game.
Got to finally meet my daughter's boyfriend. Wow, what a great guy. He visited for 3 days.


Probl'y boring you guys but amazingly the ADN has posted an OpEd I largely agree with: The Bill Allen Case: Why won't the feds let the state pursue child sex abuse charges?

Allen is the guy who testified against Ted Stevens.

Stevens conviction was tossed because of all the corruption committed by the Federal Prosecutors who hid exonerating testimony from Bill Allen.

Yesterday the Special Prosecutor tasked with investigating the corrupt Stevens Prosecutors decided (after a 2 and a half year investigation) that he would not recommend any criminal charges against the corrupt Stevens Prosecutors who admitted to their corruption.

Within 24 hours of that announcement Bill Allen walks away a free man, and the Fed's continue to say that there was no tit for tat agreement with their corrupt star witness Allen, that they will not prosecute Allen for Child Sex Abuse, and that the State of Alaska is in effect prohibited from pursuing Child Sex Abuse charges against Allen.

From the ADN: "Justice still demands that the Department of Justice either explain its decision to drop the case, reverse that decision or let the state pursue it."

Sorry to bore, but thought I'd toss it out there in hopes that some of our Legal Team might shed some light on an issue that scares me because amazingly both I and the ADN Editorial Staff seem to share a similar opinion. (Frightening to have to admit that---Yikes!)

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Ssssshhh! Do not tell TK that 'The Five" has been named the breakout cable show of the year.


"Mitt" Romney Flip-Flops On His Own Name

CNN moderator Wolf Blitzer opened the debate by asking candidates to introduce themselves. "Here's an example of what I'm looking for: ‘I'm Wolf Blitzer and yes, that's my real name.'"

Romney couldn't help himself in going for a quick laugh. "I'm Mitt Romney and yes, Wolf, that's also my first name," he said to dead silence from the audience.

That wasn't the worst of it: Romney's real first name is Willard — Mitt is his middle name.



Staying home and heading to my son's girlfriend's parent's house about 5 miles away for the big meal. My parents, who usually do the feast, flew the coop south to Florida and my youngest brother's new abode in Sarasota.

Should be interesting - they fry their turkeys. I'm only responsible for the broccoli rice casserole, so Yay! But,

My husband demanded my mom's dressing, creamed corn, and all the rest of the fixings so I'm on the hook for a mini feast anyways for the football watching on Friday/Saturday :( .

I will prepare all that tonight in throwaway foil pans and just refrigerate the cooked casseroles to be scooped and nuked at will all weekend. Plus, I got a mini honey baked ham yesterday (which is already 1/4 gone). So I guess you could say I'm doing Thanksgiving lite.


Last night's CNN debate only had 3.6 Million viewers. Debate fatigue? Too many traveling for the holiday? Or poor CNN just can never catch a ratings break anymore?

Probably all three :)


Hey, this is clever.

You're an Islamic country thats had a megalomaniacal madman as your leader for 42 years. Finally your European allies come in and defeat him and free your country from his evil clutches.

So how do you wash your hands of the guilt of adoring this megalomaniacal madman?

Easy. Now that he's dead, forget that you ever adored him, and now announce that "Qaddafi was a Jew.

Benjamin Franklin


"Step 1: If you are looking for evidence of a JFK conspiracy, do as prosecutors and law enforcement do: start in the middle and work your way up.

It is tempting but foolish to start your personal JFK investigation by seeking to identify the gunmen or the intellectual authors of the crime. Start by identifying the people who were less involved and use them to identify those who were more complicit.

As a reporter for the Washington Post, I started by investigating those employees of the CIA most knowledgeable about the accused assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald. Over the years, I found a dozen or more CIA officers who had sent or received cables about Oswald while President Kennedy was still alive. I interviewed some of them, as well as their surviving descendants, friends and associates. My goal was to answer the investigative reporter’s basic question: What did these CIA people know about Oswald? And when did they know it?

Step 2: Understand the intense psychological resistance to Step 1.

Some people cannot distinguish between serious journalism about the JFK story and the meretricious conspiracy theories peddled by the 9/11 truthers. This is unfortunate. Such resistance to conspiratorial thinking, while sometimes useful, too often rationalizes a kind of anti-journalistic defensiveness that actually prevents discussion of the JFK story.

Talk show host Chris Matthews, a decent liberal and huge fan of JFK, grows agitated at the suggestion that a serious person might disagree with the official story. Cass Sunstein, an otherwise sane senior advisor to President Obama, has proposed that the government infiltrate JFK conspiracy chat groups to dispel the allegedly dangerous and delusional ideas discussed there. Former New York Times editor Bill Keller recently admitted he deletes all emails on JFK assassination without reading them, but offhandedly noted, “There’s always has been something fishy about that assassination.”"

That's basically what Deep Throat told Woodward. You can't shoot too high, because if you miss, everyone feels safer.

hit and run

Benjamin,why JFK on this thread?

I can take a hint. So....



Eric Holder has corrupted the entire legal system. If you are democrat targeting a republican there are no consequences, apparently even if you are a pedophile.

It's disgusting.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

BF: It always seemed to me they were barking up the wrong tree with the CIA, as it seemed far more likely that Hoover's FBI was involved some way than the CIA.

Captain Hate

Travelled to NYC today; usually (last 2 years) we do it on Tuesday and beat some of the traffic. Crummy weather most of the way but it cleared up by the time we hit the Delaware Water Gap. Now spending quality time with the Hater-tot.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Ex: I hope your sheesh references the stupid waste of time it is to make a big deal about a joke missing the mark.

BTW, does anyone know if Mitt Romney ever signs anything as Willard? I don't know and I've never seen any official documents that have his signature. Just curious.


Happy Holidays from sunny L.A. The wolverine took me to see Happy Feet 2. Very scary. Be good.

Benjamin Franklin

Sirhan still claims to have no memory of the night in question


"Sirhan was a Christian Arab born in Jerusalem who strongly opposed Israel. In 1989, he told David Frost "My only connection with Robert Kennedy was his sole support of Israel and his deliberate attempt to send those 50 bombers to Israel to obviously do harm to the Palestinians". Some scholars believe that the assassination was one of the first major incidents of political violence stemming from the Arab Israeli conflict in the Middle East."[1]


Fact: The medical evidence showed that Kennedy was shot four times from behind from a distance of 1 to 6 inches. The fatal shot entered Kennedy from 1 inch behind Kennedy’s right ear.

Fact: All witnesses placed Sirhan in front of Kennedy. Not one witness put Sirhan’s gun muzzle closer than a foot to Kennedy, and most witnesses placed the muzzle about 3 feet away.

Based on these two facts alone, Los Angeles County coroner Thomas Noguchi wrote in his memoir, “Thus I have never said that Sirhan Sirhan killed Robert Kennedy.”

Fact: Seven bullets were recovered from six pantry victims. Another bullet was lost in the ceiling space. Sirhan’s gun could only hold eight bullets. But an FBI agent photographed four additional “bullet holes” in the pantry. This so worried Los Angeles County officials that, nine years later, they asked the FBI essentially for a retraction, noting that if those were, in fact, “bullet holes,” as the bureau unequivocally stated, “We should certainly find out who else was firing.”

Captain Hate

Clarice, are you using a different email addy to cause your avatar color to change? Or are you the phantom socker (that would be hilarious imo)?

Benjamin Franklin

" It always seemed to me they were barking up the wrong tree with the CIA, as it seemed far more likely that Hoover's FBI was involved some way than the CIA."

RFK, as far as I know, never felt Hoover was involved. Really, Hoover was a paranoid, who jealously guarded his personal files. He was
sectored in his intel, and probably out of the loop.

After the CIA backstabbed JFK(Bay of Pigs) he threatened to 'break it into a million pieces', and would have put the Pentagon in it's place.

In my own estimation, Deep Throats advice to WoodStein, 'follow the money', is the right investigation.

A clear threat to the CIA


Sarah Palin's Thanksgiving Message


Benjamin Franklin

"I can take a hint. So...."

You're not suggesting I be the only one observing another Lazy thread's subject matter?


No, my sheesh was a reaction to his joke not being "that's also not my first name," which would have been an actual joke, rather than a mis-statement.


I love Hater-tot...makes me smile every time!

Benjamin Franklin

And NOTHING is lazier than me and Mrs. Franklin, who plan on doing nothing except giving cash to the Daughter for Thanksgiving goodies.
But we will stuff our faces with alacrity, and that is hard work.


Happy California Thanksgiving to you Clarice. Have fun and bring back some fun stories of the Wolverine.

(Another) Barbara

My late step-father's given name was Willard too. Of course he didn't use it either.

I've always assumed that the "Mitt" was short for Milton, but have never looked that up. Guess I'll do that now.

I thought TM put up the Drezner column as a metaphor for JOMers having to deal with a persistent troll. I have not reached "acceptance" yet.

Benjamin Franklin

I missed the first three, AB , so 'acceptance' seems far away.

Danube of Thought

We traveled Tuesday; smooth as glass. Returning on Saturday.

Dinner tomorrow at middle stepdaughter's house with all four stepchildren, spouses, all six grandkids and two other couples thrown in for good measure. We plan to finish in time for the Harbaugh Bowl.


--My late step-father's given name was Willard too. Of course he didn't use it either.--

Hey! My late, great pop was Willard to a good many people, although he was at least as well known as "Red" thanks to his big thatch of flame colored hair.


Happy thanksgiving all. I can't understand someone with such a deep seated contempt for
our institutions choosing to live here, entertaining base lies that have long been disproven,


I'm gonna throw in a recipe. I'm not a very good cook, but here is one the kids will like & people ask me for -
Cranberry Salad
1 #2 can crushed pineapple (drained & reserve 1 cup syrup)
1 3 oz. pkg. Black Cherry Jello
1 3 oz. pkg. Cherry Jello
1 10 oz. bottle Ginger Ale
1 can jellied cranberry sauce
1 cup chopped pecans
1 pkg. Dream Whip
1 8 oz. pkg. cream cheese

Add 1/2 cup water to 1 cup syrup and bring to boil. Stir in Jello. Cool.
Add Ginger Ale - chill until slightly set and fold in pineapple, cranberry sauce and nuts. Chill until firm.
Prepare Dream Whip according to pkg.. Whip cream cheese till soft, blend with Dream Whip and put on top of the Jello mixture.



"I thought TM put up the Drezner column as a metaphor for JOMers having to deal with a persistent troll"

Using the word "semantic1eo" in a comment requires the number "1" in place of the letter "l". Indicates cleo is an unwelcome trespassing troll.

Danube of Thought

He tried. God knows he tried:

"Despite intense and sustained efforts to woo the Arab world with money and nice words, a newly released survey of the region finds that President Obama is at the bottom of a list Arabs admire most. Obama is admired by just 4 percent of Middle East Arabs in the new survey released by the Brookings Institution and University of Maryland. Above him: •13 percent prefer Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinajad. • 6 percent prefer dead Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. • 5 percent chose Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez. • Even 5 percent chose French President Nicolas Sarkozy over Obama."

The respondents must not have heard the Cairo Speech yet.


NASA Muslim outreach has been a failure. :(

I guess telling Muslims what great inventors they were didn't really fly....even they couldn't buy it.


CNN started to let the faithful that might be a bit of a problem. They show Zero at 44% approval but sending the plow deep into the the poll, you find Independents only approve at 42%. So how can it be 44% overall? Only two ways. One it could be that Republicans support him at a higher percentage than Democrats abandon him, but the poll itself easily disproves that, more Democrats abandon him than Republicans approve. So what does that leave? Of course the old oversampling of Democrats.

But even PPP (D), a KOS funded pollster is finding a problem. Seems as if Pennsylvania would go Republican today according to Tom Jensen.

It wont be the only midwest state to flip either. Yes a state that has Pittsburg in it, is a midwestern state. When the dead vote in Philly sometimes that is obscured however.


I remember some poll where Bush was admired by 16 precent of the Arab people's..

Rick Ballard


You're describing Oswald, right? Muddled commie addled by over exposure to propaganda?

He'd be standing right in the middle of Zucotti Park today, handing out propaganda leaflets written by Professor Dana Ward of Pitzer College. He'd undoubtedly be feeling very much at home and totally in tune with his comrades.

Benjamin Franklin

Marmalard has the pedestrian, simplistic view....Surprise!!!!!


Unfortunately, the Arab world and Russian newsbabes apparently aren't as gullible as Americans. (Janet might recommend a :-( here.)


Heh, didn't see your 6:46 there, Janet.


Mrs Franklin may be hanging out, but Mrs Ward has the house and the money and is probably celebrating not having to listen to the nonsense repeatedly... That would be something to be thankful for.

Benjamin Franklin

" Indicates cleo is an unwelcome trespassing troll."

Welcome to the 99 cent Buffet, boris. Sorry, all we have left is cornbread.


Sara (Pal2Pal)

It wont be the only midwest state to flip either. Yes a state that has Pittsburg in it, is a midwestern state.

Well a state that has Pittsburgh in it is not a mid-Western state by anyone who was raised there. We are Easterners, through and through. Pittsburgh people don't even consider Ohio a mid-western state.

I have no idea where Pittsburg is, it might be in a mid-Western state.


Well not exactly, Rick, but the template is the same, the irony of course, is the likes of Al Battani, which I didn't really know until he was brought to my attention, would find it outrageous that we curtail our manned exploration of the Cosmos. It's like he misses
the point, without fail.


'Company Policy: We are not hiring until Obama is gone'

Wonder what the penalty is for that.

Jack is Back!


Typical CIA disinformation campaign. They tell Iran that Obama is a sunni and the Paki, Saudi and Egyptians that he is shia.

A very Happy Thanksgiving for all of the JOMO tribe. Beside a small but plentiful dinner for the 3 of us this time, we have so much to be thankful for including our faith, our family and our country. We may be a little rocky right now but we are stil the greatest role model for the world that has so little in terms of life, liberty and happiness.

I give thanks for friends, comfort to my brothers and sisters in arms and grace for those who are in harm's way. So much to be thankful for and less to demissive of these special days forward.

May the Lord show his special grace on all of you.

That said. The turkey is still in the ice chest being turned to get that brine distributed. The soup is done and ready for the old warm up. The riced parmesan-garlic potatoes just need a little cooking and prep. All is under control.


Do they cough up blood in Pittsburgh too?

Rick Ballard


Don't forget her cut of the nice fat pension. She's going to enjoy his retirement more than he will.

The CNN poll was over sampled on the Dem side but the real kicker was the equality in dislike between male and female. Schoen and Caddell have it pegged exactly right - the weight of BOzo the Albatross is going to drag the party down, perhaps down as far as Zapatero took the socialists in Spain.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

but Mrs Ward has the house and the money and is probably celebrating not having to listen to the nonsense repeatedly.

GMAX: You mean like the nonsense that Pennsylvania is a mid-Western state? ::rolling eyes::


Hater-tot! Love it too.

We're staying in town, dining at my BIL and SIL's just a 1/2 mile away. All I have to do after church is roast and mash the acorn squash and make the green bean casserole, because my snooty SIL (whom I love dearly) won't touch it, but my husband and his brothers (and I) can't live without it.

I cheated and ordered pies from a local outfit - apple cranberry crumb and sweet potato-pumpkin.

Wine: 2009 Ridge Vineyards Geyserville (Zinfandel blend). And I'm very excited about it. Only American wines pass my lips on Thanksgiving, damn it.


Was the Cairo speech the one where Obama gushed about calligraphy?....how Muslims had given us calligraphy & we were so grateful?

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Do they cough up blood in Pittsburgh too?

Yes they did before they got the coal dust and steel mill pollutants out of the air.


'But we had a deal' Lando was overhead, btw, thanks a lot, Lisa, Scott, no seriously;



"As a student of history, I also know civilization's debt to Islam. It was Islam -- at places like Al-Azhar -- that carried the light of learning through so many centuries, paving the way for Europe's Renaissance and Enlightenment. It was innovation in Muslim communities -- (applause) -- it was innovation in Muslim communities that developed the order of algebra; our magnetic compass and tools of navigation; our mastery of pens and printing; our understanding of how disease spreads and how it can be healed. Islamic culture has given us majestic arches and soaring spires; timeless poetry and cherished music; elegant calligraphy and places of peaceful contemplation. And throughout history, Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality. (Applause.)"


That is what I think of when I hear 'Islam', don't you? religious tolerance & pens? Oh yeah...


--As a student of history--

Hope he did better in his other classes while he was matriculating, cause he flunked that one.


Actually the 'coughing up blood' line sounds more like Islam.

hit and run

I'm gonna throw in a recipe. I'm not a very good cook, but

Me neither. But the brine recipe mrs hit and run came up with just [shhhhh don't tell her] got another beer thrown in.

I'm convinced it helps with the tenderizationalistic process.


That is what I think of when I hear 'Islam', don't you? religious tolerance & pens? Oh yeah...

Janet, don't forget algebra!


Hahaha..yeah, algebra too.

I'm gonna throw in a recipe. I'm not a very good cook,
That was a pretty lousy intro for a recipe.

Jack is Back!

....and Omar Khayam.


What was that word again, it will come to me;



Sara if anyone ever lead you to believe you are witty, they were flattering you to bad result...

Sara (Pal2Pal)

And throughout history, Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality.

I have no problem giving them algebra, soaring towers, or calligraphy, but draw the line at the words and deeds and those "possibilities" of religious tolerance. That is just laughable and may be one of the reasons his approvals are so low. They must have a hard time from laughing their a$$es off.


"Eric Holder has corrupted the entire legal system."


If you're an white American conservative citizen you can forget Justice from the US DOJ.


"Yesterday I posted at National Review a story about the racially discriminatory plebiscite election in Guam that excludes all whites from participation. Christian Adams also covered the same event at his Rule of Law blog at PJ Media. I reported that the Obama Justice Department declined to stop this patently illegal election procedure."



"That Professor Craig Santos Perez, zealous opponent of free speech, teaches in a taxpayer funded American university should concern us far more than the editorial advocating for equal rights published by a retired Air Force officer."

Meanwhile, the planes America is to use to fight future wars are to be built by a country friendly to Iran. Simply because the Obama Admin doesn't want any private industry jobs in America and few Americans seem to care.



Way OT, but check out this amazing model of the Hamburg Airport. Honey, I shrunk the Flughafen.


The Egyptians pre Islam did figure out that we needed a zero. Unfortunately, they apparently got infatuated with the concept...


--I have no problem giving them algebra, soaring towers, or calligraphy....--

Most of the innovations and inventions credited to Isalm were the work of dhimmi Christians and Jews.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Sara if anyone ever lead you to believe you are witty, they were flattering you to bad result...

If anyone ever told you have a brain, they were flattering you.

And lest I be accused of running away because I am busy having a life and because they are getting ready to call my plane, I leave you with this:

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving and thank you to all who wished me a safe trip and a happy Thanksgiving too.


The denial re the Media's coverage of fast and furious, has reached new Orwellian heights, which makes one wonder;



Amazing, Ig.


For what its worth Statemaster.com has this commentary. I suppose they are mistaken too, apparently so they disagree with sara:

Western Pennsylvania has a decidedly Midwestern feel, where heavy manufacturing once boomed. Pittsburgh, dubbed the 'Steel City', went through decades of decline after the fall of heavy U.S. manufacturing, but is currently going through a revival. Also known as the 'City of Three Rivers', Pittsburgh has more bridges than any other city in the world.

Now spending quality time with the Hater-tot.

Welcome, Cap'n. I'm sure you'll be busy, but if you need a break from the family (as I'm sure I will), there's a NYC drink on me (which will let me double the number of JOMers I've met in person).


Like I said not witty.


Peter Foster at the Financial Post destroys the peak oil idiocy and with it posits that OTOH the green scam has hit its market denying peak.


CH, I simply typed my name capitalizing different letters and that changed the avatar.




That does not seem to work. A different server or ISP does, as when I am on the work server its different.


Drudge linked article - Militia Groups Run Wild in Libya

"The winning anti-Gaddafi militia are not proving merciful. Often they have had relatives killed... . Sometimes they come from tribes and towns traditionally hostile to neighbouring tribes and towns."

What? But I thought..."And throughout history, Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality. (Applause.)" Oops. Looks like they can't even get along with other Muslims.

(Another) Barbara

CH, I simply typed my name capitalizing different letters and that changed the avatar

It's a pretty one. Suits you, Clarice. I've always wanted a pink, golden or blue one with lovely swirls, but I'm apparently stuck forever with this unattractive boxy green. Maybe I'll move to Pittsburgh.


Sto fighting like cats and dogs!

Have a Happy ans Safe Thanksgiving to ALL! (LUN)

hit and run

An avatar is controlled by the email address.

(this should be old hat by now)


Really now they tell us, well we knew all along, just like my reading of contemporary
sources at the time, in Afghanistan, (Kaplan, Bonner, et al) knew what the dominant groups like Hekmatyar's HIG, and Khalis, were capable of.


Umm.."stop"....Happy "and"....

And I haven't even hit the sauce yet...sigh.

hit and run

This is my true email address.


from that same Libya link - "The international media was overwhelmingly hostile to Gaddafi's regime and tended to highlight atrocities committed by it and disregard or underplay human rights violations carried out by his opponents."

It is hard to believe the propaganda we had to endure over underwear on a prisoner's head. The people that did it were already being prosecuted & punished, but the media had to release the photos. What scum.

hit and run

This is the faux email address I choose so I can have the same fabulous periwinkle avatar as MayBee.

Benjamin Franklin

"Have a Happy ans Safe Thanksgiving to ALL!"

Thanks. You live up to your name, Enlightened.

I return those sentiments to all willing recipients !


new e-mail same loveable self

Jack is Back!

And this is my new one.

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