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November 15, 2011


Sara (Pal2Pal)

I think you are confusing restructuring with going in a dismantling a company.


I have no idea, but my town had nothing but a tumbleweed and a gas station just about in 1982 and now we have both an Office Depot and a Stapels, just like we have Home Depot and Lowes. And multi-fast food franchises and smaller restaurants.

Wow, Bain Capital is powerful.


I get your bias, but it cuts two ways here. It's efficiency of execution that makes the difference.

Yeah, I know, efficiencies of scale, saves the consumer money, etc, etc, etc. Maybe there's a multiplier there? I dunno, but, I'm not sure this is the type of experience that most folks are gonna sympathize with.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Not all Bain Capital. Just pointing out that no one was put out of business. And besides, isn't that what capitalism is all about, growing business?

Should that one Staples store have just closed because it couldn't make a profit? According to you, better for it to have closed then to have grown and employed thousands. I don't get that reasoning at all.


Sara, I think Romney is a competent manager. I also think he is the ultimate insider. I don't trust his judgment, and I don't trust his policies. The only way Romney isn't a disaster is with a tea party Congress.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

That's fair enough, Po.

I trust him more than anyone and I've not found any policies so far that are a deal breaker for me. Just a difference of point of view, I guess. He will march on whether either of like or dislike him, that is a given.

jim crane

I've been a Cain supporter, but now I guess I'll support Obama -- kidding! ....I'm sticking with Herman...I liked his answers, and I think he's pretty close to most of us on both issues. Like Rush said, sitting down with the enemy is a bad idea, and if he does that he'll need to bring up his game a bit.

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