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November 15, 2011



Did someone eat a transfat?


Notice how someone else cleans up after the Occupoopers.

It's just exactly like they're children.


Clearing the Occupiers out and cleaning up the park helps the Occupiers as it removes from the front pages the evidence of the Occupiers self government.

Liberals and the media can now go back to praising their motives.

Obama, Pelosi and Bloomberg will be seen as visionaries, just a little bit behind the mayor of Oakland.

Jack is Back!

They are not going away. Too many parks in NY and the USA. Not enough police.

I thought last week's gospel - Matthew 25: 14-30 was illustrative of what was going on more than any editorial or explanation:

"For to everyone who has, more will be given and he will grow rich;but from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away. And throw this useless servant into the darkness outside, where there will be wailing and grinding of teeth."


The delusions of Bill McKibben, seem to have born fruit,



Not so fast . . . some stupid NYC judge named Judy Billings has issued a temporary restraining order allowing the protestors to remain in the park.


Ah taking Krugman to the woodshed:




The OWSers really, really hate the parable of the talents.


Actually, JiB, I take it back. They probably like the "social justice" reading of the parable, where the master is a 1 percenter who reaps where he did not sow, and punishes the servant for not paying him back with interest.


They misunderstand this, as with the Caesar/Mammon divergence,


Everything is a lie, coming from them, including 'the & and'


Jim Ryan

Occupy Charlottesville isn't going to move out when their special permission to camp in the city park expires. They're going to keep stickin' it to the man by camping in the park in a lefty neighborhood in an 80% Dem town. That'll learn 'em!


Don't want to step on DoT's daily Rasmussen blurb, so I won't post the numbers, but man they are depressing!

What on earth is causing Obummer's approval ratings to climb? Dear gawd.


Narciso, what was the significance of the Countrywide decision? Will you post a link?




The continued, well-publicized failures of the leading not-Romney candidates, who have become the face of the Republican party for the past couple of months.

Plus Obama has stayed out of the news for the past month.


Right up there with "the Constitution is over 100 years old" --today's WSJ article on Buffet buying 5.4% of IBM stock has this lack of clue:

"IBM, founded a century ago, has evolved from what was largely a maker of personal computers ..."

Journalist = stupid.

/rant off

Army of Davids

Cain taking a beating today. That's fine. It's part of the process.

I remain on the Cain Train....I still want the guy w/ the best private sector resume.

But he's no rocket scientist....oh, wait...I guess he is.

Army of Davids

Seems like an appropriate time to start showing all the ties between OWS, the unions and the Democratic party.

Pelosi..."God bless them"....

but the IPO stock tips belong to those who own a seat at the table I guess.

Army of Davids

journolist = stupid?

David Gregory..."Grand Wizard"

As a Southern white male few things piss me off more than these kind of stereotypes from below the beltway journolists.


--What on earth is causing Obummer's approval ratings to climb? Dear gawd.--

Ask and ye shall receive.
Sean Trende at RCP had a column yesterday on just that subject.
Seemed pretty compelling.


Is the judge going to rule that the rats and lice are allowed back in as well? Oh, wait, I guess he already has.

Jack is Back!

Just discovered, the algorithm used to calculate the Obama bounce in polls:

R x AF1 x F2 = L + (ND + V) x PC (OWS)/(Hdcp +#Apol) = Raz


R = Number of rounds of golf played
AF1 = Number of trips on AF!
F2 = Square root of total yards of fabric in Michelle's wardrobe
L = Number of days it would take to dispose Daffy
ND = Number of Days until in office
V = Total Vacation days taken
PC = Number of Positive stories from media on OWS
Hdcp = POTUS golf handicap
#Apol = Number of apologies given re American laziness and arrogance
Raz = Approval/Disapproval Index


I saw all that algebraic stuff and at first I thought you were proving a negative times a negative doesn't equal a positive, JiB. :)

Melinda Romanoff


I could be just imagining that math. (embedded geek joke)

Old Lurker

Wow Henry. After the IBM history lesson, I guess they will say BP is a solar energy producer? I'm sure I saw that on TV.


Ignatz: thanks for the Sean Trende link - helped me de-stress this morning :)

Melinda Romanoff

Me too, Ig.


I was told that there would be no math.


Mead--should he have warned them or just let them all feel the tips of our sharpened pikes?
: "WALTER RUSSELL MEAD: “In another win for the famously blind meritocracy that rules American life, rewarding the ultra-talented and pushing the less brilliant and skilled into the outer darkness, Chelsea Clinton has landed a coveted position at NBC News. This was almost as much a surprise as her admission to Stanford; one can only marvel at the sheer guts and talent that have enabled her to overcome our society’s fixed aversion to giving a chance to the relatives of the rich and the prominent.”

Plus this: “The increasing sense that this country is run by a hereditary celebrity class is one of the most corrosive and dangerous forces eating away at our common life. The children of famous politicians could do our country an immense service if they sought out ways to serve that were more low profile. This would be particularly true for the children of extremely rich politicians.”

Melinda Romanoff


You're just imagining it. Like me.

JM Hanes


"What on earth is causing Obummer's approval ratings to climb? Dear gawd."

I think it's way too early to fret about those numbers, but perhaps this will help. I use "strongly approve" and "strongly disapprove" as proxies for Left and Right. If you look at the last time Obama was at -23 (Oct. 27th) on the Trends page, you can see where the real movement is. Approval is up 6 points on the Left, while disapproval has only changed by 2 points on the Right.

Using my rule of thirds, I would only start worrying if his strong approval numbers start going over 30%, which means he's capturing more than his base on the Left, or his strong disapproval numbers start dropping below 30% which would mean the Right is starting to waffle. The voters in the middle will continue swinging back and forth for the foreseeable future and won't really start mattering till we get a lot closer to election day. They are probably the ones who aren't really paying much attention to anything much but the occasional headlines right now.


Oh good, I was scared there for a minute.

So how are the Chicago trade pits today? Why did Italy spike again?

Thomas Collins

Following up on JMH's 11:03 AM post and the link at Ignatz's 10:09 AM post, I am heartened by Obama's current approval numbers. The base is coming home (helped by the Occupy movement and the union efforts in the Ohio referendum). There is not going to be a serious left wing third party candidate (although Ralph Nader siphoning off a few thousand votes in a few swing states might make the difference in a close election). It looks as if, so far, Obama is not making headway with the voters who will decide this election in states such as Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina, Florida and Virginia. I'm not expecting an 11 pm night with a 55-44 popular vote total and the swing states locked up. I'd be happy with a 1 am night with a 51-48 popular vote total and Ohio either out of the reach of Cuyahoga County ballot stuffing or not needed for a GOP victory in the POTUsey.

Richard Aubrey

I believe Bush's kids did some good work with an extremely low profile. Recall a couple of journos who went to an AIDS hosp in South Africa looking for one of them, when rumor had it she was there. Nobody fessed up, although it happened to be true.


MO says let the kids eat "steak and arugula"

Add this to the Chelsea Clinton story and in a few weeks you'll all be wanting a piece of my sharpened pike business. Just saying.


or his strong disapproval numbers start dropping below 30% which would mean the Right is starting to waffle.

His strong disapproval numbers have not been below 30% since mid-2009. I think they have to be at least 40% for him to lose.

Benjamin Franklin

Netanyahu thinks the US is another Pakistan.


" The president, Mr Panetta said, wanted an unshakable guarantee that Israel would not carry out a unilateral military strike against Iran's nuclear installations without first seeking Washington's clearance.

The two Israelis were notably evasive in their response, according to sources both in Israel and the United States.
"They did not suggest that military action was being planned or was imminent, but neither did they give any assurances that Israel would first seek Washington's permission, or even inform the White House in advance that a mission was underway," one said."

Because, the US is a security risk.....


What's NBC going to do-have her as the OWS correspondent? Doing soft-focus interviews of twenty- and thirty-somethings drowning in student loan debt? (I recall that CNBC had a documentary about "student loan debt" that conflated a number of issues: public and private institutions; non-profit and for-profit institutions; federal and private student loan debt; and credit cards. I was more confused about the issue after watching it than before, and it was more confusing than this comment:(


“The increasing sense that this country is run by a hereditary celebrity class is one of the most corrosive and dangerous forces eating away at our common life.

So true. I think it would be a huge story to show how the children, spouses, relatives of the political/MFM class get special treatment. Some college admissions shenanigans has already been uncovered. I would love to find out some info on their political/MFM staff too. Across the board here, Senate staffer's kids all got into William & Mary, & UVA....no matter what kind of students they were.

By the time the connected & the AA students get in...it is a lot tougher for the regular Joe in the few slots left.

Benjamin Franklin

Just like the Tea Party, they've changed the emphasis. Key difference; they did it while their putative POTUS was in office, instead of waiting for the oppositional government to come in.


"Whatever happens to the Occupy Wall Street movement — now that cops swept protesters out of their headquarters in a surprise early morning raid — let’s not allow ourselves to forget that it has already accomplished a key objective. The protests have helped inspire the most serious and sustained national conversation about inequality we’ve seen in a long time, and refocused our politics on economic fairness and elite lack of accountability, in ways that are already reshaping assumptions about the upcoming elections and could perhaps even contain the seeds of longer-term change.

This conversation is something that our elected leaders — who had spent months and months debating a set of priorities that were almost surreally detached from the concerns of the public — were utterly incapable, or unwilling, to initiate on their own. For all their excesses, the much-maligned protesters managed to highlight a set of anxieties, a general critique of what’s gone wrong, and a dissatisfaction with our political system’s failure to address inequity and Wall Street excess that are broadly supported by the public and are thorougly mainstream in nature"


I think that's right, Richard Aubrey, but it's rare.


No they didn't.


Speaking of "speshul" children of the political class, did you all see the Meghan McCain Barbie Doll at IOTW? It is too large to post here, but I have a linky:

Meghan-Barbie Doll

I have to admit it is a remarkable likeness.

Rick Ballard

"Why did Italy spike again?"

Goldman-Sachs Monti inspires no more confidence than does Goldman-Sachs Papademos or Goldman-Sachs Obama. The ECB Pinocchios are pinky swearing no intervention but they're lying through their teeth.

The Chicago pits are going to be a bit quieter as "clients" reflect upon whether they would actually enjoy being gangraped by JPM ala MF Global. Jon Corzine may be the only mega-thief in the commodity sector but how does one know?

Danube of Thought

Not so fast:

NEW YORK- Occupy Wall Street protesters could return to Zuccotti Park just hours after police ordered them out and dismantled their tents, a New York judge ruled Tuesday. New York Supreme Court Judge Lucy Billings' order allows protesters to take tents and other items back into the privately owned park where the Occupy movement protesting wealth inequities and other social ills began two months ago, CNN reported. City officials had said protests in the park could resume, but demonstrators wouldn't be allowed to pitch tents or sleep overnight.
Danube of Thought

This would be particularly true for the children of extremely rich politicians.

You listening, Meghan?

Benjamin Franklin

Cop mentality has not changed since Mario Savio..It's an evolutionary thing..


"At about 11:30 a.m. yesterday, a police officer told me and about eight other students that, and I quote, “the grass is closed.” We were going to sit under a tree and discuss things, and two police officers were watching us vigilantly to make sure we didn’t suddenly do something violent like try to put up tents. As we moved towards the tree, the first police officer stepped up and informed us that we could not walk from the broad concrete steps of Sproul Hall, where about a hundred people were sitting and talking, and sit on the grassy area just to the north of it. “The grass is closed,” she said.

If you meditate on these words until they become a mantra, you will learn some profound things about how police authority works. What could it possibly mean to declare that “the grass is closed”? Who could have the authority to say so? I had always considered that stretch of grass to be public; I’ve often been among the hundreds of students who eat their lunch there, every day, and 11:30 a.m. is a time of day when it is common to eat lunch. I have had conversations with other students sitting on that very grass, many times. Why was it that I could not do so now? Why had this stretch of grass suddenly become un-public and closed off? No signs said so, and no police tape marked it off. At the far end of that grassy area, in fact, several people were actually sitting on the grass. But those people were sitting there eating lunch. Because we were part of the group which was sitting on the steps of Sproul Hall, clearly, the grass had been declared off limits to us.


Did Ms. Clinton's putative husband ever return from his hideout in Wyoming?


Great minds think alike DoT.



I've got CNBC on in the background and the crisis is spreading to France and Spain? And with France, a surge in their bonds would put the EFSF in jeopardy. YIKE!

But let's focus on the Occupoopers and how unfair it all is...

Hmmm, considering the gilded cage.

Somebody's tweeting updates to WWII, today is demonstrations in Prague, 1939.


TK, Here is the Countrywide case:


I really couldn't understand why it was still going forward. None of the sites I check seem to be excited about it.

If you want something that should excite any taxpayer.


"Remember that just because FANNIE says it is a FANNIE Trust doesn’t mean the the Trust exist or that the loan is in it."

In other words, info on the Fannie Mae site may be pure BS. But big bonuses are needed to keep the BS publishers.



The link below is from a couple of days ago by Daniel Hannan who elegantly explains what is going in Europe:

The European project is now sustained by coup

We are watching the culmination of the European scheme. The EU has always been an anti-democratic project. Lacking popular support, rejected in referendum after referendum, it depends on a tight-knit group of functionaries in the Commission and in the member states. Now, in a crisis, the democratic appurtenances and fripperies are discarded. Technocrats in Brussels deal directly with technocrats in Rome and Athens. The people are cut out altogether. What’s terrifying is that these ‘technocrats’ caused the disaster in the first place. They decided that the survival of the euro mattered more than the prosperity of its constituent members; they presided over the rise in spending and debt; they deliberately overlooked the debt criteria when the euro was launched so as to admit Italy and Greece. Indeed the new Greek prime minister, Lucas Papademos, was running his country’s central bank at the time.
Rick Ballard

"and the crisis is spreading to France and Spain?"


I wouldn't call bond yields rising to more accurately reflect the risk of holding debt which cannot be repaid a crisis. EUtopia is sliding into a recession and next year's OPM crop failure is going to be worse than this year. The whole fleet is going down and watching each great ship of state swap out captains is just entertainment - the water continues to rise more quickly as additional holes are drilled in the hull to let it out.

We can only hope that the socialist oligarchs are tied tightly to the wheel as the ships go down.

Benjamin Franklin

Smelly f***ing Hippies and the GI Bill


The Bonus Army

As World War I drew to a close in 1918, millions of American veterans returned home to the promise of a cash bonus — compensation for their overseas service.

There was a catch, though: The money would not be paid out until 1945.

Then, the Great Depression struck. Millions of Americans were left hungry and homeless. Veterans of the war were desperate for relief.

So in 1932, a group of veterans in Portland, Ore., led by a man named Walter Waters, decided to go to Washington to lobby for early payment of their promised bonus.

On July 13, 1932, Brig. Gen. Pelham D. Glassford, superintendent of the Washington, D.C., police, asked a group of war veterans on the Capitol grounds to raise their hands if they had served in France and were 100 percent American.
They went down to the railroad yards, with a bugle and an American flag, and hopped onto freight trains. They called themselves the Bonus Army.

As they moved eastward, their idea caught on. Radio stations and newspapers began to pick up the story. Veterans from all over the country began jumping on freight trains, heading for the capital.

Tom Allen, co-author of The Bonus Army: An American Epic, says the movement "was a magnet for the veterans and their families who had nothing.

"Suddenly, out of the whole Depression, comes guys doing something," he says. "There was hope there. They have a mission, they have a destination — and it's called Washington, D.C."

In 1932, Fred Blacher was a 16-year-old Washingtonian.

"They came in on trucks and old buses," he says. "They were hanging on freight cars, in old dilapidated Fords, with 20 people hanging on them."

Benjamin Franklin

Fucking traitorous, backstabbing, anti-American Jews!

I mean, Israelis!

(Quick, my trained monkeys, rush to defend my anti-semitism!)

Thomas Collins

BFF, Occupy Boston, with the apparent connivance of Mayor Thomas M. Menino, has in effect closed the public grass of Dewey Square on the Rose Kennedy Greenway to the general public. Tents cover up what was once walking or eating space. I am looking forward to finding articles by "movement" acolytes decrying the closing of public space by the Occupy movement to regular Joe and Jane citizens.

Oh, excuse me, I forgot. Regular Joe and Jane citizens who simply want to use public space to take a lunch break from their jobs or just walk around are the low consciousness level bourgeoisie who need to be educated into the how the Occupy movement is in the vanguard of the dialectic movement of History, so that the taking away of public space by the Occupy movement is a small price to be paid.

What would we have done without SDS and the other 60s movements that attempted to awaken us out of our sleep to experience the rarefied air of History and Hegelian dialectics by way of Marx and Engels?


The 17-nation eurozone's Gross Domestic Product grew modestly by 0.2 percent during the July-September period from the previous 3 months. The minimal growth suggests that the eurozone economy has almost stalled amid the debt crisis stemming from Greece.

The European Union has revised its forecast for next year's growth at 0.5 percent, significantly downward from the 1.8 percent announced earlier this year.

With no signs yet of an end to the debt problems, the European economy will likely remain tough next year.

Benjamin Franklin


Thanks to the Status Quo, who relish 'control', the 60's protests were overrun with the the likes of Yippies and SDS who militarized because of the violence. Hunter S. Thompson said the definition of politics is 'the art of controlling your environment' and the Status Quo does not like to lose that control. The SQ framed teh Narrative in the 60's and they haven't reduced their need for control.


Notice the press was kept out for their own protection, as Bloomingbird insists.

As to your concern about citizens having access to public places, I understand some would be upset. But, perhaps some might empathize, and be glad there are proxies who speak a message they can, in part, agree with, while not having the time to participate.


Big Government has the latest training video for the trashers. It's Item 13 currently, too vile to link.

Thomas Collins

BFF, thank you for stating your position so clearly. My assessment of the 60s movement is that it was run by savvy people whose control freakery trumped any type of control the Status Quo could dream of. However, I must say that, as one who has asserted in the past that you have used irony and snark to avoid directly addressing issues raised here, I think you have in your 1:25 PM post been as upfront as one can be, within the limits of blog posting, about your assessment of the movement leaders of the 60s.

Benjamin Franklin

TC; I sense no agenda with your questions, and return the thanks.

Benjamin Franklin

(Plus, it distracts from the anti-Israel screed that I announced my presence in this thread with - so thanks for the cover!)


Hello from San Juan!


Hi Jane.

The official Walker recall drive kicks off today with a protest at Walker's house ... I'll have to watch the news to follow up.

Have fun!

hit and run

As of today, Obama has had 11 consecutive days in which the Ras index is greater than minus 20 -- his longest streak since July. 

Yesterday marked the end of Obama's 155 day streak of consecutive days in which his Ras Approval lower 50% and his Ras Disapproval was 50% or greater. 

The last day before yesterday when Obama was at 50/49?  June 9th.  But note that on that day his Strong Approval/Disapproval was 26/35 - minus 9.  Today it is 25/40 - minus 15. 

His streak of minus 10 or lower began on June 10th -- and is still intact at 157 days, just not as fun at minus 20 streaks. 

There's no denying Obama has certainly had a positive trend lately.  I say he should capitalize on this good fortune the only way he knows how -- a big speech.  I'm thinking a Major Speech on Income Inequality at Zuccotti Park would do wonders for his approval rating.


One would think the faux Ben would have a little more wit. You know, do something other than rant on the same stupid obsession about false marines, engage in "parody" by using repetative four letter words.

Also -- try something subtle as a handle -- you know "Poor Richard" rather than Ben Franklin. Or do "Not Ben Franklin" or something else. The avatar gives the game away, but there's something wrong in stealing the name.

I mean, if BF is important enough to merit his own Bizarro world doppelganger, he is important enough to parody with wit, elan, and hopefully not too many cut n' pastes...

JM Hanes


"His strong disapproval numbers have not been below 30% since mid-2009. I think they have to be at least 40% for him to lose."

I do too, but I was talking about numbers which would worry me now. Unless a clear, substantial trend emerges, interpreting swings in the middle, nationwide, third this early in the cycle mostly strikes me as recreational tea leaf reading. Once our nominee starts actively campaigning against Obama those numbers will become increasingly important.

At this juncture, I think the only numbers that are already useful or important are the battleground state stats. They would seem to have a lot to tell you about the constituencies you're going to have to capture and how you need to structure your campaign and your resources.


Good grief.

Appalled is appalled at a BF that s/he insists is a sock puppet.

Tom Collins carries on a lengthy back and forth with BF (who he takes for real?).

I need an aspirin for this thread :) (too early for cocktails)


I would suggest Daniel Shays if he's of an rebellious bent,


You almost can't see the strings;



At this juncture, I think the only numbers that are already useful or important are the battleground state stats.

I think so too. The Ohio Obamacare referendum result was encouraging in that regard.


henry-your link to Buffett's purchase confirms my belief that i've been moved plans to be the lead big business oligarch in planning how to generate money from the known (to them) aspirations of the regulatory state. The ripple effects of govt action. And if not planned yet, why here as some ideas.

clarice-that chelsea story means it is time to reread your Voslensky.

Von Mises says in Human Action that every socialist is a disguised dictator. I would add and very little real world experience with consequences. Ready to rule from Day 1!


In the film he would be played by Gene Hackman
or possibly Phillip Seymour Hoffman, since the former has seemingly retired;


Danube of Thought

It's never too early, CCal. By the way, our plane out of your fair city was rain-delayed, so we missed our connection in SF. But we sure enjoyed Yosemite.

This is awfully interesting--the Special Ops command is calling "Target--Geronimo" a pack of lies.


rse - our favorite tech vendor hasn't been very inventive in winning business by normal means. Your theory makes as much sense as any in explaining their strategy.



I was actually quoting from a document of theirs put together after one of their "summits". It's so much more lucrative to be a political entrepreneur. There can be a downside to those who have to deal with real markets, not rigged ones. Seriously. Their definition of innovation has nothing to do with better or cheaper products.


Sorry about your missed connection DoT.

If the Special Ops book is the one I am thinking of, doesn't it pretty much lambaste Obama for his rushing to brag about killing Osama and doing further damage to additional operations?


rse, standard tech industry local monopoly approach, with acquisitions for bigger turf, and defensive standards to keep the serfs in place. They have coopetition with Ellison here to crack HP ... now trying to control the "cloud" and all data contained in it.

Minimalist Poster

Is an Obamaville "resident" an ObamaVillain?

Danube of Thought

Cuckoo Senator explains why he fears the Court may strike down Obamacare:

“Of course I’m concerned,” said Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio). The justices “decide for insurance companies, they decide for oil companies, they decide for the wealthy too often.”

No real need for the justices to concern themselves with the law. If an oil or insurance company, or a wealthy person, is a party the Court should rule against them.


They really drank the Koolaid in 2006, didn't they.

Benjamin Franklin

" I'm thinking a Major Speech on Income Inequality at Zuccotti Park would do wonders for his approval rating."

Yeah, like Hubert Humphrey donning a dashiki when he meets with Abbey Hoffman.

Obama wouldn't be very welcome.

Melinda Romanoff

rse & henry-

Read Billy McGurn's piece today on Da Chicago Skool of Bidness.


The case against the alleged killers of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry has disappeared from federal court records, apparently sealed by a federal judge.

In May, federal prosecutors won an indictment against Manuel Osorio-Arellanes and others, and they announced it with a press release. Only Osorio-Arellanes’ name was visible in the indictment, but there were blacked-out words where other defendants’ names go.

Osorio-Arellanes was charged with second-degree murder and was not considered the likely shooter. He had been wounded during the gunfight that left Terry dead.

But in the ensuing months, the case disappeared from court records.

Why? Nobody is saying.


Riiiight...they are his core constituency (and when it is all said-and-done, it will be found out that they were mustered through Organizing for Obama-think of it as a test of the Obama Emergency Brown Shirt System).


Ewok is really on fire, today,



So, if you thought the narrative seemed improvised;



That's the model Melinda.

I was in a meeting last spring and the oligarch exec kept using the term "we" to describe implementation of a federal grant that nothing official says they are involved in. Except as a supporter of the ed policy of course. So then politicians can say "This is what business wants". A business that generates its revenue largely by being a tool of govt policy is a poor poster child for the needs of an economy.

As I have mentioned before-there's a reason the business execs come from health care, insurance, defense, utilities. The "business" reps are those that operate in highly regulated or govt as monopsony environments.

Danube of Thought

That's the book, Ccal. My guess is that the author is extremely fulla shit.

Melinda Romanoff

Or just good ole regular donors.

Remember, Porkulus was just a bill to repay their donors for the previous election and to remember where it came from...


But, DoT, it's a much better movie.


That's odd, because Pfarrer makes the Seals look better, from press accounts, haven't read it yet, then again the brave CINC at the Malabar front gets dinged,


Yeah Mel, they still have two years of tax refunds ... will fail to pay year three in about 6 weeks.

Danube of Thought

Pfarrer makes the Seals look better

True enough, but read his Wikipedia entry and you'll get the picture as to how quirky he is.

Melinda Romanoff


Nah, they won't default, it's always a reach back, as is donations first,
thank you.

I'm a little giddy in the office since I figured out how to grab html data off the web without API code knowledge .

Dangerous files being built.

Melinda Romanoff

"As IN donations first...."

Charlie (Colorado)

the AA students

It's sad to have kids in AA that young.

Benjamin Franklin

And one another note, [Appalled]. I do write for my own pleasure. Why shouldn't I? I do sometime write to get a reaction -- that's clarifying, frequently interesting. I'm not getting paid to do this -- so what other motive would I have? Persuasion? I sometime persuade, I guess, but probably less than I think. I sometimes do it to engage, or, on occasion, figure out where I am on something.

Melinda Romanoff


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