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December 10, 2011


Melinda Romanoff

Agent J-

Are you able to sleep some yet?

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

I was making those spice cookies during the debate. They are resting in the fridge. Then I caught Daddy's excellent play by play. How could ABC get two more in the tank for Obama then Diane Sawyer and Snuffleupagus?

Did Fox have a post debate analysis?


Thanks for the book steer Melinda.

Still stuck in the Medieval world, I am just finishing up The Borgias and Their Enemies: 1431-1519.

Almost makes you want to take a bath after every chapter!

Melinda Romanoff

A colorful family tree, each leaf a different shade of black.

Do you use the apps for electronic readers at the library yet, daddy?

Just curious.

Frau Alptraum

"Informal Anarchist Federation"
Slackers! Nobody's a professional any more.

Hi, AgentJ. What a great surprise. I knew if I bought some bacon, you would appear. heh


Agent J-

Good to see you back.


Thanks for the play-by-play.


You know, that was he thing that I couldn't quite put into words that bothered me about that speech.

Agent J

Clarice, for what it is worth I recently test out at a 56.

Mel, going to sleep has never been a real problem, after about four hours it is difficult to stay asleep..the one thing that annoys me the most is my inability to stay focused,or to concentrate on any subject.

Then last weekend I came down with the flu virus of century..two and half days of semi unconscious..hopefully that is all behind me know..

But life is one adjustment after another..


I do not Melinda.

Still the old dead tree kind. Am in big trouble because I spilled a huge cup of coffee in my brainbag 3 days back and completely soaked this brand spanking new Anchorage Public Library Fibonacci Bio.

I didn't realize it for about an hour, and by then the pages were all stuck together, and I had to peel 'em apart and prop it up in the cockpit windshield to be dried out by heavy sunlight. Now the thing closes like a Ruffle's potato-chip, and Library Staff tell me that when I finally bring it back they will inspect it and let me know how big my fine is. I am a bad boy:(

That ever happen to you guys?

Melinda Romanoff


Most of my undergrad physics books have that feature.

Melinda Romanoff

And I fade.

Agent J, that's exactly what concerned me. Sounds like you have your hands on the reins, though.

G'night all.


Daddy! I was out tonight so I am so so grateful for your liveblog. xoxoxo


Thank you MayBee and everyone.


((That ever happen to you guys?))

A pet with sharp teeth once damaged a library book on my watch, and so I bought a brand new copy to donate to the library when I returned the damaged one. But it was no dice, the library absolutely refused to accept the shiny new book, which I found quite odd.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- On issues from air pollution to contraception, President Barack Obama has broken sharply with liberal activists and come down on the side of business interests and social conservatives as he moves more to the political middle for his re-election campaign.

Without a Democratic challenger who might tug him to the left, Obama is free to try to neutralize Republican efforts to tar him as a liberal ideologue by taking steps toward the political center.

To think people get paid to write this drivel



Thats just what I suggested to the Library Staff also but they said no way. Oh well. If there's a method to their madness I'm missing it.



This Tattler story says there is going to be a welcoming party for Eric Holder in Austen on Tuesday, and they need volunteers to give the AG a welcoming Bronx Cheer. Here's the Flyer.

FYI, I've only been in a Texas Jail for a couple hours (30 years back) so my advice is that once arrested, say "Yes Sir Officer" and be polite:)


Open up your wallets citize---err subjects: Climate Deal in Durban:

last minute talks produce 'historic deal to save the planet.

"...in a highly unusual form of on-the-hoof diplomacy, the warring female ministers were forced to go into a public ‘huddle’ to find a resolution...The so called “10 minutes to save the world”


Clarice has another excellent article up at American Thinker.


Daddy, I really enjoyed your debate coverage. Thanks


Fine Pieces Clarice.


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