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December 03, 2011


Jack is Back!

Thank you Tom McGuire for ecvacuating the previoius thread and you did it without tear gas, pepper spray and flex cuffs.


Huntsman, can't possibly believe in evolution,
the first rule is 'adapt to current circumstances' he seems to trying to fit the Arlen Specter role, from the '96 campaign,


JM's Hobson's choice, is seen on the other side;


hit and run

Speaking of Mitt -- found out last night that my next door neighbor was Mitt's pilot on a charter flight last week.

He's still out of town so we haven't yet had a chance to debrief. All I know at this point is that he told his wife, "he's very presidential."

(my neighbor told his wife that Mitt is presidential . . . not Mitt told his wife that my neighbor is presidential)


Meanwhile one of the last hold outs of Trig Trutherism and alchemy render their verdict
on another. I think the merciful solution is
to 'nuke Vanity Fair from orbit' just to make sure:



Some sense, seemingly seeping through, Elizabeth Warren, the Stuart Hughes of her day, will be crushed;



Here is something you won't see everyday...pictures from an Anime convention in Springdale, Arkansas. Who knew? Anyway, they look nicer than the OWSers...


Nothing to see here,



Yay, new thread.

Melinda Romanoff


What I'm looking for is the withholding tax short fall, it seems to have gone hiding. It should be an excellent indicator of true employment, when held up against some of the BLS data.


If you are liberal Jon Huntsman and Ross Douchebag is bagging on you, you really have no hope of being anything other than a footnote to history. An also ran listing in the very fine print.


True, but you would think that someone who had spent time in the Middle Kingdom, would
be 'more smarter' to coin a phrase.


From Narcisco's link on Newt:

Krauthammer also concludes his column by noting: “Every conservative has thus to ask himself two questions: Who is more likely to prevent that second term? And who, if elected, is less likely to unpleasantly surprise?” That last sentence is the reason Gingrich has a chance.

Honestly, this is nonsense. This is a guy who lobbied -- er, served as well-paid historian -- for Freddie Mac. This is a guy whose personal life influenced how he handled the Clinton impeachment. This is the guy who has now decided that repealing the child labor laws are a good idea.

With Gingrich, you get nothing but surprises. Some are good (the way he has handled his fellow GOP in the debates, for example), most not. Newt is the exploding cigar made of the finest Cuban tobacco. It's a great smoke until it goes boom.

Jack is Back!

Rove just made a good point regarding Newt.

He quoted a long time observer of Newt that when he is on the bottom he is great but when he is on the top he is awful. This is in reply to Newt already proclaiming he has the nomination locked up.

Newt is a historian and loves alternative history. Seems to me he is writing his own alternative history right now.


There's a word for this,it will come to me in due course;



Isn't that the same for Karl, along among strategists, he has vision, instead of mere tactics, but the implementation has a way of going awry.

Melinda Romanoff


When the pendulum is pushed too far one way, it swings back to the other side just as far as it was pushed.

You shouldn't be surprised with anything, now.

What wreckage has been wrought by the minimum wage, do you suppose? You can't dispute we are proving, without any doubt, how governmental intervention can warp economic activity.


It's all in the durability of the meme, 'the kid should be with his father' 'what are you in favor of dirty air and water, and detainees
at Gitmo, are entitled to a trial.


Honestly, you just want to go and scream quietly,



Romneys supporters should be making one very simple argument:

SURE ROMNEY IS MODERATE TO LEANING LIBERAL. But he will have to sign legislation from a Republican house and Senate, and thatnks to Harry Reid, a Senate with a much weaker philibuster for the Democrats to weild.

Would you prefer more of Obama? Or a competent President that will sign the Conservatives legislation?


And the foolishness, persists, this of course
what they tried to forestall in Algeria;



We need a new candidate.

Danube of Thought

Minus 22 at Raz today.


Yes, good luck with that;



Didn't your time at the Coliseum, teach you anything;


hit and run

Todays' minus 22 marks the 5th straight day of minus 22 or lower.

The other times Obama has had as long or longer such a streak:

8 days: 10/2-10/9
8 days: 9/4-9/11
5 days: 8/21-8/25
8 days: 8/11-8/18

Thomas Collins

I think it's a smart move for Gingrich to debate Huntsman one on one. It gives Huntsman more exposure, and, as I believe Clarice pointed out in the last thread, Huntsman could take votes away from Romney in the northeast.


Certainly more of a feature, you might say, hit, than a bug.


This is a guy who lobbied -- er, served as well-paid historian -- for Freddie Mac.

And Obama, as a long time friend and practitioner of "affordable housing" got more money from FM/FM in campaign controbutions in 2 1/2 years than anyone else in the Senate did in a lifetime. Didn't stop you from voting for him.


I just love Zombie. Looks like the OWSie nutjobs in San Fran are creating a "Peoples Reserve Credit Union."

Oh and they will create at least 60 part-time jobs employing "students and homeless."

The goal of this project is to encourage San Francisco residents, businesses, as well as nonprofit and city agencies to keep their money out of the big banks and to redistribute that money locally. Initial services will include micro-loans for the working poor and homeless, and subsidized student loans at low interest rates.

Oh, I bet that money does get "redistributed" locally. bwa-ha-ha-ha


the climate of corruption, has a piquant flavor to it;


I would agree, TC, except Huntsman forgets the Willie Sutton rule, well Fitzgerald was right.


'Down with the one percent, wait, officer I can explain;



CC is everything all right where you are? You got all that wind, right?

I met a new person at a cocktail party last night. A lovely woman who had a career as a classical singer. At one point we both admitted to being "very political". We both cringed not knowing which side the other was on. And then we admitted it. She is a rabid liberal, "almost socialist" as she said. I tried very hard to be civil as she quizzed me on my views on abortion, education and unions.

What I noticed was her beliefs had nothing to do with reality, nor did they address the current problems in the country. They were all about her wish for a change in human nature, presumably not including her own. It's almost as if all the problems we are having are just fine with her and have nothing to do with her political positions. It was really a disconnect.

I was happy we ended the conversation still friends, altho suspicious ones.


I would suspect voodoo is involved;



They really ought to call it the Bialystok Post, and be done with it;



I missed this the first time around;

Gingrich has his own vulnerabilities. The first is often overlooked because it is characterological rather than ideological: his own unreliability. Gingrich has a self-regard so immense that it rivals Obama’s — but, unlike Obama’s, is untamed by self-discipline.

Benjamin Franklin

I thought Republicans wanted 'smaller' government.


"Republicans who defend Alabama's confusing, punitive immigration law are right about the visiting Honda worker who somehow was ticketed under the law. They say the law has no provisions for ticketing people; if an immigrant can't prove status, he is to be detained, as was a Mercedes manager a few weeks ago who was stopped for not having a car tag.
If anything, it shows how dangerous it is to pass a symbolic law -- look how tough we are on immigration -- without fully understanding the consequences and providing funding to train those who will enforce it. Now, two of the three huge automakers that have brought thousands of jobs to Alabama have had employees harassed because of the law. No doubt, Korean visitors to Montgomery's Hyundai plant will be looking over their shoulders.
This embarrassing error or whatever it was isn't the only problem around the immigration law that has surfaced in the past week.
The state Revenue Department now tells county officials they can't refuse to issue car tag renewals or business licenses to an immigrant unless they verify through the Department of Homeland Security the person is unlawfully present in the United States. That's an about-face from an earlier direction that told county officials to determine on their own whether an immigrant is here legally.
Also, a civil rights group is charging that revenue officials in Shelby and Jefferson counties are not following U.S. District Judge Myron Thompson's order that temporarily prohibits counties from requiring people to prove citizenship to renew annual manufactured home registrations."


Arrrggg! A post is lost in space!

Jack is Back!


Some great links - where to start?

Preston is right - Gingrich has so much stuff running through his mind he can't seem to keep it all straight and lets out these bon mot Newtisms willy nilly. I will be a month of Sunday's that there is not one single person in America that has sat down on his morning throne and wondered about the efficacy of "child labor laws" except Newt.

But why bring up abortion? He wants and has to win Iowa which is a caucus not a primary and a caucus dominated by evangelical Christians and we all know what they think about conception and abortion.

But the one on "declaring war on the weather" brought a smile to Frederick's old Dad. He has decided that for his science project (which is 2 years away from being required in school) he is going to design and build a special machine that can destroy hurricanes and tornados as they develop. It will be launched by statiionary rail-guns and have electro-magnetic pulse generators that will ionize the eye of both storms and thereby weaken them immediately.

Now if a 8 year old can think of this then how come all those climatologists and phyicists sucking at the overgrown teat of government come up with the same idea?

In the long steeplechase of human events, the course ofttimes wends its way through a dense forest of uncertainty; into which the horseman must dash headlong through the hazardous branches of Doubt, surmount the briary hedgerows of Fear, only to confront the crossroads of Destiny. Here, the wizened old course-keeper Fate drops a gauntlet of challenge: down one path awaits doom, down the other victory and apres-race cocktails. Which path shall the rider choose? It is the fortunate horse indeed upon whom is mounted a rider equal to Destiny's challenge, and wise to Fate's trickery; for he can be sure that with every whip of the rider's crop he is one gallop closer to the stables of security. And thus, today, I dismount to retrieve Fate's gauntlet, strike him smartly across his face, and declare my official candidacy for the Republican nomination for President of the United States.

To be certain, this is not a decision I have undertaken lightly; it comes only as the result of months of careful self-deliberation and dockside focus groups with the finest minds of contemporary conservative campaign strategy. Notwithstanding the surprising electoral vulnerability of Mr. Obama, our analyses have made abundantly clear that the current field of Republican challengers posess neither the intellectual acuity nor the deft touch for the common man needed to lead America into an inspiring new era of moderate bipartisan compromise. In the days ahead I will have much more to say about their shortcomings; but for now let me assure those millions of commonsense Republican voters who have yearned for a candidate who shares their values for stability, flexibility, and pedigree: rejoice, for your standard-bearer has arrived.

-- T. Coddington Van Voorhees VII

In case anyone missed it.


What I noticed was her beliefs had nothing to do with reality, nor did they address the current problems in the country. They were all about her wish for a change in human nature, presumably not including her own. It's almost as if all the problems we are having are just fine with her and have nothing to do with her political positions. It was really a disconnect.

This is the core of Marxism, and all its various permutations. It is a transformative ideology, which blames the ills of human nature of society, and believes that if only a key flaw in society is changed, human nature itself will be transformed.

This is why they hate the US Constitution so much. Because it is based on rejection of any and all transformational ideologies. The Founders saw that the only way to deal with the natural flaws of human nature were to set them against themselves. They understood that no social system would do away with human failing, so they created seperate systems of power, knowing that each would keep the other in check out of their own self interest.

The modern day liberal arguing for the state to enforce "social justice" is no better than a religious fanatic of any given age (including our own) who wants to establish a society that will erradicate sin.


And they say watching Transformers doesn't pay off, where is he going to get the '1.2
gigawatts' to power the rail gun, and the EM pulse generators.

Surprisingly, that is not the entire story;


Danube of Thought

Newt is a bull who carries his own china shop around with him. But I would rather have him in the White House than Romney.

And if Obama gets a second term this country will have been irreversibly, permanently changed for the worse.


Via Instapundit this morning:

Dead Movement Walking: Top Six Signs the Left And Mainstream Media Have Hung Occupy Out to Dry

A taste:

Occupy Wall Street was a pretty important pre-season game leading up to the 2012 election, and Obama and his Media Palace Guards haven’t even started licking their wounds from the New Media ass kicking they took. And the bad news for Occupiers is that they’re now scampering off the field, tail tucked between their legs, and desperate to untie themselves from the political liability these Occupiers have become.


Yeah, Jane. Lots of wind (gone now). Lots of trees downed (none of mine), but a huge section of my backyard fence blew down. Son-in-law is repairing it and I am on mega-leaf raking duty. grrr.

Sorry the new person you met is a looney, liberal! I think it is probably a genetic defect. lol.


I have no idea why this won't post. It shows up in "preview". I will split it up.



"OneWest Bank was created on Mar 19, 2009 from the assets of Indymac Bank. It was created solely for the purpose of absorbing Indymac Bank. The principle owners of OneWest Bank include Michael Dell and George Soros. (George was a major supporter of Barack Obama and is also notorious for knocking the UK out of the Euro Exchange Rate Mechanism in 1992 by shorting the Pound).

When OneWest took over Indymac, the FDIC and OneWest executed a “Shared-Loss Agreement” covering the sale. This Agreement covered the terms of what the FDIC would reimburse OneWest for any losses from foreclosure on a property. It is at this point that the details get very confusing, so I shall try to simplify the terms. Some of the major details are:

-OneWest would purchase all first mortgages at 70% of the current balance
-OneWest would purchase Line of Equity Loans at 58% of the current balance.
-In the event of foreclosure, the FDIC would cover from 80%-95% of losses, using the original loan amount, and not the current balance.


How does this translate to the “Real World”? Let us take a hypothetical situation. A homeowner has just lost his home in default. OneWest sells the property. Here are the details of the transaction:

-The original loan amount was $500,000. Missed payments and other foreclosure costs bring the amount up to $550,000. At 70%, OneWest bought the loan for $385,000
-The home is located in Stockton, CA, so its current value is likely about $185,000 and OneWest sells the home for that amount. Total loss for OneWest is $200,000. But this is not how FDIC determines the loss.
-‘FDIC takes the $500,000 and subtracts the $185,000 Purchase Price. Total loss according to the FDIC is $315,000. If the FDIC is covering “ONLY” 80% of the loss, then the FDIC would reimburse OneWest to the tune of $252,000.
-Add the $252,000 to the Purchase Price of $185,000, and you have One West recovering $437,000 for an “investment” of $385,000. Therefore, OneWest makes $52,000 in additional income above the actual Purchase Price loan amount after the FDIC reimbursement.

At this point, it becomes readily apparent why OneWest Bank has no intention of conducting loan modifications. Any modification means that OneWest would lose out on all this additional profit."


C'mon, folks, let's admit it a Gingrich presidency will be lots of fun.

Rick Ballard


You won't find the disparity in published numbers. The Treasury borrows from the SS Trust Funds and Chinese in order to immediately fill the hole in the Trust Funds created by the FICA Tax Holiday. While benefits do exceed contributions, the trust Funds are still generating net income due through the interest received on their Treasury holdings.

We could have very detailed and rather precise employment information if the SSA would publish detailed reports on deposits but that would obviate the need for the corps of BLS statisticians who generate reasonable guesses on a regular basis.

It's difficult to determine whether borrowing from the Trust Funds to keep the Trust Funds whole is actually more stupid than employing an army of BLS statisticians to generate guesses concerning employment when the SSA has all the real information necessary. A real conundrum.


Well with the Supreme Court considering whether to grant cert in that Texas appeal that threatens Grutter that George Will wrote about this week and I commented on yesterday, our charming Justice Dept and Dept of Ed jointly issued new guidelines yesterday. LUN

I guess they are determined to change practices before anyone gets a chance to clarify the law. Given Ali's previous announcements, I am sure this is out there beyond the scope of authority.


"where is he going to get the '1.2 gigawatts' to power the rail gun, and the EM pulse generators."

Why by using wind turbines to harness the energy from hurricanes, of course. . . . Oh. Wait a minute.


A truly inventive mind, I must admit, theory tied to practical application.

Jack is Back!

"where is he going to get the '1.2
gigawatts' to power the rail gun, and the EM pulse generators."

That's why he is starting now because he needs 2 years to get his Thorium Reactor up and running. But its all hush-hush since he doesn't want to spend all the time writing a Safety Analysis Report and beating his head against the NRC wall.

BTW, I just noticed a new luminensce on my skin.


Rick Ballard

Silver's analysis neglects the possibility that three years of Obama has moved "moderate" Republicans to starboard to the extent where the balance point of the Goldilocks Optimum is not where Romney's Top Men believe it to be. Gauging the middle of the Muddle is never an easy task and, given their Northeastern limitations, Romney's people may have decided that the 2010 results were an aberration which did not reflect a true shift of sentiment among Muddled moderates.

He still has plenty of time to scamper to starboard. It's not as if he's restrained by reasoned principles and one more flip won't turn him into any more of a flop than he is today.

(Another) Barbara

(my neighbor told his wife that Mitt is presidential . . . not Mitt told his wife that my neighbor is presidential)

It's a thought, though, isn't it? Does your neighbor have debating skills, Hit? Has he been faithful to his wife? If so, I'm ready to take a look.


Silver caught a break in the Democratic primary, and ran with it, his shtick just happens to mirror the Dems hive mind, sometimes it gets very silly, like when he
urged Republicans, to be for higher taxes,
and he assured us, Obamacare would be very popular.

David in Cal

"Always be sincere, whether you mean it or not."

Advice to a young cannibal from his father, in the song, The Reluctant Cannibal.


And here is an interesting excersize by the AP in putting the best spin on some very bad news:

Justice Dept. details how it got statements wrong

Notice the repeated use of the word "incorrect" rather that 'false,' or 'not true.'

Also, this plug on how successful Fast and Furious has been:

Operation Fast and Furious involved more than 2,000 weapons that were purchased by straw buyers at Phoenix-area gun stores. Nearly 700 of the Fast and Furious guns have been recovered — 276 in Mexico and 389 in the United States, according to ATF data as of Oct. 20.

Of course, it would be just as accurate to say that over 1,300 weapons are still missing and presumably in the hands of criminal gangs at this point, but that might put the Obama and Holder team in a bad light. Can't have that.

The DoJ lied. People died.


"Play the Marseillasse;


hit and run

Does your neighbor have debating skills, Hit? Has he been faithful to his wife? If so, I'm ready to take a look.

I'd say he has fine debating skills,and I am quite certain he has been completely faithful.

He's over 35 too.

But he was born in Iran.


This is the core of Marxism, and all its various permutations. It is a transformative ideology, which blames the ills of human nature of society, and believes that if only a key flaw in society is changed, human nature itself will be transformed

A few years ago when talking to an uber liberal on an uber liberal website for several weeks it became clear to me that the entire liberal ideology was predicated on a change in human nature. After much discussion and thought my correspondent actually agreed with me.

I never made the correlation with Marxism tho, so you have given me a lot to think about.


Is threadkiller really Pagar and sockpuppeting? I knock down most of that mis and disinformation on the last thread, go back and read it I am not going through that again. And that website Livinglies, seems enraptured with a President That Gets It. If that does not give you pause to the fertilizer they are shoveling, then go ahead and regale us with another round of fire does not burn steel. Conspiracies while you wait...

Charlie (Colorado)

Here is something you won't see everyday...pictures from an Anime convention in Springdale, Arkansas.

What? It looks like a perfectly ordinary crowd to me.


Life Imitates South Park. Again.

It's coming down to this?

Or this?


54 45 in Rasmussen. Notice almost no undecided. The polarization exercize Zero has taken us thru, has set this election in stone. If you go back and look, a 55% to 45% results in a Presidential race has been called nearly universally a LANDSLIDE.

And dont forget Jay Cost recent analysis, which said that sitting President generally underperform their approval rating by a couple of points. In other words some folks who approve, approve of lots of folk. And on balance they just approve of changing the occupant of the Oval Office a little bit more than they approve of the President. Sucks to be an incompetent neophyte whose own party does not want to be photographed with you but what are you gonna do, decline to run again?


Today's blinding statement of the obvious:

Jacques Delors: Euro was flawed from beginning

This is essentially an admission that it was always a project of hope over wisdom. But then, as I said, it is a blinding statement of the obvious.

hit and run

Live feed of The Herman Cain Announcement


Hey everybody, for your Saturday morning chuckle please click on this link and scroll down to the 4th picture:

Does this purse make me look fat?


I drove by some recall petition folks in Brookfield yesterday, but they didn't throw any eggs at my car. Maybe Jane's bumper sticker will correct that oversight.

Recall people have been kicked out of every business / parking lot in Brookfield. The idiots yesterday were at the Brookfield Mall, I think the police made them leave shortly after I drove by.

Annoying Old Guy

Jane, Ranger;

That's something I have noticed a lot as well and you can see in the Occupy Designated Location folk as well. For them, problems are personal and psychological and their politics are designed to deal with those. External reality is for the squares. It's been a strain in human thinking since we started thinking but I think rse's conspiracy has given it a much larger role on stage than it would have of its own.

Obama Ex Officio


Hey I still have bumper stickers to give away - you don't have to buy them. Just email me your address and I will send them out.

hit and run

I think the police made them leave shortly after I drove by.

Correlation does not mean causation,but that won't stop me from assuming it.

More importantly,have you bagged any bucks or downed any does?


I notice Ted has the smile, but the fellow to his right, is laughing entirely too much,
as is the fellow to the Nexus 6's left


Hit, alas no venison yet. I saw two good does Sunday afternoon, right where the backhoe was opening day. Even better, had backhoe boys dairy cows standing ten feet behind them. Such temptation ... Duck Ragu for me.


Jane, were any of these people, subsequently indicted, they should have been;


"Newt is a bull who carries his own china shop around with him"

Seems about right to me. Of the possible nominees Newt has (by far) the most native ability and experience to do what needs to be done. Newt has not demonstrated a scatterbrained approach to anything he has set out to accomplish. The fact that he also dabbles in alternate POVs at the drop of a hat bothers me not one bit.


A(B)- If you go to Japan early, I would second Daddy's recommendation to see Kyoto and Nara rather than Kobe. Transportation by train or bus will be easy enough to get to Kobe for your cruise departure.

For a truly wonderful, different, Japanese experience I recommend visiting an Onsen (hot spring bath) at a Ryokan (traditional Japanese guest house) for one of your nights.



Why do I do that with the ()? Can we just go with it?

Barbara-Lurking (sans parentheses)

Did you mean "go with (it), Maybee?
Or perhaps, "Can (we) just go with it?"
Even "Can we just (go) with it?" might work.


Barbara-Lurking (sans parentheses)

How about sans italics?

Barbara-Lurking (sans parentheses)

or not?
Someone rescue me if that didn't work!

(Another) Barbara

Thanks MayBee and Daddy. I will have to get a map of Japan and scope out the distance between places. I guess Osaka is the location of the international airport where we'd land, (?), and Kobe is the nearby industrial (?) city from which the cruise departs. I'll check out your link now, MayBee. Yes, t'would be lovely to stay in traditional Japanese lodging somewhere pretty. Thanks.


I hope that helped Barbara Lurking with or without parens.

hit and run

Internet italics were invented by Gore.



Kyoto is a direct Shinkansen (bullet train) ride away from both Osaka and Kobe.
15 minutes from Osaka and 30 minutes from Kobe.

So easy even my sister did it.


my HTML tagging fails. Drat.


I question the science...


(L)OL, B-L


This is intersting,


(h)(i)(t) (a)(n)(d) (r)(u)(n)

Who loves parentheses?

This guy!


I dont read Nate Silver, as he is as partisan a commentariat as exists, maybe even more than Tom Jensen at PPP. I dont dismiss that he might get one right, perhaps even this one. But if I wanted to know what Republicans are thinking, I would not ask a liberal democrat any more than I would head to Wisconsin in search of great Mexican food. It might happen that I find some, but the odds would be a hell of a lot better in San Antonio.

hit and run

Cain just introduced. Speaking momentarily.

hit and run

Stepped off the bus - arm in arm with Gloria.


"I've done very few things that were hip shots in my career. The style of being aggressive enough and different enough when you guys cover me is conscious."

-- New Gingrich, The Atlantic Monthly, 1993

hit and run

Sunglasses,no hat.


Squirmin’ Herman. Crowd chanting the words from the 1964 Van Morrison hit with the band Them, G-L-O-R-I-A. Wow.

Sing with me children.



You have to say it, to the the 'Danke Schoen' cadence, untergang, untergang,


That was Old Gingrich, actually.

From the little red book, Quotations From Speaker Newt, 1995, which I just noticed on a shelf in my library.

I agree with Rove's observation that Newt is great in pursuit of power, and disastrous once he attains it.


Cain is using past tense term -- "was".

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