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January 10, 2012



It's hard to win if you're Romney.


At the rate the unRomneys are going Mitt's going to appear a veritable colossus striding among pygmies.


Hate to go OT but I came over because I did not realize SCOTUS was hearing a public sector union case today.

Or that SEIU decided to refund the fees at issue once SCOTUS granted cert.

And apparently that made the Court even more annoyed.



So, he's doing marginally better then when he quit the campaign, that means something I think


You know that Representative Jim Clyburn was one of the liars about the March 20th Tea Party rally. Newt is going to a homeowner rally with him.



1 - the vote was split among more candidates this time than last.

2 - more democrats voted in this primary than last time - in their version of operation chaos. and they voted for huntsman and paul.

this lowered mitt's % by about 4%.

3 - he's the first non-incumbent to win both iowa and NH.



rse--the learned and deeply sourced constitutional analysis(sarc) by Breyer on that union dues case is priceless. And he's supposed to be asking questions. Even Sotomayor gets it.

Melinda Romanoff

Oh, and meet the real 1%.

(I love this blogger. What a hoot!)

JM Hanes

"Romney wins with a projected 36% but does not improve much on his 2008 percentage of 32%"

If that's our metric, we can just nominate Ron Paul right now.

Frau Trauerfall

reliapundit--Mitt could get some gravitas by using teleprompters and more reverb from the sound system. Works for You-know-who.

Frau Trauerfall

"If that's our metric, we can just nominate Ron Paul right now."

In that case, JMH, I want Dennis Miller!

Danube of Thought

"So, he's doing marginally better then when he quit the campaign, that means something I think"

Who's "he?"


Romney, Adam Brickley described that day to me.


narciso, I think I'm even more lost when you post a "clarification" :)

Rick Ballard


He's playing the long game. At this rate he's going to have a clear majority in New Hampshire not later than 2036.


The turnout was not high? (Other than Dem crossovers).
I thought I read that NH was a sea of Repub campaign signs...

Carol Herman

"he" could be HAW?

So far the GOP has been wasting time, thinking Obama just falls because he's not liked.

Nixon fell because he wasn't liked.

But the GOP has a broken thermometer.

How many people voted in New Hampshire's primary today? If you have a ticket that says 320,000 ... would it win?


Look, I know some may not like Romney for his Mormon faith, but many of us basketball fans are much more concerned with the growing influence of the Amish in the NBA. LUN.


After billions of dollars in federal aid and a fre equity stake in Chrysler, Marchionne of Fiat is already telegraphing that it's a Ponzi scheme.



Danube of Thought

"At this rate he's going to have a clear majority in New Hampshire not later than 2036."

Among the current candidates, whom would you prefer.

I'm with Mockmook.


Don't you wonder if Callista is actually
that witch, Christine O'Donnell? It would
explain a lot. She turned me into a Newt.
(Only Monty Python fans will get that.^)

Danube of Thought

Should read "whom would you prefer?"


I think we can scratch Newt off Sarah Palin's short list:

Palin on husband’s Newt endorsement: ‘First dude went rogue’ [VIDEO]

Danube of Thought

What's up with this Doomsday Clock thing? In 65 years it has never been earlier than 17 minutes to midnight. So if it is now at, say, five minutes (or whatever) to midnight, what are we to make of that supposed fact? Is this thing in dog years, or butterfly years, or what?

These people paved the way for PETA, news-wise.





Stick a feather in it, Anne.

Your boss, Axelrod, tried to go after Romney by saying he wasn't brave enough to give the orders to kill Osama Bin Laden. Now that there is so stupid it is funny. LOLLOLLOL


You got that and his order to fly like monkeys and pretend you're a regular at a republican/conservative blog...cause we need a dumb leader like you to tell us what to do.

I'm glad you imploded cause you were giving Anns a bad name.

Btw, in the words of my friends, Jane and CC, may I bestow my heartfelt "Fuck Off". ;)

JM Hanes


"I did not realize SCOTUS was hearing a public sector union case today. Or that SEIU decided to refund the fees at issue once SCOTUS granted cert. And apparently that made the Court even more annoyed."

I loved Ailito's question to the union lawyer in the Knox case, but Breyer who "appeared most sympathetic to the union's position," just sounds like a complete doofus:

"The virtue of the present system" is that while it may result in some objectors making "forced loans" to the unions, "it does wash out in the wash, and it ends up being fair to the objectors," he said. "And it's simply hard to think of a better system that doesn't provide more administrative problems than the existing one."

That last sentence pretty much says it all, doesn't it? Paraphrasing the late Johnny Cochran, you can be a doofus; it's when you're a doofus with power that you're dangerous.


Sorry, guys, had to get that off my chest after trying to catch up and finally reading the "Huntsman Thread".

Btw, I am a JOM, JOMer, hate anything you have to spend a year soaking in sherry.. for gosh sakes.. fruitcake, a gnome voter, and I believe a fifth year plus beneficiary of the best blog evah!

Hanging in there and miss you all. I try and keep up but it is impossible. JOM Smooches to all.

JM Hanes

Hi, A♥N♥N♥! You have rehabilitated the use of LOL!


Smooches to you to Ann. It is nice to see you haven't lost your feisty self. :)




Ann @ 1:01

Tsk, tsk, temper, temper, shit-for-brains

And here I thought that I made you look
good, you imbecile. Anyone who does not
share your moronic viewpoints is a lib,
huh? Tell me, fool, why do I suspect that
you and your shallow, virtual reality,
make-believe "friends" are all either
incredibly stupid, anti-Semitic and
racist, former Democrats who left their party because you didn't want to be associated with their Jews or their
blacks, [or] all of you are Democrat
subversives masquerading as Republicans
and denigrating effective Republicans,
[or] I've reached a home for senile, old
coots with mental illnesses indigenous to
retards? You're patetic. What you won't
say to be accepted and to ingratiate
yourself with a bunch of bitchy, gossipy
retards. your only friends in the world.


Darn. Can't post, so will break in half.

Going to post this without pix as my post isn't taking: Grrrrr

Hi Ann!


Haven't read a word today but you might enjoy this.

Just arrived Osaka from Anchorage. Today we were routed over Siberia due to the jet stream headwinds clobbering our normal flight route. Awful weather on takeoff and pretty much in the goo till we finally hit the western Alaska coast hundreds of miles later, just northwest of Bethel.

Weather broke at the coast and we could see Sea Ice as far as the eye could see. We scooted westward about 190 miles south of Nome at the closest. We had our eye's peeled looking for the Russian Tanker and the ice Breaker, but no luck. The Ocean was completely covered with white ice, though there were long cracks, and thin fisures, between huge chunks of ice, much like you see in this photo. We are at about 34,000 feet, so looking down from a bit higher.

We had ATC trying to see if they could give us Lat/Longs, but apparently we were a bit too far south as we were advised the Tanker was now @80-90 miles southwest of Nome. Radio Nome 780 AM, was loud and interesting as always. I noted that awaiting the news at the bottom of the hour they played "Surf City" by Jan and Dean, followed by a local Eskimo chant tune, then a Phil Collin's Genesis song, and then the local weather report. At 11:30 the weather in Nome was 24 below zero, and there was an announcement that the local Laundry Mat was going to be open today from such and such hour until such and such, etc.

Thought it interesting that a new Geo Waypoint has been established on Airway G349. It is waypoint "PALIN", at N6044.3/W16844.3.
It is about 100 miles west of the Alaskan Coast just above Bethel and 120 East of the uninhabited island of St Matthews. The island, which we rarely see, is very stark and beautiful, surprisingly large, and probably a beautiful place to live should there ever be any sign of significant AGW going on up here.

Unfortunately today, there wasn't.




Daddy: That is your third test. What are you testing?

JM Hanes

As of 11:50 PM, Michael Barone reports that Romney's total share of the vote will be closer to 40%. He also offers some cautions on interpreting the turnout:

Total turnout, with 89% of precincts in, is 220,962, lower than the 2008 total turnout of 239,793. Extrapolating from those numbers we get a turnout figure of 248,272, just 4% larger than 2008 turnout—a very close match with the 3% increase in Republican turnout in the Iowa caucuses from 2008 to 2012. Subtracting the Ron Paul voters—very many of whom do not identify as Republicans and who cannot be considered reliable supporters of the Republican nominee—that represents a smaller non-Paul Republican turnout in both Iowa and New Hampshire. This is something Republicans should be concerned about, in my view; it suggests a lower level of enthusiasm than in 2008, a year when the balance of enthusiasm worked very much against Republicans. But we have no equivalent turnout metric for Democratic enthusiasm this year; turnout in the Democratic Iowa caucuses or New Hampshire primary in which Barack Obama was essentially unopposed is surely meaningless. Maybe Democratic enthusiasm is even lower than Republican enthusiasm. But that should be no consolation for Republicans.

Gad, the wise Latina had a point, such as it was.

Heh, rse, Roberts: 'Why did you give up the case once it was presented here?'


Sorry Sara,

I am just trying to post of sightseeing on our flight today to Osaka but for some reason this darn typepad shows it posts but then it never appears. I keep trying to trick the system and refresh by entering test but that doesn't seem to work either.



Weather closed in again for visibility about 150 miles from the Russian Coastline, and the next time we were able to really see anything was hours later upon crossing the southern portion of the Kamchatka Peninsula, just above Petropavlosk. Was a gorgeous smoking volcano off 30 miles or so to the north of us, plume not above 10-15,000 feet, and many other beautiful peaks and frozen lakes and craters spread beneath us. Had a brand new guy with me on his first Siberian crossing and it was an excellent 1st trip for site-seeing. The coast of southeast Kamchatka was not ice bound.


And to finish:

By traveling over Siberia we avoided very string Jet Winds that had dropped south of our route. We were generally facing headwinds of 40 knots maximum when crossing Russia, but about Hokaido we turned full into the Jet Stream and I noted it was dead on the nose at 172 Knots when I came up from my rest period, so our Ground (Speedspeed over the actual ground) had decayed from the mid 450's to 320 or so.

Anyhow, safe and relatively warm in Osaka, and hundreds of comments behind as usual. very blustery winds however on arrival Osaka. Now to catch up.


On “Face the Nation” last Sunday Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta asked and answered his own question regarding Iran. “Are they trying to develop a nuclear weapon? No.” This was an oddly definitive statement regarding Iranian intentions.
Mr. Panetta’s statement is both an excuse to not take action and a plea to Tehran not to force America’s hand by testing a nuclear weapon. They must be closer to the bomb than most people think.


Boy, that is frustrating.

Here is what the ice fields look like from a lower altitude.:

Here is a view of uninhabited St Matthews Island. (Which you can see on a clear day from Point Palin, but you can't unfortunately see Russia.)

JM Hanes

Wow, daddy.

Gilyaks, per Chekhov.

One often sees them, their families and their dogs, picking their way Indian file across a quagmire right by the roadway.

JM Hanes


I'd sure be a lot more interested in Gen. Petraeus' answer to that question, but who'd a thunk it? Our new CIA Chief apparently believes in actually keeping a low profile.


Hi Kim,

I see the Alaska Dispatch has this story up saying that Arctic sea ice continues to shrink, even in frigid winter.

I think he's full of shit, but oh well, what else is new.

Just you wait, Enrietta Anes, just you wait.

JMH, Barone mistakes distaste for choosing among Repug candidates with distaste in ten months.

As the Globe Turns.

Oh, yes, it's subtle. Note they start out talking about ice extent at the end of the melt(four month old news) saying it was below average for the satellite era(1979 to present), but failing to remark that this year and the last three haven't matched 2007's record low. Then they segue into ice volume, did you notice? Mid article there is an admission that sea ice extent grew a lot in December, covered with wiggle words. I couldn't take anymore.

A pal, Steven Mosher, is sock-puppeting me at Judy's L!ink U!nder N!ame in the Too Big thread. Amusing for me anyway.

The Piltdown Mann reaches new pH's of acerbity at Watt's Up.

JM Hanes

That may be the saddest part of the whole global warming saga. When I read climate related reports of any kind now, what I'm concentrating on most is not the news, it's the bullshit detection.


What? No "feisty", snappy come-back, Ann?
Guess you thought that you were getting in
your cheap shots behind my back, huh? How
pathetic. Packs of jackels aren't a novelty.

It's gonna be a hot time in the old town tonight.

The globe is cooling, Anne: for how long even kim doesn't know.


Yep Kim,

I noted the switch to Ice Volume, and the "perhap's and maybe's and difficulties of measurements etc. All we need now is another Times Atlas magically eliminating 15% of Bering Sea Ice like they did with Iceland's Glaciers, then toss in the IPCC's "India's Glaciers all to melt by 2035", and maybe I'll be able to walk the dogs here on Christmas in a T-shirt.

It's a possession.

I once highlighted a fairly prominent blogger's hypocrisy about the shooting of the Arizona congresswoman at another blog, provoking the profound response from one of the most elegant commenters: 'Just another leftie hater'.

It's a glorious time to be curious.  Seriously, check out Chekhov and the Gilyaks of Sakhalin.

Heh, daddy, you are au courant. Second Law Thermodynamics is being pounded into the pea brains behind the Giga processors producing the illusory climate models @ Judy's & elsewhere.

JM Hanes

Loved the quote from Einstein at the top of Curry's site just now, kim. Afraid I'm a thermodynamic pea brain, myself, so I have to content myself with being a spectator, but for some reason, it seemed of a piece with contemplating the Null Hypothesis yesterday, courtesy of Ethan Siegel. I have to admit, I'm rooting for neutrinos that outrun the speed of light, just for the hell of it.


"I have to admit, I'm rooting for neutrinos that outrun the speed of light, just for the hell of it."

Me Too, JMH.

For a host of other reasons as well, but "just for the hell of it" is right up near the top.


Shovel ready jobs, but no shovels!

Stick a feather in it, Anne.

Your boss, Axelrod, tried to go after Romney by saying he wasn't brave enough to give the orders to kill Osama Bin Laden. Now that there is so stupid it is funny. LOLLOLLOL

I'm glad you imploded cause you were giving Anns a bad name.


It looks like I've missed the good stuff. I haven't caught up with the discussion for a while, so I was really glad to see your comments tonight.

Thanks for the update. Well said! Even though I love fruitcake, I had a feeling that something wasn't right when she criticized the phrase, "You betcha."



Another Iranian Nuclear Scientist Goes Blooey

This is the third Iranian nuclear scientist to meet an unfortunate end.

I don't know the who thing reminds of the two scientists that 'doublecrossed' Stromberg with their tracking system, and were blown up for their trouble,


Hey, Ann how are you doing.

Captain Hate

narc, I think she either Mortimer or Winthrop.

Captain Hate

she irritated either



My ears always perk up when I hear "uninhabited island" but I'm not sure we would get adequate internet connection on St Matthews (or that there are enough snow blowers on the planet).

As gorgeous as it is...


Hi, Ann!


Imagine if the MFM covered libs like they do conservatives.
Centralcal's story about an animal rights group torching trucks.
The criminal liars of Climategate.
The Pigford robbers & scammers.
Journolisters as a great shame within the media.
The March 20th Tea Party story that proved the collusion between congressmen & the media to smear law abiding American citizens.
Anti-war hypocrisy now that a Dem. is President.
We need 24-7-365 screaming headlines about liberal/progressive corruption. THEY need the macaca treatment for once.



Are they insisting that climate is a closed complex system again? As in all inputs must affect outputs to maintain equilibrium?

Glad everyone enjoyed the day at the SCOTUS. Can't you just hear the lawyer for SEIU announcing he or she knows how to make the point moot and avoid an adverse ruling?

Bill in AZ sez it's time for Obama/Holder murder trial in Mexico

Janet 08:26AM
and the worst untold story:
How a group of f'ugly commies at the very top of our own government sent thousands of guns to Mexico knowing they would kill thousands of ignorant little brown people in order to justify more gun restrictions on us dumbass rednecks. This is the most horrible "ends justify the means" commie plot I have ever seen perpetrated by our government. Any "good" commie has to accumulate a long trail of dead bodies, the best of them in the millions. These guys are pikers so far, but this is a hell of a start.

James D.

Did anyone else see Romney on Good Morning America (I know, I know) this morning?

Stephanopoulos went on about Bain, jobs, firing, etc., and Romney defended by likening what he did to what Zero and company did with GM, and then, when Stephanopoulos pressed him, agreed that Zero's handling of that was a success and the auto industry is doing much better now.



James D.,

Nothing says "strong candidate" like making George Steph's job even easier.


Exactly, Bill.


when Stephanopoulos pressed him, agreed that Zero's handling of that was a success and the auto industry is doing much better now

Sigh is right. That's the defense his programmers spent all this time perfecting?

We need 24-7-365 screaming headlines about liberal/progressive corruption.

Right on. Romney could have easily started with Stephanopoulus this morning.


Well, I wouldn't take the lower voter turn out in the primaries as a negative. Too be honest, I am not that interested in who the nominee is myself. They are all human and they are all imperfect, and I will vote for any of them over Obama (Even RP, simply because, even if he is a wacko, he would scare the hell out of the entire establishment/ruling class).

Melinda Romanoff


You don't want to know what's happening in the Arlberg.

Mark Folkestad

I've never liked Larry Sabato. This morning on Fox News, he seemed to be saying that we have to capitulate to the Ronulans, or Ear Leader is guaranteed re-election. I don't buy that the Paulbots could ever be relied on as solid GOP voters. Not unless we developed a new corps of ward heelers giving out free pot on election day.


MelR-- thanks for the link to the Austrian snowfall. More evidence of global warming.

Daddy-- how did you photoshop those sea ice photos? Al Gore taught us all in 2005 that arctic sea ice was in a "death spiral" and would be gone by now.

Mark Folkestad

Did Jim Miller participate in the pantless day on Seattle's light rail? I'm just wondering if DoT's promise/threat to jog naked on I-5 might have had a radiating influence up that interstate corridor.


Daddy-- if possible can you post more photos of Osaka street life. Loved those last time. Photos of the castle would also be appreciated. Best.


Roger Kimball has a pithy article up "Our Masters in Washington" at the LUN.

I like the Tocqueville quote toward the end on "democratic despotism" as we are told to yield to the manufactured consensus on matters that are not supposed to be within govt jurisdiction.

The Founders thought they had drafted a template to restrain what a PPC has done throughout history. Which is why they hate the Tea Party.


OT-- MelR: what percentage do you give to EU APPROVAL of NYSE-DeuBourse merger?

Captain Hate

Laura Ingraham is also going with this "We must pay attention to the Ronulans" garbage. NO we need to stop relying on states like Iowa and New Hampshire that the nutless wonders at Repuke Central keep bending over for.


Stephanopoulos went on about Bain, jobs, firing, etc., and Romney defended by likening what he did to what Zero and company did with GM, and then, when Stephanopoulos pressed him, agreed that Zero's handling of that was a success and the auto industry is doing much better now.

Well, it appears that Romney is already running to the middle for the general election.

Melinda Romanoff


It will never happen. It would create an entity that would hold 90% of share trading. Too close to a monopoly for them, as well as me.


Just a thought here, but the ballots in NH were kind of screwy, IMO. There were 30 names on the ballot. The first name on the ballot was a man named Story. They went in alphabetical order after that making Santorum last on the ballot and Gingrich somewhere around 14th (close enough if not exact). You really had to go into that booth knowing who your candidate was because it sounded to me like you really had to hunt for your candidate's name to vote for him.


MelR-- that certainly is the CW. I wonder though; ze chermans are running the Euro show, and a mighty DB trading platform challenging Brit finance may be very attractive to Frau Merkel.


I see where Michelle told Gayle King she is tired of the 'angry black woman' image people try to put on her. She shouldn't make it so easy to put it on her.


They may as well ask Romney about the Chrysler takeover, and get it over with. That was a much more Bainful deal, imo. Let's hope he goes on the ED show and ends up agreeing with that clown too.

Double sigh.


Thanks,Mel. I can only dream.

Danube of Thought

Minus 17 at Raz today.


Sue -- I saw that Michelle complaint. She certainly lacks self awareness.


I am thinking I'm officially through with Newt. And Rick Perry (okay, stop laughing).

Captain Hate

I see where Michelle told Gayle King she is tired of the 'angry black woman' image people try to put on her

Does it make her angry?



No, just tired. Which makes her face look angry, I suppose.


According to Byron York, Huntsman placed 3rd because of democrats voting in NH. Those described as Republicans, Huntsman beat Perry.


I'm hoping that Romney picks an awesome VP that will fire up the base.

Jim Ryan

Michelle is campaigning in Charlottesville today. Fundraiser at the Dave Matthews Band's drummer's house.


Romney/Rubio works for me, plus Ryan at OMB to stop the debt-bomb madness. "R-Cubed" -- goes a long way to cure the Obamaniac fiscal madness. Plus it will make Krugman's and Mrs. Krugman's) head explode.


I am just going to come out and say it. Considering that Ron Paul tied Huntsman for last in my early thoughts on all the candidates. Cain topped my list, then Newt. Romney has been in the middle of my list the whole time, with Perry just above him and Santorum and Bachmann just below.

This latest round of bullshit is probably going to make me Forest Gump my vote. Stupid is as stupid does.

Ron Paul may get my vote.

Triple sigh.

Jack is Back!

If Romney did cave on GMA then what is the sense of him running against Obama? What's the difference between him and BHO?

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