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January 12, 2012



Do I need to review Mssr. Primack's track records on these sort of things,


One would think that Gingrich, Perry, etc. are very, very concerned that the Ronmey takeover of WhiteHouse Inc, could lead to many lay-offs and firings.

Given their position, how could they be so insensitive and uncaring about all those that will lose their jobs if they acquire the White House.


Romney should ask Newt and Perry to pledge not to fire anyone if they manage a hostile takeover of the Presidency.

Isn't their entire campaigns about taking over and getting rid of people who are screwing up the company?


Andy, your meds are out of adjustment again....light another joint.

Rick Ballard

It would be great if there were some place where Governor Romney could publish an apologia pro vita Bain explaining its purpose in laymen's terms, thereby providing a bit of education concerning capitalism and relieving general ignorance.

It would have to be some place that was easily accessible to anyone who became interested and it would be best if there were some method by which questions could be addressed in a timely manner.

Wouldn't it be great if something like that actually existed?


It's a good thing Romney's not a heart surgeon, his opponents would be talking about how many of his patients died.


Romney apparently can make a cogent case for a net increase of 100,000 jobs under Bain.
He can also make an undeniable case there are millions fewer jobs now than when Barry took office.
This is a fruitful angle for Barry? I doubt it.


Imagine. In Republican So. Carolina the message to beat one of the candidates is that free market economics is evil and that one of those candidates participated in it and failed, as the idiot Jonah Goldberg sugegest, to show how Bain did not help the poor.

If this is how most of the Republicans think, it's worse than doom.

I'm more than disgusted. Someone Newtered the Tea Party.


Tom: you're trying to make sense of a Sullivan column? Why, did you lose a bet? Become a masochist? Trying to win a contest of some kind? Or is this just proof that you've got too much spare time on your hands?


That's just crazy talk, Rick, Primack does like those 'great' NBA refs seem to do, assign
one point against, back in November, one point for, and so on, of course from his September piece, the outrage never really really emerges with Solyndra, how totally

That being said, Perry and too a lesser measure, play the argument 'dialed up to 11'


I posted that Fortune article on Facebook a couple hours ago. I love the title of the article, "Bain-bomb" Fizzles.

Newt has managed to tighten things somewhat in SC, but in the latest Florida poll Romney is leading 41% to Newt's 19% and Santorum's 15%. All states are important, of course, but if I could only count on one, I'd take Florida every time.


NRO suggests that defense cuts are a means of avoiding entitlement reform: "Certainly, trimming the military to feed welfare bloat is one of the litmus tests of a civilization in decline. . . ."

Doesn't that sound like the behavior of a drug addict?


It sounds to me like a president who wants to turn the entire country into one of his community organized ghettos.


TomM. Fantastic snark dinging andy s. But andy s first thought is true enough. Mitt can t get stuck in the Bain weeds. He has to convert the issue to freedom an responsibility to live we the choices we make. Those are the winning points with indy voters.


This was Primack in July, have circumstances really changed that much, or is he just flipping like a Dolphin with attention deficit



Very simple. Have Mitt Romney cut all ties with Bain Capital! Done!


This was just a month ago.is the truth really that malleable;



Romney has been out of Bain operation since 1999, patch.


OT: 81.3 in. of snow in Anchorage, but take heart Caro, the weather map shows snow coming across the upper midwest and northeastern seaboard. Several inches in Chicago tonight and up to 12 inches forecast across the region.


--NRO suggests that defense cuts are a means of avoiding entitlement reform: "Certainly, trimming the military to feed welfare bloat is one of the litmus tests of a civilization in decline. . . ."

Doesn't that sound like the behavior of a drug addict?--

Sounds like bread and circuses.


If Romney and Bain started Staples which now employs 90,000 people, doesn't that help justify his claim that he helped create over 100,000 jobs?



This sounds really out of bounds and very desperate. A SC pol is comparing Romney to Bernie Madoff. Sick!


Unlike Madoff or Corzine, Romney can account for all his investors money.


Over here CNN is heavy concentration on US Troops pissing on dead Taliban and an incensed Hillary's comments about that.

Russia Today TV is discussing John Corzine and says he will walk free with no repercussions.

Good morning.

Captain Hate

Over here CNN is heavy concentration on US Troops pissing on dead Taliban and an incensed Hillary's comments about that.

Did she find out about Slick's affinity for water sports?


This is even more stupid and desperate sounding:

Via the Daily Caller:

Newt hits Mitt: 'And just like John Kerry -- he speaks French, too'

Guess what, he also speaks Spanish.

Captain Hate

STFU Noot.


Certainly Romney can make all kinds of cases and arguments re: Bain.

But he isn't!

Our projections about what he ought to be doing aren't getting the job done.

He looks weak.


Lisa Murkowski, Queen of Kumbaya.


I got it, Patch.

Danube of Thought

Maybe Sully means Romney should say he never heard anything bad while he was at Bain.


Porch: If you think that, then you can not be paying attention. They have hit back hard, both Romney and the campaign surrogates have been all over the TV and all over SC. And not just surrogates, these idiots making these outlandish claims are being hit hard by talk radio, such as Limbaugh and by financial news outlets on TV and print.

The whole thing is ridiculous. Bain, under Romney had a 70 to 80% success rate. On jobs, you only have to cite two of the startups, Staples and Sports Authority to well exceed the jobs claim. And those are only two of the better known.

The most disengenous part of Newt's attacks is using attacks against Mitt when he wasn't even with Bain anymore and trying to hold him responsible not only for time when he had no operational role, but also Newt wants to ferret out every Mom and Pop store who could not compete and put those in the Romney jobs lost category. Sounds suspiciously like the left bitching about a new Wal-Mart coming to town. If that is the criteria, then the stores that closed for a holiday weekend should have stayed open so Tom Stemberg could have gotten his printer ribbon when he needed it and then he would not have gotten the idea for a big box office supply and he wouldn't have sought out Mitt Romney to help him fund this new idea.


Grrr! I just want to be pres so bad I CAN TASTE IT!! I'LL EVEN THROW THE FREE MARKET UNDER THE BUS!


Correction: Stemberg used the term a "grocery store of office supplies," not big box.


If that's so, Sara, then I'm wrong. I haven't been paying attention, it's true. I just keep seeing everyone's ideas about what Mitt should say and no one's linking/quoting what he actually has said. Do you have any links to strong defenses?


Mitt has great hair. Gray Barry...not so much.

1%'r: 1, 0%'r: 0


Global Warming Update:

Bering Sea storm freezes wings of some sea birds, bald eagles:

"a Dutch Harbor storm spat so much sleet that ice-glazed seabirds couldn't take off and bald eagles cracked as they spread their wings for a frigid, labored flight"

In other news the ADN finally states the obvious:

"Heavy snow is falling in Anchorage today, adding to what already has been the snowiest period for the city since records have been kept."

Danube of Thought

Perhaps I should begin two-a-days starting bright and early tomorrow:

"According to a national telephone survey conducted by Poll Position, 43 percent of people believe that 'divine intervention' is responsible for his success compared to 42 percent of people surveyed who think that God has nothing to do with Tebow winning."


I must confess I was utterly wrong about Newt being a strong campaigner but a poor office holder.
He's regressed to the point he can't even hold it together long enough to get halfway through a campaign without cracking up.


Newt has shown himself to be such a petty, small-minded man, at this point I would happily vote for Ron Paul over him. What gets me is that it was Ron Paul who was blasting Newt with ads the most, but he doesn't seem to care about those ads. And, he seems to really have his panties in a wad over the use of the term fine, when the $300,000 was called a penalty, another term he doesn't accept, as he calls it a "reimbursement." I went back and looked and from what I can tell, the media at the time were all calling it a penalty.

Someone should explain the first rule of holes to Newt.

Rick Ballard

"He looks weak."


There is a possibility that Governor Romney's strategy and tactics regarding an issue which he has faced since his defeat by Ted Kennedy eighteen years ago are predicated upon drawing the issue out until MEGO strikes the Fuddle to the point where they are unable to feel anything about it.

Just because you and I are perched on the edge of our chairs in anticipation of hearing the societal benefits to be derived from the tax treatment given carried interest does not mean that it is a topic of great import in barbershops and hair salons across the country.

We can all draw comfort by spending time reading Governor Romney's plans for his First Day In Office as we await discovery of the anchorage where Bain's customers moor their yachts.


daddy, has Algore been hanging around up there lately?


Do you have any links to strong defenses?

Start with the Fortune link that TM posted. I was posting links, but was told to stop being a Romney cheerleader, so that was a few nights ago.

In NH, I tried to catch all the candidates as they made the rounds of campaign events on CSPAN so I could hear them without a filter.

Drudge has had highlighted several articles today as has Daily Caller. MittRomneyCentral.com does a pretty good job of compiling Romney material and videos.

Jim Ryan

NEWT: ...which is why I'm announcing tonight that my running mate will be former Vice President Algore. Although ours is a new party just formed this summer, we intend to make a difference and win the election this November. It's time for real change in....



The way you put it, it almost sounds good. So soporific.


I love you (metaphorically speaking, of course), Rick Ballard.

Narciso, being quite humorous as he is wont to do from time to time, told me the other day, "Resistance is futile..." I mused over it, wrestled with it mentally and emotionally, and finally came to terms with the idea that Romney can be my Garden Gnome, same as the other about to be has-beens on the campaign trail.

On the plus side, his lovely wife Ann (a nice name, btw!) will be a massive improvement over Her Excellency Michelle Obama.

On the negative side, he is - well, pretty damned flexible on his core principles (marriage and parenthood, excluded).

So...time to get passionate about doing what we can to establish that "bulwark" in Congress - where the real progress can be made.

ching, ching!


Newt my Jane Fonda.

Jim Ryan

Having trouble getting mad at those marines over in Afghanistan - the ones who would have been tortured to death had they been caught by the totalitarian, mass-murdering enemy. I'll try again after breakfast tomorrow morning.


I think for a moment, and then I remember what their confreres did to Tucker and Menchaca, take my word for it, don't google
the image, and then's it's near beer.


Anyone think Romney is going to be vetoing a Republican Congresses bills?

And just what exactly is going to be Obamas argument against Bain? Didn't Obama fire tons of people when he took over from Bush?

Isn't Obama firing hundreds of thousands of military troops?

Didn't Obama try to put thousands out of jobs in the oil industry by pushing green energy?

Then of course you have Solyndra and rest. The stopped jobs on the oil pipeline.

And Obama admitted he wanted to put all coal miners and coal power plants out of business along with all their employees.

He won't have a leg to stand on.


Obama must be pulling his hair out, what were those Marines thinking. Everyone knows you just throw the bodies into the sea with no chance of pointing them toward Mecca...


Not to mention the ban on drilling in the Gulf...


From all the cheer leading of the economy one can hear on CNBC and how things are turning around Gary Schilling has a different take.


Sir Lawrence of Arabia used to publicly bury insurgents in pig skin. It was quite effective in restoring order. I would agree to substitute this minor change for the very sincerely felt need of the jarheads to piss on these loser.


Columbia, South Carolina (CNN)One of Rick Perry’s leading financial supporters in South Carolina is defecting to Mitt Romney – and he told CNN Thursday that Perry’s sharp criticisms of Romney as a “vulture capitalist” were the main factor in his decision.

Both Perry and Newt Gingrich recently began hammering Romney as a predatory capitalist who looted companies and fired workers when he was running the private equity firm Bain Capital in the 1980s and 1990s.

Barry Wynn, the former chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party and a financial adviser in Spartanburg, said the escalating rhetoric about Romney’s business background is “destructive.”

“It’s just a dance I didn’t want to be a part of,” Wynn said in an interview, explaining his decision to leave Perry’s campaign.

Wynn, along with a handful of other previously neutral South Carolina moneymen, will publicly endorse Romney on Thursday.

“This latest attack, it’s so foreign to me, I couldn’t see myself being a part of that,” he explained. “I don’t think you can be on both sides of free market capitalism. A big part of me being a Republican for the last 40 years is that I think it’s the best hope to protect free market capitalism, the growth engine of our economy.”



I'm disappointed in the way Romney has answered these attacks. I haven't seen the "strong defense" Sara refers to. Newt and Perry's attacks on the free market have permanently alienated me from those two,but I see no evidence of "hitting back hard". So much of it seems like a lost opportunity.

That doesn't mean it won't happen, but I have not seen it happen yet, and I am paying attention.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

Newt was (maybe) a fair to middling professor, and a one time great idea man. I think my fellow Georgian Stephanie will agree with me that he has always been an asshole. His campaign is reverting to form. His rationalizations excusing the scurrilous stuff being promulgated in his support are almost Obamalike.

He is just fouling the pool for whoever the GOP nominates. I hope this is the end of Gingrich as a national figure.

Danube of Thought

Please do not expect to see an NBC News story, "Romney explains the benefits of having a free market in corporate ownership." No matter what he says on the subject, it won't be presented by the Usual Suspects.

Newt is a pathetic, unprinipled and corpulent creature from The Fnork. Away with him!

Rick Ballard


Schilling hit the precise points I've been looking at over the past week. Additionally, the report I cite from Controller Chiang every month confirms the drag from the Blue Hell of California on the entire economy.

For those unwilling to listen - Schiller cites the drop in the savings rate coupled with the consumer credit bump in November plus late November purchases having sapped December retail numbers and notes that excellent corporate earnings are not transfering to greatly increased CapEx numbers due to anxiety arising from uncertainty due to possible additional regulatory moves by the Kendonesian commie.

His prediction? Recession.

One additional possibility which I have noted is that a portion of the draw down in retail money invested in the market is due to the money being used to buy bacon and beans for those who have lost their UE bennies.

Eating seed corn goes in the ungood column.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Mitt Romney’s done defending his Bain Capital record. He’s going on offense.

The former Massachusetts governor arrived here Wednesday fresh off his New Hampshire primary win armed with a new plan for a multi-pronged response to the Republican rivals who’ve been bashing his private equity past. Campaign advisers are polishing new messaging, tailored to rebut Republican and Democratic attacks separately. They’re cueing up new commercials.

And they’re rolling out a more aggressive approach from the candidate himself, even as the candidates who’d been waging the Bain battle appeared to be retreating from the rhetoric on Wednesday.


They’ll start with advertisements featuring employees of companies started and rescued by Bain telling their stories — a direct response to the documentary released by the pro-Newt Gingrich super PAC that features employees of four companies closed by Bain that brutally slams Romney as a job killer. That documentary is set to be parceled out into shorter commercials that will air in South Carolina with a $3.4 million ad buy.

Romney adviser Kevin Madden said they’re confident they’ll quash those attacks with their new rebuttal.

“For every scare story that they try to present related to the governor’s experience in the private sector and free enterprise,” Madden said, “we can point to a whole host of successful enterprises that have resulted in job creation and wealth and prosperity.”

Continued here

Melinda Romanoff

Until Romney brings up Schumpeter's ideas, it will be lost on the multitudes. Especially if he muffs the natural lesson, "Mistakes make us better." It wraps the whole campaign for him.

I think he's been shied off of the economics by the consultants.

Simple logic, simple sell.

Somebody e-mail that to him, please, thank you.


Yes, Romney has begun an aggressive defense/counterattack. The point (as Rick has said effectively) is that it's taken him a while as though he wasn't expecting it, even though it was entirely predictable. In the end I think he'll come out ahead on it, but the lack of preparation is troubling. The attacks are only going to get more extreme if and when he gets the nomination and Axelrod goes full speed ahead.

Melinda Romanoff

Thanks, Sara!

That was easy!

Melinda Romanoff


Who do you think took out Cain and promoted Paul?



I think educational institutions inculcating the memes thar rse has outlined, for the Inner Party , through the likes of the Times, and prole feed like Donahue and Oprah, (recall
this was one of the venues where 'Red Liz'
did her handiwork, did a fair amount of undermining the basis for a free society. Those are almost entirely extant, in Europe,
but they are on life support here,


Good advice from Instapundit:

If I were Romney, I’d highlight one company per week that government regulations have either forced overseas or out of business.

I’d start with Gibson Guitars.

I’d be downright belligerent about the administration working hard to kill jobs.

Second, the Keystone Pipeline project.

We could do one a week and never run out of examples. Force the administration to defend their actions.


I am by no means an expert, but I do have experience with a national campaign back in the Bush/Quayle vs Dukakis race. I am proud to say that our hard work paid off and we turned the 2nd bluest state into a win for the (R) to everyone's shock, and it was shock. Not to us, but Peter Jennings nearly choked on his tongue when it was called for GHWB. The National Campaign gave us nothing. We couldn't even get the candidate to come, although Quayle came for about 2 hours.

What I learned though is that the Advance Teams go in a week or two early and make sure all the venues are set and secure. Then you have to deal with the Secret Service rules and logistics. Then the Campaign has to change direction on a dime when going from, say, a state like New Hampshire or Massachusetts to a Southern State like South Carolina. The campaign tries to tailor its message to the electorate in the various states.

Well organized campaigns plan things to the nth degree and stick to a schedule of both time and message.

I don't know what Romney's campaign is doing, but everyone says it is the best organized so I bet they had all these responses in the can waiting to go against Obama. But sometimes things happen and you have to be flexible. We certainly never thought the Willy Horton ad was racist, but then his victims were our constituents and we had a vested interest on their behalf to come up with messages that addressed the charges being leveled. I don't think even a good campaign, as Romney's appears to be, could anticipate Newt going bonkers the way he has.

So now they are preparing to roll out new ads addressing the issue for Republicans. The candidate also has additional messages he'll be giving that he probably didn't think he would need until after November.

Anyway that is my take.


Who do you think took out Cain and promoted Paul?

Mel, the Cain assault seemed to have Axelrod written all over it. I don't see him promoting Paul, but I defer to your knowledge of the Chicago school of politics.

Melinda Romanoff


No, no, no.

Do 'em bulk. Doing it individually gives them the opportunity to Alinsky it.

Besides, you need to understand exactly how they think, when it comes to bidness.

(I posted this earlier but Jeff just nails it.)

Danube of Thought

Geraghty (please insert "Fnork" for "Establishment" where appearig):

"If I follow the thinking of those who insist that somehow 'the Establishment' is making Mitt Romney the Republican nominee this year . . .

"The conservative base vastly outnumbers the so-called 'Establishment.'

"The vision of the conservative base is much more appealing to the country at large than the vision, or lack thereof, of the 'Establishment.''

"But for some reason, the ''Establishment' usually wins.

"Some of this could be chalked up to the conservative base splitting its support among several candidates. In comments, the candidates who are most often touted as the ''rue conservative'' are Rick Perry1, Newt Gingrich2, and Rick Santorum3. For example, in Iowa, Santorum, Gingrich, and Perry amounted to 48.1 percent of the vote."


The odd thing we many could see the strings and yet they fell for the agitprop;



Thanks, Rick Ballard, for you 10:01 PM comment and further explanation.

One retail analyst commented earlier today that margins on goods sold during the Holidays may not be that shiny what with having to push a bunch of stuff out the door.

Rick Ballard

Why should Governor Romney play trump cards now? He's cracked through the 25% barrier and is doing well. There is no need to expose his hand against Obama at ten months out.

I agree with Schilling's prognosis - recession and an 800 S&P500 are, IMO, more probable than not. Housing hasn't stopped sliding although the rate of decline has ameliorated. If the market tanks, then revulsion about Wall Street is going to run neck and neck with revulsion against BOzo.

That's the point at which Governor Romney would want to lay out the case regarding BOzo being the cause and the markets being a simple reflection of his incompetence.

Melinda Romanoff


With what logistics companies are turning out as far as performance for various companies, I am not in the least bit surprised. Think of it this way, The Gap's inventory control is monitored centrally, but kept in flow by FedEx and UPS. NO warehousing anymore. Walmart pioneered it by scanning sales data directly to the manufacturer so that the item sold's replacement would be in the pipeline that minute.

Massive savings to companies. I could go into the intricacies of lack of demand and global trade to prove it, but I think I'd just make your eyes roll back in your head before you fell in revulsion.

So cool.


Actually I agree with both you and Mel. Great idea to highlight government interference and Gibson is a perfect example. I agree with Mel that there are only a few days left in South Carolina before they vote, so they better get as much out there as they can and in a hurry. Ad buys were settled long ago in Florida, so I don't know if they have room there either as the primary comes in a couple of weeks.


Funny you should say that about oprah narciso. She showed up on a website with some quotes I had never seen before. She's not the point but clearly there are radicals who feel she has their back. I was chasing something else and all the others tied in with already existing info so I suspect there's more than smoke there. I can't chase it all down. If it would be distracting and inflammatory, I usually have to come across it unintentionally about 4 times before deciding I must address.

Jim- Every Georgian I know knew Newt would do this. Most were worried he would do it after securing delegates so the mess would be greater. At this point I think some of the pique is he ran to keep his profile and speaking fee income up. He then thought he had a chance. This kicked in that famous ego. Listening to him yesterday talking about how he was for capitalism as long as it was fair. He wanted everyone to have an equal opportunity.

It takes a highly intrusive government to give everyone an equal opportunity. So large that the available opportunities will be quite pitiful unless you get a govt or crony sinecure.

Melinda Romanoff


The only thing that gives everyone an equal opportunity is a book of matches.


Daddy: Now that the governor of Tennessee has endorsed Romney, I'd bet we'll see a whole lot of references to Gibson when the candidate gets to that state.


Bah, I can quit anytime.

Addicted! Scientists show how internet dependency alters the human brain.

Melinda Romanoff


Do Not Miss My Last Link.


Hope so Sara.

I don't much care about the Fender vote, but if Mitt can capture the Gibson vote I think he's got a chance.


Actually Newt's rather public face has been to steer more right than left, albeit with some idiosyncracies. He does think himself to clever by half, which is how he gets himself in messes like the AGW mess and Fannie and Freddie


How do the Vets here feel about this?

Obama has decided not to bestow the Purple Heart upon the wounded and the fallen at the FT. Hood Massacre


It reminds me of Tacitus:(


the Bain fiasco was like an episode of the roadrunner .. Romney beep beeps ahead and the Perry/Newt bomb intended for Romney explodes on them


I don't know that there's anything to it, but supposedly there are some fairly shady goings on wth Bains accounts. Like Caymen Island accounts, and some such. I don't think Romney really wants this dug up.


I didn't click the link. Did Newt say why Romney speaks French? his Mormon missionary stint was in France, was it not?


((I don't think Romney really wants this dug up.))

well I hope it is "dug up" to either convict or exonerate him.


Romney hasn't had any operational role at Bain for 13 years. I have a hard time thinking Romney would do anything shady or dishonest or that if he did, it wouldn't have come out years ago. But by all means, rumor away.



I really enjoyed that post from Carter but the crony capitalist vision was going to be pushed by whichever Dem won. The Clintons would not have been as overtly aggressive but this is the intl game right now. Perhaps the Chicago background is what made Soros certain BO would take it to the mat. The problem is he has also stirred up the Tea Party and allowed some of us to ferret out intentions and gameplans that were put in place over the last several decades. This stuff is well hidden and broken into pieces and euphemistically named but it's just as unambiguous as can be once it starts coming together. The planners know it cannot withstand sunlight. They have said so right before laying it out. This is really going to be an ugly election. The intl political class had such great plans for us and BO was supposed to bring it to fruition. Not turn searchlights on its innerworkings.


interesting little tidbit on Drudge about Obama being fed up about being photographed with the troops in Baghdad, and how different his offstage persona is from onstage.


"Having trouble getting mad at those marines over in Afghanistan - the ones who would have been tortured to death had they been caught by the totalitarian, mass-murdering enemy. I'll try again after breakfast tomorrow morning."

Good luck. I quit. Big deal.


((Bah, I can quit anytime.))



Sara, you can think what you want about Bain, but the MSM is sandbagging the issue. This will come back, and it won't be pretty.

He does think himself to clever by half, which is how he gets himself in messes like the AGW mess and Fannie and Freddie


Like Rush's parody of John McCain says, "Don't forget global warming."


Yes, that's Hastings, and I'm trying to figure out what his angle is, Maybe I'm just too cynical because of his previous efforts against McChrystal

Frau Schneeschaufel

Words fail me, Mel, after reading your link. How sad for Chicago and *tragic* for the rest of the state that must feed the beast.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

IIANM, while Romney was running Bain, the Bamster was working with Bill Ayers for that leftie non-profit foundation for the purpose of indoctrinating the educational establishment in Chicago with as many leftie ideas they could cram into the curriculum.

I hope a PAC is producing a compare and contrast video presentation to unload at the first sign of the inevitable Barack attack.


I love you (metaphorically speaking, of course)

You watched tonight's episode of "The Finder," I take it.

But we all know what love really is:

Love is turning a pickup into a pirate ship.


((That's the point at which Governor Romney would want to lay out the case regarding BOzo being the cause and the markets being a simple reflection of his incompetence.))

by the opposite token, if the markets take off in 2012, which some a predicting, it can be attributed to the optimistic and hopeful expectation that adults will soon be in the driver's seat

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