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January 23, 2012



can't wait to hear what Holder says about targeting CIA employees and contractors.


I can only hope they resolve both torture and SOPA at the same time.



Something to think about...Newt is surging because people want him to debate Obama. Obama will decide he doesn't have time for debates and Newt will not get to debate Obama.


That is pretty much a given, Sue.


TK, I'd suggest recordings of our little angels' third-grade violin 'recital' as a SOPA work-around, but that might be a bit too cruel.

Seriously, twelve renditions of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in different keys and emphasizing slightly different techniques, each with a solo. Really?


Well if they use ABBA, they might have a shred of an argument,



According to something I read, can't put my fingers on it again, there are already plans and planning deep in the details for three debates. I think the league of wymen voters was mentioned but it appears the machinations have been underway for quite a while. I don't think the muddle will buy any argument that leaves zero debates.

Might be interesting if Newt were to start carrying around a putter and start asking it questions at every campaign stop if Obama were to try it though.


Speaking of National Security Credentials, Rand Paul was detained by the TSA while Congress is in Session. LUN.

Just slightly against the law...


The daily Beast says: "Further, administration officials contend, Awlaki was covered under the congressional grant of authority to wage war against al Qaeda in the wake of 9/11." I mentioned several weeks ago that if the Obamaniacs are killing Iranian nuke scientists, the 9/11 resolution would be a legal basis for the POTUS 'finding'. Well Well-- here we are learning that the 9/11 resolution is a legal basis for the POTUS Finding to kill US citizens. Amazing the moral and legal -- ehr-- flexibility 'Bam and Holder have. And when I point this out to my lib NYC friends?-- they are outraged-- and they'll still vote for 'Bam.


I don't think the muddle will buy any argument that leaves zero debates.

Yeah, but the LWV and their ilk will rig the format to favor Barry unless they're forcibly prevented from doing so.


Anthony Watts was the next best thing after “ATTACK WATCH”

Meteorologist Watch ... [email protected]

clarice feldman

I love you, TM, Who can make me laugh more than you, hit and bgates?


Yeah, if he tried to weasel out it would hurt him more than if he performed badly, I think.


I suspect Newt can figure a way around any crap they try to come up with to rig the debates. Besides he's doing just fine now with their thumbs on the scales. What are they gonna do get conservatives on the panel so Newt can't attack the media?

BTW Prof Jacobson at Legal Insurrection has some excellent reportage on the Upgraded Mittbot v2.0. I'd link but it's a PITA on an iPhone Must reads, though.


Is this it,



Here's that link Stephanie:



no one is quicker on the draw than narciso

Jack is Back!

According to Drudge, WH siding with TSA on Rand Paul kerfuffle.


ha ha ha, Porch and Narciso!

So, tonight the four debate (again) with the most biased of news medias (NBC) moderating (along with National Journal and a local reporter).

Tomorrow night is Obummer's SOTU address.

Our team will fire cannon shots at each other tonight instead of Obama?


'And I have only a faint memory of what happened when they poured cold water over my head. Never before had I gone through such hell. I was in such a frenzy they had difficulty in holding me down. What these strange customs mean is beyond me. No, I haven't the strength to endure it any longer! Good God, what are they doing to me ? They're pouring cold water over my head! They don't heed me, see me or listen to me. What have I done to them?'

Frau Ungeduld

Stephanie, would the muddle have any say whatsoever about debates between Pres. Working-my-Rear-off and some impertinent challenger? Let the people complain.

Unless we gather and throw shoes at the man, we won't be heard.


I'm watching the show about werewolves and vampires living in the same house, because
it strains less creduility.

Frau Ungeduld

Attention rse.
With Republican friends like this...
"Will Bigham, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
Created: 01/20/2012 11:30:14 AM PST
SACRAMENTO -- The state Senate has unanimously approved legislation that would relabel "low-achieving" schools as "open enrollment" schools. The bill now moves to the state Assembly.

The bill's sponsor, Sen. Bob Huff, R-Diamond Bar, said in a news release that the new terminology would be less judgmental.

"My legislation would find another name for low-achieving schools that is more socially acceptable," Huff said in his Senate Floor presentation, according to the news release. "The original legislation was never designed to create a stigma for these low-performing schools, but unfortunately that's what it has become."

Less judgmental Republicans. That's the ticket! Let's ride that to victory.


Yes thanks guys. The prof has been doing excellent work on the kerfuffle.

Personally I think if Mitt doesn't win Florida he's on the elevator down. Not sure if it's the express or local though.

The inevitable candidate in 08 lasted well past what most would consider a viable sell by date.


A good decision, haven't checked what the usual suspects said about it;


Jack is Back!


Debate is in Jacksonville at University of North Florida. No more tickets available. Jacksonville is the 2nd largest city in Georgia (inside joke only Stephanie would get). It is Newt country but there are some well known Ronulans that roam the edges of Duval County.

If Romney, Santorum and the media believe this will friendly territory for them - it ain't. More of what we left in SC.

Frau Ungeduld

"Personally I think if Mitt doesn't win Florida... "

Arghhhhh...what happens to those of us waiting in the great wasteland to have a say? Is the way we got "Our Good Friend" McCain?


You should live in Texas, Frau Ungeduld. We may never get to vote.

Frau Ungeduld

You're making my case for me @ 2:09.


((Stephanie, would the muddle have any say whatsoever about debates between Pres. Working-my-Rear-off and some impertinent challenger? Let the people complain.))

Yes at the ballot box. Plus I doubt Newt running from campaign stop to campaign stop with The stage set with two podiums, one with a golf putter and Newt behind the other would make very good optics for Prez Putt. Plus just one golf game or holiday trip would destroy that premise of " too busy to debate ". How chafed do you think King Putt or Moochelle would be if their cage becomes more confining? He'll get even more petulant and she will get even angrier. What are the optics gonna look like on that? Two narcissists? One of them would surely go off prompter and whine.


Sorry Frau just calling it with the way the battlefield is currently configured. Personally I think the republicans should have one super Tuesday where all states vote at the same time and no more of this silly caucus crap. Pair the field and have a final runoff and be done with it.

Captain Hate

Less judgmental Republicans. That's the ticket! Let's ride that to victory.

What a complete embarrassment by a pandering a-hole. Here are my "less judgemental" suggestions:

1. Flunk out factories
2. Future Wards of the State R Us
3. Daycare for Dummies
4. Don't Know Much About Anything
5. Failure Starts Here
6. I Heart Ayers
7. We Keep Tutors Employed
8. You Spend All That Tax Money and Don't Even Get a Crummy Tee Shirt.
9. Home of Low Expectations
10. If it Doesn't Work Keep Doing It


Lol JiB. And don't forget the military presence there as well. Dang I wish I could make a quick trip and score some tix. I could use some Singleton's or some Slider's seafood.


I don't really agree with Jacobson's defense of Newt's Bain attack (linked within the 1:35/1:36 links). It's Romney's job to defend himself and his industry, but Newt was a sleazebag for taking that particular line of attack, especially with all the OWS/inequality nonsense in the air. What he did was to egg on the media and the Democrats to focus on that rather than Obama's crappy record.

Frau Ungeduld

I know, Stephanie; it seems like I've seen this horror movie before.

In my cracked and cloudy crystal ball, I see the first and only presidential debate will be held in Chicago. Axelturf is smiling as cheers of "Yes, we did!" fill the air.


This is a more substantive argument,



Well ch I was off looking into something and when I cut through the rhetoric I realized that I was looking at a curriculum that had been designed to be equally accessible to those who have no attention span or cannot think well or cannot process print.

And no I am not being facetious.

sbw made a good comment on individuality that I will respond to here rather than on page 6. That's why virtually all curricula now deliberately attack the concept of the individual. It is characterized as the source of oppression and exploitation. Both Global Awareness and Global Competence which sound like you would be well informed on what is going on around the world are actually explicitly code for teaching that the collective has primacy. And the individual has an obligation to defer to the consensus. A big part of education is instilling that belief at a fundamental, emotional level.

Thanks frau. Kids from various backgrounds have different abilities to overcome poor instruction or lack of it so if they are aggregated it can be a low performing school while everything going on in classroom is precisely what is mandated by law. Then the disproportionality gets used to argue for a further diminution in academics.

Kids back in school. Lungs clear. Time for me to finish the opus.


JiB: thanks for the info on the debate city. Looks like team Romney may be going really ugly tonight with terms like tarred and feathered, run out on rail.



Well, bloodletting worked for Newt and its all the rage. I suppose Romney is just late to the procedure.

Arghhhhh...what happens to those of us waiting in the great wasteland to have a say? Is the way we got "Our Good Friend" McCain?


By the time the primaries get around to us, Newt will be sailing toward the nomination (pending any more screw ups), and the Obama's will be planning their White House dinner parties and vacations on Air Force One for the next four years.

Cecil Turner

. . . but Newt was a sleazebag for taking that particular line of attack, especially with all the OWS/inequality nonsense in the air.

I might agree, if he'd picked that out of thin air. But it was in response to Mitt's prior sleazy demand he return consulting fees. And, as the LI piece points out, Mitt's at it again:

Romney is back to what started it all, the demand that Newt give back the money he lawfully earned through consulting with Freddie Mac
Which both excuses a certain amount of Gingrich's response, and raises serious questions about the shape of Romney's learning curve (like, flat?).

Eric Eikenberry

Re: Low-achieving schools in CA... My wife works at one, as a teacher held in high regard. The kids receive excellent instruction, as mandated to a "T" by the "No Child Left Behind Act". What they lack is competent parenting. My oldest child goes to the same school, receives the same instruction, though she doesn't sit in my wife's classroom, and while only in the 2nd grade, is reading at the 3rd grade level and beyond. She isn't what I could call an "overachiever", but she is supported and loved and encouraged at home to do her best. A certain percentage of the parents in this district do not assist their children in this way yet, and this number is directly reflected in the percentage of kids who underperform when compared to their peers. This is not conjecture. This is observed fact.

NCLB law has, however, created a massive new workload on teachers, who in this district receive no aide time or assistance. Legally, according to CA's own State employment laws, teachers in this district are not even allowed the mandated number of breaks during their workday. My wife often does reports until 8 or 9 PM in the evening, when her time could be better spent with our own kids.

Because of these stupid laws, she no longer wants to teach. NCLB has destroyed her love of helping her students learn. Now there is only bitterness and blame when a child is "low-achieving" in the classroom, even in cases where the parent (often times singular) or grandparent (in the case of incarcerated parents) refuses to come in and meet with the teacher or principal during the school year. Very few children are ever retained, even when they deserve to be. Parents are never held accountable, even though they should be. It is ridiculous that the power of deciding who should pass and who should fail has all but been removed from the very instructors who deal with these children on a daily basis. Disciplinary problems are supposed to be "resolved in the classroom", yet no forms of punishment are allowed to be metted out by teachers. It is now a system of flawed oversight, placing blame on the wrong points, destined to fail simply because it refuses to indict the root causes.

You cannot "mandate" that all children must pass. Only people with a considerably flawed mind could possibly think that you can. The threat has been leveled against my wife's school for two years that the county will come in and "fire everybody" if they fail to meet the absurd targets placed on it. It is a failure of leadership, not of classroom instruction. Failure at the Federal level, the State level, the County level, and at the Principal's office. A failure to confront a degradation in society's morals and to insist upon parents delivering, on their own, a mentally-competent and eager and willing student to the school site each day. Until we hold society accountable, all the laws in the world will be unable to raise school scores.


Until we hold society accountable, all the laws in the world will be unable to raise school scores.


How on earth do we "hold society accountable"?

Conservatives are ridiculed for "confronting a degradation in society's morals" by the very liberals who run schools and complain about NCLB.

At least NCLB puts standards in place for benchmarking. What is the alternative? Substandard achievement with no benchmarking? How is that an improvement? It seems to me that would just let schools and teachers off the hook.

I agree with much of what you say and sympathize with your wife's position. It is heartbreaking to see what's happening. But it's very difficult to see how to fix it.

Captain Hate

Eric nobody said that parents aren't a large part of the problem. It's too bad that every child doesn't have a set of two parents that place a high value on education and make sure they do their homework; but that's just the situation that exists. Things weren't working before NCLB; it's not like it sprung up for no good reason. I yanked one of my children out of the public school system because I wasn't satisfied by the education she was receiving; and teachers were a significant part of that problem.


((...Chicago. Axelturf is smiling as cheers of "Yes, we did!" fill the air.

their campaign theme will be "Why We Couldn't" (Bush, evil Republicans, Bush, etc. etc. etc.)


"According to Drudge, WH siding with TSA on Rand Paul kerfuffle. "

Who expected them not to side with TSA?


IMHO it was in part schools relaxing their standards that produced such lousy results in the parents. Once upon a time parents feared their kids being expelled for bad behavior or poor grades; once that threat was taken away (in all but the most egregiouso situations), is it any wonder that parents allowed behavior and learning to slide?

Anytime you lower standards you get a lesser product.

I wonder - if a pilot group of schools took a day-forward approach and began with the kindergarten class. In the first year of the pilot program, the kids/parents are given a set of rules for behavior and achievement, with a list of consequences that includes expulsion for both. There will be no negotiation on those consequences. I wonder if you would see improvement. I bet you would.

But it would be very difficult to get anything approaching a normal distribution of participants and the schools would never allow it anyway. That kind of thing only happens in private and charter schools.

Frau Ungeduld

Eric- It's not new.
I retired from teaching in the 90s and can assure you that what you describe was already in place by then. I was released from the classroom to work for the L.A. County Superintendent's office for teacher and administrator training. After retiring, I did the same on a part-time basis with the San Bernardino County office. What I saw *then* differed from today only in clothing worn and TV programs. Education in California was already in trouble. I did enjoy flights to Sacramento and attending a national conference at Asilomar. Observations in classrooms or staff inservices were not so enjoyable and often embarrassing. Teachers were not always qualified and neither were the administrators.

As local control was relinquished in the name of district funding equality, the state and federal governments moved in to impose more and more requirements. Collective bargaining brought additional burdens and more secrecy about budgets. Money started out in Sacramento. Counties siphoned off a huge chunk--large offices and staff--and then district administrations took their big bites. Administrations grew because the required reports necessitated appropriate people collecting and writing. In 2011, the superintendent for very our small district (one middle school and one high school) received $196,650. California's governor received $173,987 (down from $212,179). That's not a wise distribution of tax money, is it?

I wish we could just teach less and teach better with parental and administrative support. In my college town, we could not retain a child if the parents did not give permission. That did not serve the child's interests at all, but as with discipline, teachers could not prevail in most cases. Standards do serve a purpose for children and teachers alike.


rse, I'm smoothing the rough edges on about eight pages whose working title is "Schooling that matters". It begins:

If education were successful, we’d have been more successful.

“What is the greater problem in the world today,” a teacher asked, “ignorance or apathy?” A voice in the class answered, “I don’t know and I don’t care.”

Kids know schools don’t meet their needs but they can’t escape the classroom. The rest of us are out of the classroom but can’t escape the problem that is so big it colored how the 20th century failed to live up to its potential.

The 20th century seemed to advance except where it mattered. Incredible advances occurred in the sciences--chemistry, physics, biology, psychology, geology, and archeology, engineering, electronics, set and graph theory, gaming, and computation. But socially, we deal with each other much the same as we have for a hundred years: unable to explain when or why a culture becomes destructive.

Education in everything but what is needed. ...


((...Romney may be going really ugly tonight with terms like tarred and feathered, run out on rail.


it is sad imo. Did he not notice that Newt's personal attacks on his Bain experience garnered sympathy for himself? did he not notice that Newt's surge was commensurate with attacking the left?


Last comment on this - my third grader goes to a well-regarded public school and the majority of the parents in the classroom are highly involved. In other words an ideal situation for a public school teacher. My daughter, who did fine in math last year according to her grades, was determined to be behind in her first evaluation of the school year (meaning she somehow fell behind over the summer. Hmm.). We are told we are not drilling her enough in her multiplication tables.

When did it become a parent's job to teach their kid multiplication tables? When I was a kid in the classroom we drilled on this stuff for hours. Did the smart kids get bored? Yes. (I was one of them.) But the point was you have to bring everybody up to speed. That is the teacher's job. Not the parents'.

Her teacher is very smart, incidentally, but she's never taught third grade before and (surprise) she learned more about pedagogy in her recently-acquired degree than she did about actually teaching math to kids. How do you blame parents for that?


Romney should hire JOM as his campaign manager.

Frau Ungeduld

Sheesh! Attack Obama! He's the target.

Rick Ballard


There were no grossly apparent product defects in the Edsel. Ford ran a huge PR campaign and pushed on even when it became apparent that the public was resisting very strongly because they knew it was a good car.

Changing campaign managers won't change MittBrand any more than Ford "changed" the Edsel with a marketing plan revamp or Coke convinced folks that New Coke was worth more than one try.

There is absolutely nothing intrinsically "wrong" with Governor Romney, his negatives are very low and because of that he appears "most electable" - just like there was nothing really "wrong" with the Edsel or New Coke.

I wish there were a bit more speculation concerning the reason why Team BOzo has been salivating at the chance to run against Governor Romney. It ain't because he scares them.

Frau Ungeduld

"When did it become a parent's job to teach their kid multiplication tables? When I was a kid in the classroom we drilled on this stuff for hours. Did the smart kids get bored? Yes. (I was one of them.) But the point was you have to bring everybody up to speed."

Just so, Porch. If a kid is bored, it's because he or she lacks or hasn't developed the imagination to be creative during those moments. Do I hear Chaco in the background?

A Casual Observation

Two more months of Barack and Michelle and billboards will be springing up all over the country with Jimmy and Rosalynn smiling sweetly and asking, "Miss us yet?"

Frau Ungeduld

"Re-evaluating Germany's blind faith in the sun"
Der Spiegel reports to its Dummkopf readers that the government subsidies for solar are killers.

DJ (for Sara)

Media Myth Debunked: 21% of GDP and 11% of Private Sector Jobs Come From Venture Capital

Check out the laundry list at the end.

(posting for my Mom)

DJ (for Sara)

Cross posted from end of last night:

My Mom is out of recovery, back in her room, awake, alert, and says the pain is not too bad. She just read through this thread. I watched her machine that keeps track of her pulse & blood pressure and made her stop when it went from 60 to 130. She is chomping at the bit, but needs to figure out how to type with only 1 hand.

She is up moving around awkwardly, will go to the 1st physical therapy late today and thinks she should be able to go home tonight, but nurses say she will be here at least 2 days. They don't know my Mom, when she is determined.

She is telling me to tell Stephanie that Bio Mom said she got what she posted from an NRO Tweet.

I don't know any of you, you don't know me. I was a Perry supporter and I like Newt too because I often engage my mouth before my brain like he does, but I see no way he can win in the end. I am involved with the Tea Party and I just have one thought to leave, remember Dede Scozzafava and Newt's betrayal of the Tea Party, while he was busy playing on the couch with Pelosi, supporting Glowbull Warming. He can't even decide what religion he is, going from Lutheran to Baptist and now Catholic.

Mom says shut up, so I'm outta here.



I hope your mom is doing well.

Frau Ungeduld

Rick, couldn't it be said that Team Epic Fail is salivating to run against any one of the GOP candidates? There's a case to be made in each instance. For every voter who cannot vote for Romney, there is at another one who will never vote for Newt.


DJ, Thank you for being a scribe. Thank your mom for letting you.

And you both come back, yahear?


For every voter who cannot vote for Romney, there is at another one who will never vote for Newt.

Well, then! We're screwed!


Great post DJ! Lots of love to your mom!

DJ (for Sara)



Rick Ballard


I'd say that you have to look at how Governor Romney reacted to a blatantly obvious line of attack and what happened to his tremendous lead in South Carolina in a matter of 10 days.

I understand the theory of low negatives being ever so much nicer than high negatives and I'd like to see the theory applied to that horrid Newt Gingrich with his savage attack on the roots of capitalism as embodied in the strictly meritocratic marvel of Bain Capital.

It seems to me that if a low negative is the sine qua non of elective politics then we should always search for the best looking fence post in the yard. Not disliking someone is just not equivalent to liking, let alone supporting, them.

clarice feldman

I spent most of my time in elementary school daydreaming, actually.


One of the problems with NCLB that doesn't get talked about a lot is that it is progressive and at the end of the process the rules are that if even ONE child fails then the principal loses his job. So you have a kid who is in the process of dying of cancer and he shows up for the ACT and gets a score below 16. You have a kid who is in the process of developing schizophrenia, who has an acute psychotic event in the middle of the test.

The incentives are clear if you are a principal -- any kid who you know is going to do badly on the test, you expel. Or you lose your job.

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