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January 19, 2012



It wasn't milli vannili? Or something like that?

Melinda Romanoff


Put down the bowling balls.


Santorum suggests we create jobs by creating jobs.

Melinda Romanoff



Ron Paul wants to help the military. Get home, get help!

Cut budget!!!


Vets deserve help if they are sick. Paul sounds genuine.


Santorum has a flashback to a war he was not in.


I just wondered TK. The whole episode is double entendre sex stuff and then you mentioned Newt's staff got a standing ovation.

Coincidence ?


Santorum wants the prez to cut money out of social programs so there IS money to start social programs for vets


A little more on the pincer movement, ala
'Dog eat Dog' here and abroad;



I call it as I see it, steph


Newt has a great idea, he says


HB, Maryrose!


Can ocare be stopped?

Romney wants to repeal.

Some cheers

Plans to introduce his own health bill.

Jim Ryan

I don't think that's a haiku, TK.


Well, my wife just put an end to this.

Sorry, I couldn't keep the pace up like the pros.

Melinda Romanoff


The PR push has been relentless in the DU for months. I got caught out of the blue by a socialist friend that if they went through with this, the turning point for the planet was just five years away. And he put his palm in my face to show the natural relation between five and "stop".

Equal logic.

He really didn't like it when I went into both the engineering and the inevitable sales to China, environmental steward, after reviewing the "scientific study" he forwarded. He accused me of mocking him.

I was.


Sorry Jim.

Candidates fall forward

Breaking open

Revealing the fools within

Frau Genug-ist-genug

Tonight, Mitt Romney is my Calvin Coolidge.

Frau Genug-ist-genug

And he isn't silent!


WOw! I thought it started at 9. BUMMER!


Santorum is pointing out the elephant in the room, now before the Court.


I'm missing most of it thanks to daughter's homework. But the crowd seems to love Newt.

Jack is Back!

Actually the bgates parody lyrics should go like this:

B -A -R (you better off now)

A - C -K (O, KO, Newt make me wanta go home)

O - B - A - M - A (as in amatuer)

See you next week!

Jim Miller

"Newt has a great idea, he says"

Life is full of little surprises, isn't it?

Who would have expected that?

Frau Genug-ist-genug

Obama is *not* going to debate more than one time, and it won't be on Fox News. As I remember, Hillary! wiped up the floor with Oh-Boy. At one debate, he puffed up his lower lip and remained wounded and wordless. The times when he soared were on the stump with his teleprompter. He will avoid debates.

It seems his class is being indoctrinated in the anti-Walmart meme
One of my high-school friends tried to explain this to me. Something about how the company treats the employees well (gives them lots of responsibility) and pays better than other retailers, and so that "sabotages" the unionization campaign.
Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

He will avoid debates.

Time for the old empty chair trick.


Jimmyk: I think this from 2008 is pretty accurate about Reagan and abortion. Much like I recall from watching it all unfold at the time when he was my Governor.

How you can say Romney's position is worse, I don't see Romney had the same problem as Reagan, fighting a dem legislature and often having his vetoes overturned and trying to come up with compromises that everyone could live with.

But Reagan, even after he had immersed himself in the issue and had changed his mind, still signed a very liberal abortion law. That he was repentant later and acknowledged he never envisioned doctors allowing abortions because a pregnant woman was just all stressed out, I can understand. None of us back then envisioned the abortion of 50+ million precious lives. But to say Romney was worse, when he was following a law he had nothing to do with passing as opposed to Reagan signing a law that allowed abortions, when Romney refused to sign a bill furthering the murder of embryos, gives it Romney in my book. I applaud Reagan that once he finally really got it, he was very outspoken.


NEW THREAD!!!!!!!!


Sara in Jan 2012:

Jimmyk: I think this from 2008 is pretty accurate about Reagan and abortion. Much like I recall from watching it all unfold at the time when he was my Governor.

Sara in Nov 2011:

We liked Reagan because he brought pride back to military service, but I don't recall ever paying much attention to his other positions and we lived under his Calif. governorship as well. I have no memory of that time at all as far as politics was concerned.

Trying to resist a flip-flopping joke here. :)


Probably I'm commenting on a dead thread, but I was just reading JiB's description of the sort of indirect jobs you would get from a pipeline. As another data point, I'll throw out there that the girl scouts in the Dakotas (where they are having an oil boom) sold 40% more girl scout cookies last year over the year before.


((If capital gains and other investment income didn’t receive special treatment, we’d be getting substantially more revenue.))

...and retirees who rely on their investments to provide them with income would net substantially less, while the government takes their money to fritter away on extravagant boondoggles and luxurious perqs for the political class

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