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January 04, 2012


Charlie (Colorado)

If you always predict both some event, and its opposite, it's easy to have a lot of successes.


Krugman gets it in the neck again, only three posts after the last. I love it.
The question must be asked; if TM can cure years of Krugman's self back patting induced bursitis in a matter of minutes can a trip to Stockholm to pick up his Nobel be far behind?


Krugman is an award-winning PROFESSOR, you stupid wingnutz!


--in particular, we're going to have to start selling goods and services, not just I.O.U.'s, to the rest of the world--

Somehow though, the solution to our problems now is selling IOUs to the rest of the world, but only if Barry does it.

Incidentally I didn't know too many real estate pros who had been at it for awhile who didn't see the writing on the wall in '04, '05 and '06. The buyers and sellers might have thought it would last forever but the experienced facilitators I knew certainly didn't. Does that make them laureates too?


Does that make them laureates too?

Do their wives write columns under their bylines in an ultra-prog fishwrap?

There's your answer.

Comanche Voter

Tough call? Not really. Krugman is a hack, was, is and always will be.

His fellow hack Tom Friedman is also an interesting case. If you read Friedman long enough you will find that, at different times he has said "A" is "A" and also that "A" is "Not A". But the comforting thing about Friedman is that, no matter where you are in the circle of opinions on any given issue, Friedman will always ride by and settle in at your position--for a while. But it's just a one night stand, because has to go visit the other 359 degrees as he rides on.


Recall update: Dems still think they'll get enough signatures to recall Walker, but will fall below the 1 million needed to get much national help. Recall organizers appealed the Waukesha ruling keeping them out of the Rep suit to have the GAB actually check for valid signatures (the appeal was filed in Dane County/Madison).

Lots of pro Walkers ads starting to appear. Club for Growth is buying billboard space in Milwaukee to thank Barrett for holding down taxes by using Walker's reforms. The union effort to stop Barrett from running failed, thus a primary will be needed to get a challenger to Walker.

A big thankyou to Indiana, by going for Right to Work they will suck all the union attention to the new ground zero. Mel, give the caravan an appropriate "wave" as they speed past.

The recall of Fitzgerald looks likely to fail to get enough signatures. The recall of Waangard claims they have enough signatures now. The other two Senate recalls are somewhere in-between.

Petitions are due in 9 days.

John Thacker

His housing explanation is not that bad, and is largely borne out in the data offered by, say, Ed Glaeser at Harvard. What both of you are missing (and Glaeser to some extent) is that in addition to the eventual willingness to let homes be built, another important factor is the length of time in the permitting and zoning (and construction) process. The longer the gap between beginning the process and ending, the much greater chance there is of creating temporary excess supply. The supply of homes is slower to react to both higher and lower prices.

What the other places cited, had done in recent years was adopt growth management regulations that slowed down the process, even though they did allow eventual additional supply.

Not that supply is really to excess now, nor prices low, from any sort of historical scale.

Melinda Romanoff

Do you have any idea how silly you sound regarding excess housing stock?

Go read the list of OREO on any major bank's asset roll, not the Kraft product.


--His housing explanation is not that bad...--

Which one?
You did get the point of the post is that he straddled (again) both sides of an argument in order for him or his acolytes to claim omniscience, right?

--Not that supply is really to excess now...--

There is a great deal of oversupply relative to demand. I would think the price trend of the last several years might give you some indication of that, if nothing else did, like months of inventory, the shadow inventory, number of foreclosures, the years of overbuild to be worked off, etc.


Going after Krugman, is much like this;


Dave (in MA)

The local talk station just played one of their little audio drop-in editorials from O'Reilly during Hannity, and one of the things he spoke about was the overuse of the phrase "at the end of the day". He summed it up with "Note to pundints, please stop."

Note to pundits, there's no such word as "pundint". I notice it used incorrectly more than correctly--it's almost universal.


Speaking of the Tad disingenuous;



Recall update: Dems still think they'll get enough signatures to recall Walker, but will fall below the 1 million needed to get much national help.

What does that mean Henry?


And at the end of the day, here is a search string for O'Reilly:

"at the end of the day" site:whitehouse.gov


Jane, the Wispolitics guy was on the radio this morning and he said that 1 million was the level that would bring in outside cash. Below that the money people would see the recall as a waste of cash needed by Obama, and Dem senate races, because WI would not toss Walker out. Given the IN right to work thing the national unions will be more insistent that recall success is likely before providing ground troops & money.

When the WI Dems get over 540k signatures to recall Walker (likely), but not much more they will be abandoned by the national resources they had in the last recalls (which didn't work either).


Shall we talk about all the shadow inventory of foreclosure which in many markets is causing the market to freeze up? Once again the law of unintended consequences strikes. In trying to "do something" about foreclosures, Zero has managed to make buyers timid, fearing another leg down in pricing, because they can see that sooner or later all those zombie properties will come to market. And instead, nothing trades. Brilliant like a Guiness commercial. Someone should tell that hack from the NYT about cause and effect.

Benjamin Franklin

"If you always predict both some event, and its opposite, it's easy to have a lot of successes."

A near-perfect descriptor of Maguire's hind sight posting.


1 million was the level that would bring in outside cash

Okay I get it.

So walker will be recalled but will win the new election? Is that the prediction?


A good description of Glaeser's work:


The issue is really one of cross-section vs. time-series analysis. In cross-section, places like LA are more expensive because of the cost of the right to build. That holds both pre- and post-bubble.

BTW, Glaeser explicitly says that when you have bubbles in growth-permitting areas, they result in excess quantities of housing. You can have financial problems in either environment--in the growth-permitting areas, you have lots of houses with relatively smaller dollar amounts of underwater-ness, and in the growth-restricting areas you have smaller numbers of wildly underwater houses.


"If you always predict both some event, and its opposite, it's easy to have a lot of successes."

Duke down by 11 with 2 minutes left.

I predict Duke will probably lose but Duke might also pull it out.


Hey, that was easy. Where's my Pulitzer?

Benjamin Franklin

Section 1011 gives the loophole. Talk about Karma for the expanded Exec Powers.


Ass hurt much, Cheney? What comes around, goes around.


Jane, yes. Unless the recall election is scheduled in a way that helps the Dems, or voter ID is put on hold, or many other things floating around the courts. Cautious optimism for now.


Wisconsin from my discussion with the inlaws, is quite and thoroughly sick of the lefties perpetual fighting of the same war over and over again. They are going to reject all these recalls, probably by a much stronger margin than that hag lost to Prosser in the Supreme Court election.

What I think they are failing to understand, is that if you schedule a coup, you damn well better be successful. You will certainly make hard enemies, who will look for ways to return the favor, in spades.


Brilliant move, right up there with the Waxman prove to pressure employers into say
why they oppose Obamacare, thanks Dana.


The WV
Nagged son and his bride to be we're out looking at houses to purchase. When I got into a discussion with him about the bubble, reo, continued downward direction of prices he was all "but we want to start building equity!". I then asked what equity if you buy a house for $200 that was reduced from $215 (which was one house they had seen) and thatchousecthen reduces to $190 over the next 3-6 months exactly where is this 'equity' of which you speak. Bonus was the news story on TV not 10 minutes later that home prices in the ATL were leading the race to the bottom last quarter. I then asked him why the current owners were Eilling to lose out on that 'sale price' reduction of $15k.

I have suggested finding either a straight up rental or a lease/purchase of a house if they are determined to get into a house v an apartment. Neither commits you to a situation but the LP would allow them to structure an agreement whereby part of their rental costs could be converted to a down payment.

I don't think they yet understand the damage done and assume many 20 somethings will still be in denial for a long time about what they can do v what their parents could do in the new normal of home ownership, starting families and the like. They recognize the danger done wrt large but have yet to believe that it specifically applies to them.


McConnell statement makes it clear Zero thinks he is above following the Constitution:

“Just hours after he circumvented the American people by ‘recess’ appointing Richard Cordray to the CFPB, the President has upped the ante by making several additional recess appointments, this time to the NLRB. Although all of these appointments potentially raise legal and constitutional questions, the NLRB appointments are particularly egregious. Because the President waited to nominate Sharon Block and Richard Griffin until just two days before the Senate was scheduled to adjourn last month, neither has undergone a single confirmation hearing or a single day of debate by the representatives of the American people. Congress has a constitutional duty to examine presidential nominees, a responsibility that serves as a check on executive power. But what the President did today sets a terrible precedent that could allow any future President to completely cut the Senate out of the confirmation process, appointing his nominees immediately after sending their names up to Congress. This was surely not what the framers had in mind when they required the President to seek the advice and consent of the Senate in making appointments.”


Duke lost,

I'm on a roll!

Mitt might win the nomination.


Sorry for the typos but I'm still regulated to the iPhone as the computer is still in its death throes and even a new hard drive didn't help. It's in for a diagnostic part by part to determine if it parrot like or playing possum. Arrrg


Gmax, sounds right. People are very careful who they talk to about this mess, out of state family is safest. : )


So what does he accomplish if all this is overturned by a court, looking like an imcompetent ( a constitutional law prof who cant read the text of the Constitution ?). Fine by me, the muddle will get that.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has not decided whether it will file a legal challenge to the appointments, according to David Hirschmann, who heads the Chamber’s Center for Capital Markets Competitiveness. But he said he’s confident that Obama’s precedent-shattering move will land the administration in court.

"We've made no decisions ourselves," Hirschmann told The Hill. "What we do know is ... it's almost certain ultimately a court will decide if what the president did is legal or not."

Benjamin Franklin

"thanks Dana."

Don't thank me. Thank Cheney and the Republican Whigs


The law was written explicitly that way, just like the poison pill in Obamacare;



Condray can sit in the office and look out the window, maybe answer the phone, but he cant do anything important. Seems the law (Dood Frankenstein ) says this:

“until the Director of the Bureau is confirmed by the Senate in accordance with Section 1011.”

A recess appointment does not get it. Sorry Dana - Tricks are for kids.


And the hits just keep on coming today. High speed rail takes one below the waterline with a scathing report issued by a panel set up to protect the public's interest:

Tuesday, a panel of experts created by state law to help safeguard the public’s interest raised serious doubts about almost every aspect of the project and concluded that the current plan “is not financially feasible.” As a result, the panel said, it “cannot at this time recommend that the Legislature approve the appropriation of bond proceeds for this project.”

Benjamin Franklin

Too bad...so sad......


"But there is precedent for appointments made during recesses of fewer than three days — President Theodore Roosevelt made more than 160 recess appointments during a Senate break of less than a day in 1903."



do you think that really matters to the California legislature? They have plans for that money that have little to do with a high speed rail network. Think of all of the community outreach, er propagandizing, that can be done with that money! It's for the chirrun...


matt I have read the public statement of one high profile Democrat in the House, who is a rail advocate. He says they need to wait. I dont think politically they can do anything else, the panel was comprised of real knowledgeable folks, like the former head of Caltran.

Maybe they can have a circle and let everyone talk once they get the feather?

Benjamin Franklin

Threadkiller ?

You're 'Natural Born' paramours include the famous Orange County
nutbag, Orly..........

Loo loo, loo loo, loo loo.............



Condray can sit in the office and look out the window, maybe answer the phone, but he cant do anything important.

Who is gonna stop him?

Captain Hate

Speaking of the Tad disingenuous

The Ewok might be an emotionally unstable drama queen, but he uses that insider knowledge to hilariously shaft Moo U's favorite grad at every opportunity. Truthfully, when Odormann began working for the very weird ManBearPig, something like this wasn't difficult to anticipate. I hope they mutually destroy what miniscule credibility they still possess.


I don't know if their lips were moving when they said this;


Dave (in MA)

I guess T-Mag got intertubes fixed.



Anyone who is harmed by a decision taken by the lout, heads to court and the judge throws out the action as impermissible under the law adopted enabling the office. In many ways it will be a lot sweeter to see him publicly rebuked for not following the law and the Constitution, what being he is a world famous constitutional law professor and all LOL

Jack is Back!

Whoa, nelly!

What about that 99 yard touchdown by West (by God) Virginia from a rip-away as Clemson was going in to score. Just when you thought these bowl games have run out of dramatics. Yowza!


Hows the new stadium looking? Ready for 2012?


The had 'My Friends and the Nexus 6' on Hannity, what could possibly go wrong;


I hope one day TM and Krugman get stuck in an Elevator together for about 7 hours.


Per RAS:

Forty-seven percent (47%) of voters believe that a Republican is likely to win the White House next year. Thirty-nine percent (39%) disagree and believe the president will be re-elected. By a 2-to-1 margin, voters expect the Republicans to retain control of the House while a plurality expects the GOP to win the Senate.

Lets ignor those who did not have an opinion at this point. 47/(47+39) = 54.6%

So the no opinions can all stay at home or just break in the same proportion as those with an opinion and ABO gets almost 55%. We know historically that the undecideds almost always break heavily against the incumbent, as they are either for him or want him gone.

Or put it this way, Zero would need to get almost all of those undecided to be reelected. 39 +14 = 53. That will never happen.

Its is much more likely that a landslide occurs than it is for Zero to barely squeek back into office. And nothing he is doing to assuage the temper tantrums of his base, is going to make him more electable with the muddle.

Jack is Back!


They do not make an elevator that can stand that kind of vibration, pressure, pounding, stress and decibel levels.

Plus, if his wife isn't with him, what could Krugman even say to defend himself?

What a week for N'Olens - Sugar Bowl, Saints game Saturday and then the BCS on Monday. Party time. Sazerac and beignets, ummm, ummm, umH!

Captain Hate

Speaking of McVain, am I the only person that thinks the reason he's endorsing Willard now is that he's fed up with all the attention "his friends" in the MFM have been paying to other Repubs instead of him?

Jim Miller

The picture of Krugman that shows up in the Seattle Times has always made me think of Wormwood, the apprentice devil in "The Screwtape Letters, somehow evil and ultimately ineffectual at the same time.


Time for a second JOM experiment:

If Clarice and Another (Barbara) won't cook their cats, perhaps they can tickle them instead.

From the BBC: Scientists tickle animals to find laughter clues

"Tickling a gorilla is not for the faint-hearted. But keeper Phil Ridges is not worried...Emmie the gorilla is 19...and Phil has been her keeper for most of her life...if she is in the mood, she cannot resist a chortle when she is tickled."

Story tells us you can also get giggles out of tickled chimps and tickled rats.

But the big problem is that evidence is lacking on the laughter ability of all the animals in between rats and primates; so far they seem giggleless.

Herein I propose that all JOMer's with pets take some time this evening or tomorrow and report back on the success of tickling your critter.

Can Clarice get guffaws out of her fat old kitty cat? Science needs to know.

Can Pofarmer goose his cows and pigs or whatever, and reap belly-laughs? Researcher's on breathlessly awaiting that data.

Can Another (Barbara) drive down the road and slip into Sea World Hawaii and fondle a Bottlenosed dolphin for big yucks? Science is counting on you A(B).

Narciso, your assignment is Manatee's.

JiB, crocodiles (or are they aligators? down there?) Well whatever, you and Frederick get off your behinds at half time and go out in the backyard swamp and tickle one.

I will concentrate on Yellow Labs, but welcome any and all research on other breeds you guys might have. Simply post your results and I'll tabu....oh wait, I see a moose outside!

"Bullwinkle, Bullwinkle come'ere. It's for Science."



do you think that really matters to the California legislature?--

Don't know about the criminals in our legislature but Moonbeam Brown's spokesman said nothing the commission said warranted putting on the brakes; so it looks like Casey Jones redux.

Jack is Back!


Frederick and I tickled a feral pig, or what you would call - a warthog, just today. He was dead, so he didn't giggle. Lots of them roam one of our golf courses and they can be a handful. Now when it comes to 'Gators, we tend to leave them alone and they tend to leave us alone. Unless, you have a small pet and let them roam around toward the lakes and ponds on their own.

Today, as I look out on the ocean, we have up to 15 shrimpers out there just sitting in position and harvesting those wonderful Mayport shrimp. Tomorrow we are going to bring home a few pounds of 25/32 and make some creole gumbo to go with the season and get ready to watch the Saint's game.

BTW, lots of buzz here about Santorum. Not my pick but watch out.


another case of the dogs just not liking the new and improved dog food:

The company reported today that it sold 7,671 Chevy Volts in 2011, fewer than the 10,000 it had expected to sell.

No breakdown included on how many of them the government bought, but I suspect that is a big chunk of the pitiful sales here.


They only undershot the goal by 24%, nothing to see here move along now...


Yahoo Finance has the winner of the 2011 Worst Product Flop and the winner is:

Volt…GM was originally so excited about the Volt that the company had announced in January it was speeding up its roll-out by six months. But by November the excitement had fizzled out. Larry Nitz, GM’s executive director for vehicle electrification told Reuters, “It’s naive to think that the world is going to switch tomorrow to EVs [electric vehicles].” Indeed, sales for the vehicle have been consistently low. Only 125 models were sold in July 2011. This was after GM spokeswoman Michelle Bunker was quoted as saying that the Volt was “virtually sold out” due to its popularity — a statement later shown to be misguided. Adding insult to injury, Chevy Volts are under investigation for fires involving the cars’ lithium-ion batteries. For concerned Volt owners, GM has offered free loaner cars.


Just in case, you're curious what Anita Dunn has been up to lately


Jack is Back!

My,my, my: Clemson is getting its head, hands, heart and health handed to them by the Mountaineers.

What a lopsided score. Finally, after all the close BCS games we have a runaway. Now this is what you call a landslide.


TM : Krugman :: West Virginia : Clemson.

63 - 20 not even midway through the 3rd quarter.


--No breakdown included...--

...except for those occasional conflagrations.


I suppose it's always statisticallt possible to recover 43 points, but 'No Mas'


Things I thought I'd never see;
The top spot at Bing, under "Popular Now" = Arsenio Hall.



That's pretty unsatisfactory given the time and money that would be involved.


Normally the number 70 associated with the Orange Bowl would be the temperature not part of the score. Yikes!


Dead Feral Pigs. They don't giggle. Check.

Clemson Tigers. They don't giggle. Check.

Anyone else?


This is bigger than challenging this particular move. This is a president who has crowned himself king or dictator. He should be impeached.


Orangutans laugh.


Bill Gertz of the Washington Times reports that President Barack Obama has indicated he is prepared to convey information about secret American missile defense technology to Russia:


Speaking of the Russians:

Russian Tanker to Nome update:

The Renda, (the Russian Fuel Tanker) left Dutch Harbor fully loaded but turned around 8 hours later with engine trouble.

Don't know how things will turn out, but here's 2 points of interest:

1) According to NOAA, yesterday the temperature in Nome was 40 degrees colder than it normally is on 3 January. It was minus 34 degrees, normal is +6 F. Yikes.

2) The ice pack has also expanded since the Renda was first commissioned to ferry fuel to Nome. Weeks ago the ice edge extended about 300 miles from Nome. By Wednesday, amid an ongoing stretch of unseasonably cold temperatures, the edge had widened to more than 390 miles at the entry point selected by the Renda.

Remember the predictions for a death spiral of Arctic Ice?

Arctic ice extent is higher now than any recent reading for this date.


Daddy-- I know you guys in Alaska are suffering a brutal 6 weeks or so of early and now continuous winter, but eastern siberia and alaska are about the only land masses in the NH that have had a bad winter. NH oceans are average and land masses are above average, the eastern US is well above average. The SH oceans and lanmasses are below average summer. So this is weather, it will pass.


Daddy-- on cue from accuweather. Long-range forecasting is heading toward late Jan-Feb relief from cold in Western alaska and colder in the Midwest (sorry henry/MelR) stormier in the east (sorry TomM). The link

Thomas Collins

I think Obama would view a federal court injunction against a CFPB action as a feature of his campaign. Such an injunction would play into Obana's reelection theme that he is fighting against the plutocrats inside and outside of government. Watch the progs, who are happy to defend federal court decisions that are essentially legislating from the bench (the abortion rulings are prime examples of this) attack any federal judge who issues an injunction against a CFPB rule as a judicial activist intruding upon the President's appointment powers.


Coming to a school near you, activity monitoring bracelets for elementary school kids. The kids are forced to wear the bracelets full time, including at home. I went to one of the schools mentioned and was in that district through high school. : (

Thomas Collins

Henry, that's another example of nanny state mentality (the state bureaucrats will take care of all your needs if you just give up all your autonomy to the state). I hope the parents fight this tooth and nail.


ThomasC-- absolutely. Barry quit being POTUS after the December 2010 Bush Rate tax deal- he has been a candidate ever since. Axelrod/Plouffe are in charge; bread and circuses for the union and other Leftist minions. Crap for the rest of us.

Thomas Collins

See LUN for an analysis supporting the constitutionality of the Cordray appointment. Keep in mind that even if the Cordray appointment passes constitutional muster, the appointment may run afoul of the statute establishing the CFPB.


ThomasC-- Beyond bread and circuses for the Lefties, Cordray will implement harsh regs on credit card companies, and other short term consumer lenders. it's Barry's way of telling the financial services world that this is what you'll get if you don't bundle the $38,000+ campaign contributions asap. MelR can educate all of us how this works in ChiTown.

Captain Hate

Cordray is just a sock puppet for Bammy to pick a fight for electoral advantage. The guy was a big nothingburger in Ohio; if you asked 100 eligible voters who he is, even now, I'd be amazed if 20 people could give a knowledgeable answer.


True, we saw how they managed the Auto Task Force, pure Luigi Vercotti,' that's a nice company, would be a shame if anything happened
to it'

Thomas Collins

NK, Cordray, from Obama's perspective, is an excellent vehicle for Obama's reelection campaign. Cordray won't even need coaching from Obama's reelection team. Cordray in effect is an Eliot Spizer type with a powerful federal perch now.

Thomas Collins

CH, did the Plain Dealer fawn over Obama's visit?

Captain Hate

I think they did (God knows I read very little of that fishwrap before Mrs H takes it to work) although one of the local news shows at 11 stated in their lead in (before I turned the channel) that the local support was more muted than in the past.


This is the least gagworthy link, TC;




I saw the legal analysis of Cordray's appointment. I expect the Obama people saw something rather similar. If Obama was interested in good governance, he would have picked the fight on the NLRB people (which is strictly a constitutional fight with mixed precedents). This pick is political, pure and simple, designed to provoke a lawsuit against some populist regulation or other by the Chamber of Commerce or some other industry organization which will let Obama demagogue the industry organization and the Supreme Court. There is no reason to call it anything but political.

Captain Hate

Reading that provincial garbage ("Look, we're important") should provide a clue of why, once my dogs are housetrained and I don't own a parakeet or canary, that rag is useless.

Thomas Collins

Thanks for the link, narciso. I always like to keep up with the goings on in the Cleveland area.

CH, I suspect you are going to have to put up with Obama more than I am. Ohio is in play, but Massachusetts is likely to stay in Obama's column. I won't escape entirely, however. I'm certain that Obama will be making at least one appearance in the Boston area with Elizabeth Warren.

Thomas Collins

Appalled, I agree that if POTUS and Congress separation of powers issues were the motivation, CFPB wouldn't be the vehicle to pick a fight. This may also play in to the DOJ facilitating quick judicial review of ObamaCare. Whether or not Obama wins these judicial battles, the class warfare issues are kept front and center.

Alinsky must be smiling somewhere.


All of these candidate deserve to be filibustered, unless proven otherwise, from the earlier link;

Certainly Senate questioning of those two nominees would be instructive: Ms. Block is a former aide to the late Sen. Edward Kennedy, a staunch union supporter. Mr. Griffin is general counsel for the International Union of Operating Engineers.

Captain Hate

I'm certain that Obama will be making at least one appearance in the Boston area with Elizabeth Warren.

I'm sure Scotty Centerfold hopes so. We've been concentrating on the party of stoopid's situation but how much gripping do you think the commiecrats are doing? They must be concerned over how to employ a reduced amount of campaign contributions between a very unpopular President and the members of Congress who have most of the nation hating them.


They also have a problem, Warren is probably more popular than Obama, over there, because
she gives freer reign to her delusions,

Melinda Romanoff

Per Drudge, Scottie has endorsed Cordray.

Melinda Romanoff


No filibuster possible, that's what the "recess appointment" game is all about.


Well you know what I meant, defund, defeat,


I want to bring someone who keeps appearing on my radar screen on to the screen of everyone reading here. I think he is very important to where we are being shoved to politically and economically. He was also the 1998 Nobel winner in economics. That he is clearly involved in so much, now exclusively teaching in US, but not being covered here when his capability theory is being incorporated by reference into much govt policy makes it even clearer we should all be aware of him.

LUN is a 2009 story on him from UK. His idea that it is not just wealth or income that must be redistributed but power as well is very troubling. I don't think the real power is to be shifted but what will be tried politically in the name of redistributing power is part of why I wanted to post this to a wider audience.

Also at the end he proclaims himself not to be a Marxist despite the clear implications of where his express tenets lead. Likewise, his mischaracterization of Adam Smith is simply another means of decrying free markets with not enough people aware of Smith to recognize the lie.

henry-On the activity bracelet. I would put this with MO's antics on diet as setting the stage that there is no zone of individual or family privacy against the state. Govt policy gets to be all-intrusive and we are being conditioned to gradually accept.

My poor stuffy brain is back almost 40 years ago at the moment reading through some of the original "plans for us". Yikes!


Game over, how many times do you have to miss the football;



Thomas Collins,
"I always like to keep up with the goings on in the Cleveland area."

The LUN may be of some interest.

A good example of bad voter selection.



Are you seeing a lot of overflow ads from NH? I don't watch local TV so I have seen none.

Thomas Collins

Brings back memories, pager. When I was working in Cleveland, the George Forbes carnival kickback trial was in full swing.

Jane, I saw one Romney ad. There are probably more, but I also don't watch much regular TV. It'll be interesting to see whether Santorum can bring in some quick money for radio and TV ads.

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